[Lioar dy Hymnyn - English translation (& number) from "A Collection of Hymns" 1831]

 AYRN I— Cuirrey Peccee dy hyndaa gys Jee

HYMN 1. L. M.

[Ho! every one that thirsts draw nigh.]

HYMN 4. L. M.

1 HO! tar-jee dagh unnane ta paa,
She Jee ta cuirrey tar-jee reue,
" Kionnee-jee bainney’s mill" t’eh gra,
Grayseyn yn sushtal nastee diu.

2 Tar-jee gys ushtey geill y yea,
Pheccee, she nyn Ver-croo ta geam;
Tar shiuish ta skee, as yiow shiu fea,
Voghtyn ta gennaghtyn nyn veme.

3 Jeeagh shin veih Creest farrane ta geill!
Ayns strooanyn roie dy gherjagh shiu;
Tar shiuish ta laadit, skee cha vel
Feme airh ny argid, y chur lhieu.

4 Kys ta shin lheid ny reddyn reih,
Nagh vod din maynrys cooie fordrail
She bleaystyn follym ta shin teiy,
Yn lab’ragh en, ta ayns fardail.

5 Shirrey son maynrys noon as noal,
As gyn dy bragh dy gheddyn eh;,
Cre’n raad O pheccee, bailliu goll?
Son ayrns ta goan gerjoil y vea.

6 Eaisht-jee d’imneagh rish shen ta mie.
As ee-jee beaghey follan cooie;
Prow-jee my vieys, as my ghraih,
Dy vel mee myghinagh as dooie.

7 Croym-jee dy arryltagh nyn gleaysh,
Cred-jee ny goan ta mee dy ghra;
Trooid credjue bee shiu troggit seose,
Gys bea dy vaynrys son dy bra.

1 To ! every one that thirsts, draw nigh ;
(‘Tis God invites the fallen race;)
Mercy and free salvation buy;
Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace.

2 Come to the living waters, come !
Sinners, obey your Maker’s call;
Return, ye weary wanderers, home;
And find my grace is. free for ALL.

3 See from the Rock a fountain rise!
For you in healing streams it rolls;
Money ye need not bring, nor price,
Ye labouring, burden’d, sin-sick souls.

4 Nothing ye in. exchange shall give,
Leave all you have and are behind;
Frankly the gift of God receive
Pardon and peace in Jesus find.

5 Why seek ye that which is not bread,
Nor can your hungry souls sustain !
On ashes, husks, and air ye feed;
Ye spend your little all in vain.

6 In search of empty joys below,
Ye toil with unavailing strife
Whither, ah I whither would ye go?
I have the words of endless life.

7 Hearken to me with earnest care,
And freely eat substantial food;
The sweetness of my mercy share,
And taste that I alone am good.

8 I bid you all my goodness move:
My promises for all are free:
Come, taste the manna of my love,
And let your souls delight in ME.

9 Your willing ear and heart incline,
My words believingly receive;
Quicken’d your souls by faith divine,
An everlasting life shall live."


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