[From IoM Charities, 1831]


Extract from the Will of Cath. Halsall, dated
23 Augt. 1758.

"I give and bequeath all and singular my Houses and Lands, situate and being in the Isle of Man, commonly called and known by the name or names of Ballalough, Pinkard's Closes, my Houses, known by the name of Halsall's Houses, Gardens, Outhouses, also the Haggards and large Gardens, a spot known by the name of Robt. Kneale's House, Roe's and Allen's Houses, built and unbuilt, with all the Gardens, Brew House Well, from part of the Street, and any other part or parts of my Estates in the sd. Island, with all and singular the appurtenances, to the following uses:- First, I give and bequeath that part of my said Houses in the said Island, running from the Street Kitchen Window, on a line through the Gardens to the sea edge, and all backwards, behind the Old Chapel; and likewise the old Stable next to Slater's, to the Trustees of the Free Grammar School of Castletown, for ever, for the building of a Dwelling House for the Master of the said Free Grammar School.

.But in case the same shall not be accepted of by the said Trustees within six months next after my decease, my will and mind is, and I do hereby give and bequeath the same so disposed of as aforesaid, and every other part and parts of my Estates in the said Island, together with .all and singular their appurtenances, unto my Exors. hereafter named and their Assigns, upon a special Trust that they,

Houses bequeathed for the
Master of the Grammar school

my said Exors. or their Assigns shall appropriate and convey the same by Deed or Deeds, or other instruments in writing, to the Bishop of the Isle of Man, the Vicars Genl., and the four Clergy of Rushen Sheading, and their successors, for ever, and whom I hereby constitute and appoint Trustees, for the erecting, building, and endowing a Free School, to be built betwixt the above mentioned plan designed for the Free Grammar School and the late Mr. Curghey's Barn, in Castletown, in the said Island, for teaching Girls only, to read, sew, knit, and spin, the yearly salary of the Mistress not to exceed eight pounds Brit.; and two pounds yearly to be allowed for repairs, and for augmenting the four livings in the gift of the Bishop and the Incumbent of Kirk Christ, Rushen, each four pounds a year a piece, and the residue to be equally divided and applied annually, for ever, to the support of Clergymen's poor Widows, and putting out Clergymen's Orphans to business.

Trustees,the Lord Bishop
the four Vicars General and
the four Clergy of Rushen Sheading

Rents and Disbursements four the Year 1825.


£. s. d.

Nov 12 Rent from

Saml. Radcliff.

21 10 0

John Harrison

21 0 0

John Gell

18 10 0

Thomas Quayle

12 0 0

Thomas Clague

8 0 0

Mr. Quayle

3 ]4 0

Mr. Carrington

1 0 0

Mr. Fitzsimons

0 l0 6

Denis Cain

12 0 0

Mr. Matt. Harrison..

13 10 0

111 14 6


£. s. d.

Balance due last Year

0 17 2

Mrs. Finigan, Salary and Repairs

l0 0 0

5 Vicars, £4 Mx. 68s. 7d. i. e. £3 8s. 7d. Brit. . .

17 2 11

By Lords Rent 26s. 6d., Cess 6s 6d.

1 13 0

By High Road Labour

0 3 9

Expences 5 per cent. to Agent

5 11 0


Mrs. Clucas

6 0 0

Mrs.Christian, Arbory

6 0 0

Mrs. Christian Ballasalla

6 0 0

Mrs. Stowell

6 0 0

Mrs Harrison

6 0 0

Mrs Kewley

6 0 0


Miss Woods

3 0 0

Miss Corlett

3 0 0

Misses Christian

3 0 0

Misses Cannell

4 0 0


3 0 0

Misses Kewley

3 0 0

Mrs. Christians Child

3 0 0

Robt Christian

3 0 0

Mrs. Christian, Port le Mary

3 0 0

Mrs. Stowell's Son

3 0 0


Saml. Radcliffe, Tenant, £1

1 0 0

J. Harrison,£i

1 0 0

Repairs D. Cain's House

2 2 10

Paid Mr. Downes for Glass, 18 6½. and

Dinwoody for Nails, 5 10½d.

1 4 4½

Paid Thomas Taubman, Blacksmith

0 18 0

By Balance in the Agents hands

3 1 5½

111 14 6


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