[From King William's College: Centenary Notes & Pictures, 1933]


Sir William Henry Bragg

Sir William Henry Bragg, O.M., K.B.E., F.R.S., C.B.E. (K.W.C. 1875-81), was Head of the School in i88o and played for the ist XI. He won a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge, and is an Hon. Fellow of his College. Sir William Bragg was Professor of Physics and Mathematics in Adelaide University (1886-1908), Cavendish professor at Leeds Uni-versity (1909-15), Quain Professor of Physics in the University of London 1915-23. He has been . Director of the Royal . Institution and of the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory since 1923- In 1915 he was awarded (in conjunction with his son W. L. Bragg) the Nobel Prize. He is the author of many scientific works and has been honoured by a number of universities and learned societies at home and abroad.

Sir George Thomas Beatson

Sir George Thomas Beatson, K.C.B., K.B.E. (K.W.C. 1856-66), was Head of the School and won his 1st XV. and XI. colours. He took his degree from Clare College, Cambridge, in 1869, where he rowed in the Trial Eights, and studied medicine at Edinburgh University. He was later examiner in surgery at Edinburgh; Consulting Surgeon to Glasgow Infirmary and Chairman of the Scottish Branch of the Royal Red Cross Society end the St. Andrew's Ambulance Association. He was the author of a number of practical and historical medical works. He was an officer of the Legion of Honour and an officer of the Crown of Belgium. He died at Glasgow in 193 3, and bequeathed to the College 1,000 for providing prizes for Science and Sports.

Sir James Haldane Stewart Lockhart

Sir James Haldane Stewart Lockhart, K.C.M.G. (K.W.C. 1868-72), went to the University of Edinburgh in 1874 where he played for the University XV. He took a Hong Kong cadetship in 1878 and spent nearly forty years in the Far East. He was Assistant Colonial Secretary; Registrar General ; member of the Legislative Council. He was appointed Commissioner at Weihai-`y7ei in 1902. He has published works on Chinese literature and economics, and is a member of the governing body of the School of Oriental Languages.



Charles Cotterill Lynam (K.W.C. 1873-78) was a Praepositor and a member of the Ist XV. He won a Scholarship to Hertford College Oxford where he took his degree in 1882. He joined the staff of the Oxford Preparatory School (since called the Dragon School) in 1882 and was headmaster 1887-1922. He is the founder and first editor of The Preparatory Schools Review and was twice chairman of the Preparatory Schools Association. An enthusiastic yachtsman, the " Skipper " has written a series of accounts of his cruises, beginning with The Log of the Blue Dragon.



William Thomson Anderson, M.I.Elec.E. (Trafford's and Colbourne's 1885-88), was joint Hon. Secretary of the Lancashire and Cheshire O.K.W. Society from 1913 to 1825 and is one of the best known Old Boys in the North of England. He is a member of the Council of the Institution of Mining Engineers; was President of the A.M.Elec.E. 1923-24 and also H.M. Engineering Trades Commissioner to Spain in 1917. He is an authority on iron and steel, particularly in regard to mining engineering. Mr. Anderson has for a number of years prepared the illustrations for The Barrovian ; many of which are reproduced in this volume.



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