[from Douglas Directory, 1887]

Hotels & Public Houses.

Adelphi Hotel, 23, Church-street— S. H. Marsden
Albert Hotel, Market-place
Alma Hotel, 27, King-street—Mrs Isabella Christian
Athol Hotel, Loch Parade—Robt. B. Brierley, Manager
Black Lion Hotel, North-quay— S. Wood
Bowling Green Hotel, Derby-road— Thos. Handley
Broadway Inn, 2, Broadway
Bridge Inn, North-quay — J. Sheppard
Castle Mona Hotel, Crescent—J. Hinton, Manager
Commercial Hotel, North-quay—Jas Bell
Clarendon Hotel, Market-place— Jas Taylor
Cheshire Inn, North-quay—Chas. Holland
Crescent Hotel, Crescent — W. Crebbin
Cross Keys, Church-street— John Clifford
Cattle Market Inn, 14, Heywood place—R. Shimmin
Crown Inn, 1, Muckle’s Gate—J, Hodgson
Derby Hotel, 16 Castle-street— Robert James Smith
Derby Castle and Pleasure Grounds—S. White, Manager
Douglas Hotel, Market-place —Clarke
Ellan Vannin Arms, Market-place—B. Atkinson
Falcon Cliff Hotel and Pleasure Grounds—
Falcon Hotel, Loch Parade—Mrs M. Cowell
Fleetwood Hotel, North-quay—J. Shipsides
Forester’s Arms, Hope-street— Hales
Fort Anne Hotel, Douglas Head— George Maley, Manager
Grand Hotel, Victoria-street—Mrs Whidborne
Granville Hotel, Loch Parade-.-J. Nattan, Manager
Greyhound Hotel, North-quay—E. Bell
Grosvenor Hotel, Athol-street—C Kaye
Head Hotel, Douglas Head—John Marsien
Imperial Vaults, Lord-street—H. McCluskey
Lancashire House, 58, North-quay—E. Race
Laxey Inn, Chapel Row, Market-place—M. Clague
Lofthouse, George M., 77, Strand-street
Manchester Arms, Harris-lane, North-quay—
Manchester and Liverpool Arms, 60, North-quay—E. Cewell
Market Hotel, 1, Bond-street—W. Christian
Masonic Hotel, North-quay—G. Sharpe
New Strand Inn, 58, Strand-street—F. Quinn
Oddfellows’ Arms, North-quay—J.Marsh
Old Market inn, Market-place—
Old Strand Inn 70 & 72, Strand-street—J. Woodruff
Peveril Hotel, Victoria Pier
Pig and Whistle Inn, 60, Strand-st.—Miss R A. Cubbon
Plough Inn, James’street— Wm. Wallace
Queen’s Hotel, Crescent—G. W. Foxley
Railway Hotel, Bridge-road—A. C. Kelly
Ramsey Inn, Bond-street—
Regent Hotel, Loch Parade—Mrs Maria Weldon, manageress
Rosemount Hotel, Woodbourne road—J. Livesey
Royal Hotel, Parade-street—S. Lomas
Saddle Inn, North-quay—J. Busill
Shakespeare Hotel, Victoria-street —W. H. Jones
Sheffield Hotel, Parade-street—Mrs Ewbank
Shepherd Inn, Nelson-street—J. Murray
Star Hotel, Prospect-hill & Nelson-street—W. H. Sherlock
Salisbury Hotel, Victoria-street— J. Parkes
Talbot Hotel, Athol-street—Mrs Weston
Theatre Royal Hotel, Wellington-street—J Wilson
Thistle Hotel, Parade-street-—T Henry
Trafalgar Inn, South-quay—-Mrs M. A. Holden
York Hotel, Parade-street—Mrs M. Gardham
Victoria Hotel, Prospect-hill—Mrs Smailes
Victoria Inn, Drumgold-street—L Harraghey
Villiers Hotel, Loch Parade and Victoria-street—Charles Udall, manager


The Belvedere, Loch Parade—J. Cowin
Douglas Coffee Palace Company—E. Curphey, Manager
4, North-quay—Mrs E. Kelly
Victoria Coffee Palace-.--R. Corkill


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