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Pre-Christian Remains.

1. The Round Table, Boayrd runt, is on the boundary line of the parishes of Arbory and Malew, and ten yds. S. of that with Patrick. About 25 yds. E. of the road at the 1030 ft. level. O.S. XII/10

2. Site of Tumulus at Scard, found in excavating for the Castletown Reservoir; Pottery fragments—Y.L.M., iii, 372. O.S. XII/14

3. Circle of quartz boulders about 500 yds. s.w. of Cringle, (o.s. XII/10)

4. Ballacross; Urns found in a field about 166 yds. N.W. of house, (O.S. XVI/6)

5. Ballanorris; Tumulus on the boundary of Arbory with Malew, 333 yds. s.E. of Ballabeg Railway Station— Y.L.M.ii, p. 103. O.S. XVI/11

6. Cronk y doole; Tumulus about 400 yds. E. of Balladoole house, on the boundary line with Malew. O.S. XVI/1l

7. Cronk y Watch, Pooilvaaish. O.S. XVII14.
Mr. Kneen finds also a place-name ‘Thalloo Koir,’ which, if it does not refer to one of the above, suggests at all events a Cronk containing a cist—J.J.K. p. 83.


1. Remains of Fort at Ballalough, about 400 yds. E. of Ballakeighan house, at the boundary of the parish with Malew. Two entrenchments, about 67 yds. diam. O.S. XVI/11

2. Camp, Balladoole; 300 yds. W.N.W. of house—Mx.Soc. v, 77; Rep. Arch. Comm. 1878, p. 26. (O.S. XVI/10)

3. Fort at Close ny Chollagh Point, at S. end of Pooilvaaish bay, nearly ¾ mile S. of Balladoole Camp. O.S. XVI/14

Keeills or Chapels.

1. Cabbal Dreem ruy; Ruins of Ch. and B.G.,Ballayelse, Treen of Aryssynok. 18½ ft. by 9 ft.; entrance at E. end of S. wall. Gable standing in 1900, when the walls were 6 ft. high; now reduced to the foundations only. O.S. XII/14

2. Site of Keeill Moirrey, Ch. and B.G., Scard; Treen of Scard. At the head of Colby stream, 333 yds. N.W. of Ballacannell house. O.S. XI1/14

3. Site of Ch. and B.G., Ballalona, Treen of Testrawe; at the boundary with Malew, about 270 yds. w. of stream. O.S. XVI/3

3. Site of Ch. and B.G., Ballagawne, Treen of Ballacarmyk. Lintel graves. This appears to be the same as Ballagreyney—Y.L.M., p. 105. Mr. Kneen (p. 62) thinks that the Treen name may represent a Saint Carmac or Cormac, mentioned in the Scottish Calendars of Saints. O.S. XVI/2

5. Keeill Catreeney; Site of S. Catherine’s Ch. and B.G., Bell-abbey; Treen of Colby. On the s.w. bank of the stream at 100 yds. N.E. of the highroad. O.S. XVI’6

6. Friary of Bemaken, A.M.; Grey Friars, 1373. Old Treen of Bymacan. About 333 yds. s.E. of Parish Church. The walls of the Church remain, with E. window, piscina and N. door. Two Ogam stones found here, M. 3 and 4. Y.L.M. II, p. 103. Mr. Kneen (p. 81) thinks the name ‘Martil more,’ 1703 Man. Roll, applies to this, the word Mar-cheall meaning Great Church. O.S. XVI/6

7. Site of Ch. and B.G., ½ rn. s.w. of Ballanorris and the same N. of Keeill Vael. Treen of Bymnacan. O.S. XVI/10

8. Keeill Vael; Remains of Ch. and B.G. within a Prehistoric Camp. Treen of Balydoill. At 333 yds. NW. of house. Mx. Soc. v, p.77; Rep. Arch. Comm. 1878, p. 26. O.S. XVI/10

The name ‘Killorane,’ i.e. S. Odhran, appears n C.R.P., 1743, and may have been the original name for this Keeill, for which that of the Archangel was substituted at a time of rebuilding, perhaps in 12th c. —J.J.K, Add. p. 613.

Fair Grounds.

1. A Fair at Ballabeg, held latterly on 22 June, S. Barnabas (N.S.) had formerly been held on 9June (O.S.) or 20June (N.S), Laa’l Colum Killey, Records exist from 1733-55, and it was noted by Feltham, 1797; continuing until recently. Proc. n.s. p. 71.

2. A Fair was held at Ballasalla, 28 Sept. Though on the day of S. Michael, Mr. Kneen thinks it ‘might previously have been on that of S. Machan, the Saint to whom he supposes the Friary Church was dedicated. The Friary is distant about two miles and he adds ‘There was a close connection between the Friary and Rushen Abbey’—J J.K., p. 71.

3. S. Cairbre of Coleraine, 11 October, would have been the original of a Fair later transferred to SS. Simon and Jude’s Day, 28 Oct., recorded by Felt-ham and held until recently— Proc. n.s., p. 77.

4. At Keeill Catreeney, Colby, a Fair was held on Laa’l Catreeney, 25 Nov. (O.S.) It was of this Fair that it was said, if anyone drank more than he should he had plucked a feather from S. Catherine’s hen.

Sacred or Healing Wells.

Ballacross. By the stream at 275 yds. N.W. of the Church. Above, on the N.E. side of the road stood a Cross probably 13th or 14th c. Until recently water was brought from this Well for every christening at the Parish Church. (O.S. XVI/6)

Chibbyrt Catreeney. At the Colby stream, about seven yards N. of the Keeill. O.S. XVI/6

Watch and Ward Stations.

Hill for the Day Watch, Echewle. Collin’s Map, 1724, gives the name Ecule to a hill N.W. of Ronnag, probably intended for Cronk ny Irey Lhaa. The Port for the Night Watch was ‘Polebash,’ at the site still called Cronk y Watch. C.R.P.

Loose Relics.

Flint flakes and scrapers from Strandhall.

Polished-stone Axe-head, Balladoole, M. 597. Colby, M. 589.

Bronze Palstaff, Early form without loops. Mr. Walker, Bell Abbey, Loan to M.

Cinerary Urn: fragments from Ballacross, M. 568.

Cresset-stone from site of Keeill, Ballagawne, M. 921.

Stone Ring from ‘Cross Welkin,’ (Cronk Ellican), Balladoole. Granite boulder, 21 by 22 in. and 9 in. deep. Cylindrical piercing, 9 to 10 in. M.

Ogam inscribed stones from the Friary, M. 3 and 4.

Sundial of Bronze, formerly on a pillar in the midst of the Churchyard, dated 1678.

Granite Font.

‘Ancient Rings’ found at Keeill Vael. Mx. Soc. v, p. 77.

Gold Ear-ring, Kintraa, 1860. Mx. Soc. v, p. 52.

Rood-screen. Sacheverell (1676) p. 93, mentions ‘a piece of timber in Kirk Arbory, which separates the Church from the Chancel.’ This appears to have been brought from the Friary at the Reformation. It is of oak, inscribed in Gothic characters, - TYLL HYS TYM GOD HAYS HYM GEFYN SICH GRACE HE LABORETH BESALY HO ... ... BLOVD THE BEST CUYN OF THE CHYLDE FVN IN THE EGLE NEST THOMAS RADCLYF ABBOT. A coloured drawing, actual size, of this inscription in the M.

Coins. In 1847, an Angel of Henry VII was ploughed up in a field Mx. Soc. xvii, p. 41. Arch. Camb.


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