[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


The parish of Onchan (or Conchan—named from St. Connaghan, the successor in the see of St. Lounan or Lomanus) stretches from Cairn Gerjoil and Port Growdale to the town of Douglas ; and from the river Glas and the East Baldwin Valley to the sea. It is of a very irregular form, and contains about 10 square miles. Its coastline contains the great headland of Banks’ Howe, 393 feet, and the northern half of Douglas Bay. Towards the north-west it is hilly, a ridge of barren hills, the highest point of which is Slieau Ree, 1,036 feet, crossing the country in a SE. direction to Clay Head and Banks’ Howe; but it slopes rapidly towards the south-east to the Central Valley and Douglas Bay. The Growdale river rising on the Skoryn, and the Sulby river (a tributary of the Glas), rising on Slieau Meayl, are its two chief streams. It is an agricultural district, and, with the exception of the hilly region in the N.W. is fertile and well cultivated. Its surface is diversified and pleasing, and, especially in the neighbourhood of Douglas, is thickly studded with country villas. The village of Onchan, which may be regarded as a suburb of Douglas, is its only centre of population. The parish church is St. Peter’s in the village of Onchan. It is a vicarage, and the present incumbent is the Rev. John Howard.


Aicroft, Abram, farmer, Kerroodhoo
Allan, Richard, Alpine Cottages
Ambery, William, 3 Swiss Villa
Appleby, Frederick, hotel-keeper, Village
Archer, James, labourer, Ballanard
Archer, John, sen., labourer, Ballanard
Archer, John, labourer, Ballanard
Archer, William, farmer, Lower Sulby
Arthur, Thomas, Kerroodhoo
Ashbrook, William, farmer, Enjaigin
Ashton, Mrs. E., Half-way House
Atkins, Miss Annbrett, Village
Atkins, George, Village


Bearey, Mrs. Jane, widow, Four-roads
Bell, Mrs. Jane, widow, Village
Bennett, Mrs., Willaston House
Bickley, Wallace, farmer, Cronk-ne-Mona
Black, John, fisherman, Ballakaighan
Black, John, labourer, Slegaby Cottages
Bolton, John J., draper, Village
Bowch, James, 4 Alpine-terrace
Braddock Joseph, 4 Swiss-Villa
Brew, John, gardener, Willaston Cottage
Bush, John A., farmer, Brownswood


Cadman, Walter, farmer, Howstrake
Caine, Charles, labourer, Village
Caine, Elizabeth, farmer, Bay View
Caine, Mrs Elizabeth, farmer, Gob-na-geay
Caine, Hugh, blacksmith, Tromode House
Caine, James, gardener, Strathallan Cottage
Caine, John, gardener, Mount Vernon Lodge
Caine, John Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Caine, Robert, farmer, Ballacain
Caine, Thomas, labourer, Bemahague
Caine, Thomas, labourer, Four-roads
Caine, William, gardener, Ballig
Caine, William, labourer, Ballanard
Caine, William, labourer, Begoade
Callister, William, schoolmaster, Village
Callow, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Hawthorn Villa
Callow, John, labourer, Village
Callow, Philip, joiner, Village
Callow, William, labourer, Ballacain
Callow, William, labourer, Ballagawne
Cannell, John, labourer, Village
Cannell, Thomas, farmer, Ballig
Cannon, Sarah, Village
Cashan, John, labourer, Ballaskelly
Castle, James, farmer, Glencrutchery
Charlton, Andrew, Ballabrooie
Christian, Daniel, farmer, Clypse-moar
Christian, Edward, boot and shoemaker, Village
Christian, Edward, labourer, Bemahague
Christian, James, farmer, Begoade
Clague, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Larkhill
Clague, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Village
Clague, Mrs. Mary, widow, Ballaskelly
Clague, Philip, labourer, Village
Clark, James, printer, Village
Clark, Robert, labourer, Ballaskelly
Cleator, Daniel, farmer, Bemahague
Clucas, Elizabeth, St. Catherine House
Clucas, William, labourer, Village
Collister, Miss Eleanor, Ballakaighen
Collister, John, gardener, Bellvue Cottage
Collister, William, teacher, Rose Bank
Corkhill, James, farmer, Begoade
Corkhill, John, farmer, Village
Corkhill, John, labourer, Glenville
Corkhill, Robert, labourer, Begoade
Corlett, Henry, labourer, Tromode
Corlett, Mrs. Jane, washerwoman, Ballameanagh
Corlett, John, cowkeeper, Ballacreetch
Corlett, Mrs. Mary, widow, Village
Corlett, William, labourer, Village
Corrin, Daniel, farmer, Ballacurry
Corrin, James, baker and flour merchant, Village
Corrin, John, labourer, Cronk-ne-Mona
Corrin, Richard, Ballaskelly
Corrin, William, gardener, Government Lodge
Corrin, William, labourer, Village
Corrooin, Robert, papermaker, Village
Cowin, Eleanor, Village
Cowin, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer, Clypse
Cowin, James, labourer, Ballachrink
Cowin, John, farmer, Glencrutchery
Cowin, John, labourer, Sulby
Cowin, John C., baker, Village
Cowin, Thomas, farmer, Croft, Hillberry
Cowin, William, farmer, Hillberry
Cowley, John, joiner and builder, Village
Cowley, Joseph, blacksmith and lodging-house, Village
Cowley, Richard, Village
Cowley, Robert, labourer, Ballachrink
Cowley, Mrs. Sarah, widow, Ballig
Creer, Mrs. Christian, widow, Village
Creer, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Village
Creer, William, farmer, Ballacashin
Creer, William, farmer, Bibaloe
Crellin, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Village
Crellin, John, gardener, Bemahague
Cretney, John, coachman, Willaston Lodge
Cretney, Joseph, farmer, Ballameanagh
Cubbon, Mrs. Mary, widow, Village
Cubbon, John, labourer, Village
Cubbon, William, labourer, Village
Curphey, James, labourer, Ballig


Davidson, John, labourer, Ballig
Dickinson William F., advocate, Ashfield


Faragher, Thomas, blacksmith, Village
Faragher, Thomas, labourer, Ballachrink
Foster, George, cloth manufacturer
Foster, James, weaver, Kerroodhoo
Foster, Henry, horse dealer, Kerroodhoo
Foulkes, Joseph, farmer, Lower Ballacottier


Garrett, Samuel, labourer, Clypse
Gawne, William, tailor, Village
Gawthorp, Mrs . Catherine, widow, Bibaloe
Gelling, Robert, farmer, Ballig
Gick, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Swiss Villa
Giddings, Gilbert, farmer, Upper Sulby
Gill, Alexander, mason, Village
Gilmour, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballameanagh
Gilmour, William, farmer, Comrenny
Gordon, Edward, labourer, Begoade
Governor, Samuel, gardener, Village


Hamerton, Mrs. Mary E., widow, Glenbower
Harrison, Mrs. Seraphena M., widow, Mount Vernon House
Harwood, John J., The Nook
Henry, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballacreetch
Hepenstal, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Alpine Cottages
Heron, George C., Parkfield
Hill, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house, Sea-view
Howard, John, clerk in holy orders, Vicarage
Howelden, James, labourer, Village
Howlet, James, labourer, Village


Jackson, Mrs., widow, 1 Swiss Villa
Jenkins, William, engineer, 5 Alpine-terrace
Johnson, Robert, labourer, Village
Jones, Gilbert, farmer, Slegaby


Kaighin, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Tromode
Kainball, Catherine, grocer and provision dealer, Village
Karran, John, labourer, Tromode
Keig, William, labourer, Ballameanagh
Kelly, Alfred C., mineral water manager, Highton, Ballanard
Kelly, James, labourer, Slegaby Cottages
Kelly, James, labourer, Village
Kelly, Jane, Village
Kelly, John, labourer, Slegaby Cottages
Kelly, John, labourer, Tromode
Kelly, John, labourer, Village
Kelly, Robert, farmer, Lanjahan
Kelly, Robert, joiner and wheelwright, Village
Kelly, Ross, labourer, Village
Kelly, Ross, jun., labourer, Howstrake
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Ballameanagh
Kelly, William, farmer, Ballachrink
Kelly, William, joiner and builder, Village
Kelly, William, labourer, Village
Kermeen, Mrs. Isabella, grocer, Village
Kermode, John, labourer, Village
Kermode, Robert, farmer, Clypse
Kerruish, Mrs. Ann, widow, Cronk-e-Beary
Kewley, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Highton, Ballanard
Kewley, James, gardener, Village
Kewley, Philip, labourer, Cronk-ne-Mona
Kewley, William, labourer, Ballacashen
Killip, James, joiner, Hillberry House
Killip, Robert, labourer, Ballachrink
Killip, Sarah, Village
Killip, Thomas, labourer, Village
Kissack, Mrs. Dinah, baker and flour dealer, Village
Kissack, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, Village
Kneale, James, labourer, Ballacreetch
Kneale, Mrs. Ann, widow, Village
Kneale, Robert, labourer, Ballakilmartin
Kneale, William, labourer, Ballachrink
Kneen, George, mariner, Ballakermeen
Kneen, James, farmer, Strenaby


Leece, John, blacksmith, Ballacreetch
Lewin, John, gardener, Village
Lewin, Robert, farmer, Ballargey
Lewin, William, grocer and provision dealer, and agent for The isle of Man, Times, Village
Lewin, William, weaver, Bay-View Cottage
Loch, Sir Henry Brougham, K.C.B., Lieutenant-Governor, Government House


Maddrell, Edward, labourer, Cronk-ne-Mona
Magee, James, weaver, Ballacreetch
Manx Arms Inn, Hugh McCarthy, Village
Moore, Arthur, labourer, Howstrake
Moore, Isaac, tailor, Village
Moore, John, farmer, Ballacreetch
Moore, Philip, labourer, Ballacottier
Moore, Samson, labourer, Cronk-ne-Mona
Moore, William, farmer, Ballakilmartin
Moore, William, farm manager, Ballacreetch
Morkham, Alexander, mill manager, Tromode
Morkham, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Village
Moyston, Samuel, labourer, Ballaskelly
Mylchreest, Edward, farmer, Larkhill
McCarthy, Hugh, hotel keeper, Village


Naylor, John, Ballacain
Nicklin, Hannah, Alpine-terrace
Nursery Hotel, Joseph Watkin, proprietor, Village


Oakland, William, Village
Oates, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Hillberry
Oates, James, labourer, Village
Oates, John, farmer, Cronk-e-Beary, Hillberry
O’Hara, Edward, Bellvue Fruit Gardens
Onchan Nursery Pleasure Grounds and Bowling Green, Joseph Watkin, manager
Osborne, George, farmer, Honey Hill


Poland, Mrs. Jane, widow, Wellington Nursery
Proctor, John, weaver, Tromode


Quayle, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Village
Quayle, John, labourer, Ballig
Quayle, William, farmer, Ballaskelly
Quilliam, Ann, Village
Quilliam, John, labourer, Village
Quilliam, Walter, labourer, Ballanard
Quilliam, William, labourer, Village
Quine, Edward, joiner, Village
Quine, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballaskelly
Quine, John, farmer, Arderry
Quine, John, farmer, Ballig
Quine, John, farmer, Comrenny
Quine, John, labourer, Village
Quine, Robert, labourer, Village
Quine, Robert, Ballakaigrau
Quine, Thomas, farmer, Begoade
Quine, Thomas, labourer, Ballanard
Quine, Thomas, labourer, Glenville
Quine, Thomas, labourer, Village
Quirk, Mrs. Isabella, grocer & provision dealer, Village
Quirk, Jane, Ballachrink
Quirk, Robert, farmer, Ballagawne


Race, Patrick, labourer, Village
Radcliffe, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Village
Raily, Torrance, gardener, Village
Redpath, James, farmer, Enemona
Reeves, Mrs. Ann, widow, Village
Robertson, Mrs. Christian, widow, Village
Robinson, Thomas, Ballacurry
Russell, David, manager Industrial Home


Sayle, Thomas, farmer, Tromode
Sayle, Thomas, lodging-house, Ballanard
Scarff, Thomas, labourer, Begoade
Shephard, Thomas, watchmaker, Village
Sherwood, Richard, H.K., advocate, Glencrutchery
Shimmin, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Begoade
Shimmin, John, bank manager, Bridge Mount
Shimmin, John, farmer, Ballacreetch
Shimmin, Robert, labourer, Glencrutchery
Simmons, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Village
Simpson, Charles, Brook Lodge
Skillicorn, James, labourer, Village
Skillicorn, John, labourer, Glenville
Skillicorn, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, Alpine Cottages
Skillicorn, Robert, mason, Village
Stokes, Elizabeth, 6 Alpine-terrace
Stokes, Margaret J., 6 Alpine-terrace
Stokes, Mary Ann, 6 Alpine-terrace
Suregon, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Cronk-ne-Mona
Sutton, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Village


Taggart, John, farmer, Ballanard
Taggart, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Ballacreetch
Teare, Charles, blacksmith, Village
Thompson, William, labourer, Sulby
Todd, Margaret, Strawberry Gardens, Rose Cottage
Todd, Mrs. Sarah, widow, Village
Tromode Cloth Mills, W. F. Moore, proprietor, Ballafletcher-beg
Trow, William, Woodland Tower
Tyson, Thomas, grocer & flour dealer, joiner, wheelwright, & lodging-house, Village


Varly, Robert, coachman, Laureston Lodge
Vick, James, labourer, Ballabrooie


Waid, William, grocer, provision, and wine & spirit merchant, Glendhoo
Walton, William, labourer, Village
Waterson, Alexander, labourer, Slegaby Cottages
Waterson, Francis, gardener, Ballabrooie Cottage
Waterson, John, Upper Tromode
Waterwork Company’s Reservoir, Honey Hill
Watkin, Joseph, hotel keeper, Nursery, Onchan Village
Wellington Corn Mills, Mrs. Jane Poland, The Nursery
White, Mrs. Maria E., widow, Ashley House
Whiteside, Thomas, butcher, Burleigh
Williams, Edward, labourer, Village
Wilson, Thomas, weaver, Ballig
Wilson, William, labourer, Ballakaighan
Woodhead, Mrs. Eliza, widow, Bellvue
Woodhead, George, Seaview
Woods, Richard A., farmer, Glenville


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