[From Brown's Directory, 1894]


THE parish of GERMAN (from St. Germanus, a disciple of St Patrick, and appointed by him bishop of Man) extends from the river Neb to. Glen Cam along the coast, and from the sea to Greeba and Slieau Ruy. It is a rough hilly district, consisting of the western slopes of the central mountain ridge and the western hills to the sea, with the deep depressions of Glen Moar and Glen Helen dividing them. It also includes the western portion of the great central valley. It contains the source and upper course of the Dhoo ("The Dark River"), one of the main feeders of the Douglas : and the entire course of the Neb, or Peel River, from its source on Sartfell to its embouchure at Peel. The greater part of the district is barren Mountain land, but in the sheltered lowlands the soil is good and carefully cultivated. A large part of the valley between Greeba and St. John' s is boggy, and subject to floods. The district is agricultural, and the population partly agricultural and partly fishing. The town of Peel is within the boundary of this parish. St. John's, a small agricultural village at the foot of Slieau Whallin, contains the Tynwald Hill, from which the Manx laws are promulgated. Near it is St. John's Chapel, in which, on certain occasions, the Manx Legislature holds its sittings. It is also the Junction of the Northern and Southern railways. Glen Helen, the upper part of Glen Moar, is a beautifully wooded glen, containing the falls of Rhenass. It is much frequented by visitors.


Addison Mary, owner of part of Karrowglass


Bailey Alfred, tenant farmer Ballatarson
Bell John, farmer, Ballakill;~urr.Ly
Bell Marearet, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Blair John, owner of Ballawillan and Ballaquane
Blundell Thomas, owner of Ballatarton
Boyde John, farmer, Lhergydhoo
Brew John, farmer, Ballakilley
Bridson Edward, Glen Helen
Bridson John, farmer, Ballatarson
Bridson John Joseph, Kewe
Burman Elizabeth Yates, owner of part of Ballayarkish
Bush Rev. John, owner of Ballatarson


Cain William, Scarsdale
Cain Charles, retired chemist, St. John's
Cain Charles, farmer, Ballalig
Cain John, farmer, Ballakaighen
Cain John, farmer, Lhergydhoo
Cain John, farmer, Ballagyr
Cain John, farmer, Scarsdale
Cain Mary, Kerrogarrow
Cain Philip, farmer, Ballahowin
Cain Robert, owner of Knocksharry
Cain Thomas, farmer, Earyglass
Cain Thomas, schoolmaster, St. John's
Cain William, postmaster, St. John's
Cain William, farmer, Carvilly
Cannell Mrs, owner of Scarsdale
Cannell Edward, owner of part of Quaylesland
Cannell Mrs Isabella, owner of part of Scarsdale
Cannell Philip, tenant farmer, Scarsdale
Cannon William, farmer, Ballakaighin
Chadwick Edward, landowner, Ballacurry
Christian Enos, Ballacraine
Christian Eliza, farmer, Bollach
Christian Williani, farmer, Brack-e-Broom
Christian William, farmer, Lambfell
Clague James, farmer, Ballaoates
Clag,e John, farmer, Ballalig
Clark Mrs Elizabeth Eleanor, landowner, Ballaquane
Clarke John, farmer, Ballaquane
Clucas James, farmer, Little London
Clucas Philip, farmer, Ballatarson
Clucas William, farmer, Ballatarson
Collister Edward, owner of part of Kenna
Collister Henry, owner of part of Ballalig
Corkill Edward, farmer, Ballahimmin
Corkish Henry, farmer, Ballachrink
Coriett Edward, owner of part of Moaney-moar
Corlett Edward, farmer, Ballalig
Corlett Rev. John, St. John's
Corlett Philip, tenant farmer, Ballavates
Corlett Robert, farmer, Ballaganahan
Corlett Charles, farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett Thomas, retired engineer, Ballagarrahan
Corrin Robert, J.P., owner of part of Cronkbane and Ballaquane
Corris John Caesar, owner of part of Ballatarson and Ballachrink
Cosnahan William, farmer, Kewe
Cowin Joseph Charles, owner of part of Quaylesland
Cowin Thomas, farmer, Ballanyr
Cowley John, farmer, Ballacraine
Cowell Philip, owner of part of Ballaoates
Cowley Ann, owner of part of Ballaboughie
Cowley Isabella, owner of part of Ballalig
Cowley Margaret, farmer, Cronkbane
Cowley William, builder, Ballaquane
Creer Daniel, tenant farmer, Bollach
Creer John, tenant farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Creer Paul, retired farmer, Greeba
Creer William, farmer, Kerrowglass
Craine John, bootmaker, St. John's
Crellin Eliza, tenant farmer, Ballao
Crellin Eliza, farmer, Ballaoates
Crellin Caesar, landowner, Knockbreck
Crellin Joseph, farmer, Ballacurry
Crellin John, farmer and landowner, Sandhouse
Crellin Philip, tenant farmer, Kerrowglass
Cretney William, farmer, Llergydhoo
Cubbon Mary, Fairy Cottage
Cubbon Ann, owner of part of Ballaterson


Dawson Henry, owner of part of Ballaterson
Dodd William, owner of part of Ballaterson


Faragher Ann, Ballacraine Mill
Faragher William, miller, Ballahowin
Fargher Elizabeth, tenant farmer, Ballacurry
Fargher John, tenant farmer, Ballalig
Fargher Kathleen, farmer, Ballacurry
Fargher Robert, farmer, Knockdhoo
Fargher Robert, owner of part of Ballacurry
Fargher Thomas, miller and corn merchant, Glentaba Mills
Fargher William, farmer, Cronk-y-vicky
Fargher William, Cronkbreck
Farrant Annie, Greeba Towers
Farrant Q., Greeba Towers
Farrant Margaret, Greeba Towers
Farrant Susana E., Greeba Towers
Fisher Thomas, owner of Ballakillmurray
Flux Thomas, station master, St. Johns


Garrett John, smith, Knocksharry
Garrett John, farmer, Vaish
Garrett John, landowner, Ballavaish
Gawne Edward, retired builder, Laurel Bank
Gawne Isabella, owner of Laurel Bank
Gelling Henry Evans, owner of part of Corvalley
Gell John, Knocksharry
Gell Catherine, Thalloquayle
Gill Ann, owner of Ballalough
Gill Ann, owner of part of Kerrowchord
Gill Elizabeth, owner of part of Kerrowchord
Gill Henry, grocer, St. John's
Gill John, owner of part of Kenna
Gill John, rate collector, Greeba
Gill John, landowner, Knockdhoo
Gill William, grocer, Ballacraine
Glen Helen Hotel and Pleasure Grounds - Charles Maley, Sec.
Graves Marthur, owner of part of Closechairn


Halsall Frederick, tenant farmer, Moaney-moar
Halsall Jane, farmer, Moaney-moar
Higgins Louisa, owner of part of Ballaquane
Hinton Eleanor, farmer, Ballaquane
Hope John, licensed victualler, Tynwald Inn, St. John's
Hood Robert, licensed victualler, Glen Helen Hotel and Injebreck Hotel


Jarvis John Jarvis, joiner, Ballaterson
Johnson Eleanor, owner of Ballaquane


Kaighin Hugh, farmer, Renash
Kaighin James, owner of part of Ballakaighin
Kaighin John, owner of Scarsdale
Kaighin Philip, White Strand
Kaighin Thomas, farmer, Lhergydhoo
Kay Cornelius Agrippa, licensed victualler, Ballacraine Hotel
Keig William, bootinaker, St. John's
Kelly Cathleen, farmer, Ballacurry
Kelly Elizabeth, farmer and landowner, Eary-lhane
Kelly John, farmer, Ballalig
Kelly John James, joiner and builder, St. John's
Kelly Richard, farmer, Ballaboughie
Kelly Robert Cain, farmer, Ballalig
Kelly Sydney B., schoolmaster, Cronk-e-Voddy
Kelly William, owner of Ballacurry
Kenna Thomas, owner of part of Ballagyr
Kennaugh John, blacksmith, Ballacraine
Kermode John, owner of Ballaboughie
Kermode John, owner of Ballacross
Kermode John, farmer, Ballahara
Kennaugh Eleanor, owner of part of Ballagyr
Kewin John, farmer, Eary-lhane
Kewin.john, farmer, Saythane
Kewley Elizabeth, owner of part of Earylhane
Killey Charles, farmer, Eary-moar'
Killey Elizabeth, landowner, Lambfell
Killey James, farmer, Lhergydoo
Killey Philip, tenant farmer, Ballacurrey
KinIey Edward, tenant farmer, Knocksharry
Kinrade Rev. Hugh, Cronk-e-voddy
Kinvig John, Cronkadhoo
Kinvig William, farmer, Kenna
Kissack Ta e, farmer, Ballacross
Kissack James, farmer, Corvalley
Kissack Thomas, miller, Glenmoar Mills
Kneen William, miller, Greeba Mills
Kneen William, farmer, Ballagyr


Lace John, farmer, Ballakaighin
Lace John, refreshment rooms, Glen Helen
Laughton Alfred N., High Bailiff of Peel, Ballaquane House
Llewellyn William, owner of part of Ballatarson
Lucas Miss, owner of part of Ballagyr


Matthews Arthur, owner of part of Ballahowin
McCormick Elizabeth, Ballatarson
McLeavey John, farmer, Ballaoates
Moffat James, farmer, Ballaterson
Moore John Stephen, landowner, Ballaquane and Lhergydhoo
Moore Thomas C. S., Captain of the Parish, and owner of Ballaquane residence-Ballahowin
Moore John, Ballaquane
Moore John, farmer, Lambfell
Moore Rev. John James, owner of part of Vaish
Moore Margaret, owner of Ballalig
Moore Thomas, farmer, Knocksharry
Moore Thomas, farmer anct woollen manufacturer, St. Johns
Moore Samuel, tenant farmer, Ballakaighin
Moore William, tenant farmer, Ballaquane
Moore William, farmer, Ballayarkish
Moore William Thomas, farmer, Karrowchord
Morrison Charles, owner of Ballaleece
Morrison Louisa, owner of Brack-e-Broom, Rockmount, and Knocksharry
Mylchreest Thomas, owner of Ballahara
Mylchreest Thomas Firth, owner of Ballaganahan
Mylchreest Joseph, owner of Knockdhoo


Paulin John, Ballaquane
Peter William, car proprietor, St. John's
Poole Thomas, gentleman, Greeba Lodge


Quaye William, Joiner and wheelwright, Knocksharry
Quayle John, tenant farmer, Ballaleece
Quaye John, Stockfield
Quilliam Joseph, farmer, Ballacraine
Quine John, Joiner and wheelwright, St. John's
Quine John, farmer, Ballahowin
Quine Robert, owner of Lambfell
Quine William, owner of part of Ballakaighin
Quirk Arm, grocer, St. John's
Quirk Annie, owner of BallakiIley
Quirk James, station master, St. John's
Quirk James, owner of part of Lambfell
Quirk John Jarnes, Joiner, Ballaterson
Quirk the Misses, drapers and milliners, St. John's
Quirk William, farmer, Eary-beg


Radcliffe Thomas, owner of part of Ballaquane quarries
Radcliffe William, bootmaker, Ballalig
Redpath Alexander, farmer, Vaish-moar


Sale WiIIiam, farmer, owner of part of Lambfell
Shimmin Robert, grocer, Greeba
Shimmin WiIIiani, tenant farmer, Ballalough
Shimmin Charles, butcher and car proprietor, St. John's
Shimmin John Thomas. owner of part of Ballacurry
Shimmin William, owner of part of Earyglass
Smith John Thomas, farmer, Eary
Smallwood Harry, Hawthorn Hotel, Greeba
Swan Emma E., Glynmoore, St. John's


Taubman James, millwright, Glenmoar
Taggart Robert, owner of part of Kerrowglass
Teare, exors. of Robert, farmer, Ballaoates
Templeton Henry, commercial traveller, Rock Mount


Wade William, farmer, Knocksharry
Watson Robert, landowner, Cooilslieu
Watson George, owner of part of Ballaleece
Wattleworth Caesar John, farmer, Ballawattleworth
White Catherine, owner of part of Ballaterson
Whitworth Elizabeth, Norfolk House, Ballayarkish,
Wilson Thomas, owner of part of Moaney-moar
Windgrave John, owner of Bollack
Windus Mrs Edith, landowner, Greeba Castle
Woods John, owner of part of Ballahimmin
Woods William, owner of part of Knocksharry


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