[From Brown's Directory, 1894]


THE parish of JURBY extends from the Carlane river to the Lhen Moar, and is bounded towards the cast by the Lhen Moar Trench. It contains an area of about eight square miles. It forms the north-western part of the northern lowlands, and its surface is flat and monotonous. It is an exclusively agricultural district, and contains a scattered population.



Ball William R., fisherman, Ballamoar
Brew Daniel, joiner, Intack


Cain John, farmer Ballamoar, Curragh
Caley John, farmer, Ballacurry
Cannell Thomas, farmer, Ballatear
Cannell WiIIiam, farmer, Vicarage, Glebe
Casement John, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Cashin John, farmer, New-road
Christian John, farmer, BaIIacurry
Christian John, farmer, Ballavorrow
Cristory Mrs, tarmer, Ballachristory
Clarke Daniel R., farmer, West Nappin
Carke John, farmer, Ballagraghyn
Carke WIliam, farmer, Bretney
Ceator John, farmer, Sartfield
Cleator William, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Clucas John, farmer, Ballachrink
Collister John, farmer, Ballaconnelly
Corlett Mrs, farmer, Sandy
Corlett Robert, farmer, Ballavarin
Corlett William, farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett WiIIiam, farmer, Ballacurry
Corlett William, farmer, Bretney
Corkill James, grocer, West View
Cormode Mrs, farmer Ballig
Cowin Robert D., farmer, Ballachrink
Cowley John, farmer, Ballagraghyn
Creer William, farmer, Ballacain
Cry William, farmer, Ballagraghyan
Curphey Matthew, farmer, Curragh


Farrant Mrs, Ballamoar
Forsythe Mrs Arm, farmer, Ballasalla


Gale William, farmer, Cronkbreck


Joughin John, blacksmith, Nappin


Kaighin Francis, farmer, Ballacry
Kaighin John, farmer, Ballamoor, Curragh
Kaighin Robert, farmer, Thivan
Kelly John, H.K., farmer, Ballahasney
Kelly Robert, farmer, Ballameanagh
Killey William, farmer, Kerrowcraig
Kewin John, farmer, Andreas
Kewin Mrs, farmer, Ballameanagh
Kewin William, farmer, Kerrowkneale
Killip John, farmer, Ballasalla
Killip Thomas, farmer, Sandy
Kinrade Philip, farmer, Kerrowkneale
Kinrade Philip, farmer, Bretney
Kissack Daniel, Joiner, Sandy Gate
Kissack John, butcher, Ballamoar, Curragh
Kneale Thomas, farmer, Ballagaie
Kneale Thomas, farmer, Ballasalla
Kneen Miss, landowner, Ballamenagh
Kneen John, smith, Intack
Kneen John, farmer, Sandy Gate


Lawson James, farmer, Kerrowcree


Quayle William, farmer, Ballacurry
Quirk William, farmer, Ballamoar


Radcliffe George, farmer, Ballacurry


Teare Mrs, farmer, Kerrowcraig
Teare Daniel, farmer, Cooildhoo
Teare Daniel, farmer, Ballasalla
Teare John James, farmer, Ballachrink
Teare Thomas, farmer, Andreas
Teare Walter, farmer, Ballachrink
Teare William, farmer, Loughin


Wade John, farmer, Loughin
Wade John, farmer, Ballavarin
Wilson Rev. H., Vicar of Jurby, Summer Hill


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