[from A Vocabulary of the Anglo-Manx Dialect, 1924]


B. The Rev.
T. E. Brown.
C. Miss
Josephine Kermode (‘ Cushag ‘).


VAGABONE, BAGABONE [], 'vagabond'. And druv them vagabones out of the place (B.).
He's a dirty oul' bagabone with long-fingers that'll pick and pocket wheraver there's a chonce.

VALAERIA [], 'valerian', Valeriana officinalis. The cats is ter'ble touched over the smell o' valaeria.
Valaeria is the English name of ' kere-hallooin' (earth-wax) and ' kerelheeanagh' (meadow-wax) ; it's good mortal boiled with liquorish to soften a hard cough.

VANNIN [], an inflected form of 'Mannin', Mona, Mann, Isle of Man. See Ellan-Vannin.
O Vannin my chree, i. e. O Mona of my heart.

VANTURE, VANTHUR [], 'venture'; risk.
I wouldn vanture to say (B.). Will ye vanthur on the sea in this weather? No, we won't vanthur it.
He's ter'ble vanthursome, he'll vanthur anythin'.

VARGINITY [], vicinity, margin. In the varginity of the shore (B.).

VEEN [] (Mx.), an inflected form of ' meen', dear, gentle.
The chile veen'll be wantin dinner. Afther I lef' the Island I was thinkin
of'n and of'n of ' Mannin veg veen' (dear little Mann). Come here, Woman veen !

VEG [] (Mx.), an inflected form of 'beg', little. Where's Jinny veg gone to?

VEIY, VE'Y [], 'very'.
It's veiy liddle Manx I knaro, but I can pronounsh English well. She's not ve'y well to-day.

VEN [] (Mx.), an inflected form of 'ben', woman, wife. Why-Nessy ven (B.).

VERVINE, VEVINE [], 'vervain', Verbena officinalis.
There's wondherful power in vervine to keep bad spirits away from people and from any base (beast).
She always purra birro vevine in every bundle o' clothes her man was takin to sea.

VERRUM [], 'venom'.
The poultice'll draw all the verrum out.

VIDJAL [], 'individual'.
Every vidjal hipporth was ate up at them.

VIE [] (Mx.), an inflected form of 'mie', good.
Come here, neen vie (good girl) and pick (pluck) these nice lil ' madge mallas' (marsh-mallows).

VIGAERY [], 'vagary'.
The vigaeries o' yandher one, she can't do nothin like other people. She's a reglar figaeree of a thing-full o' notions and capers.

VILET, VOILET [ ], 'violet'. In the following:We're callin them flowers vilets, but the people tha's talkin fine is callin them voilets.
The oul' Manx ones was callin vilets I sumark ghorrym I (blue primrose) and ' bossan feeackle I (tooth plant).

VILLISH [] (Mx.), an inflected form of 'millish', sweet. Come here, my villish.

VUDHY [] (Mx. vuddee), damsel, girl.
Come here, vudhy veg (little girl). It's thee tha's nice, vuddee veg veen
(dear little girl). Drink jough vie (good drink) to his vuddy veg veen.



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