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THE Parish of Arbory extends along the southern coast from Pooil Vash to Strandhall, and, after taking a circuit inland, follows the course of the Colby river to Cronk Fedjag, and across the mountain to the western boundary of Malew. It contains six square miles. It is part of the same district as Malew, and possesses the same physical characteristics. In the north it is a highland region, and in the south it is a low, undulating plain. Its short coast line lies along the dangerous shores of Pooil Vash, and is low and flat, but rocky and exposed.


Beale James Thomas, licensed victualler, Colby Glen Hotel, Colby
Beck Mrs, Balladoole
Blackburn Robert, tenant farmer, Ballagawne
Brew John, seaman, Colby
Bridson John, tenant farmer, Claughbane
Bridson Robert, farmer, Strandhall
Bridson Thomas, tenant farmer, Balladoole
Bridson William. labourer, Colby Moar
Bridson William, tenant farmer, Balladoole


Cannell Eleanor, landowner, Colby
Cannell Eliza, Balladoole
Cannell John, Colby
Cannell Thomas, farmer and overseer, Balladoole
Cannell William, farmer, Balladoole
Clague Charles, tenant farmer, Ballaclague
Clague Edward, mariner, Ballabeg
Clague Henry, fisherman, Colby
Clague James, Joiner, Colby
Clarke William, farmer, Ronague
Clucas Margaret, landowner, Thorn Hill
Collister George, farmer, Balladoole
Collister Paul, farmer, Balladoole
Comish Catherine, farmer, Ballaquaney
Comish Thomas, farmer, Balladoole
Comish Henry, labourer, Balladoole
Comish John, fisherman, Ronague
Comish William, farmer, Ballastroke
Cooil John, farmer, Ballacomish
Cooil Elizabeth, farmer, Cronkdaragh
Cooil James, farmer, Ballamenagh
Cooil John, farmer, Ballagawne
Cooil John, fisherman,, Ballacomish
Cooil Richard, farmer, Cronkdaragh
Cooil William, farmer, Ballaquaney
Cooil William, farmer, Ballacomish
Corrin John, farmer, Friary
Corrin Edward, labourer, Balladoole
Corrin James, licensed victualler, Round Table Hotel, Ballafadda
Corrin John, tenant farmer, Croft
Corrin John, blacksmith, Ballabeg
Corrin Richard, labourer, Ballacarmick
Costain Eleanor, landowner, Claughbane
Costain Eleanor, farmer, Ballachrink
Costain Elizabeth, farmer, Colby
Costain James, f ' armer, Colby
Costain John, farmer, Ballagrenny
Costain John, wheelwright, Colby Moar
Costain Richard, tenant farmer, Ballacarmick
Crebbin Henry, farmer, Ballacarmick
Creer James, weaver, Colby
Cregeen Robert, labourer, Colby Moar
Cregeen Thomas, landowner, Balladoole
Crellin James, fisherman, Ardary
Crellin Robert, farmer, Cringle
Cubbin Arm, Colby
Cubbin Margaret E., landowner of part of, Ronague
Cubbin John, farmer, Ballaconnell
Cubbin Robert, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cubbin Robert, farmer, Ballayelse
Cubbin Thomas, tenant farmer, Colby
Cubbin Thomas, landowner, Ronague
Cubbin William, mariner, Ballabeg
Cubbin William, farmer, Colby Moar
Cubbon Bramwell, farmer, Ballaoates
Cubbon Thomas, farmer, Colby Moar
Cubbon Elizabeth, landowner, Level, Rushen
Cubbon Thomas, tenant farmer, Claughbane
Cubbon William, owner of part of Ballaglonney


Dixon Jane, landowner, Colby Moar
Duggan James, sexton, Ballabeg
Duggan Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Duggan William, farmer, Ballacomish
Duke Catherine, Ballacubbon
Duke William, Ballacallow


Gale John, tenant farmer, Ballanorris
Gawne Jane, farmer, Ballafadda
Gawne John., farmer, Ballafadda
Gill John Frederick, landowner, Ballacubbon
Greetham Edward R., landowner, Belawn Belew


Hall Catherine, farmer, Ballafadda
Hall John, farmer, Ballafadda
Harrison John, farmer, Ballacallow
Harrison Thomas, farmer, Ballamoar
Hough Joseph, steam mills, Ballabeg


Karran John James, landowner of part of Cronkdarragh
Keig Thomas. mason, Ballafadda
Kelly Henry, farmer, Bwooilewoar
Kelly Margaret, farmer, Ballacricket
Kelly Richard, farmer, Ballaquaney
Kelly Richard, farmer, Ballagawre
Kenna James, farmer, Ronague
Kennah John, farmer, Knockshannagh
Kennaugh Thomas, farmer, Ballavarkish
Kennaugh John, tenant farmer, Ballakeighan
Kennaugh Robert, tenant farmer, Ballaglonney
Kennaugh Thomas, farmer, Ballakeigan
Kennaugh Thomas, tenant farmer, Bemecan
Kennaugh William Henry, tenant farmer, Balladuke
Kermode Henry, farmer, Colby
Kewley Rev. John, Vicar of Arbory, The Vicarage
Kinley John, farmer, Ballacarmick
Kinvig Henry, farmer, Colby -vtoar
Kinvig Arm, farmer, Ballafadda
Kinvig Daniel, tenant farmer, Garey Moar
Kinvig Elizabeth, farmer, Ballafadda
Kinvig James, labourer, Ballagawne
Kinvig John, fisherman, Ballacomish
Kinvig John, farmer, Ballaglonney
Kinvig Thomas, farmer, Ballakarin
Kinvig Thomas, farmer, Ballagreney
Kinvig Thomas, Junr., tenant farmer, Ballagreney
Kinvig Thomas, Colby Moar
Kinvig Thomas, fisherman, Ballaquaney
Kinvig Thomas, landowner of Ballaquaney
Kinvig William, farmer, Ballakatin and Ronague


Lawson Edward, tenant farmer, Ballavarkish
Lawson Robert, occupier, Ballavarkish
Lowey James, miner, Ballagawne


MaddrelI John, farmer, Ballamaddrell
McEvoy Thomas, labourer, Bishop's Barony Cottage
Moore Edward, mariner, Ballabeg
Moore George, tenant farmer, Balladoole
Moore John, farmer, Ballacubbon
Moore John Gale, farmer, Ballacross and Ballacurphey
Moore John, farmer, Claughbane
Moore John, farmer, Ballacubbon
Moore Thomas, farmer, Ballaglonney


Nelson Mrs, Ballacallow


Qualey James, tenant farmer, Garey Moar
Qualtrough Margaret, landowner of part of Parville
Qualtrough Richard, landowner in Cringle
Qualtrough Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballagrency
Quayle Catherine, farmer, Ballayack '
Quayle John, landowner in Ballaglonney
Quayle John Joseph, farmer, Ballayack
Quill Jane, farmer, Ballactie
Quilliam Arm, farmer, Ronague


Radcliffe John, farmer, Ronague
Radcliffe James, farmer, Ballacannell


Shimmin John, farmer, Balladoole
Skeally George, fisherman and farmer, Ballakelly
Skeally Henry, farmer and fisherman, Ballakelly
Stevenson William Augustus, Ballakeigan
Stevenson William B., farmer, Balladoole


Taylor Henry, Ballamenagh


Watterson Arm, farmer, Ballacomish
Watterson Henry-John, Captain of the Parish of Arbory, farmer, Colby
Watterson Thomas, farmer, Ballakelly
Watterson William, farmer, Crossack, Malew
Welch John, landowner of Bemecan
Wood Jane, landowner in Ballabeg



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