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Extract from the Parochial Register.

"To all Christian People whom these Presents may concern, grace, peace, and truth in Jesus Christ.

" I, Thomas, Bishop of Sodor and Mann, having by the favour of God procured a Church to be built within the parish of Patrick, which parish for some ages past hath been destitute of such a blessing, as an acknowledgment of the good hand of God upon me, this day of the dedication of the said Church, offer and freely give the Sum of fifty pounds sterling,,* with the interest thereof, to the said Church for ever: obliging myself to pay the sum of three pounds per annum, during my life and continuance in the said See, or until the said sum of fifty pounds can be securely laid out for the use of the said Church, which in case it is not done during my life or incumbency, as aforesaid, I oblige myself, my exors. admors. and assigns to pay the said sum of fifty pounds into the hands of the Archdeacon and Vicars General for the time being, to be by them laid out for the uses hereafter mentioned: viz. for the use of one lawfully authorised to read prayers and catechise the youth of the said parish every Lord's Day, in the afternoon and upon holydays, during the life or incumbency of the Rev. Mr. Matthias Curphey, the present Vicar of the said parish, and also after his death or other preferment in the Church, to the Vicar of the said parish for ever, as an encouragement to him to be very diligent in catechising and instructing the youth of the said parish as the canon and rubrick require and direct. And may our gracious God grant a blessing on this my design for the edification of his people, through Jesus Christ our Lord ! Amen.

Tho. Sodor and Mann."

St. Peters Day 1714.

* This sum of fifty pounds, with seventy-two pounds afterwards given by the Bishop, was laid out in the purchase of Glebes for the vicars of Patrick and German. See Deed recorded in the Seneschals office, dated 30 April, 1739, stating the same conditions as are here expressed of catechising and instructing the youth of the parishes every Sunday and Holiday.


Extract from the Will of Thomas Radcliffe, of Knockaloe, Gent.

Liber 1 mus Test. A. D. 1789.

" First, I give and bequeath to the Vicar and Church Wardens of the said parish of Patrick, for the time being, and their successors, the sum of one hundred pounds, to place and lay out in good and sufficient security at interest, for the benefit of the poor of the said parish for ever: And do desire that they may annually, upon St. Thomas's day, conscientiously distribute the interest of the said sum amongst the said poor, in proportion to their respective wants and necessities.

"Also, I give and devise my purchased lands in Knockaloe Beg, in the said Parish, by the name of Gobbreck, &c. &c. to my heir-at-law, he and his heirs legally securing the payment of an annuity of five pounds per annum to the master of the Parochial Petty School, of the parish of Kirk Patrick aforesaid, and his successors for ever, for instructing the children of the poor tenants of the said estate of Knockaloe, in reading, writing, figures, and the principles of the Christian religion.

"But in case my heir-at-law should refuse to give sufficient legal and permanent security for the payment of the said annuity of five pounds per annum, to the said master of the said school and his successors for ever, (and for the payment of another annuity to the testator's sister, during her life,) I then and in that case give and devise my said purchased and acquired lands, milns, and houses, and their appurts. to the Vicar and Churchwardens of the said parish of Patrick, and their successors for ever: In trust for the payment of the said annuities as aforesaid, and for the benefit of the poor of the said parish"

The Rev. Evan Christian, Executor.

The interest of the said legacy of £100 was not paid for several years, in consequence of the death of the said Evan Christian; but the principal money, with the arrears of interest due thereon, is now secured by bond and mortgage from John Lucas, Esq. to the Vicar and Wardens on the estate of knock Rushen, in the parish of Malew, dated 12 Jany. 1826. Principal, bearing interest at 5 per cent per annum £152 17 0

There are other bequests to the poor, amounting to the sum of £1316. 0. Manks, which were paid over to the Rev. Evan Christian, Vicar, in 1788, for which he paid interest to the poor annually: viz.

Legacy of Capt. Woods, of German £3 15 0
Ditto John Quirk, of Patrick 4 0 0
Ditto Bishop Wilson 5 0 0
Manks. 12 15 0



This parish being one of the four Livings* in the gift of the Bishop, the Rev. Thomas Stephen, the Vicar, receives from Cath. Halsall's Charity £4 Manks per annum, see p. 44 .

3 8 7

The Glebe contains 36 acres its yearly value is estimated at £1 per acre

36 0 0

The whole of the Great Tithes let last year for £290, to one-third of which the vicar is entitled; which, with his third of the Small Tithes, makes about

100 0 0

Surplice Fees about

4 0 0


£143 8 7

* The Bishop is entitled to the Livings of Patrick, German, Jurby, and Braddan. See Grant thereof from Thomas, Earl of Derby, Lord Stanley, &c.&c. to Huan, Bishop of Sodor and Mann, and his successors, dated 28 March, 1505. Liber Monas.

"The Vicar, Sir Edged. Moore, anno 1627, instituted a suit against John, Lord Bishop, and was adjudged entitled to one-third of the Corn Tithes, which the Vicars, have ever since received. Lib. Cancell, 1627. The Vicar of this parish therefore receives no part of the Impropriate Fund, which at present is distributed among those Vicars whose livings are under £90 a year, and the Schoolmasters.


The Schoolmaster, Thomas Cosnahan receives from the Impropriate Fund a Salary of

£5 10 0

From Lady Betty Hastings' Charity

2 12 11

From Thomas Radcliffe's Bequest

4 5 8

£12 8 7

All the Parochial Schoolmasters are entitled to receive quarterage, by the Statute Law of the Island,

Stat. 1703, enacts: "And for the further encouragement of the Schoolmasters, they shall respectively receive, over and above the Salaries already allowed them, 6d. quarterly from the parents of every child that shall be taught by them to read English, and 9d. quarterly from such as shall be taught to write." " Notwithstanding where the parents or relations are poor and not able to pay as aforesaid, and this to be certified by the Minister and Church Wardens of the Parish or the Ordinary, such children are to be taught gratis.

"And whereas some of the poorer sort may have just cause, and their necessities require it, to keep their children at home for several weeks in summer and harvest, such persons shall-not be liable to the penalties aforesaid, provided they do, and are hereby strictly required, to send such children, during such absence from School, every third Sunday to the Parish Church, at least one hour before Evening Service,there to be taught by the Schoolmaster, to prevent losing their learning. And if any Schoolmaster shall neglect his duty, and complaint being made and proved he shall be discharged, and another placed in his stead, at the discretion of the Ordinary. And every Rector, Vicar, or Curate shalt the first week of every quarter, visit the Petty School and take an aced in a book of the improvement of every child, to be produced as often the Ordinary shall call for it.",

Stat. 1813, after reciting the inadequacy of the said quarterage, enacts; " That the teachers of the Parochial or Petty Schools shall be allowed to receive, over and above their Salaries, the sum of two shillings and eleven pence a quarter for each and every scholar taught to read English, and three shillings and Pence a quarter for each and every scholar taught to read and write."

The Schoolmaster receives no quarterage from the children of the tenants of Knockaloe. (see Extract from Sir. Thomas Radcliffes' Will.)

The number of scholars varies. The average number taught to read and write is about 40.


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