[From Lex Scripta, 1819]

The Court of all the Tennants and Commons of Man, 1422

The Court of all the Tennants and Commons of Man, holden at Kirk Michaell, upon the Hill of Rencurling, before our doughtfull Lord Sir John Stanley, by the Grace of God, King of Mann and Th'isles, the Tuesday next the Feast of St. Bartholomew in the Year of our Lord God 1422.

In the which Court the Bishop of Mann was called to come to doe his Faith and Fealtie unto the Lord, as the Law asketh, and to shew by what Claime he houldeth his Lands and Tenements within the Lordship of Mann, the which came and did his Faith and Feailtie to the Lord. The Abbott alsoe of Rushen, and.Priors of Douglas, were called to doe their Fealtie, and to shew their Claimes of their Houldings, Lands and Tenements. within the Lordship of Mann ; the which came and did their to the Lord. The Prior of Withorne, in Galloway, the Abbott of Furnace, the Abbott of Bangor, the Abbott of Saball, and the Prior of St. Beade, in Copeland, were called in and came not; therefore they were deemed by the Deemsters, that the should come in their proper Persons within xl days, and if they came not,, then to loose all their all their Temporalities to be ceised into the Lords Hands in the same Court..

Alsoe it is ordained and proclaimed that all the Watches and Wards upon the Ports and the Coasts of the Sea be well and duely kept, and whosoever fails. he forfeits all his Goods to the Lord and his Body to the Lord's Will.

Alsoe it is ordained, and proclaimed in the same Court, that noe Man, of what Condition soever he be, goe out of the Land without speciall Lycense of the Lord or his Lieutennant, with essell, upon Painr of Forfeiting the Vessell and all thr Goods therein.



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