Summary of Wills - Onchan 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 80% is summarised[189/214]

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1751-1 E      d  LEWIN        Mary        FARGHER      d Feb 1750/1;husb Wm admr(by consent next reln) [m Onc 17500519 - m/c SSS Oct 1750 45 - ?no ch]
1752-1 A 1       CHRISTIAN    Mary        CORRAN       [undated] ch John, Mary Corkill, Ann, Jony(if she comes to Island), Tho Christian exor;gch Finlo Corkill, James Christian, Elinor Christian; mentions fine + coarse linen in house
1752-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Philip, jun              d 3 Oct 1752;Begoad;wife Cath als Cannan(farm + lands that might be due to him  until son + heir arrive at age); unnamed ch (son + other ch(3 ea) - inv names James(eldest)
1753-2 A 23      KELLY        Patrick                  made 21 mar 1753;ballakeighin;son thos exec
1754-2 A 32      KILLEY       Elizabeth   CROW         d 28 mar 1754;gdau cath lawson;dau-i-law ellinor;son wm;gdau ann lawson;dau cath;gson john;son john;husb wm;1785 wm sayle h/o cath lawson
1755-3 E         CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   unnamed ua ch;wife exex;thos christian + wm quinney uncles by fa side supv;1757: due to heir of cleps 20s on acct of ox  from margt christian als quine for which ann christian als myclxt has given recipt;1779 danl christian,thos cowin h/o alice,thos christian h/o elizth christian + danl cain h/o elinor christian  ack as ch of danl;agreement by guardians
1756-1 A 3       GELL         Isabel      MOORE        [full];son saml,richd;dau margt;,alice (exex)sons-i-law john moore,edwd christian;dau-i-law cath gell;gdau ellinor gell
1756-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    GELLING      d 10 Nov 1755;ch Jane + Elizth - both ua - uncles John, David + Chas Gelling supv;husb This Christian to have tuition
1756-2 E      w  QUAY         Thomas                   d 5 May 1756;ch John(heir), Margt, Ann,Elinor;wife exex
1757-1 E      d  OATES        Jane        CHRISTIAN    d abt xmas 1755;ch Wm,Jane(w/o Henry Allen) + Robt(went abroad + not heard of for some yrs) jt admrs but relinquish to father Capt John Oates;
1757-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Philip                   begoad;son john;wife judy als corran;dau ellinor,dorrady,mary,ann
1758-1 E      d  CAINE        Hannah      CHRISTIAN    d 2 nov;5ch Dorothy, Mary & John, Thos & Cath (ua) ;1770 john killey h/o dau margt,thos cowin h/o dorothy
1758-2 A 36      FAYLE        Jane        CUBBON       badly damaged
1758-2 E      d  LEWN         Joney       KELLY        d 13 feb 1758;no relns ;husb robt;pledges john looney onc + robt looney douglas;inv
1758-3 E      d  MOORE        John                     mariner s/o thos;d hm hospital spithead christmas 1757;sibs whole blood wm,edwd,ellinr,jane + hannah;decd mo mary;5sibs half blood alice margt ,mary,math & phil ua 
1759-2 A 38      LEWIN        Jane        CHRISTIAN    dated 3 Apr 1759;ch Thomas(+ his ch Jane, Thomas), Margt Kewley, Robt Lewin exor;gch unnamed dau of John Kewley, Mary Calvin, Robt(heir of estate)
1759-3 E      w  COWIN        Joney       BODAUGH      d 14 aug 1759;son thos christian;daus ann + margt;son wm christian (by a former usb);husb thomas;witt margt fayle als martin,anne lewin als christian
1759-3 E      w  GARRET       Margaret    COTTIER      son danl;neice margt garrett;husb john
1759-3 E      w  QUARK        Catherine   COTTIER      d 25 aug 1759;ballacottier;son james (youngest),danl (eldest) exec
1760-1 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d 30 jul 1759;ch john,thos,elinor + jane;robt kelly h/o jane;thos quine h/o ellinor
1760-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ellinor     COWLEY       d 23 dec 1759;only dau alice(w/o Matth Banks);son robt had dowry;
1760-2 E      w  CAINE        Hugh                     d 31 mar 1760;ch alice,ann,john,patk,danl,hugh + margt jt execs;wife alive;gson danl cain
1760-2 E      d  QUINE        John                     d 5 Feb 1760;ch John, Cath, Mary, Isabel, Jane, Wm - jt execs - last 3 ua (John sworn supv)
1760-3 E      w  CANNON       John                     dated 10 Jan [1760? but reads 1706?];ch AliceJames;gch John Cannon, John Corkill;wife Elinor exex - overleaf dated 3 Nov 1760 - Elinor als Cannell 'being old + not able to travel' passes exec to son James 
1761-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    CALLOW       [Full];d 15 mar 1761;8ch Jane, Thomas, Margaret, John, Ellinor, Joney, William, & Matthias Christian, most ua uncles Thomas Fargher & Thomas McYlworrey + gfa wm callow supv;husb thomas;1775 ellinor now ellinor wheeler,thomas hampton h/o margt acks from fa-i-law thos christian of shlagaby;
1761-3 E      d  COTTIMAN     John                     d sometime ago on coast of africa on board the Recovery of Liverpool;sis isabel + joney;
1761-3 E      w  QUINE        Patrick                  made 23 feb 1760;going to some part of africa;names john cain (2 boats);fa john;bro thomas
1762-1 A 2       LOONEY       Joney       CORJEAG      d 27 Jan 1761/2;ch John(her best clothes), Christopher (exor);witt Robert Lewne x, John Cannell x; note in defuncts in epis wills noted as born 10 Nov 1662 and would have been 100 if lived til Nov
1763-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Joney       CORRAN       d beg dec 1762;begode;ch dorothy(w/o Ro Christian),mary(w/o John Cain),ellinr,Ann(w/o Edwd Kissag),john - agreement by ch
1762-2 E      d  COWIN        Daniel                   d 6 may; ch thos eliz (w/o edmund christian) mary (rcvd dowry by contract w/o wm christian)
1763-2 E      d  QUAY         John                     d may 1760 coast of guinea;sibs margt,ann,ellinr;mo elizth
1764-1 A 1       COTTIER      Robert                   d 25 jan 1764;step dau ann quayle;son robt ua (bro wm guardian)(by prev wife);dau joney;wife exex
1764-3 E      d  LOONEY       Margaret    CORRIN       d 8 may 1764;ch john(abroad),wm ,gilbt;husb john
1765-2 A 47      FAYLE        Richard                  made 6 feb 1765;ballacain;gdau mary christian;dau ann fayle (execx)
1765-2 A 48      CHRISTIAN    Philip                   dated 11 oct 1765;dau alice(eldest),ann(youngest co-exex with wife);son john;wife margad als farragher;witt cath kelly als karran,cath cotteman;pledges thos christian slegaby,robt lewn balliargy braddan
1765-2 E      d  LEWN         Robert                   3 ch thos stephan john - wm eldest already had marr contract;
1765-3 E      w  KELLY        Ann         COSTEAN      3 sons wm john thos kelley;husb gilbt
1766-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   bemaghig ;son philip edward matthias;servant maid cath killey bro hugh cannell late dec & supv of her orphan child her husb chas gelling;wiit robert & wm christian;
1766-2 E      w  LEWN         Robert                   d 28 May 1766;miller;names Wm Quine + his[?Robts as Wm Quine m Isabel Lewin Onc 17660121] dau isabel(the house yet uncovered in Douglas);son robt (loom);s-i-l patrick paterson(h/o Jane);wife Ellr exex [Ellr noted as late decd in 1767]
1766-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Philip                   d 16 aug 1766;bach;sibs edwd + matthw
1767-1 A 4       LOONEY       Margaret    christian    dated 1? mar 1754;dau cath,mary;mo-i-law alive;husb john exor;1785 james crow h/o margt
1767-2 E      w  LEWN         Ellinor     OATES        d 9 may 1767;dau isable;sons stephen,robt (loom),dau ellinor,jane;gdau ellinr lewn;dau isabel exec w/o wm quine;wm killey h/o ellnr lewn
1768-1 A 4       CHRISTIAN    Mary        QUINE        [undated]widow;ch Thos, Cath Cowle als Christian (w/o John Cowle), Joney Cottier als Christian, Wm(mariner 3 if he comes), John + Mary Creer als Christian(w/o Robt Creer) jt execs;gch Mary Creer, Margt Creer, Thos Cowle, John Creer;, Edwd Christiannames Margt Quayle;
1768-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   Elizabeth   CRY          d 22 oct 1767;gdau susannah waterson (lived with her some yrs + will of her fa edw waterson ballnchow ?);only dau eliz waterson als skillicorn ballnchow execx;;only john john
1768-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Grissall    ROSS         petn by husb thos quayle that mrs ann harpur (w/o james carpenter) of c'town proposes to quit island for Liverpool; will - sis mary fielding's dau;sis jane quinlin (+ch) w/o james dublin;serv margt moore (her fa schoolmaster in c'town still owed money 26);bro james ross
1769-2 A 28      KEWLEY       Isabel      clague       [#3 xd thru]dated 3 Nov 1768;late of Kerroodoo;dau Alice exex;witt John Faile, Margt Faile;pledges John Fail + James Christian (both Onchan)
1769-2 A 29      OATES        John,snr                 [#4 xd thru]dated 28 feb 1763;bibaloe;ch wm,cath,jane,john (exor)[full]
1769-2 A 30      LOONEY       John                     dated 30 jan 1769;son wm,john + gilbt; jt exors;names john loony his bro' son;
1770-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 26 aug 1765;son of danl christian cleppes; died abroad on ship eccho of liverpool;sis cath cowil,sis mary creer [?w/o robt creer fam 30332] ,sis judy cotier [?fam 27284];bros thomas + john execs;mo alive in will;
1770-2 A 31      CAIN         Thomas                   d 12 mar 1770;ballecronck;dau dorothy,margt,cath;son thos (if he comes for it),john (exec)
1770-2 E      d  LEWN         Robert                   d 9 apr 1770;ballacreetch;dau mary w/o robt colvin;inv
1770-3 E      w  CANNELL      Elizabeth   KEWN         d 2 jul 1770;husb's gch elizth creatney;husb john
1771-2 A 27      CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   ballakilmartin;dau isabel cain;son edmund;sis dorothy christian (edmond to maintain her)
1771-2 A 28      LOONEY       Christopher              d 2 mar 1771;son robt;son-i-l wm brew;wife alive
1771-3 E      w  HYDE         Mary                     d 14 aug 1771;only son thos;husb alive
1772-2 A 41   dg CLAGUE       Isabel      kneal        dated 21 jan 1776;widow;to dau isable knight
1772-2 E      d  CANNELL      Margaret    -            petn by thos cannell taylor late douglas now rushen;parents john + margt(longest liver) - articles of marriage 9 feb 1754 re thos cannel + wife joney als creetch(with counsel of her bro-i-law john quine);names  robert kellwy(h/o sis jane)+ sis elinor who took advantage;son john;inv
1773-1 A 1       TAGGART      Henry                    dated 25 nov 1772;bro robt,james,wm,john;;un-named sis;owners of flax-mill at baldwin owed him 11 days wages;parents john + alice execs
1773-1 A 2       CAIN         William                  d 17 dec 1772;dau mary;son john,wm (intack y slew meale);gson john cain;dau isabel exex w/o james fargher who resigns it to wm's widow;wife anne
1773-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Joney       COWLEY       d 23 sep 1773;dau jane;names stephen lewin;her un-named ch;husb wm
1773-2 A 28      CORKIL       Finlo                    made candlemas 1772;wife alive;sons finlo (eldest),james;dau cath,isabel ,ann elinor + mary;
1773-3 E      w  CREER        Mary        CHRISTIAN    clepp;dau mary,margt;son john;husb robert;son robt,thomas;thos + john christian uncles;john clucas shoemaker h/o mary;1785 edward christian h/o margt
1774-1 A 4       McDONALD     Judith      QUAYLE       douglas;husb stephen exec;bros thos (+wife alis) ,john + wm (dau ann);stephen didn't find pledges + threatened with prison - john lewney douglas tailor + thos collins mariner
1774-1 A 5       CHRISTIAN    Edmond                   bro thos,james,edward,danl;names edmond christian lez,thos killey;parents alive
1774-2 A 59      BANKS        Isabel                   made 3 may;gson james backs;2 daus joan + ann execx;wm corran h/o jane thos cowin h/o anne;
1774-2 A 60      SKILLICORN   James                    d 18 feb 1774;wife briggit execx
1774-2 A 61      McCULLOK     Penelope                 w/o ebenezer exec;one witt chas searle dead, other john peebles beyond seas;capt john younger + nichs christian both of douglas testify re chas searle late atty gnl;ch ua not named
1774-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     made 10 aug 1774;beogoad;dau margt,elinor (both under 20);son john;wife exex;ch ua uncles robt christian,john caine;1790 edwd oates h/o margt acks from philip cain s/o john cain decd guardian
1774-3 E         COWIN        Paul                     d 12 jul 1774;mo chrisian cowle exex
1774-3 E      w  MOORE        Thomas                   jt will thomas + wife margt skillicorn;ballacrink;petn by thomas cain,robt cain + philip cain that widow margt has not produced will
1774-3 E      d  MOORE        William                  d 12 oct 1763 (bur 12 oct 1763 onchan ballacrink) but no decree made;had right to goods death of mo (ep lib 1 1746) s/o thos + mary moore als cottiman;sibs whole blood edwd,elinor,jane + hannah(w/o philip cannel);edwd abroad,thos caine h/o ellinr,robt caine h/o jane + philip cannel sworn;margt moore als skillicorn (2nd wife) widow of thos moore;
1774-3 E      d  SKILLICORN   Margaret                 d 7 jun 1774;ch john + margt (ua) uncles (mo side) Wm corlett,wm + john christian;;husb john
1775-1 A 3       MOORE        William                  d 20 dec 1774;douglas;ch wm, isabel + margt all abroad;wife alive;apointsphilip moore + wm corkill as trustees
1775-1 A 4       CANNEL       John                     ballaskeilley;son danl,thos;dau margt corkhill;gson john corkill;son patk exec
1775-2 A 38      KILLEY       William                  d 14 apr;son john (eldest),ch eliz,wm,george + ellinor;wife ellinor
1775-2 E      d  CANNON       Mary                     d 24 may 1776;spinster;no relns;prin creditor john cannel who states Mary a dumb woman + quite friendless - he had her in family these 15yrs, supplied meat drink clothing etc + took care of her for month's sickness before death;
1776-1 A 5       CAIN         John                     d 16 jan 1776;ch cath,elizth,jane,ellinor,ann, margt + mary;wife elizth;robt cannon h/o cath;thos kelly h/o jane;patrick quine h/o dau elizth
1776-1 A 6       CROW         Ewan                     made 16 jan 1776;son mathias;ch isabel,ewan,thos + jane;wife mary;daniel creetch h/o dau mary ?
1776-1 A 7    jw COTTIMAN     William                  wm + ann als knail;gdau isabella knail;friend + reln john cottiman maughold;daus judy + isabella cottiman;wm kneale h/o judy;
1776-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ellinor     lewn         d 29 Dec 1775;widow (of John Christian Beogoath - will bk 3 1774)ch John, Margt + Ellinor jt admrs - all ua - uncles(mo's side) Robt Lewn, Wm Lewn, Ednd Quine(h/o Elizth Lewn) + Ewan Lewn supv;uncle + aunt (fa's side) John Cain(h/o Mary Christian) + Ellinor Christian(spinster) also sworn supv;petn sates d night 27/28 Dec also names Jon Oates(h/o Margt Lewn) + Robt Christian(h/o Dority Christian)
1776-2 A 48      LOONEY       Bahee [Bridet] boide        d Feb 1776;sons Robt, Wm (exec)
1776-2 A 49      BANKS        Robert                   Balnyhow, Onchan,: son James, Dau Isab, son Wm, wife Isabel;[full]
1777-1 A 1       STOWELL      John                     d 26 nov 1776;bro philip killey;bro-in-law paul knight;wife isable als knight
1777-1 A 2       CAIN         Margaret    howland      d 22 jan 1777;dau alice,margt,anne;son patrick,john;gson john christian;gdau isable cain s/o john;son hugh exec;thos kewin h/o margt,john christian h/o alice
1777-2 A 4       CANNAN       Thomas                   son wm,charles (abroad);gson thos cain;son robt (a beehive),wife alive (the flax);daus ann + eliz
1777-2 A 5       OATES        Margaret    COWLEY       son Jn, dau Jane, dau in law Mary Oates; husb Jn still alive [full]
1777-2 A 7    jw TAGGART      Elizabeth   christian als kneale  christr taggart + wife eliz;ballvinch;son danl christian of douglas re meat + drink dated apr 1769nchristr dead by 1777;
1777-2 E      w  BANCKS       Alice                    made 25 may 1777;balnyhow;sis jane corran als bancks,ann cowin als bancks;names wm bancks;sis-i-law isabel bancks execx
1777-2 E      w  CANNELL      John                     d 26 may 1777;beabealoa ?;son john(eldest),edwd,wm (not at age);daus rose + mary;wife rose pregnant execx;uncles robt kelly + thos quine on fa's side;inv; 
1777-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth                d 15 jan 1777;ch james,edwd + danl; (only edwd on island);husb edmd;inv  
1777-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Dorothy                  d 12 feb 1777;ch wm cooilleish + daniel kewley;
1777-2 E      w  LEWN         John                     d 16 may 1777;mo isabel execx
1777-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    James                    d oct 1777;bermaighage;fa alive;bro edwd;sis cath,eunice exexs
1777-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 d 30 may 1777;husb edward beemaghag;ch edward,john,cath,alice,margt (w/o robt thiels ?)+ eunice
1777-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Elizabeth                dau-i-law isabl corris;gdau hannah gaskill;dau christiam gaskill;son wm corris exor
1777-3 E      w  QUINE        Margaret    CREER        made 28 apr 1777;son john,patrick;dau eliz;husb thomas
1778-1 A 4    jw COTTIMAN     Ann         knail ?      william + ann;gdau isabella knail;friend + reln john cottiman (maughold);dau isabella;wm kneal h/o judy cottiman 
1778-1 A 5       CHRISTIAN    Edward                   made 2 jan 1778;boomaughaig;ch edwd john alice + margt,cath + eunice
1778-1 E      d  CAINE        Ellinor                  mo eliz kissack;sis cath,elizth jane ann margt + mary; john kissack husb of mo eliz;robt cannon h/o cath,thos kelly h/o jane
1778-2 E      jw TAGGART      John                     dated 12 aug 1775;john + alice als fayle;son john,wm,robt,james;dau alice;
1779-1 A 3       CANNON       Robert                   d 3 jan 1779;dau elizabeth;wife cath als cain;thos,john + wm cannon uncles supv of ua child;
1780   A 4       KENNAUGH     edward                   douglas,mariner;unnamed sibs;wife elinor als mylechreest;made 3 may 1773;
1780   A 5       LEWIN        Margaret    killip       w/o jno (house in douglas);son robt,wm,john (if he come);dau eliz;,mary  (w/o john oates) + margt(w/o ewan lewin);gdau ann lewin;edmond quine h/o elizth
1780   A 6       BANKES       Isabel                   bal ny how;dau isable white als banks;son james,robt + thos (last 2 off island) ,wm exec;godson robt banks
1780   A 7       LEWIN        Mary                     ballacreetch;made 28 jan 1780;gdau isabel calin,cath calvin;dau-i-law christian lewin;son-i-law robt calvin
1780-2 E381   w  CANNELL      Margaret    crow         made 24 jun 1780;dau ann;husb james exec;witt robt lewin,mary crow
1780-2 E383   w  KARRAN       Phillip                  uttered 18 jan 1780;son john,thos;dau elizth;wife alive
1781   A 3       QUINE        Margaret    christian    dau cath ;gson james crow,gdau cath crow;dau mary quine;
1781   A 4       CROW         James                    sumner;son james,dau jane cath elizbth,ann;wife cath
1781-1 E      d  CANNELL      Mary                     d 31 may 1781;only ch margt cannell admx;husb john
1781-1 E     jw  COWIN        Thomas                   jw made 28 may 1781;thos + ann;lanjahan;son thos;dau elizth,other ch robt ann mary;gson thos cowin ...
1781-1 E      d  FARGHAR      Edward                   d 18 nov 1780;ch james,robt,ann,elizth all at age;pledges daniel + edward christian both onchan
1781-1 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   mariner d on board 'Bella' captain wm currie by advice from jamaica;ch william,robt,ann + cath all ua widow cath kelly;pledges daniel callow kk maughold,john caine malew;henry,wm,thos kelly + thomas grimshaw h/o elinor kelly uncles + aunt guardians + suprv;inv;petn by cath widow
1782   A 3       FAYLE        Margaret    mastyn ?     dau mary;husb james;gson james fayle;son wm;
1782   A 4       QUICKEN      Adam                     douglas,labourer;son john,thos,robt,wm;dau margt;wife margt;
1782-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 2 dec 1779;son-i-law wm cain (h/o alice) exor
1782-2 E      d  CROW         William                  widower;lately hm ship terrible died sick quarters new york;mo cath widow;letter from john brew with news d end sept - send directed to terrible at barbadoes; prizemoney
1782-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Judith                   made 14 oct 1782;3ch john,danl + judith;son edward,philip exec;dau margt w/o james taggart
1783   A 2       CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 6 dec 1782;shoemaker douglas;dau cath,son edward,john,dau eliz ,mary wife elin ? christian als christian
1783   A 3       CAIN         Margaret                 dated 1 mar 1783;names margt lewn,eleanor lewn;sibs john,james + isabel cain;
1783-1 E      d  CRAINE       Ann         QUIRK        d 22 apr;7 ch john,wm,robt.paul,cath,margt + alice;husb john
1783-2 E      w  CAIN         Daniel                   dated 11 june 1783;dau margt;gson dan;son thos,jno;niece mary cain;wife isabel als christian exex
1783-2 E      w  GARRETT      Isabel      CREER        dated 9 dec 1777;son wm,robt exor;son-i-law patt corkill;dau jane corkill,anne cottier;husb philip;
1783-2 E      w  QUAY         Elizabeth   QUIRK        made 21 jun 1783;gch john ,thomas,elizth kelley;dau margt kelley als quay,elinor jt exexs;adam cannel ? (?carnel)h/o ann,wm quay h/oelinor
1784   A 17      GELLING      John                     d 10 jan 1784;of douglas;son robt;wife unnmd alive;
1784   A 18      KELLY        John                     d 3 apr 1784;of douglas;sons john,thos;dau cath,mary;wife unnmd but dead by 9 jun 1784
1784   A 19      KELLY        Christian                d 11 apr 1784 (widow of john d 3 apr)pledges matthias kelly weaver, robt kewley joiner both of douglas
1784-1 E      d  CASHIN       Margaret    moore        d apr 1784;widow;only ch elinor (w/o wm corrin)
1784-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Edmund                   dated 29 may 1783;son james,daniel (2s 6d ea if they come),edwd exor;aunt dolly christian
1784-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mary        harrison     d 1? may 1784;dau anne;bro edwd christian(dau mary ?marg) exor;
1784-1 E 1069 w  LEWIN        William                  son robt;dau margt;bro stephen;wife (inc close michael kk ger)
1784-2 E      w  Faragher     Jane        Quine        declrd 12 mar 1784;son robt,james;dau ann cowle,elizth faragher exex(w/o john garret);gdau jane cowle,margt faragher;
1784-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Stephen                  d 23 May 1784;ch Wm, Philip,edward(off Island 5s if he came),cath, jane;wife cath exex;pledges Robt Kelly, Wm Karran
1785   A 3       LoWNEY       John                     d 4 feb 1785;douglas;wife mary
1785   A 4       QUINE        Patrick                  d 12 jan 1784;2 dau eleanor + margt;son robt
1786   A 5       FAYLE        William                  ballacain;eldest son james;4 ch  wm eliz robt + charles;wife alive
1786-1 E      d  CASHIN       John                     departed isle about 40 yrs ago;only sis margret cashin als gawne w/o henry gawne;
1786-1 E      w  GARRETT      Christian                d 7 june 1785;husb daniel
1786-1 E      d  QUILLEISH    Joney                    d 22 dec;2 sons daniel + wm cooilleash;husb wm;pledges george oates,john cross
1786-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Robert                   son john;wife margt als cowel;;sons wm paul robt;dau margt;gch john,robt + margt clague;gdau margt quine (d/o jno quine);gdau isabella d/o robt quine;
1786-2 E      w  MYLCHREEST   Mary        gelling      sons john,thos + danl;gson matthias christian;husb danl;dau mat execx
1787   A 5       CREECH       Mary        LEWIN        made 17 jan 1786;son thos;dau ann Karran,Mary (execx);gdau Mary creech;names joney karran
1787   A 6    w  COWIN        Catherine   Cannan       ch John, Philip, Elinor (only dau); unnamed husb exor;names Philip Christian + wife, Elizth Christian, Ann Christian, Robt Quine + wifewitt John Christian, Elinor Quine als Christian x
1787   A 7       FAYLE        James                    dated 24 Jan 1787;ch Mary;gdau Elizth Fayle;dau-i-law Ann Fayle exex
1787   A 10      QUINE        Mary                     dated 6 Mar 1787;names Cath Crow (w/o John Lace), Mary Crow(w/o James Crow), Elizabeth Crow(w/o Wm Cowen), Jane Crow(w/p gilbert Cowley), Ann Crow(w/o Thomas Skillicorn), Isabele Crow, James Crow(sheep between him + Robt Quine) exor;sister Cath Crow;
1787-1 E      d  CANNEL       Ann         QUAY         d 5 nov 1786;ch thos,john,danl + philip;husb adam;
1787-1 E      w  QUARK        Daniel                   made 26 feb 1787;gson thos brew;dau elinor, mary;son danl,james,robt (if he came);gson danl quark;wife elinor exex
1788-1 E      w  OATES        William                  bibaloe;nephew richard symons;sis cath allen (+ her ch)sis jane quayle, robert symons son;henry,jane + cath c/o cath allen ack
1789   A 3       CRow         Catherine   quine        made 3 mar 1788;dau ann w/o thos skillicorn;gdau ellinor skillicorn;dau jane,cath,elizth;son james;dau isabel
1789   A 4       CANNaN       Ellinor     kewin        made 25 sep 1788;son john;gdau ellinor cannan;husb james exec
1789-1 E209   d  FARGHER      Isabel      CAIN         d 19 dec 1788;7 ch james,edw,jane,elizth,isabel,margt + ann;husb james;
1789-2 E      w  CAINE        John                     d 10 oct 1789;ballachrink;wife mary;son philip,john,mathias (2 youngest to be sent to a trade);dau mary,isabel
1790   A 5    w  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   [Full] Beemaghag
1790-2 E      d  LEWIN        Margaret                 d 6 aug 1790;widow;ch robt + margt
1791-1 E      w  LEWIN        William                  dated 24 sep 1790;step-son wm kennaugh;son robt,thomas;dau elinor,margt;wife cath als kennaugh als christian exex
1792   A 3       STEPHEN      Margaret                 widow;douglas;son john, wm;dau cath (execx - land in douglas);wm acks from Liverpool;husb was thomas;
1792-1 E      w  CANNAL       Anne        KINREAD      d 12 may 1792;son John Killey,thos Killey,husband's son Philip Cannal;sis ellenor Kewley;husb Adam
1793   A 7       KEWLEY       Catherine                dated 16 jan 1793;son edwd(if he come),wm(if he come),philip;dau cath,jane exex(w/o robt lewin)
1794   A 8       LEWIN        Robert                   bur 14 oct 1793;dau ann,margt,elizth,esther;son john (herring nets),philip,edward,thomas ,wm;wife alive execx
1794   A 9       CAIN         Daniel                   made 17 dec 1793;eldest son danl;5 ch john,thos,wm,isabel + elinr;wife elinr als christian execx
1794   A 10      CAIN [kane]  Thomas                   douglas;niece eleanor kane;sister clague's daughters;names ann callister;bro john kane
1794   A 11      McYLCHREEST  Daniel                   made 31 jan 1793;douglas;son john (mcdaniels croft),james,danl;gdau lucy mylechreest;dau mary execx
1794   A 12      KARRAN       Philip                   made 18 jan 1792;wife ann als creer;dau mary christian,margt karran,judith,ann morrison;son christopher
1794-1 E      d  KELLY        Margaret    lewin        d 24 oct 1793;only ch margt kelly admx ua;husb wm kelly;inv
1794-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   Elizabeth   CORRAN       d 12 jun 1794;son john (elder),wm;dau margt,elizbth;husb John;pledges wm corran fa-in-law + matthias corran bro-in-law + uncle john skillicorn suprv
1794-2 E      d  KELLY        Margaret    CREER        d 20 aug 1794;douglas;ch charles + eliz w/o john clague
1794-2 E      d  QUARK        Ann         quine        d beg nov 1794;w/o daniel sumner;4 ch daniel,edwrd,elinor + eliz;pledges edmd + wm quine onchan;uncles edmd quine + hugh kneale
1795   A 9       CAIN         Isabel                   dated 11 jan 1794;widow;gson danl caine;gch isabel,john,elenr,thos + wm caine;niece mary cowley;dau in law elinor caine als christian widow;gsons john + robt clage;son thos,danl(late decd);dau margt clague(w/o john);only son [tlost in binding]exor;note son thos late decd codicil
1795   A 10      KNEALE       Elizabeth   curghey als oates declrd ash weds 1795;son robt curghy;dau jane(w/o robt fargher ;husb exor
1795   A 11      CREER        Robert                   made 4 apr 1795;boat builder douglas;fa robert;bro thos,sis mary w/o john clucas,margt w/o edward christian;
1795-1 E      jd McCULLOK     Catherine                see ebenezeer
1795-1 E      jd McCULLOK     Ebenezer                 petn by creditor dr patrick scott;inv inc 172 books
1795-2 E      d  kneen        Mary        COLVIN       d apr;ch jane,esther + robert ua + tender yrs;husb patrick
1796   A 12      CHRISTIAN    Catherine   garrett      dated 6 apr [1796];dau;4 sons (inc mathias + john);husb mathias exec;1 ch ua
1796-1 E      d  ARCHER       Jane        [?fargher]   d 13 dec;wife jane;3 ch  [?jane fargher w/o Robert Archer bur onc 17910517]
1796-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Elinor                   spinster;left  half a guinea to methodist preaching house;names mary cain als christian widow
1797   A 8       KELLY        Alice       craine       dau eliz;husb wm exec
1797   A 9    jw LEWIN        Ann         christian    stephen + ann als christian;son edward (loom he now weaves),stephen + robt,daus elinor,an + jane
1797-2 E      w  COWIN        Ann         BANKS        husb ? thos;dau isable christian,elizth banks,ann clark,mary kelly;only son robt
1798   A 3       SKILLICORN   John                     sulby ? onchan;wife eleanor (house douglas adj street south,henry moore west,widow lewn north + east; + sand side john anthony's house);dau eliz w/o edwd charles;gdau
1798   A 4       SHIMMIN      Hesther                  dated 23 nov 1797;glencruttery;dau isabel(eldest),jane,eleanor;son john,thomas;husb exor
1798   A 5       KNEALE       William                  made 5 feb 1797;dau esther+jane exexs;witt wm mcnymeer;uncles wm llord (fa side) + thos quine(mo side) supv;petn by thomas quine that sis margt kneal + her husb wm now decd with 2 orphans incapable;uncle wm the lord ? kk lezayre proposed an aunction but money not recovered
1798   A 6       QUAYLE       Thomas                   [full]
1798   A 11      KELLY        Gilbert                  dated 9 feb 1798;dau cath;names george fean;son wm,john,thos;wife margt als quine + son james jt exors
1798-1 E      jd COWIN        Elizabeth                ch john,james,wm,jane + ann;uncles james crew,john lace,john kelly,thos skillicorn,john mrrison + john creech;1811 wm cowin chooses john taggard + wm fayle
1798-1 E      jd COWIN        William                  see eliz
1798-2 E654   w  crenil       margaret                 made 18 may 1798;widow;ch philip (now off isle) ,john + cath cottier als crenil (houses in onchan + sandside douglas);philip cottier h/o cath;
1799   A 4       cowin        thos                     made 6 oct 1799;dau elinor,isable;son james;wife  alive + other unnamed ch
1799   A 5                                             number not used
1799   A 6       TAGGART      Mary                     made 17 dec 1798;[paragph xd thru - dau elinor]son wm,john,robt,;husb thos exec;john + elinor taggart ack from bro wm;
1799   A 7       CHRISTIAN    Edward                   dau ann (not 21)son edwd;wife ann als nelson

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