Summary of Wills - Bride post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 64      CHRISTIAN    John                     ballacallow;bro wm;bro's son-i-law john crow airy;sis judy,bahee christian;names danl christian ballabeg,john christian ballafail,john christian ballaquark + wm christian ballabeg;sis mary christian ballaquark;ch of dorothy christian ballafail;gnephew john christian s/o widow christian;4 ch of margt christian widow ballavarkys;philip,sal[] + charlotte christian of ballaquark + several other amounts held in mortgage
1800-2 E         CROW         Ewan                     delivered 19 Aug 1800;names Cath Crow (that lives with him), Mary Christian(who lives with me + takes care of me) exex;
1801   A 52b     CAISTILL     Samuel                   [note duplicated #]made 19 jan 1796;ch isable cowle,esther(w/o hugh black) exex;
1803   E         BLACK        Esther                   d sept;fa hugh confined to bed for a long time past appnts wife esther as admx
1803-1 E         RADCLIFFE    William                  dated 23 apr 1803;sibs John,Thomas eleanor; names others
1804   A 60      HOWLAND      Thomas                   dau jane, ellin(w/o john garrett), ann;son john;daus jt exexs
1805   A 67      CALLOW       Mary        camaish      declrd 16 oct 180[4];husb dan;son john;dau margt radcliff,mary exex
1806-2 E         KELLY        William, se              declared 14 Dec 1804;ch Wm, John, Daniel, Ann, Jane exor; Wm Kelly(Bride) acks Jane
1807-1 E         GARRETT      John                     made 16 jun 1807;Ballnaghennee;dau mary (legacy from her mo ),ann martin als garrett ;sons john + thos;2 youngest ch thos,cath + elinor;wife elinor als howland (ch not at age)
1808   A 13 d    JOUGHIN      Mark                     d 30 jan 1808;knock bane;ch danl,wm,charles,mark,ann(w/o john nameer),margt;wife esther (decd)
1808-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d may 1808;ch charles, patrick,margt, jane + cath;pledges wm christian jnr ballayonnag + thos radcliffe (kk bride)
1808-1 E         CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 18 Jul 1808;Ballaquark;ch John (half parcel of land purchased from Wm Corlett(Ramsey) + wife Jane known as Mick Curghey's meadow), Patk(eldest son + heir at law);wife Margt(field called Loughan voar pt of Ballayenny KkBride [NSS Oct 1778 33], + Close Chiarn Lezayre + mortgages in Maughold + Ramsey) exex;names Daniel Knnen(+ wife Lucy[dau of John Christian]);Summner charges Patk Christian + Daniel Kneen as next of kin
1808-1 E         KNEEN        Daniel                   d apr 1808;ch daniel + cath(w/o john quayle)
1812-1 E         COWLE        Thomas                   d sometime ago in Buenos Aryes;Ballavair;ch Tho, John, Wm, Jane, Elinor, Ann, Elizth + Esther jt admrs - only Tho + Jane at age Jane declines + Tho sworn - wife supv; 2nd petn by rest of ch  that bro Thomas died April last past [bur Bri 18130407]+ Jane is off off Isalnd + that Ellinor + Ann above 14
1812-1 E         KNEALE       Ann         castyle      dated [] Jun 1811;ch Esther Callow als Kneale, Ann,James;husb Wm exor
1812-2 E         SAYLE        John                     declared 13 Apr 1812;ch John, David,Margt;wife Margret als Cowell exex
1815   A 72      RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   d 30 Aug;late Kk Bride;only son Thomas
1816-1 E         CHRISTIAN    William                  d 31 Jul 1815;Balla[];in light of annexed assignment court decrees son Wm Christian admr;agt betwwen sons Wm, John, Thomas + sons-i-law Patk Christian [h/o Ann] + Wm Daugherty[h/o Jane Christian]
1816-1 E         COWLE        Margaret    sayle        d 13 Feb 1816;husb John Cowle admr
1816-1 E         KNEEN        Daniel                   dated 23 May 1816;wife Lucy als Christian (fields called Tarrou? of Glantrewan purchased from Wm Cowle) exex;ch John, aniel, Cath, Margt, Charlotte, Mary
1816-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   dated 14 Feb 1803;ch Mary(oldest dau),Thomas(yougest son), Ann(w/o Philip Teare, Andreas), John exor; wife alive
1816-2 E         COWLE        John                     Ballawannal;ch Cath(his share of curragh for life, Dority, Elizabeth(w/o Wm Lace),Margt(w/o John Kneale), Alice? Tear (his dau + her 4 ch);Cath, Dority + Elizth jt exexs;wife alive;names Margrt Kneale
1817   A 73      CRENNELT     Christian                dated 31 Mar 1816;names Jane Bannon(widow of David Bannon), Esther Radcliffe(Andreas);2 to Methodist Chapel nr Bride parish church, 1 11s 6d to Methodist Chapel on lands of Dan Garret(Bride) known as Dan Garrett's preaching house;sister Margt Castyl exex
1818   A 51      CANNELL      Catharine                dated 25 Oct 1817;gch Wm Cowley, Cath Cowley, Thomas Cowley, Jane Cowley, Danl Cowley, Elizth_Charlotte Cowley, Margt Cowley exex;names Susanna Cowley;ch Margt(W/o Wm Cowley)
1818   A 52   w  SAYLE        Margaret                 dated 18 Mar 1818;sis Bahee (w/o Wm clarke Jurby + her ch Margt, Ann, Jane);names Ann Christian(Kk Bride), Ann . Margt + Cath Christian(d/o John Christian, Kk Bride), Sarah(d/o Wm Christian Kk Bride), Jane(d/o Thomas Kerruish Kk Bride);Thomas radcliffe(Ballacondyr) exor;;3 to Methodist Chapel Kk Bride;1824: Ann + Cath d/o John Christian late decd ack;1838: John Clarke + Ann Mollrie? als Clark (c/o Bahee[w/o John Molloy]) ack;1822: trustees Metodist Chapel ack;1831: Margt Clark Ramsey acks;[note m/c for Bahee implies Margt d/o Wm Sayle + ?Margt lace]
1818   A 54   jw CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 9 Nov 1818;jw Capt William Christian (Ballayenaigue)+ wife Mary als Allen;ch Wm , Mary(a camp bed known as Molly's bed etc), Jane( Jenny's bed etc),Elizth quiggin als Christian, Ann, Wm exor;
1819   A 52   w  COWLE        Margaret                 dated 28 Jan 1800;Ballawannal;husb(cow + her share of curragh + after his decease both to dau Cath whilst she lives then to Dority + Elizth (w/o Wm Lace));ch Margt Kneal,Alish,Cath[dead by 1819], Dority, Elizth(w/o Wm Lace) -last 3 jt exexs;gch Margt Tear[?c/o Wm Tear +  Alice Cowle],Margt Kneale;names Isable w/o Wm Cowle
1819   A 54   w  CHRISTIAN    Charles                  petn states d 22 Feb 1819 on coast of Africa;will dated 1 Sep 1817;Ballacallow;sibs John,Wm, Cath, Margt + Ann Christian;Mother Margt Christian + bro John jt execs
1819   A 55      MARTIN       Ewan                     d 27 Feb 1817;ch Wm, John exor
1819   A 56      CHRISTIAN    Ann                      dated 6 Oct 1818;Ballabeg Kk Bride;husb Wm Christian exor (inc purchased lands);ch Wm, Jane, Ann, Margt,John;names widow Eliz Crennelt;
1819   A 57      GOLDSMITH    Philip                   d 15 Dec 1818;ch John, Wm, Ann, Jane + Margt - some ua; wife Mary als Christian exex
1819-1 E         BROWN        John                     dated 25 Jan 1814;now of Kk Bride;mother Mary Brown(Ancrum, Roxboroughshire, Scotland) exex;bro James Brown(Lezayre) + friend John Scott(Ballavoddan) exors in trust
1819-1 E      w  SAYLE        William, senr            dated 11 Jan 1819;ch Wm, Cath(w/o John Charles Corlett);gch Thos corlett, John Charles Corlett, James Corlett(lands beqeathed me by Thomas Christian + wife Cath Christian als sayle), Elizth Corlett, John,Ann + Elizth Kaighin(c/o John + Margt Kaighin),cath(w/o Wm Grimshaw), Wm Sayle;tenant Thomas Sayle names Margt Tear, Jane Joughan, Tho Quirk, Wm Lace;ch Wm sayle + Cath Corlett jt execs
1819-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Catharine   CHRISTIAN    d 24 Feb 1819;only child Catherine Christian - ua - her fa Wm Christian sworn supv + admr;pledges Wm Christian(Ballafayle) + Wm Christian(Ballacallow) both of whom sworn guardians;agt recites that Cath Christian of Ballacallow m Wm Christian of Ballaby - the sd Wm in agt with supvs confers on child all what due to mother before + by marriage
1819-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 27 Dec 1818;Ballacallow;sibs Wm, Charles. Cath Christian als Christian, Margt Joughin als Christian, Ann Christian als Christian;mother Margt Christian(widow) exex
1819-2 E      d  JOUGHIN      John                     d 2 Nov 1818;ch Charles, John, Philip, Thomas, Mary + Hannah jt admrs - some absent other relinquish to mother Judith who is sworn - pledges John + Philip Joughin
1825-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 dated 16 Sep 1824;widow, Ballacallow;gdau Cath Christian;ch Margt Joughin,Ann Christian, Wm Christian(Ballacallow) exor;
1831-1 E         COWELL       William                  dated 13 Dec 1830;ch Wm(eldest son), John, Mary Brew,Charles(small garden at south end of my field, called Janes Curragh adj Wm Vondy on south + on west by other half of my former garden now property Wm Sayle[?NSS Oct 1832 15], on north by Wm Sayle + highroad on east - 0.5d rent), Cath Doran exex(Quanes Curragh - adj F Lamothe on north, Wm Vondy on west, Wm Sayle on south, High road on east - for her life then to gson Wm Doran);bro Robt Cowle
1831-2 E         CANNELL      Catharine A Brew         d 17 Aug 1831;husb John Cannell;ch Robt_Moore, John_Brew,Cath_Ester - guardian Robt Brew;agt  ch to half money due bu marriage 
1831-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 dated 23 Dec 1829;widow, Ballaquark;ch Patk,John, Lucy Cowin exex
1831-2 E         COWLE        Samuel                   ?non cup will dated 29 Jan 1831;wife exex;dau Ellinr? (half of field purchased off Pat Garratt called Close-larynet?),John, Margt Jane;
1831-2 E         STEPHEN      William                  d Sep 1831;lately residing in Liverpool;unnamed ch jt admrs - only child resident in Isle Wm(eldest born) sworn admr - debts 91 8s outweigh estate 2 8s
1836-2 E         COTTIER      Catharine                dated 12 Apr 1835;widow;ch John(half dwelling house vizt parlour) , Jane Moore exex,Ann Christian,Esther Cath Looney (all ch got 1/5th pt of purchased lands); Jane dead by probabte - her dau Christian_Anna Moore too tender yrs - Charles Kewin(Kk Bride) sworn in trust
1838-1 E         CRENNELL     John                     jw John + wife Esther;ch John (exor),Philip, Wm, Thos + Robt (10 ea), Cath + Margt (50ea); John noted as of the Skellag; 3 Jun 1843 Robt acks 10, Thos acks (+ notes mo dead), Wm acks, Philip acks, Cath acks, Margt(w/o Robt Quayle) acks
1844-1 E         LOGAN        John                     dated 18 Nov 1841;Nassau Cottage;wife Jane exex(prop in Bride + Douglas during her life);son John_Christian, Wm, + Robt(prop in Bride jt between sons);dau Elizth_Jane + Louisa (houses in Douglas)

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