[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


North of Rushen to the river Neb, is the parish of Patrick, a wild mountainous region, including the northern slopes of Barrule and Slieauwhallin, and, to the west, the Dalby Mountain, with the Peel hills to the north. Between Mount Dalby and Barrule is Glen Rushen, a deep highland glen, called in its lower part Glenmaye. Through this glen flows the Glenmaye river, which forms the beautiful Glenmaye waterfall, about one mile from the sea. The district is barren, and only a small part of its area is capable of cultivation. The district north of Barrule is highly metalliferous, and several of the veins of lead are worked in Glen Rushen, and its offshoot Glen Dhoo. In Glen Rushen also are extensive slate quarries, which at one time promised to be very successful. The population is partly agricultural, fishing, and mining, and is sparsely distributed over the parish. Glenmaye is the principal village, it is much frequented by tourists on account of its beautiful scenery and waterfall. Dalby village is a small collection of houses, near the coast on the west side of Dalby Mountain. The population in 1851 was 2,925 ; and in 1871 it was 2,888. The present vicar of the parish is the Rev. William Hawley.



Anderson, Jane, Ballaquayle
Anderson, Robert, shoemaker, near St. John’s


Bailey, Edward, fisherman, Gurdun
Barrett, Richard, miner, Dorlish-aird
Bates, Rev. Thomas Storey, chaplain St. Paul’s, Foxdale
Bawden, Edward, Capt., Lilly Bank, Foxdale
Bawden, John, mine agent, East Foxdale
Bawden, Joseph, miner, Lower Foxdale
Bawden, Louisa Ann, Brookfield, Higher Foxdale
Bell, Thomas, agent steam threshing, mowing, and reaping machines, ploughs, harrows, turnip and straw cutters, &c., near St. John’s. (See advt. p. 810.)
Brew, Caesar, blacksmith, Waterfall, Lower Foxdale
Brew, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballacallin
Bridson, Ann, Glenmaye
Bridson, Jane, farmer, Ballabrooie
Bridson, John, farmer, Kerroodhoo
Bridson, Thomas, farmer, Lhea-kerroo
Bridson, Thomas, grocer, Higher Foxdale
Bridson, Philip, weaver, Glenmaye
Buzzo, Thomas, post-office, Foxdale Village


Caine, Elizabeth, Lower Foxdale
Caine, James, fisherman, Foxdale
Caine, James, weaver, Ballavar
Caine, John, fisherman, Glenmaye
Caine, John, fisherman, Gurdun
Caine, John, miner, Glenneedle
Caine, John, miner, Glenrushen-road
Caine, Philip, fisherman, Glenrushen
Caine, Robert, farmer, Ballavar
Caine, Robert, miner, Ballacarney
Caine, Robert, miner, Glenrushen
Caine, Thomas, farmer,Ballaspet
Caine, Thomas, farmer, Barrane, Dalby
Caine, Thomas, fisherman, Gurdun
Caine, Thomas, mine labourer, Lower Foxdale
Caine, William, engine driver, Kiondhooag
Cairns, Edmund, fisherman, Ballacarney
Cairns, John, farmer, Ballamoar, Foxdale
Cairns, William, miner, Mount-pleasant, East Foxdale
Caldwell, John, farmer, Eary-cushlin
Callin, Daniel, fisherman, Mullin-e-clje
Callin, Mrs. Eleanor, Dalby
Callin, Mrs. Elizabeth, Kerroodhoo
Callin, Isabella, Slieauwhallin
Callin, William, farmer, Ballacallin, Dalby
Callin, William Joseph, miner, Ballacarney, Foxdale
Callin, William, miner, Ballanass
Callister, Daniel, joiner, Glenmaye
Callister, Henry, miner, Kerroodhoo
Callister, John, fisherman, Gurdun
Callister, John, joiner, Ballanass, Foxdale
Callister, John, miner, Lower Foxdale
Callister, Sylvester, miner, Corney-moar
Callister, Thomas, farmer, Slieauwhallin
Callister, Thomas, fisherman, Glenrushen
Callister, Thomas, fisherman, Mullin-e-clie
Callister, Thomas, labourer, Glenrushen
Callister, Thomas, mine labourer, Foxdale
Callister, Thomas, rural constable, Foxdale
Callister, William, farmer, Ballanass, Foxdale
Callister, William, farmer, Kerroodhoo
Callister, William, miner, Foxdale
Cameron, Evan, C.P., J.P., Glanfaba House
Cammaish, Jonah, miner, Foxdale
Cammaish, Richard, fisherman, Ballacarney
Carran, Henry, farmer, Creggan-moar, Dalby
Carran, John, labourer, Glenrushen
Carran, Margaret, farmer, Creggan~moar, Dalby
Carran, Thomas, farmer, Creggan-ashen, Glenmaye
Carran, William, farmer, Claughbane, Glenrushen
Carran, William, fisherman, Glenrushen
Cashin, John, fisherman, Lhergy-veg, Glenmaye
Cashin, Thomas, butcher, Glenmaye
Christian, John, farmer, Corn-o-grice
Christian, John, labourer, Glenrushen
Christian, John, miner, Foxdale
Christian, John, tailor, Glenmaye
Christian, Joseph, fisherman, Ballaihonna, Dalby
Christian, Robert, farm labourer, Foxdale
Christian, Thomas, farmer, Ballacain, Dalby
Christian, Thomas, miner, Glenrushen
Christian, William, farmer, Mullin-e-clie
Christian, William, mine labourer, Lhergy-veg, Glenmaye
Christian, William, miner, Foxdale
Clague, John, miner, Foxdale
Clague, Richard, labourer, Glanfaba
Clague, William J., quarrier, Ballacallin
Clark, Edward, labourer, Ballaspet
Clark, Robert, fisherman, Glenmaye
Clarke, John, fisherman, Ballahigg
Clarke, John, grocer, Foxdale
Clarke, John, miner, Ballacarney
Clarke, John, miner, Eary
Clarke, Josiah, publican
Clarke, Judith, Glenrushen
Clarke, Robert, fisherman, Ballacallin
Clarke, Thomas, farmer, Glenrushen
Clarke, William, farmer, Glenrushen
Clinton, Robert, fisherman, Ballelby
Clucas, Henry, boot and shoemaker, Ballelby
Clucas, John, grocer, Foxdale
Clucas, Philip, fisherman, Glenmaye
Clucas, Robert, mine labourer, Lower Foxdale
Clucas, Thomas, miller, Mullin-e-clie mill
Clucas, Thomas, tailor, Ballahutchin, Dalby
Collister, Matthew A,, parochial schoolmaster, near Patrick Church
Coole, Catherine, Ballelby
Corkan, Thomas, farm labourer, Glanfaba
Corkill, George, labourer, Raggatt
Corkill, John, blacksmith, Glenmaye
Corkill, John, miner, Dorlish-aird
Corkill, Matthias, mine labourer, Foxdale
Corkill, Philip, miner, Ballahigg
Corkill, Richard, miner, Kerroodhoo
Corkill, Robert, engine driver, Foxdale
Corkill, William, miner, Dorlish-aird
Corkish, Isaac, miner, Ballahigg
Corkish, Thomas, fisherman, Lower Foxdale
Corlett, Ann, Lower Foxdale
Corlett, Mrs. Jane, widow, near the Church
Corlett, James, mine labourer, Foxdale
Corlett, John, fisherman, Knockaloe-moar
Corlett, John, miner, Kiondhooag
Corlett, Margaret, Ballanass, Foxdale
Corlett, Sylvester, mine labourer, Lower Foxdale
Corlett, Thomas, farmer, Ballamanagh, Foxdale
Corlett, Thomas, mine labourer, Foxdale
Corlett, William, farmer, Mount-pleasant, East Foxdale
Corrin, Eleanor, Glenrushen
Corrin, John, miner, Lower Foxdale
Corrin, Robert, miner, Foxdale
Corrin, Robert W., farmer, Knockaloe-moar
Corrin, William, Glenrushen
Corris, Caesar, farmer, Ballagarman
Corris, Edward, miner, Waterfall, Foxdale
Corris, John, farmer, Kella, Dalby
Corris, John, miner, Ballargery, Foxdale
Corris, John, miner, Slieauwhallin
Corris, Philip, butcher, Glenmaye
Corris, Thomas, farm labourer, Treljah, Glenmaye
Corris, William, farmer, Glenneedle
Costain, John, miner, Glenmaye
Costain, Richard, fisherman, Ballacallin, Dalby
Costain, William, farm labourer, Vicarage
Cottier, William, farmer, Ballacottier, Glenrushen
Cousins, Robert, fisherman, Ballacallin, Dalby
Counseil, Samuel, Foxdale Inn
Cowin, Joseph, farmer, Gurdun
Cowin, Thomas, labourer, near St. John’s
Cowin, William, farmer, Mullin-e-cry
Cowley, Honorah, Foxdale
Cowley, James, fisherman, Rheaby
Cowley, John, fisherman, Knockaloe-moar
Cowley, John, mine labourer, Kerroodhoo
Craine, John, miner, Lower Foxdale
Craine, John, miner, Slieauwhallin
Craine, Stanley, plasterer, Ballalah
Craine, William, miner, Slieauwhallin
Craine, William, mine labourer, Kionslieu
Crebbin, Thomas, labourer, Gordon
Crebbin, William, farm labourer, Gordon
Creer, Daniel, farmer, Ballacallin
Creer, Daniel, shoemaker, Ballalaghey
Creer, John, mason, Kionslieu
Creer, William, miner, Mineral-terrace, Foxdale
Cregeen, William, miner, Glenrushen
Crellin, Edward, fisherman, Cronkmoar, Dalby
Crellin, John, miner, Glenmaye
Crellin, Philip, miner, Dorlish-aird
Crellin, Thomas, mine labourer, Foxdale
Cretney, Robert, fisherman, near the Church
Cringle, John, farmer, Ballacrink, Glenmaye
Cringle, George, mine labourer, Foxdale
Cringle, Mrs. Jane, Glenmaye
Cringle, John, fisherman, Glenmaye
Cringle, Thomas, miner, Higher Foxdale
Cringle, William, fisherman, Glenmaye
Cubbon, Charles, fisherman, Rheaby
Cubbon, Elizabeth, Ballacarney
Cubbon, James, fisherman, Ballamoar
Cubbon, Richard, miner, Glenmaye
Cubbon, Robert, farm labourer, Ballaspet
Cubbon, Thomas, farmer, Ballacallin, Dalby


Dailey, Ann, near St. John’s
Daugherty, Charles, farmer, Gordon
Daugherty, James, labourer, Dickson’s-vane
Delaney, Henry, parochial surveyor
Derby, Margaret, Waterfall, Foxdale
Dobson, James, mine labourer, Foxdale
Duesbury, William H. Thornton, J.P., Ballacosnahan
Duggan, Thomas, shoemaker, Gordon


Ellison, William, boot and shoemaker, Cronkmoar, Dalby


Fargher, Elizabeth, Foxdale
Faragher, John, Oddfellows’ Arms, Glenmaye
Fargher, John, miner, Ballavar
Fargher, Robert, gardener, Ballacosnahan
Fargher, Thomas, miller, Glenmaye mill
Fargher, Thomas, farmer, Ballahutchin, Dalby


Garrett, Ann, Carney-moar
Garrett, John, labourer, Ballavar
Gawne, James, farmer, Ballaquane, Dalby
Gell, Edward, farmer, Glenneedle
Gell, Esther, Glenmaye
Gell, Henry, farmer, Ballalahey, Dalby
Gell, James, farmer, Ballaingauge
Gell, John, farm labourer, Rheaby
Gell, John, fisherman, Creggan~moar, Dalby
Gell, John, fisherman, Glenmaye
Gell, John Caesar, fisherman, Glenmaye
Gell, Thomas, fisherman, Balladona, Dalby
Gell, William, farmer, Ballelby, Dalby
Gell, William, fisherman, Rheaby-beg
Gell, William, labourer, Knockaloe-beg
Gelling, Ann, Lower Foxdale
Gelling, Edward, farmer, Ballagarman
(Ielling, Thomas, farmer, Mount-pleasant, East Foxdale
Gelling, William, farmer, Ballavar
Gorry, James, mine labourer, Glenmaye


Hale, George, Waterfall Inn, Glenmaye
Halsall, Jane, Ballacallin, Dalby
Halsall, John, fisherman, Ballavar
Halsall, Thomas, farmer, Ballaspet
Halsall, William, mine labourer, Dickson’s-vane
Halsall, William, mine labourer, Foxdale
Harris, John, miner, East Foxdale
Harris, William J., agent, Central Foxdale mines
Harvey, James, miner, Higher Foxdale
Harvey, Thomas, pitman, Foxdale
Hawley, Rev. William, vicar of Patrick, Vicarage
Hinds, William, captain of Glenrushen mines
Hinds, William, mine labourer, Carney-moar
Houseley, James, miner, Kerroodhoo
Hudson, Charles, farmer, Ballacallin, Dalby
Hudson, John, fisherman, Treljah, Glenmaye
Hudson, Joseph, miner, Dickson’s-vane
Hudson, Thomas, national schoolmaster, Foxdale
Hudson, William, farmer, Creglea, Dalby
Hudson, William, fisherman, Ballacaine, Dalby
Hudson, William, fisherman, Creglea, Dalby


Johnson, Edward, engine driver, East Foxdale
Johnson, John, farmer and grocer, Ballamoar, Foxdale
Johnson, Thomas, engine driver, Foxdale
Jones, Edward, farmer, Ballabenna
Jones, John, mine labourer, Foxdale
Joughin, Daniel, miner, Ballavar
Joughin, John, farmer, Dorlish-cashen
Joughin, Matthew, farm labourer, Knockaloe
Joughin, Thomas, Glenmaye mill


Kaighen, Charles, labourer, Bernell
Kaye, Eleanor, Cronk-moar, Dalby
Kaye, Henry, Raggatt
Kaye, John, farmer, Ballacorkey
Kaye, John, farmer, Ballahigg
Kaye, John, fisherman, Ballacarney
Kaye, Thomas, labourer, Glenrushen
Keig, Paul, shoemaker, Ballacarney
Keig, William, tailor, Ballacrink, Dalby
Kelly, Ann, Ballalah, Dalby
Kelly, Aaron, fisherman, near the Church
Kelly, Caesar, joiner, Foxdale
Kelly, Elizabeth, near the Church
Kelly, Henry, farmer, Glenrushen
Kelly, John, blacksmith, Foxdale
Kelly, John, miner, Ballacarney
Kelly, Joseph, mine labourer, Foxdale
Kelly, Matthias, miner, Lower Foxdale
Kelly, Robert, mine labourer, Lower Foxdale
Kelly, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballacosnahan
Kelly, Thomas, fisherman, Glenmaye
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Crossvane
Kelly, William, engineer, Foxdale
Kelly, William, farmer, Ballamoar, Foxdale
Kelly, William, farmer, Ballaneghy
Kelly, William, farm labourer, Ballacallin
Kelly, William, fisherman, Cronkmoar, Dalby
Kelly, William, joiner, Foxdale
Kelly, William, joiner, Mineral-terrace, Foxdale
Kennaugh, Charles, farmer, Ballagey
Kennaugh, James, farmer, Arrisey, Glenrushen
Kennaugh, John, farmer, Cronkmoar, Dalby
Kennaugh, John, farmer, Kerroodhoo
Kennaugh, John, farmer, Slieauwhallin
Kennaugh, John, miner, Kerroodhoo
Keruiaugh, John, miner, Pooley
Kennaugh, John, manure agent, Lower Foxdale
Kennaugh, Margaret, dressmaker, Ballacooil, Dalby
Kennaugh, Philip, farmer, Ballahigg
Kennaugh, Richard, miner, Glenmaye
Kennaugh, Thomas, fisherman, Glenmaye
Kennaugh, William, farmer, Slieauwhallin
Kennaugh, William, farmer, Loobs
Kermeen, John, farmer, Ballaquane, Dalby
Kermeen, John, miner, Ballacarney, Foxdale
Kermeen, William, miner, Lower Foxdale
Kermode, Henry, miner, East Foxdale
Kermode, William, miner, Kerroodhoo
Kewley, Eliza, Foxdale
Killey, Edward, miner, Ballanass, Foxdale
Killey, James, fisherman and farmer, Raggatt
Killey, John, grocer, near the Church
Kifley, Thomas, miner, Ballanass, Foxdale
Killey, William, miner, Mount-pleasant, East Foxdale
King, Miss Olivia Corbett, Lower Foxdale
Kinrade, William, tailor, near St. John’s
Kissack, James, miner, Glenrushen
Kissack, Mrs . Jane, Glenrushen
Kissack, John, miner, Higher Foxdale
Kissack, Richard, miner, Ballacarney
Kissack, Richard, miner, Dorlish-aird
Kissack, Thomas, miner, Ballahigg
Kitto, William, manager, Foxdale Mines
Kitto, Wm. Henry, captain in mines, Mineral-terrace, Foxdale
Kneale, James, mason, near St. John’s
Kneen, Edward, farmer, Strucane, Dalby
Kneen, Jane, Ballaquane, Dalby
Kneen, Joseph, farm labourer, Shenvalla
Kneen, William, farmer, Ballelby
Knight, John, parish clerk


Lace, James, miner, Ballacarney, Foxdale
Lace, Jane, miner, Foxdale Mines
Lace, John, miner, Kionslieu
Lace, John J., miner, Ballamoar, Foxdale
Lace, William, miner, Glenrushen
Lace, Margaret, Foxdale
Lace, Moses, butcher, Foxdale
Leece, James, farm labourer, Glenmaye
Leece, Samuel, farmer, Ballahigg
Leece, Thomas, fisherman, Glenmaye
Leece, Thomas, fisherman, Gordon
Leece, Thomas, fisherman, Gordon
Leece, Thomas, fisherman, Cronkmoor, Dalby
Leece, William, boot and shoemaker, Gordon
Lewney, Charles, farmer, Ballacarney
Linden, Hannah, Rheaby
Little, David, fisherman, Ballacallin, Dalby
Little, Joseph, miner, Kiondhooag
Lumsden, William, Glenaspet, near St. John’s


Matthews, Alexander, miner, East Foxdale
Moor, William, painter, Rheaby
Moore, Charles, farmer, Eary-moar
Moore, Edward, labourer, Balladha, Dalby
Moore, Elizabeth, Waterfall-road, Glenmaye
Moore, John, fisherman, Cronkmoar, Dalby
Moore, Joseph, fisherman, near the Church
Moore, Philip, farmer, Rheaby-moar
Morrison, Eleanor, grocer, Lower Foxdale
Moughtin, Patrick, labourer, Knockaioe-beg
Mylchreest, John, fisherman, Ballacarney, Foxdale
McCullock, James, mine labourer, Lower Foxdale
McDonald, John, farm labourer, Ballawillan


Oats, Mrs. Matilda, Knockaloe-moar


Peter, William, farm labourer, Glenaspet


Quane, Catherine, Ballacallin, Dalby
Quane, John J. C., Ballaspet
Quane, Philip, fisherman, Ballacaine, Dalby
Quane, Stephen, farmer, Ballacrink, Dalby
Quayle, Henry, farmer, Ballacra.ggen, Glenmaye
Quayle, John, farmer, Ballavar
Quayle, John, post-master, grocer and provision dealer, and agent for The Isle of Man Times, Glenmaye
Quayle, John, fisherman, Lhergy-veg, Glenmaye
Quayle, John, fisherman, Waterfall-road, Glenmaye
Quayle, John, labourer, Slieauwhallin
Quayle, John, miner, East Foxdale
Quayle, John, miner, Kionslieu
Quayle, John, miner, Slieauwhallin
Quayle, Mrs. Mary Ann, Ballacraggen, Glenmaye
Quayle, Richard, miner, Foxdale
Quayle, Robert, engine driver, Ballacarney
Quayle, Robert, miner, Lower Foxdale
Quayle, Thomas, engine driver, Foxdale
Quayle, Thomas, farmer, Ballaguage
Quayle, Thomas, fisherman, Glenmaye
Quayle, William, farmer, Ballamoor
Quayle, William, miner, Ballacarney, Foxdale
Quayle, William, miner, Ballahigg
Quayle, William, miner, Ballanass
Quayle, William, mine labourer, Lower Poxdale
Quilliam, Catherine, Conney-moar
Quilliam, Charles, labourer, Glenmaye
Quilliam, Eleanor, Foxdale
Quilliam, Mrs. Jane, Rose Cottage, Glenmaye Waterfall
Quilliam, John, farmer, Ballakirka ; res., Rose Cottage
Quilliam, Joseph, miner, Ballacarney
Quilliam, Thomas, farmer, Ballahutchin, Dalby
Quilliam, William, engine driver, Foxdale
Quine, George, mine labourer, Kerroodhoo
Quine, John, joiner, near St. John’s
Quine, John, labourer, Mullinclory
Quine, Robert, farm labourer, Knockaloe-moar
Quine, Thomas, miner, Bernell Cottage, Ballamoar
Quine, William, miner, Foxdale
Quinney, Henry, labourer, Mullen-e-elie
Quirk, James, farmer, Glenrushen
Quirk, John, farmer, Ballacrink, Dalby
Quirk, John, farmer, Creggen-moar, Dalby
Quirk, John, farmer, Kerroodhoo, Dalby
Quirk, John, farmer, Lagg, Glenneedle
Quirk, John, farmer, Mount-pleasant, East Foxdale
Quirk, John, Mullin-e-clie
Quirk, John, fisherman, Ballaquane, Dalby
Quirk, Philip, fisherman, Dalby
Quirk, Richard, C.P., J.P., Rheaby
Quirk, Thomas, farmer, Ballacallin, Dalby
Quirk, Thomas, farmer, Slieauwhallin
Quirk, Thomas, fisherman, Ballawillan
Quirk, Thomas, fisherman, Kerroodhoo
Quirk, Thomas William, farmer, Rheaby
Quirk, William, farmer, Ballacallin, Dalby
Quirk, William, farmer, Balladha, Dalby
Quirk, William, farmer, Slieauwhallin
Quirk, William, farmer, Treljah, Glenmaye
Quirk, William, weaver, Creggan-moar, Dalby
Quirk, William George, farmer, Lhergy-veg, Glenmaye :


Radcliffe, John, miner, Foxdale
Radcliffe, Richard, miner, Lower Foxdale
Radcliffe, Thomas, fisherman, Gordon
Radcliffe, Thomas, tailor, Foxdale
Radcliffe, William, farmer, Thoulough-quay, Glenrushen
Redpath, James, fisherman, Raggatt
Remfry, James Wm., accountant, Mineral-terrace, Foxdale
Rodger, Thomas, fisherman, Ballaquane, Dalby


Savage, Margaret, Rheaby
Sayle, Margaret, Glenmaye
Sayle, Patrick, fisherman, Cronk-moar, Dalby
Sayle, William, fisherman, Glenmaye
Senogles, David, farm labourer, Ballaspet
Shimmin, Ann, Lhergy-veg, Glenmaye
Shimmin, Archibald, miner, Dorlish-aird
Shimmin, Edward, labourer, Slieauwhallin
Shimmin, Eleanor, Ballamoar
Shimmin, James E., engine driver, Foxdale
Shimmin, John, miner, Foxdale
Shimmin, Joseph, miner, Lower Foxdale
Shimmin, Richard, miner, East Foxdale
Shimmin, Robert, farmer, Kiondhooag, Foxdale
Shimmin, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballawillan
Shimmin, William, fisherman, Knockaloe-moar
Shimmin, William, labourer, Ballagerman
Skelly, John, miner, Ballahigg
Skelly, Thomas, miner, Ballacarney, Foxdale
Skinner, James, farmer, Shenvalla
Smith, Eleanor, Foxdale
Swan, Emma E., Ash Lodge


Taggart, Caesar, joiner, Foxdale
Tear, Mrs. Ann, Dalby
Teare, Daniel, farmer, Slieauwhallin
Teare, Edward, farmer, Carn-e-grice
Teare, Edward, farmer, Earey-braid
Teare, Edward, farm labourer, Knockaloe-moar
Teare, John, shoemaker, Glenrushen
Teare, Robert, farmer, Ballacosnahan
Teare, Thomas, Ballacaine, Dalby
Teare, Thomas, farmer, Ballacooil, Dalby
Teare, William, labourer, Glenrushen
Teare, William, tailor, Glenmaye
Trace, Thomas, miner, Ballavar
Turner, Hugh, miner, Higher Foxdale


Uren, Charlotte, Foxdale


Vick, Robert, fisherman, Slieauwhallin


Wade, James, miner, Kionslieau
Watterson, Miss Ann, school-mistress, Glenmaye
Watterson, Elizabeth, Balladha, Dalby
Watterson, John, farmer, Ballalahey, Dalby
Watterson, John, Foxdale
Watterson, John, fisherman, Ballacallin, Dalby
Watterson, John, fisherman, Glenmaye
Watterson, John, fisherman, Raggatt
Watterson, Samuel, farmer, Kionslieau
Watterson, Thomas, fisherman, Niarbyl-road, Dalby
Watterson, William, farmer, Ballacarkey
Watterson, William, fisherman, Ballaquane, Dalby
Watterson, William, joiner, Foxdale
Watterson, William, fisherman, Glenmaye
Watts, James, miner, Glenmaye
Watts, James, miner, Lower Foxdale
Whittikar, Jemima, Mineral-terrace, Foxdale
Williams, Captain John, mines, Foxdale
Woodend, Norah, Lower Foxdale
Woolcock, Joanah, Foxdale



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