[from Douglas Directory, 1887]

Iron Merchants.

Gelling’s Iron Foundry Co., Lim 30. South-quay, H. Cowin, Sec.
Todhunter & Elliott, Market-place Torrance, G., & Co., 24, North-quay


Cawte, Isaac M., 13, Strand-street
Corlett, William, 21, Great Nelson-street
Cubbon, James, 23, Strand-street
Curphey, W. F., 27, Castle-street
Caley, William, 11, King-street
Dawson, Mrs Ann, 53, Strand-st.
Lea, W. T. , 12, Duke-street
Lewis, J. R, 3, Duke-street
Lewin, Edwin, 12, Bridge-road
Milburn, J., 52, Strand-street
Sharpe, Matthew, 24, Prospect-hill
Sherwood, G., & Co., 59, Duke-st.
Shimmin, Evan, 10, Castle-street
Shimmin, James, 40, North-quay
Todhunter & Elliot, Market-place and Duke-street

Jewellery Dealers

Barcroft, C. , Wellington Bazaar Duke-street
Gallimore, C., North-quay
Johnson, Mrs, 68, Strand-street
Stevenson, Mrs, 56, North-quay
Webb, Samuel, The Lounge, 18 and 20, Strand-street

Joiners & Builders

Bell, William, Woodburn-road
Cain, Robert, 16 and 18, Circular road
Callow, Frederick, 10, North-view
Carine, Mark, Auckland-grove
Chadwick, Edward, 1, Falcon-street
Clarke, David, Loch-parade
Clucas, John, 2, Peel-road
Cowell, Thomas, 5, Shaw’s-brow
Cowle, James, St George’s-street
Cowley, Thomas,North-view
Crellin, James, Belmont-terrace
Douglas, John, 1, Earle-terrace, Woodburn-road
Douglas, Robert, Brunswick-road
Douglas, Joseph, Berkley-street
Gelling, James, Circular-road
Gill, Alexander, Little Switzerland-terrace
Kelly & Preston, South-quay
Kelly, Robert, 3, Demesne-road
Kelly, John, 1, Burnside-terrace
Kelly, Philip, Derby-square
Kelly, William, Bridge
Kewish Brothers, The Lake
Kewley, J & S., 31, Castle-street
Moughtin, William, Circular-road
Nelson, A., 26, Tynwald-street
Robinson, Henry, 78, Finch-road


Cain, Thomas, & Sons, Lake-road
Knox, William, 30, South-quay
Lewis, John R., Duke-street

Marine Store Keepers.

Corooin, James, 34, Barrack-street
Lynchey, Andrew, 1, Hanover-st.
Morrison, S., 11, Drumgold.street
Wootton, R., 2, Lord-street

Masons and Stone Cutters.

Bell, William, Woodburn-road
Caley, Thomas, 21, Buck’s-road
Christian, Robert, Poplar-terrace
Clucas, John, Wellington-square
Corlett, William, 3, Kingswood grove
Creer, Robert William, 39, Hope-st.
Cubbon, Henry, Nelson-street
Gelling, Williaai, 93, Circular-road
Kaye, William, Kingswood-grove
Kelly, John, 33, Princes-street
Kelly, Philip, Derby-square
Quayle, John, North-quay
Quayle, Robert, Princes-street
Quayle, Thomas, 7, Great George’s-street
Quine, John, Derby-road
Quirk, Thomas, 5, Tynwald-street
Redhead, Robert, Drinkwater-street
Royston, Joseph, Peel-road
Skelly & Caren, Circular-road
Skilicorn, John, Barrack-street


Archer & Evans, Victoria-street
Callister, William, Victoria Bazaar, Victoria-street
Cain, Miss C., 20, North-quay
Cain, Robert C. , Duke-street
Clague, Henry, Victoria-street
Clucas, Robert, Market-place
Corrin, Daniel, Victoria-street
Cottier & Cubbon, Victoria street and Duke-street
Cottier, Misses S. and C., Prospect-hill
Cowin, Wm., & Co., Star Bazaar, Duke-street
Creer, Mrs Jane, 87, Strand-street
Dent ,Mrs Anne, 2, Hope-street
Falkner, Frederick, Victoria-street
Henry, Mrs George, 15, North-quay
Kermode, R., Victoria-street
Moore & Burr, Victoria-street
Moore, Mrs R. , 62, Strand-street
Shelton, S., Strand-street (See also Drapers),

Mineral Water Manufacturers

Moore, Thomas, Castle-street
Mona Aerated Water Company Woodbourne Works,Brunswick-rd
Qualtrough & Co., Castletown-road
Williamson, Robert, Laxey Glen

Music & Instrument Dealers

Blakemore, S., Victoria-street
Jackson, H. , Regent-street
Lifford, Henry, Athol-street
McIsaac, Thomas, Castle Lawn terrace
Smith, Mrs, Duke-street

Music Teachers.

Bamber, S. J., Woodburn-road
Brown Miss K., 18, Prospect-ter.Woodburn-road
Fielding, Mrs J., 12, Hope-street
Hampton, Miss M. B., Tynwald-st
Looney, J. D., Wesley-terrace
Mason, J. B.. 32, Finch-road
Poulter, F. C. , Albert-street
Reeve, David, R.A.M., Murray-rd.
Valentine, Mrs, 1, Osborne-terrace
Wood, Miss M. L., 1, Osborne-ter.


" Isle of Man Examiner and General Advertiser," Price 1d—S. K. Broadbent & Co., Victoria-st.
" Isle of Man Times," Price 2d—J. Brown & Son, Athol-street
" Manx Sun," Price 2d—Peter Curphey, Victoria-street
"Mona’s Herald," Price 2d—Clucas, Unsworth & Co., Athol-street

Oil & Colour Dealers.

Cannell, William, 30, Castle-street
Douglas Saw and Timber Company,Lake-road
Gell, William, Athol-street
Kaye, Mrs M. J, 23, North-quay
Quiggin, E. T. & Co., The Lake

Painters, Glaziers, & Paper Hangers

Butterworth, Henry, 1, St George’s-walk
Cannell, William, 30, Castle-street
Cannell, S. , Athol-street
Clarke, George, 21, Wellington-st
Creetch, John, Bridge-road
Day, Richard, 16, Fancy-street
Gell, William, Athol-street
Gelling, Robert, Upper Church-st
Kaye, Mrs M. J., 23, North-quay
Kay, Robert, 8, Bridge-road
Kelly, Mark, 30, Mona-street
Kewiley, Thomas W., 93, Strand-st
Moughtin & Gill, Princes-street
Maybrick, Charles, 5, King-street
Nicholson Bros., Well Road-hill
Radcliffe & Kermode, 33, Finch-rd
Sansbury, J., Tynwald-street
Stafford, 11, Finch-road
Teare, William, 44, Athol-street

Paper Bag Makers (See Stationers.)

Douglas Industrial Home, Strathallan Park
Lewthwaite, Alexander, Duke-st

Photographers & Artists.

Bradshaw, J. C, 40, Finch-road
Bruton, J. E., 10, Finch-road
Callister, William, 26 Finch-road
Dean, George A., 4 Finch-road
Johnson, Frederick, Fort Anne-rd
Johnson, Mrs J., Strand-street
Keig, Thomas, 6, Prospect-hill
Mayoh, —, Loch Parade
Marsden , W. , Fort Anne-road
Nicholson, J. M., St Thomas’s-walk
Ormondroyd, Miss S. E., Finch-rd
Woodcock, Francis, Douglas Head


Cowell, Robert
Eason, H. , Cambridge-terrace
Gale, Thomas, Chester-street
Kelly, Louis, 21, King-street
Moore Bros., Allan-street
Quayle. Thomas, Back-lawn
Sayle, Thomas, Wellington-square

Plumbers, Gas, & Steam Fitters.

Caley, William, 11, King-street
Cawte, Isaac M., 13, Strand-street
Clucas, Thomas, 41, Circular-road
Cubbon, James, 23, Strand-street
Curphey, William F., 27, Castle-street
Kelly, John, 5, Wesley-terrace
Kneale, James, 34, Athol-street
Lea, W. T., 12, Duke-street
Milburn, Mrs, 52, Strand-street
Milburn, J. J., 95, Strand-street
Moore, James, 27, Finch-road
Morrison, S.,~U, Drumgold-street
Maybrick, Charles, 5, King-street
Sharp, Matthew, 24, Prospect-hill
Sherwood, G., & Co., 59, Duke-st.
Todhunter & Elliot, Market-place and Duke-street


Broadbent, S, K., & Co., Victoria-street
Brown & Son, Athol-street
Curphey, Peter, Victoria-street
Clucas, Unsworth, & Co , Athol-st.
Cowin, W. H., North-quay and Strand-street
Dawson, W., Hill’s Gardens
Johnson, George, H., Prospect-hill
Parkinson, M. , Duke-street


Aspell, James, Duke-street
Cannan, 3. .J., 38, Prospect-hill
Clucas, A., 58, Duke-street
Dyson, John, 71, Strand-street
Isaac, Robert, Duke-street
Watson, Robert, 78, Strand-street

Saddlers and Harness Makers

Ashman, J. F., 47, North-quay
Cubbon & Son. Market-place
Ellison, John, 9, Prospect-hill
Kneale, R. , 23, Castle-street
Kennaugh, Charles, 29, Strand-st.
Quayle, Richard, 1, Queen-street


Clague, John, Nelson-street
Creer, John, 12, North-quay
Faragher, John ‘L, 61, Athol-street, and Quine’s-corner
Kelly, Thomas W, Gelling’s-court
Kelly, Thomas, North-quay
Kneen, Thomas, Bridge
Magee, N., 56, Strand.street

Skating Rinks.

Bucks-road Rink — Proprietor, J. Taggart
Derby-road Bowling Green—Proprietor, T. Handley

Sugar Boilers.

Corrin, Flaxney, 30, Strand-street
Corrin, Edward, 31, Strand-street, and Great Nelson-street
Kelly, John J., 69, Strand-street
Witherspoon, R., 11, Strand-street

Tailors & Drapers

Bell, W. H., 86, Strand-street
Cain, Henry, 57, Strand-street
Cain, Nelson, 40, Athol-street
Cain, Robert, 12, Barrack-street
Cain, William, 28, Strand-street
Canpell, Joseph, 2, Auckland-ter.
Clucas, William, 6, Great George’s-street
Corlett, William H., 8, King-street
Cowley, Daniel, 10, Great George’s. street
Colquhoun, W., 69, Athol-street
Corkill, J., 18, Wellington-street
Cubbon, Thomas, 6, Lord-street
Cuthbertson, D. P., 17, Strand-st.
Gribbin, Edward, 90, Strand-street
Hales, James, 6, Athol-street
Holmes, Robert, 29, King-street
Kelly, James, 2, Drumgold-street
Kelly, James, 2, Cambrian-place
Kelly, John, Post Office-lane
Kennaugh, William, 23, King-street
Kissack, William, 50, Strand-street
Morgan, Lewis, ~, Castle-street
Quayle, R., 26, Church-street
Quayle, W., 25, King-street
Quayle, John, 11, Wellington-street
Sansbury, Wm., & Son, 38, North quay

Tanners, Curriers

Cain, John, Well Road-hill
Kennaugh, C.,’29, Strand-street
Killey, Phiip, & Sons, Cattle Market-street
Litt Brothers, 28, Cattle Market-st

Tallow Chandler.

Kaye, Joseph, 9, Lord-street


Brown, Charles, 38, Castle-street
Cawte, Isaac M. , 13, Strand-street
Dawson, Mrs Ann, 53, Strand-street
Duff, James, 20, Lord-street
Joughin, William, 17, Fort-street
Lea, W. T., 12, Duke.street
Pimblott, Thos , 2, Mount Pleasant
Sharp, Matthew, 24, Prospect-hill
Sherwood, G., & Co., 57, Duke-st.
Todhunter & Elliot, Market-plate and Duke-street

Tobacco & Cigar Dealers.

Askew, Mrs Maria, Wellington-st
Carr, Robert, Marina-road
Cowin, John, 22, Strand-street
Coupe, Joseph, Victoria-street
Cooper & Son, 71, Circular-road
Dalrymple, William, 52, Duke-st., and Victoria-street
Fielding, James, North-quay
Fielding, William, 48, Strand-street
Gallimore, Charles, 53 North-quay
Kermode & Kellett, Victoria-street
Langley, S., 81, Strand-street
Magee, James, 6, Bucks-road
Broughton, W., 48, Duke-street
Taylor, W H., Prospect-hill
Warburton, Henry, 20, Prespect’ hill

Tobacco Manufacturers.

Gelling, Daniel Edward, 1, Lord-st.
Gelling, W. P., 2, Duke-lane
Halsall, William, 7, Seneschal-lane
Holmes, George, 6, North-quay
Kermode & Kellett, Victoria-street

Tripe Dressers.

Cain, Mrs E., 7, Great George’s-st.
Cannon, George, 79, Strand-street
Cain, Mrs, 26, Strand-street
Gordon, William, 66, Strand-street
Hall, Mrs Catherine, 12, Hanover-street
Jackson, H.,Strand-street


Christian, Thomas, The Lake
Cubbon, William, 40, Bucks-road
Douglas Steam Saw Mill Company, The Lake
Skinner, John, Great George’s-st.

Umbrella Makers.

Armroyd, John, Castle-street
Casey, Mrs Jessie, 68, Duke-street
Fairhurst, Thomas, 75, Strand-st.
Goodwin, M., 37, Strand-street


(See Drapers and Cabinetmakers).


Bell, W. & J., 1, Marina-road
Collister, John, 29 and 31, Finch-road
Corlett, Edward & Charles, 51, Bucks-road
Corlett, John J., 85, Circular-road
Corlett, G. R., 4, King-street
Cowen, Miss Jane, 59, Athol-street
Cowin, Thomas, 26, Bigwell-street
Proctor, Leonard, 8, Athol-street
Quayle, William, 25, King-street
Radcliffe, T. E. & W., Victoria st.
Spence, William, North-quay and Athol-street

French Polishers

(See also Cabinetmakers.)
Kennaugh, James, 2, Quine’s-corner
Kinrade, Mrs R., 10, St George’s-walk

Veterinary Surgeons

Davis, W. R., Victoria-street
Taylor, P., 42, Peel-rad

Watch and Clock Makers.

Cannell, G. & J., Finch-road
Cowell, Charles T. , Victoria-street
Davidson, John J., Victoria-street
Fenelon, Thomas, Victoria-street
Goldsmith Brothers, Victoria-street
Holden, Joseph, Victoria-street
Langley, Samuel, 81, Strand-street
Little, Mrs E., 20, Prospect-hill
Pointon, Mrs, 42, Duke-street
Swinnerton, Robert, Victoria-street
Taylor, Walter H., 36, Prospect-hill

Weighing Machine Keepers

Joughin, William, Fort-street
Kermode, William K., The Bridge
Lewin, Edward, Bridge-road
Moore, Thomas, 8, Castle-street
Wormald & Co., 1, Hill-street


Burke, W., Barrack-street
Craine, Thomas, 6, Peel-road

Woollen Weaver.

Maitland & Co, Union Mills
Moore, Thomas, King-street and St John’s


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