[From King William's College: Centenary Notes & Pictures, 1933]


Sir James Gell

Sir James Gell, C.V.O. (K.W.C. 1837-39), filled most of the official offices in the Isle of Man. He was High Bailiff of Castletown ; H.M. Attorney-General; First Deemster; and Clerk of the Rolls. He also served as Acting Governor and Deputy Governor. He was a Church Commissioner and Chairman of the Insular Justices of the Peace. Sir James Gell edited a number of works dealing with laws and constitution of the Island. He was a Trustee of the College from 1866 to the time of his death at Castletown in 1905.

Dr. John Clague


Dr. John Clague (K.W.C. 1854-59) was Surgeon to the Household 1888-190I ; Medical Officer in charge of Troops, Castletown, 1874-96, and Medical Officer to the College from 1874 to 1901. He was a great authority on Manx music and was a joint editor of The Manx National Song Book.

Cyril Tomlinson Wynn Hughes-Games

Cyril Tomlinson Wynn Hughes-Games, Esq., son of the Rev. J. Hughes-Games, D.C.L., Principal 1866-86, was at K.W.C. from 1875 to 1886. He took his degree from Corpus Christi, Cambridge, in 1889 and was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1893. He was Vicar-General and Chancellor of the Diocese of Sodor and Man from 1906 until his retirement in 1931- A member of the Legislative Council, 1906-19, he has taken a large share in the legal and administrative life of the Island. He has been a Trustee of the College since 1925.

Frederick Malcolm La Mothe

His Honour Frederick Malcolm La Mothe (K.W.C. 1877-81) was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1887. He has been successively High Bailiff of Ramsey and Peel; Second Deemster, and since 1cgz5 First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls. He has served as Deputy Governor for various periods.

Reginald Douglas Farrant

His Honour Reginald Douglas Farrant (K.W.C. 1889-91) was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1899. He has been Clerk to the justices ; High Bailiff of Douglas and Castletown. During the War he served as an officer in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in the Patrol and Anti-Submarine Service, and became Second Deemster in 1925.

John Kewley

The Ven. John Kewley, M.A. (K.W.C. 1874-80), was a Praepositor and a leaving exhibitioner. He gained a Foundation Scholarship and the Barcroft Exhibition to Sidney Sussex , College, Cambridge, where he graduated as a Wrangler in 1883. After serving a curacy in Ramsey, he was Vicar of Arbory, Rural Dean of Castletown and Canon of St. Columba. He was appointed Rector of Andreas and Archdeacon of the Isle of Man in 1912. He is ex officio a Trustee of the College; and was a member of the Legislative Council. He has been closely concerned with Island education and is an authority on the Manx language and antiquities.

William Lay

William Lay is the fifth High Bailiff educated at the College. He entered in April, 1884, as a member of Trafford's. He was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1891, and was appointed High Bailiff of Ramsey and Peel in 1921 and of Douglas and Castletown in 1925. He has this year (1933) been appointed High Bailiff of all four districts. Mr. Lay has had three sons at the College and is the father of Mrs. A. P. Hunt.

Alexander Robertson

Alexander Robertson (K.W.C. 1880-81) has devoted his life to the service of the Island and has been intimately connected, both officially and privately, with most of the municipal and social services. He was Town Clerk of Douglas for twenty-eight years. During the War he served as a member of a number of committees and associations and was awarded the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his national services. Mr. Robertson has been a Trustee of the College since 1929.

Thomas Kneen

Thomas Kneen entered the College in August, 1867, and left at Midsummer, 1871. He gained his 1st cricket and football colours and was captain of the 1st XV, 1868-71. He became Second Deemster in 1899 ; First Deemster and Trustee of the College in 1900, and was Clerk of the Rolls in 1905. He acted as Deputy Governor in 1905 and in 1915, and died at Glencrutchery in November, 1916.

Charles Thomas Cheslyn Callow

Charles Thomas Cheslyn Callow entered the College in August, 1867, and left at Midsummer, 1869. He was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1874 and was appointed Vicar-General of the Diocese by Bishop Straton in 1903. In 1905 he became Second Deemster ; and in 1921 was appointed First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls and held office until his retirement in 1925. As First Deemster he served as one of the College Trustees. Deemster Callow died in the Spring of 1933.



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