Summary of Wills - Onchan post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 5       CLAGUE       Margaret    cowell       made 20 jan 1795;dau margt quine als clague (w/o john) execx;witt john looney,john lace;
1800   A 6       CORKHILL     Mary                     now of douglas;gdau ann sayle;gson edwd corkhill [?s/o finlo];son finlo corkhill;dau cath quark execx (w/o james)
1800-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Robert                   d 13 aug 1800;sis alice bankes als christian w/o matthias execx ;pledges danl christian + john skillicorn onchan
1800-2 E         KELLY        Thomas                   bach,sailing from liverpool d in a french gaol oct 1794;sibs john kelly + elizabeth stephen als kelly w/o wm;
1801   A 9       CAINE        Edward                   dated 24 apr 1801;sibs philip,isabella, john,robt,mathias,mary;mother Mary;names Elinor Johnson w/o Wm Johnson brewer as exex
1801-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   former onchan d some time ago Bahama;bach;mo alice christian;bro robt;
1802   A 2       QUARK        Elinor                   recites that deed sett dated 21 feb 1795 to dau Mary Clague (lonan, widow) inc concern purchased from Wm Cain(Onchan) on sandside Douglas by which deed Mary was to maintain her but Ellinor left Mary and resided with Daniel Quark (Ballacottier) who was under necessity of maintaining her + burying her - mary agrees to pay and passes over the concerns + goods in settlement by assignment dated 10 Oct 1801 (court Oct 1802);danl appt exor
1802-2 E         LOONEY       Thomas                   d 29 jul 1801;ch thos,robt,ann,mary + jane;all ua mo jane;inv;petn by son thos that  debts outweigh effects and that can he choose other guardians to prevent sale of house in douglas;oct 1803 thomas at la chooses daniel cannel + daniel kelly both douglas
1802-2 E         QUINE        Margaret                 d 30 aug 1802;only ch elizth;petn by husb wm;ua child;wm + john kelly next of kin + uncles + guardian
1803   A 9       LEWN         Edward                   ch edward + thos;wife execx
1803-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 1 Aug 1799;Slegaby;ch Jane Lawson(widow), John (off Island 40sa if he came), Margt(w/o Thos Hampton), Elinor(? dead - notes c/o by Thos Wheellor), Judith, Matthias, Thomas(100 in mortgage on house in Douglas called John Christian's house, + crop etc) exor;Witt Charles Calvin, Wm Looney;noted that dispute between Slegaby + Cleps re seat in chancel of Kk Onchan
1804   A 4       CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   jw Thomas + Elizth Christian als Christian;mutual execs; Ballakilmartin;ch Edward, Daniel, Thomas, Isabel(w/o Robt Corlet); Thomas died
1805   E         BACON        Joseph                   dated 4 may 1804;capt 5th royal garrison battn;boat (wherry) 'free friends';names esther crebbin(for care + attn), john johnson(mariner douglas);fa john joseph;wm chambers(douglas)exor 
1805-1 E         BEATSON      Dorothy                  d 6 nov 1804;husb john admr
1805-1 E         CANNELL      John                     undated;BallaKalley;Thomas Cannell exor;
1805-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Elinor                   dated 26 Feb 1800;jw mark + elinor;dau elinor,grace,ann,elizth;son thos(land ballaquayle bought from wm mr curghy [see SSS May 1788 94])
1805-1 E         DELAPRYME    Francis                  d 30 Jan 1805;petn by wife Esther;will dated 6 Sep 1803;bro Abraham, James(+ ch -Blackburn);niece Elizth(d/o Abraham - unmarried), Mary(d/o Abraham);godson Thomas(s/o friend Thomas Stowell, advocate);names Isaac Glover(Blackburn);wife Hester(d/o Lewis Geneste)(estate of Bally Glonney, Braddan + dwelling house now in occp of John Bell + all those houses etc nr Cattle market called Kelly's Herring house + part rented by John Taylor, Hugh + James Glen and Nicholas Kneale, also estate of Glashin bought from Wm Crellin + dwelling house in Castletown rented to Rev Thomas Castley, also a dwelling house called 
                                                           Redfearn's house nr Ballasalla let to John Callow)exex; - verbal codicil dated 29 Sept that Francis revoked the part relating to property in that she was only to have a lifetime's interest and not to pass onto to her heirs or assigns; - dispute between Abraham + widow of Francis as to authenticity + timing (Francis left Island shortly after 29th and then returned just before death) - court accepts codicil
1806-1 E         BLAKE        Peter                    private marine in Royal Navy d Plymouth hospital abt 29 Mar 1806;ch John, Peter + Jane Blake admrs - ua their gfa Peter Blake sworn
1806-2 E         SKILICORN    Thomas                   d 16 jun 1806;bach;fa thomas
1807-1 E      jw FARGHER      Jane        garrett      dated 12 mar 1807;ch John + Mary;husb gilbert
1807-1 E      w  KEWLEY       Ann         gail         dated 4 jun 1805;son-i-law wm cowin (h/o ann) exor but declines;names peggy cullein + Wm Crow;
1808   A 6       SKILLICORN   Catharine   faragher     dated 8 oct 1807;dau Margt (half dwelling house + garden) exex
1808   A 7       FARGHER      Hesther     cown         d 23 mar 1808 (declrd 19 Mar);ch cath, john; husb james exor;
1808-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 5 Jun 1808;Mariner deceased;sworn by James Crow(sumner) at suit of bro Edward Christian (+ guardian to ua ch Thos + Elizth); decree noted d Jamaica - Edward sworn admr
1809-1 E         CANNELL      David                    dated 30 Jan 1809;wife Alice als Moore (house + garden being part of Ballachroink during life then to son James) exex;ch Charles, James,Margrate, Alice + Thos(if alive);
1809-1 E         CANNON       William                  dated 29 apr 1809;son-i-law robt christian [h/o ann],wm hogg [h/o jane],wm kelly [h/o mary],saml watterson [h/o margt],john cain;son wm cannon;niece ann cowle [d/o patr cowle + eliz cannon];nephew robt watterson;wife alive exex
1809-1 E         CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 10 Oct 1808;ch Ann, John(5 to be paid at end of apprenticeship to purchase tools), Edward(5 at time as he got his trade - his wife to give him a trade);gch (c/o John Lewin) - John, Thomas + Margt Lewin;wife Mary als Karran (use of house in Douglas during her life) exex
1810-2 E         CAINE        Thomas                   petn by Thos cleator + wife judith(sis of Thos caine) - Thomas Caine quitted this isle some years ago, lived in America + now dead (intestate) - court appts Thos + Judith admrs
1811-2 E         CREER        Robert                   ds dated 4 jan 1783 accpt as will;clepth;wife ellinor [?2nd wife elinor kelly als ?];son john;dau mary [?bapt],margt
1812-1 E      w  CORKILL      Richard                  dated 9 sep 1811;ch Jane, Ann, Wm;gch Thos Gelling[?illeg c/o jane corkill], John Lewin [illeg c/o Jno Lewin + Jane Corkill], Wm Moore;wife Ellinor exex;petn states widow Elinor of Douglas
1813-1 E         CAINE        Mary                     ballachroink;ch mathias,mary quay,john,philip,isabella exex;dau-i-law cath caine;gch elizth caine,ann caine,cath caine
1813-2 E         QUINE        Mary        clague       dated 20 Apr 1813;ch Wm, Isabel,Thomas(eldest son);gch Margt_ann Clugas,  Wm Quine, Robt Kelly, Wm Kelly;names Ann Moore als Quine (d/o bro-i-law Patrick Quine);son-i-law Thomas Clugas, Thomas Kelly (h/o Cath) exor;dau-i-law Cath Quine als Corkill, Ann Quine als Maxwell
1816-1 E         THOMPSON     Frederick                [0014d]d coast of Africa - formerly of Onchan but late of the marines;bro Richard + bro-i-law Robt Oates jt admrs;pledges Robt Corlett (Lezayre) + John Oates(Onchan)
1817   A 8       QUINE        Edmond                   dated 7 Mar 1816;ch Elizabeth, Mary, Eleanor(+ twin daus), Catharine, Isabel , Alice(each dau has 8), Edmund(+ dau Margt) exor, Wm;Witt Jon Oates, Thomas Cubbon?;Wm Quine(Lonan) acks Edmund;John Quine(h/o Mary Quine), Robt Hudgeon(h/o Eleanor + also acks for his 2 daus), John Clague(h/o Alice) all ack Edmund, Elizth Caine als Quine(widow) also acks her legacy. Isabella(w/o Wm Lewin Douglas) acks;John Christian also acks 8 [?h/o Cath]
1817-2 E         CREER        Daniel                   d 1 oct 1817;bach;fa john
1817-2 E         KINREAD      Daniel                   dated 6 sep 1817;now port-e-chree;son robt(eldest);dau sally;wife margt exex;ua ch
1818   A 4       CANNELL      Adam                     dated 3 jul 1816;ballashyllee onchan;son thos,philip,john
1818-2 E         OATES        Rosa                     husb Wm ;ch Peggy, Mary,Elinor(youngest dau);unnamed boys 'if they live' to be put to trade
1819   A 6       SKILLICORN   Jane        quark        w/o john;sulby;dau jane,mary,isabella,eleanor
1819   A 7       KNEALE       Elizabeth   quine        husb hugh;son robt kneal;eliz cain partial;y xd thru;
1820-1 E         CHRISTIAN    James                    wife Jane als Oates;ch John, Ann, Isabella, Mathias, Elizth exex;gch Ann;son-i-law John Skillicorn
1820-1 E         WISE         Elizabeth   Kermode      d 19 Feb 1820;husb John admr
1821   A 3       CHRISTIAN    Jane                     dated 18 Dec 1820;husb James Christian;ch Ann, Isabel, Elizth exex, 3 unnamed sons;Witt Thomas Christian, Ann Christian - pledges Thomas Christian(Onchan), Matthew Caine(Douglas)
1822-2 E         LEWIN        Robert                   d beg Jun; bach petn by Wm Casson(Onchan) + wife Margt als Kelly(nearest lawful kindred) - court appts them admrs -pledges Wm Quayle + Wm Corkill (both Maughold)
1824-2 E         CLAGUE       Elizabeth   CUBBON       dated 4 may 1824;dau elizth,ann;fa thos cubbon exor;inv;husb john (stock in trade)
1831-1 E         CAINE        Philip                   d Jan 1831;Ballachrink, Onchan;son William Caine admr;pledges John cain(Onchan), Wm Fayle(Braddan);inv inc sale of house to Robt Kelly 207 9s 8d; half to widow (?decd) as Matts Cain on right of wife Jane is exex;rest equally between Robt Cain (in right wife Mary Ann), Wm Cain (right wife Cath), Matthias Cain(right of wife Jane),John Cain(right wife Cath), Robt Moore(right of wife Ann), William Taggart(right of wife Elizth) + Henry Kneale(right of wife Cath) - final acks dated 1858;
1832   A 8       CROW         Elizabeth                dated 31 jan 1831;sibs wm crow,jane gell, ann crow,eleanor crow,isabella cottier,cath crow (exex);nephew john cottier
1833-1 E         CREER        Elizabeth   KELLY        widow;son john(eldest + heir),robt;dau betty corlet als creer,peggy cowley als creer,mary corkil als creer,jenny kaighin als creer,ann,elinor 
1833-2 E         SKILLICORN   Jane        Christian    dated 11 Apr 1833;Slegaby;ch Margt, Elizth, Christian, Jane, Ann, Elinnor, Thomas, Mary, Isabell + Sarah (10  severally) - daus when reach 21 to get a feather bed;husb John exor - pledges John Christian(Douglas) + John Moore(Onchan - also witness with John Kane); [MI L22 Onchan old yard - Sacred to the memory of  / JOHN SKILLICORN / of Sulby in this Parish / who died Novt 15th 1851 / aged 67 years / also JANE, his beloved wife / who died Octr 9th 1833 / age d 49 years / also WILLIAM, son of the / above JOHN SKILLICORN who died Novr 15th 1853 / aged 12 years.
1834-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Isabella                 dated 20 Nov 1833;widow + relict Daniel Christian, Cleps;ch Daniel(eldest son), Thomas(feather + yearly income for life), Mathias, Ellinor(w/o John Broadfoot), Jane, John, Edward(abroad), Isabella;names Isabella Clague w/o Joseph Clague - ? dau ;gch Daniel(s/o Daniel Christian);names Mathias + John exors
1835-2 E         CANNELL      James                    petn by Edmund Welden? + wife Catharine als Cannell that father died sometime ago;decree Margt Cannell sworn admx - pledges Edmond Wheldon + Jane Cannell;
1835-2 E         CORKILL      John                     dated 15 Feb 1832;[headed abbey land braddan];wife [Margt] exex;
1836-2 E      jw CALLOW       John                     dated 29 oct 1832;john + mary;kk lonan;ch wm,edwd,thomas,james,mathias,ann kelly als callow,jane crellin als callow;then will of john formerly kk lonan now onchan dated 1 nov 1834;son james (liverpool - house in lonan barroole qtrland adj main rd);dau ann kelly,jane crellin;son wm,edwd,matthias,thomas exor;petn by thos that john neglected to prove jw re mary
1836-2 E         CALLOW       Mary                     see john
1838-2 E         CHRISTIAN    James                    dated 26 Apr 1837;Begoad;ch Thomas(heir);son-i-law Charles Kennagh (marriage dowry not yet fully paid - half estate mortgaged to Ann Kelly, widow Baldwin for 265);niece Cath Ann Kennaugh(not yet 14);wife Cath als Moore (half mansion or new dwelling house during life) exex
1839   A 4       GORREY       William                  dated 26 Dec 1835;[noted in decree as Begode]ch John, Charles, Thomas, Ann, Ellen + Jane; wife Isabella exex - pledges Thomas + John Gorry(both Begode Onchan - both mark 'x' but Isabella signs) [bur age 69]
1846   A 5       GORRY        Isabella                 dated 3 Sep 1845;widow;ch John, Charles, Ann(w/o Thomas Christian), Eleanor(w/o Thomas Quine),Jane + Thomas(exor) - pledges Edward Christian(Ballakaighin) + Philip Caine(sumner)

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