Index to Episcopal Wills

A small team of volunteers led by the late Leslie Quilliam produced over the decade or so from 1990 an index to the wills contained in the two Manx Museum microfilm series EW and GL covering wills from 1605 to 1800 that were dealt with by the Episcopal Court.

The index in the Museum is a paper copy arranged in two thick ring binders, each film indexed by frame number which makes searching for a specific name very tedious - though these indices were computer produced (on a BBC micro I think) the original data source appears to have been lost - I have OCR'd the paper copies and rearranged them in name order - some small changes were made and a few corrections noted - see elsewhere for format etc. There would appear to be possible confusion with LDS film numbers as there appears to be only 15 Manx Museum films upto 1660 whereas the LDS films call for 16 (missing is LDS 991445 which covers 1645-1647 and may duplicate those found on adjacent films -also the year breaks do not appear to match tho there seems to be a mismatch between the years marked on the film boxes and those given in the index sheets (on those checked the index sheets appear to be incorrect - possibly they looked at dates on the wills rather than court dates) - the following table is a guide only - it is possible that the LDS films have been rearranged post Manx Museum copies - I only have access to Manx Museum copies. Note that there are two different films of some of the later years

A solitary Archideaconal film - RB516 - was also indexed


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