Summary of Wills - Bride 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 A 23      CRENNILT     William                  d 30 mar 1750;son michael,thos (exec)
1750-2 A 39      CHRISTIAN    Jony                     dated 20 Nov 1750?;names Christian Christian, Anna Tear, Mary Kneal, Kath Christian;father John Christian + sibs Wm + Kath Christian jt execs;
1751-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    David                    left island about 45 yrs ago;only surviving bro Daniel christian admr
1751-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d Sep 1751;Ballakey;only son Wm Christian admr - ua - uncle + aunts (by mo's side) Wm Christian + aunts Isable, Mary Xtn + John Kneal(h/o Cath)  supvs;wife alive;inv;1766: son wm acks supvs John Kneale + Wm Christian;several petns one states part of land morgaged by gfa of heir to [lost] Howland
1751-2 E      w  CORMODE      Christian   CHRISTIAN    d 17 Jul 1751;names Cath Christian(w/o Wm Joughin, senr, Crosby), Jony(w/o Charles Christian), Peter Kneale + others;bro John(dau Mary, Ann), Sam(dau Christian Kneale;husb Danl Cormode exor (in petn states no issue);acks inc Wm Kneale(Curragh beg Kk Bride) obo wife Cath Kneale als Christian the 5s left by her sis Christian Cormoad als Christian;Philip Cain(Lezayre) acks obo wife Ann ;
1752-2 A 62      HOWLAND      Anne                     d 30 apr 1752;dau ann,christian (inc potato crop + her fa's goods);son wm;
1752-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 d beg sep 1751; minor;goods due by death mo Margt Christian als Christian (Ep bk1 1747);only bro John admr - uncles Willm + Saml Christian supv;
1752-1 E      d  COWLE        William                  d 20 sep 1751?;ch Christopher, Wm Cowle jt admrs - ua - no reln on fa's side appearing thus goods + ch committed to mother Margt als Callow;pledges John Cowll (Lezayre) + Wm Cowll (Sumnr Kk Bride) - next relns on fa's side to be sworn supv - aunt Jane Cowle + Willm Christian junr Maughold being nearest reln to minors sworn
1752-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Charles                  d 28 May  [?1752]mother alive;ch Patrick, Margt, Ann;wife alive(left parcel called 'the ground'  (Folloo) during her life- other land to Patk)
1752-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Isabel                   d 25 Apr 1752;husb Daniel (Ballabeg) exor;ch Cath,Daniel (? + wife), Wm
1752-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     perished by sea 17 sep 1751 on coast of england;ballakey;ch wm,isabel + mary - other dau cath kneale als christian had m/c;wife jony
1752-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  perished by sea 17 sep 1751 on coast of england;sibs john,daniel + isabel garret als christian(w/o daniel) also with consent of 3 sibs  mary mcylvorrey d/o cath mcylvorrey als christian jt admrs - mary described as orphan [see thos + cath mcylvorrey];
1752-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  perished by sea 17 sep 1751 on coast of england;ch wm(out of island),simon + dorothy;wife bahee
1752-2 E      w  CORLET       Margaret    COTTIER      d 4 Jun 1752;ch Bahee, Margt, Jane, Eliz, Kath;husb Ewan + dau Kath jt execs
1752-2 E      w  KNEALE       Daniel                   dated 7 May 1752;gdau Isable + Esther Caskill(8 in Leaney-vac-saile? when ever sd medow will be redeemed), Ann Hawood;son-i-law Sam Caskill + wife Christian als Kneale execs;dau Margt;
1752-2 E      d  McYLWORREY   Catherine   christian    see thos
1752-2 E      d  McYLWORREY   Thomas                   perished by sea 17 sep 1751 on coast of england;wife cath als christian d 17 jan 1752;only dau mary mcylvorrey  ua - uncles john + danl christian + dan garret h/o isabel christian + john mcylvorrey(fa's side)
1753-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Mary        CORKISH      d 20 dec 1752;only dau margt kneale als christian(w/o wm - out of island)
1752-3 E      w  CASTILL      John                     d 20 Sep last;ch Saml(loom + fishing lines + herring nets),Mary,Margt, Ann,Danl(his purchased field) exor
1752-3 E      d  GAWN         Margaret    GARRET       headed 6 Nov 1752?;d 8 Feb last;ch Alice, John + Isabel Gawn jt admrs - ua - uncles Wm Garrett + Dan Garrett supvs;husb alive;
1754-1 A 27      COWLE        Christopher              d 20 nov 1753;ballavear;dau jane cowle (exex);gson wm cowle (other un-named gch);gdau-i-law margt cowle als callow (+ her orphan ch);wm christian h/o ellinor + hannah christian gch ack;1771: isabel cowle als castil w/o christopher 
                                                           cowle late decd gch of christopher acks;1774: dorothy christian + cath christian exexs of jane cowle heir of ballavear + isabel cowle mo of  thomas cowle ua heir + his uncle wm cowle;1774 wm cowle gch acks,wm cowle ggch
1754-2 A 53      KNEAL        Catherine   [christian]  [full]
1754-2 A 54      CURGHEY      Matthias                 [full]rev Maths curghey rector bride;
1756-2 A 44      CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d dec 1755;wife christian als howlin [howland];dau margt + mary ua uncles Patk + wm christian
1757-3 E    d    CASTYL       Samuel                   perished by sea 20 sept 1757;sibs danl,margt,ann + mary;wm kelly h/o margt;patk corkish h/o ann
1757-3 E    d    LACE         William                  d 23 oct 1757;dau cath lace,margt (had dowry);wife alive
1757-3 E    w    SAYLE        Mary        KNEALE       d 13 aug 1757;dau christian cashin als sayle,mary corlet als sayle;dau-i-law isable sayle;gson john sayle;son david exec
1758-1 A 28      HOWLAND      John                     d 16 jan 1758;sibs thos,isable (+ others unnamed);mo margt
1758-1 A 29      CHRISTIAN    Christian                d  about 8 Jan 1758: son James Christian, dau Jane Moore (Jane's husb is Arthur Moore) [see will 1789 #78 Bride of Arthur Moore: wife Jane, etc]
1758-2 A 73      CASTLE       John                     [full];d 25 mar 1758;hown lough;son samuel (daus isable + esther);dau esther (ch wm + esther),cath;bro's son danl castle;wife execx
1758-3 E    d    KEGG         Philip                   d 14 mar 1758;ch wm,john, philip,patr,cath + mary;cath + mary at age but incapable uncle john kegg;wife alive;inv
1759-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d liverpool 12 yrs ago;s/o danl christian;only sis christian w/o james callow;
1759-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    John                     d 25 nov 1758;son wm;dau cath had dowry
1759-1 E    d    COWLE        John                     d 19 nov 1758;ch andrew,john + joney
1759-2 E    w    COWLE        Patrick                  d beg may 1759;grenaby;dau ann,christian;son wm (eldest);with cath
1759-2 E    d    GAWN         Isabel      KNEALE       d 5 feb 1759;ch danl + jane ua supv next of kin wm kneale + saml kinley;husb john;1763 andrew + joney kneale unc + aunt sworn supv;inv
1759-2 E    w    KNEALE       William                  wdr of cath (of curraugh beg) will 1754
1759-3 E      d  COTTIER      John                     dated 13 Aug 1759;deed of gift to son-in-law Ewan Kinread(h/o dau Elizth) all goods etc they to maintain him
1760-1 E      d  COWLE        John                     d 18 aug 1756;mariner on board HM ship Nassau;sibs andrew,joney
1760-1 E      c  SAYLE        Margaret                 m/c dated 14 jun 1754;danl kneen(Andreas)obo himself; Margt sayle(Kk Bride) obo dau Mary Sayle;to marry within a week;Sayle to settle half estate;witt Danl Tear x, Edmun Kneal x, Wm Kewn;accepted as last will Margt Sayle 1760 - son-i-law Danl Kneen exor
1761-1 A 63      TEARE        John                     d 25 Mar [1761];ch Cath + other unnamed;wife Ann exex;the court named the ua ch as Arthur, John, Cath Jane, Philip, Margt + Isabel - Daniel Taer h/o Ann(eldest dau) supv
1763-2 A 72      CORLETT      Ewan                     made 17 Jan 1759: daus Margaret & Jane, grandchildren Wm & Joney Joughin; dau Cath exec (she md Wm Xtn by Oct 1763)
1764-1 A 14      QUARK        Christian                d 30 oct 1763;son john(field called shellaugh);husb charles;dau christian,jane + elizth jt exexs;john christian husb(?of jane)
1764-1 E      w  KNEALE       Jane        QUAYLE       d 27 oct 1763;names bahee kneale;friend  dan kneale exor
1764-2 A 55      CHRISTIAN    William                  decld 28 feb 1758;dau bahee (her mo's goods),cath,joney,w/o wm christian ballabeg,w/o patk christian ballaquark;son wm,john (heir exec);names ballafail's children;note caveat signed wm christian re no pretended will by john christian of ballacallow bride to be accepted without allowing others to contest it
1764-2 E      d  KEWIN        Margaret    COWLE        d 22 mar 1764;ch ann,margt,chas ua uncle+ aunt andr cowle + jane cowle;husb wm;inv
1764-3 E      w  HOWLAND      Ann                      dated 15 Sep 1764;sibs John Howland, Wm,Christian Christian als Howland exex;names Margt Howland,Christian Cowle als Howland;sis' dau Jane Christian;pledges Wm Christian(Balla-yison-aige?) + Wm Christian(Ballachrink)both KK Bride
1765-1 A 35      LACE         Charles                  [full]
1765-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Isabel      COWLE        d 23 sep 1764;dau jane,another dau w/o revd danl nelson had m/c;husb john (pledge with wm christian balla yion aige
1765-2 A 89   w  Christian    Samuel                   d 1 feb 1765;dau ann,christian,margt,isabella,jony,cath;son thos,john;wife isabel exec;2 ch ua uncle simon christian
1765-2 A 91      CHRISTIAN    Anne                     [full]
1765-3 E      w  CLEATER      Mary                     d 10 Sep;ch Thos(10s + a goose), Patk;husb John exor
1765-3 E      d  GARRET       Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 1 Oct 1765;ch Thos + Isabel jt admrs;
1765-3 E         KAIGHIN      William                  d 20 Jun 1765;ch Anne(eldest dau - w/o Wm Christian - the croft),Joney(w/o Danl Christian - exor)
1766-1 A 31      CHRISTIAN    David                    [full];d 8 nov 1765;dau margt (w/o george cowll),joney (w/o dollin radcliffe),cath (w/o thomas caistile) execx
1766-1 E      w  HOWLAND      Margaret                 d 20 [] 1766;ch Christian , Margt;gson William Cowle;names Thomas Castyle, Jane Curghey, Cath Curghey;husb John Howland exor
1766-1 E      w  KNEALE       Catherine   GOLDSMITH    d 25 Oct 1765;ch James Kneale(father dead - bequeathed the curragh), John,anne, Cath, Mariot (exex);1770: John Kneale(son) + Cath Teare ack bro-i-law Wm Teare(h/o Marriod);John Corlet(h/o Ann Kneale acks bro-i-law Wm Teare
1766-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  d 18 jun 1766;ch john,philip + sarah - 2 youngest ua
1766-3 E      d  COWLE        John                     d 17 may 1766;ch cath (by 1st wife), elinor + elizth(by 2nd wife)(w/o wm saul) + arthur(by 3rd) jt admrs - eldest son John had a m/c;wife Mary
1767-1 A 19      JOUGHIN      Daniel                   d 26 nov;knock bain;gson mark joughin;dau-i-law joney joughin als moore;son Wm,James;dau cath execx
1767-2 A 58      CHRISTIAN    William                  [full]Kown Loough;sis cath kneale (w/o stanley kneale);bro samuel of ramsey;sis joney howland (w/o thomas howland);bro john exec;petn that wm was an 'ignoramus delirious ' (mentally defficient);claims inc alice smith als christian
1767-3 E    d    CAISTILL     Daniel                   cooper;on board an unnamed schooner of liverpool d west indies on homeward passage some months ago;sibs thos + eleanor
1767-3 E      w  CRENILT      Philip                   d 4 Aug 1767;gch Isabell Crinelt;son-i-law Robt Kneale(h/o Eliz) exor
1767-3 E      w  QUARK        John                     d 2 aug;sibs jane(w/o john christian andreas),wm,christian + elizth;fa charles exor
1768-1 A 33      CHRISTIAN    Ann                      [full]
1768-1 A 34      CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   [full]
1768-1 E    d    GOLDSMITH    John                     d 17 feb 1768;dau bahee, joney w/o wm joughin
1768-2 A 67      CHRISTIAN    Joney                    [bur 4 jan 1767];d 2 feb 1767;dau isabel,mary,cath;son william;gdau cath,isabel + joney christian;dau-i-law cath christian;gson wm christian(heir of estate);names ewan crow;dau isabel + mary exexs;pledges john kneale kimmoragh,john christian kk bride
1768-2 E      w  CASTYL       Christian                d 20 may 1768;son saml(house,land,loom);dau margt exex, jane quirk;gson wm, danl  quirk;husb john
1768-3 E    w    COTTIER      Joney       COWLE        d 1 aug 1768;dau margt,joney(w/o arthur lace),esther exex;husb danl
1768-3 E    w    coule        ann         corkish      dau jane,christian(w/o andrew cowle);son-i-law wm kewin(+ 3 ch) exor;
1768-3 E    d    KNEALE       James                    d 25 jul 1768;sibs john,cath(w/o wm garrett),ann + marriod(w/o wm teare);
1769-1 A 25      TEARE        John                     d 7 feb 1769;ch John(youngest son),Wm(eldest son - lands called Ballaverteen[?=Ballvarchein] excluding field called Cooil Cam);bro Thos Teare(+ son John);wants Wm Kneale(Curragh beg) + Wm Christian(Ballayonaigue) to be supvs - left field called Cooil Cam to them to pay debts;sis Anne Teare exex (to have benefit of lands until ch came to age)
1769-2 A 58      CRENILT      Margaret                 mar agre between patrick kermode and margt crinnell als tear for her dau joney tear, patrick's son john;
1769-1 E      d  COTTIER      John                     d end jul 1768;only dau elinor cottier;
1770-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    William                  left island 25 yrs go;sibs simon + dorothy (w/o chas castile)
1770-1 E    w    COTTiER      Daniel                   made oct;son wm;dau esther,margt,joney (her 3 ch thos,arthr + wm lace)
1770-2 A 57      COWLE        Christopher              balyvear;son thos;dau hannah;mo margt;bro wm;wife isabella als castle exex
1770-2 A 58      CAMAISH      Margaret                 d 26 mar [1770];bro wm camaish,danl callow + sis mary (+ danl's ch),edmund camaish;mo alive;sis christian camaish exex
1771-1 A 22      KNEAL        Alice                    d 9 dec 1770;husb danl (skinners gate);son john;dau bridget (close homs castle);ch danl,patk,thos,matthias,anne + isabel;dau elizth w/o robt christian;gdau deborah christian;husb danl exec;+ dg of danl to dau anne dated 31 dec 1787;bridget d 20 jan 1779
1771-2 A 72      COWLE        Catherine   clague       w/o wm glentruan;d 6 apr 1771;sis margt clague;mother alice clague (execx);pledges john stole miller, john corlett slater both lezayre
1771-2 E759 w    CAISTYL      Esther      CORMOADE     d 23 may 1771;son thos,sml;dau esther(w/o john cowll ballvarkys?);gch robt + chas wattleworth (money to be spent on their schooling + trade);dau cath w/o john wattleworth exex
1771-2 E761 w    CHRISTIAN    William                  d 4 jun 1771;ballachrink;son samuel,charles,john,wm,edmund;dau ann;edmund + ann jt exors
1771-3 E      d  COWLE        Alice       TEARE        d 19 sep 1771;dau elizth,isable,cath(w/o wm sayle had sett);husb john;1783 wm kneale h/o elizth acks from wm sayle ballalargey kk bridementions isabel w/o wm christian;agreement between exexs
1771-3 E      d  JOUGHIN      Catherine   CHRISTIAN    d 10 sep 1771;sons james + danl;inv
1772-1 A 26      CAMAISH      Margarett   christian    d 5 jan 1772;son wm,edmond;names danl callow + wife (ch john,margt + mary;dau christian exex;sis w/o john vondy;maid serv mary camaish
1772-1 A 27      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    [christian]  d 13 jan 1772;bro thos christian;names mary christian;sis ann christian;husb john christian;sis' son john cottier exec
1772-2 E      w  GOLDSMITH    William                  d 21 may 1772;son thos,ewan(their mo dead),philip(lands to wch his present wife consents) + john exors;dau bahee;gch john,margt goldsmith;thos +ewan dispute but agree
1772-2 E      d  GOLDSMITH    William                  d in minority 5 nov 1752;had rights by will mo margt goldsmith als moore ep lib 1 1745;
1772-2 E      d  JOUGHIN      William                  d 19 mar 1772;crosby kk bride;ch wm + isabel both ua uncle danl joughin who passes onto wm's wife margt;pledges danl joughin + her fa john quine lezayre;inv
1772-3 E      d  CAISTYL      Mary        COWLE        d 24 jul 1772;only son chas
1772-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Simon                    d 20 jul 1772;ch mary,christian,jane + wm all ua uncle chas caistyl ;wife cath pregnant;inv;1804: john cowle h/o ann christian,philip goldsmith h/o mary ack from wm camaish h/o cath christian admr, wm,jane + christian dead by 1804
1773-1 A 23 d    KNEALE       Catherine   garrett      widow edmund kneale (copy will d 20 jan 1759 - son wm;dau cath exec)john vondy h/o dau cath;
1773-1 E    d    COTTIER      Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 7 jan 1773;ch john,wm,ann,esther (w/o wm teare had settl)
1773-3 E    d    MARTIN       Christian   MADREL       d 12 aug 1773;ch thomas,jane(w/o robt corlett)
1774-1 A 40      RADCLIFFE    Joney                    d 14 Jan 1774;husb Philip;ch Thomas, James + Ellen (execx);dau-i-l Margt Radcliffe;
1774-1 A 41      CAISTYLE     John                     d 9 jan 1774;son saml(loom etc);dau jane quirk;gson danl quirk;dau margt exex
1774-1 A 42      KNEALE       Elizabeth   SAYLE        d 12 jan 1774;son john,wm;husb wm exor;witt ann cottiman als cannel + ann christian;
1774-1 A 43      TEARE        Thomas                   d 13 jan 1774;ch john,ann,ellinor;wife cath als caveen exex
1774-1 A 44      KINREAD      Ewan                     3 sons john,wm + thos;dau anne kinread,elizth kinread;son mathias exec;1ch ua;
1774-1 A 45      CROW         Bahee       CHRISTIAN    d 26 jan 1774;husb wm(not able to travel), curragh patrick;son charles(eldest),edmond (exor) ;dau elizth,mary;names elizth bailey
1774-1 A 46      TEAR         Ann                      d 27 jan 1774;spinster;names elinor teare,ann + christian teare,wm christian (balla yon aigue) + others;bro's wife cath;bro's son john teare exor
1774-1 A 47      MYLREA       William                  d 17 jan 1774;dau mary,cath;son-i-law charles kewish,robt caine,danl tear(exor );wife alive (one bould barley + pease mixt together)
1774-2 A121a     KNEAL        Margaret    corgeen      #dup#  follows after #120a;d 2 feb 1774;husb edmond (cow,mare + brewing pan)son john,wm exec
1774-2 A122      COTTIER      John                     d 4 mar 1774;uncle john christian (croft purchased from him);mo alivenames wm + joney camaish (vark);mo execx
1774-2 A123      CHRISTIAN    Ann         brew         d 9 feb 1774;dau dority w/o john kaighin;dau christian lace als christian execx (w/o thomas)
1774-2 A124      CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  d 10 feb 1774;bro's dau margt christian;wife elizth + bahee goldsmith execx (daniel h/o bahee)
1774-2 A125      Cowle        George                   d 14 feb 1774;son david;dau christian
1774-2 A126      Cowll        Charles                  d 14 mar 1774;names cath +john sayle;sis mary cleator;other gifts;bro john cowll;philip cleator h/o mary;wm kneal h/o elizth kneale,wm sayle h/o cath sayle (charles was her uncle)
1774-2 A127      CHRISTIAN    Isabel                   d 15 apr 1774;bro wm;sis cath kneale als christian;various gifts;sis mary execx
1774-2 A 128     CHRISTIAN    William                  d 22 apr 1774;ballalessh;gson j kaghin;dau(+heiress) christian lace als christian(w/o thomas) exex
1774-2 A 129 jw  KNEAL        William                  wm + ellinor als goldsmith;curragh;dau ellinor(eldest),anne;son(+ heir )john exor;names george radcliffe andreas;1797 daniel goldsmith h/o dau ellinor
1774-2 E    d    CALLOW       Elizabeth   JOGHIN       d 18 feb 1774;her  husb john d 20 feb;ch danl,elizth(w/o wm christian),wm(to be taken care of)
1774-2 E    d    CALLOW       John                     see eliz
1774-2 E    d    CAMAISH      Michael                  d 18 feb 1774;ch margt,isabel + edwd
1774-2 E    d    COWLE        Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 18 jan 1774;husb geo;4 ch margt ,chistian,davd cowell,esther w/o philip kewley inv
1774-2 E    d    KAIGHIN      Bahee       COTTIER      d 18 feb 1774;only child cath
1774-3 E    d    CORKISH      John                     d 3 sep 1774;2ch Mark + mary edmrs;son danl (eldest) had mar contract;
1774-3 E    w    GARRET       Christian   howland      d 20 jul 1774;kk andreas;dau margt;husb robt (? overwritten in 2 places ?john,?wm);ch ua thomas howland uncle
1775-1 A 31      HOWLAND      Christian                d 1 feb 1775;son thos+dau joney jt execs;2 unnamed gsons(1784 wm garret acks
1775-3 E    w    Cowle        John                     d 10 sep 1775son john,dal exec dau cath,joney;gson john cowle
1775-3 E    w    KNEAL        John                     d 2 sep 1775;names john christian;dau cath;wife cath als christian exex
1776-1 A 40      McYLVORREY   Isabel                   d 1 feb 1776;names cath tear,elizth crenilt;gdau mary mylevory;son wm,john exor
1776-2 A 91      HOWLAND      Joney       christian    d 17 apr 1776;(land inc qtrland);son thos (not yet 14);husb thos;inv includes 38 mortgage from wm kissack peel (1762) for close-e-droghad;
                                                     note from john kneale ballacowell lez 10 for use of his poor sister isabel howland;
1776-2 A 92      LACE         William                  d 22 nov 1775;wife cath;sons danl,john,philip,wm (exec);dau elizth,margt;wm christian h/o elizth,Robt cowle h/o margt;
1776-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Christian   howland      d 14 may 1776;only ch jane
1776-2 E    d    KINREAD      Elizabeth   COTTIER      d 3 jun 1776;6ch Matts, John, Wm, Elizbth, Ann + Thos (ua);Thos Radcliffe h/o Ann; inv
1776-3 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Isabel                   d jan 1776 in Ayr n britain;sibs danl,thos,charles,margt,cath,joney + dorothy;danl joughin h/o margt;left an illeg child destitute cout to dispense on sight of inv;inv (3 3 8;
1776-3 E    w    MASON        Catherine                d 17 oct 1776;dau mary,anne,isable;unnm gch (in the house);son john exec
1777-1 A 31      MASON        Mary                     d 14 jan 1777;sis anne mazon,isable key,bro john
1777-2 E    w    OATES        Ellinor     RADCLIFFE    long disputed case;w/o thos clerk curate kk bride
1777-3 E    w    CAMAISH      Edward                   d 15 may 1777;sis margt,isable;wife mary als corkill exex
1777-3 E    d    KNEAL        William                  d 25 mar 1777;ch john,wm
1778-1 A 65      GARRET       Margaret    christry     d 3 feb 1778;son paul ua,patk,john;husb john (land improved with marle) - her husbs daughters;dau margt garret + cath exexs
1778-1 A 66      JOuGHiN      John                     dated mar 1778;sis margt cannell (ballacannell + her ch charles,cath);wife's bro John vondy;names john + charles cowell (Ballnacannell);serv isabel howland;wife bahee execx
1778-1 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  d 11 may 1778;sis ann(w/o john caralagh),margt christian;mo margt exex(the grawn)
1778-1 E    d    COWIN        Ann         cashin       d 11 dec 1777;husb john admr;
1778-2 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d 28 sep 1778;ch chas,danl,thos,cath,joney,dorothy + margt(w/o danl joughin#0
1778-2 E    d    gawne        Joney                    d 25 oct 1778;ch john,mark,danl + ann
1778-2 E    w    JOUGHIN      Daniel                   dated 31 mar 1778;sis margt cowll(ballawannell son chas,cath);wifes bro john vondy;serv maid isabel howland;wife bahee exex
1779-1 A 52      QUARK        Charles                  dated 3 apr 1779;son wm;dau jane christian als quark;son-i-law john christian;son wm + christian quark+ elizth quark exexs
1779-1 E    d    CAMAISH      Joney                    spinster,d 16 nov; fa john 
1779-1 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Daniel,snr               dau cath cowin, son danl christian,son wm
1779-1 E    d    KNEALE       Bridget                  spinster;father daniel
1779-1 E    d    KNEENE       Catherine                in defuncts but ? will ?wrong parish 
1779-2 E    d    CRINALT      michael                  d 17 sep 1779;three ch wm,patrick + elizabeth
1779-2 E    w    JOUGHIN      Joney       moore        d20 oct 1779;dau margt;son mark;sis-i-l cath joughin;gdau ann joughin;dau mary execx
1779-2 E    d    KEWIN        Margaret                 d 24 apr 1779;spinster;fa wm kewin
1779-2 E    d    TEARE        John                     d 12 oct 1779;bach;bro wm tear next of kin
1780   A 61      KNEALE       Edmund                   dated 18 nov 1779;dau christian (not 20);wife isable als howland exex;son john,wm;wm christian ballakey + wm cowle ballavarkish requested overseers;petn by wife states wm son by former wife [#17358]
1780-1 E852 d    OATES        Thomas                   d 9 dec 1779;rev Thos curate kk bride;fa james glyncruthery braddan admr;pledges son rev james oates + rev wm clucas vicar malew
1780-1 E857 d    COWLE        Charles                  d 24 dec 1779;without issue;fa john cowle snr
1780-1 E858 d    HOWLAND      Mary                     d 30 nov 1779;only ch henry admr;pledges patrick cowle ramsey;wm howland bride
1780-2 E695 w    CLUCAS       Christian   howland      sibs thos (exec);wn,margt mcdanold,anne doolin snr,isabel kneal;neice ann doolin jnr;
1780-2 E696 w    CHRISTIAN    Margaret    cottier      made 16 oct 1780;ballnecree;husb james;son ewandau christian execx
1781   A 41      CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth   [kneale]     d 11 dec 1780;ch john,wm,thos,deborah + isabel;husb robt exec;some ch ua
1781   A 42      CAISTILE     Samuel                   made 6 jan 1781;sis jane quirk als castyl (+ch wm,patk,robt,jane);sis margt execx to put robt to trade of a taylor
1781   A 43      SAYLE        William                  d 24 jan 1781;son wm,robt;dau cath;wife cath + son thos execs
1781-1 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Mary                     made may 1780;son wm (2 coolers);gdau margt christian ballafayle;dau christian (w/o wm corley balnemoney 6d);son-i-law john christian ballafayle to be guardian to son thos who is insane (thos exec but bro wm john christian + wm corlet execrs in trust)inv
1781-1 E    d    FARGHAR      Catherine                d 1 mar 1781;husb wm;only ch cath ua;danl joughin uncle mo's side  guardian
1781-2 E    jw   SAYLE        Margaret                 william + wm,ballacondyr;dau margt,joney + jane,anne (lands) exex;thos radcliffe h/o anne;
1782   A 58      COWLE        John                     dated 21 feb 1781;ballalargey(balnaliargay in one doc);dau elizth kneal als cowle(w/o wm),isabel christian,cath sayle(w/o wm) exex;illeg son wm cowle;names esther goldsmith;1783 dau isabel cowle now w/o christian ballakey;
1782   A 59      CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dg dated 1 oct 1779;weaver;nephew thos howland(+son thomas + sis joney);names friend wm christian + mo;nephew + nieces ch of bro saml christian,bro wm christian;niece ann w/o []vondy,cath w/o richd curghey;;niece margt camaish(+ ch)[long tediously written list of small bequests]
1782   A 61      CHRISTIAN    Dorothy                  dated 12 feb 1782;ballachrink;son charles(if he come),edmond,john,samuel(exor);gson wm christian(s/o wm - hois other ch thos,cath,margt);gch wm + john chrisin(c/o dau ann christian + husb john)),cath(d/o charles cowle)
1782-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  bach;departed isle 40 yrs ago;presumed dead;sis dorothy + ch of decd bro simon viz mary,jane + ann;charles casemt h/o dorothy
1782-1 E      dg GOLDSMITH    Mary        garrett      dated 27 oct 1775;to son-i-law thos goldsmith
1782-1 E      d  HOWLAND      Thomas                   d 14 dec 1781;fa thos
1782-1 E      d  KNEEN        Mary        sayle        d 4 mar 1782;ch danl + cath
1782-2 E      w  COWLE        Andrew                   made 15 oct 1782;son john(ayre croft) exor;wife christian;ch wm,thos,charles + ann some ua
1783   A 41      JOUGHEN      Margaret                 dated 22 jul 1783;ramsey;sis mary cowle als joughin exex(w/o robt);bro's daus ann + margt joughin;bro mark(wife esther dau ann;sis mary's son;names judith quine(cotton gown stamped in douglas)
1783-1 E      w  VANDY        Ann         CHRISTIAN    declrd 28 apr 1783;dau dorothy lace,margt christian(w/o daniel),ann fargher(w/o wm);gdau christian lace,mary christian;john vandy's poor girl;husb john exor;1787 dorothy crellin acks
1783-2 E      w  KNEAL        John                     d 15 sep 1783;son wm;wife cath
1783-2 E    w    RADCLIFFE    Philip                   dated 1 jan 1783; ch wm , thos joney , cath, james + ellen (execs)
1784   A 135     JOUGHIN      William                  made 20 jan 1784;dau mary(w/o john kneen);son wm exor
1784   A 136     COTTIER      John snr                 dated 29 jul 1779;ballacottier;son wm(exor),john;dau anne;gch margt + cath(c/o john),wm,elizth,margt + jane tear(c/o dau esther)
1784-1 E    d    CAMMAISH     John                     d 13 apr 1784;ch wm,cath;cath petns that she was indisposed at last court but there was a will with her as exor (no will on film) - decree amended
1784-1 E    d    CAMMAISH     Margaret                 d 17 apr 1784;spinster;bro wm
1784-1 E    d    COWLE        Ann         kewn         d 1st jun 1784;only ch wm ua;husb wm;wm christian ballatersin kk maughold + gfa charles cowle supvs;inv;accts etc
1784-1 E    w    CRINNELT     Margery     quill        d 18 sep 1783;dau esther,ellenor;husb wm exor(+supv ua ch)
1784-1 E    w    HOWLAND      Margaret                 made 20 dec 1781;sons wm,thomas;dau ann doolin,margt mcdanold,isabel kneal exex(widow);names elizth w/o charles howland;
1784-1 E    d    KNEALE       William                  d 2 apr 1784;6 ch john(heir),joney,isabel,margaret,mary + elizabeth;dispute
1784-2 E    d    CORKISH      Henry                    d feb 1784;6 ch John, Henry, Samuel, William, Elizabth + Margt;Wm crennilt h/o eliz + John Kinnish .. xd thru as admrs;
1784-2 E      w  COTTIMAN     Ann         CANNEL       d 1 sep 1784;husb Phillip(a web of wollen cloth called in Manks Kalter);sis Joney Cottier;only child Anne Cottiman exex
1784-2 E      d  MYLVORREY    Mary                     d 3 aug 1784;spinster;uncles by fa side John Mylevorrey + Wm Mylevorrey jt admrs
1784-2 E    d    RADCLIFFE    James                    bach;d 24 aug 1784;sibs Thomas + Elinor;pledges Wm + John Radcliffe (both Kk Andreas)
1785   A 66      HOWLAND      Margaret                 died j jan 1785;gch john + cath howland,john + wm tear;dau margt tear;son charles;dau-i-law elzth;husb wm + dau cath jt exors
1785   A 67      KNEALE       Elizabeth   crinelt      declared 28 dec 1784;son james,john;dau elizth,cath;husb john exor;ch ua
1785   A 68      CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   made 17 Apr 1785;dau cath (w/o Matthias Crebbin),Mary (w/o John Mazon);gson john crebbin;son Danl,wm exec
1786   A 57      LACE         Charles                  dated 6 Mar 1785;Ramsey;son Charles exor;names Hugh(s/o Charles Shimmin), Jane (d/o Philip Lace), Wm (s/o Matthew Underwood - the house wherein Thos Hudgeon lives + long shed adj Ruois's? concerns assumed held under a lapsed mortgage from PatkChristian late decd);serv Joney Quine;5 to poor of Ramsey (a list naming all is appended)
1786   A 58      HOWLAND      Patrick                  deed of gift dated 7 Nov 1785 by Patrick Howland to niece Isabel Inch - all property in Andreas bought from Wm Kneale (intack 4d rent adj Wm Radcliffe on north, John Kneale in west, highroad on east, Cormode's rent on south) - niece to support him in a decent christian manner;Witt Thomas Vandy, John Callow; accepted as will
1786   A 59      COWLE        John                     declrd 7 Mar 1786;ch John(heir), Robt(croft where Danl Christian dwells + lands called Quane-yuan-hom + the little house during his lifetime), Wm, Esther(w/o John Christian), Charles + Elizth jt execs;
1786-2 E    d    CAMMAISH     Catherine                d 16 oct 1786;spinster;bro wm
1786-2 E    w    CROW         William                  made 20 jan 1786;ch charles,elizth + mary;gch elizth,ann + jane crow;son edmund exec
1786-2 E    w    VoNDY        John                     made 21 jul 1785;dau dorothy lace (wdw john lace),ann w/o wm fargher;gson john christian;son-i-l danl christian exec;1787:wm + dorothy crellin + wm fargher ack
1787   A 64      LACE         Joney       STEPHEN      declrd 13 jan 1787;dau christian sayle [?marr] ,anne,joney , jane [?bapt] +, cath;son wm,patrick (eldest son) [?bapt];husb thos;gson thos christian
1787-1 E    d    COWLE        William                  d 10 may 1787;ch arthur,cath,leonora + elizth;claims;inv+sale
1787-1 E    d    JOGHIN       Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 30 mar 1787;son daniel admr;ch wm + dorothy had sets;
1787-2 E    d    CRINILT      William                  d 7 jul 1787;mo christian;sibs patk,christian
1787-2 E    d    GARRET       Christian   quark        d 24 aug 1787;husb john admor
1787-2 E    w    GOLDSMITH    Elinor      kneal        d 20 june 1787;husb daniel; exor;son robt ua;mo elinor kneale;sis ann w/o edmd christian;mo-i-law joney goldsmith;names ann d/o edmd cowe
1788   A 48      RADCLIFFE    Anne        [sayle]      dated 7 nov 1787 ; son + heir Thomas + sons Wm,John , Charles (all not yet 21);husb Thomas
1788   A 49      KNEALE       Daniel                   made 19 mar 1795;sons dal + thos,mathew,patrick;dau ann;son john;jury of enquiry (8 beehives + geese);petn by patk some land in mortgage
1788   A 50      GAWN         John                     declared 3 feb 1788;sons john + danl;dau isable + alice )w/o paul quirk);wife isabel als quay;petn of john gawn on behalf poor sis isabel - wife was step-mother who 
                                                     inviegled him to cut off his ch; isabel became a vagrant & is supposedly pregnant of twins to his great sorrow but cannot look after her as she is not firm of intellect + subject to other infirmities
1788   A 51      CHRISTIAN    John                     [full]
1789   A 73   jw SAYLE        William                  ballacondyn;made 9 june 1781 [Margaret died 1781, William died 1789];dau margt,joney,jane + anne (execx);bro philip (decd);thos radcliffe h/o anne;
1789   A 74      TEAR         Catherine   caveen       decld 1 dec 1789;dau ann w/o wm carran c'town;gdau ann carran;dau elenor w/o patrick kelley;son john tear;dau christian execx
1789   A 75      QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 28 nov 1788;names john quayle, thos + isable ;gdau mary quayle;son john exec
1789   A 76      CASTYLE      Catherine   christian    made 16 aug 1788;daus christian crennilt als castyle ,margt;cath,ann w/o wm kneale;gson wm kneale;husb thomas
1789   A 77      HOWLAND      James                    made 2 feb 1789;sis jane ;neice cath murphey;sis cath execx
1789   A 78      MOORE        Arthur                   wife Jane; son William Moore, dau Margt Tear (wife of Danl Tear of Ramsey), dau Ann Casement (wife of John Casement of Douglas), 
                                                        dau Christian Radcliffe (wife of Charles Radcliffe of Ballakelly);[see Arch Will 1758 #29 ]
1789-1 E 1009 d  JOUGHIN      Esther      quayle       d sep 1788;ch Daniel, William, Charles, Mark, Ann, and Margaret Joughin (some ua);husb mark;uncles Wm Joughin, John Caineand Wm Cowley  on mo's side;inv
1789-1 E 1013 d  CHRISTIAN    Isabel      MOORE        d 19 mar 1789;ch john,thos,ann,christian,isabel,margt,cath(had sett)
1789-2 E      w  HOWLAND      Catherine                declrd 14 jul 1789;sis elizth mylevoirrey(w/o john, douglas);niece cath murphey;bro john camaish(1/- in case he would strive with exex);sis jane howland exex
1789-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Isabel                   d 20 oct 1789;dau elizth(w/o wm quayle;gdau isable quayle;dau-i-law cath quayle;son john exor
1790   A 41      GAWN         Isabel      QUAY         stepson John Gawne; names Wm Crenilt
1790-1 E    d    CORKISH      Bridjet     kaighin      d 27 nov 1789;ch mark + mary (w/o james corlett)
1790-2 E    dg   CHRISTIAN    James                    dated 2 may 1798;ballacree;to dau christian christian;dau cath (w/o wm christian ballaleamin)
1790-2 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Mary                     made 24 jun 1790;son danl,wm exorr;dau mary(w/o john mazon);gdau mary christian;bro danl lace's poor son
1790-2 E    jw   COPELAND     James                    jw dated 6 mar 1790;formerly ballnakilley bride but now ramsey;wife lucy als lace;;ch robt,john,elizth + ann;
1790-2 E    w    CRINNELT     Esther                   d 16 sep 1790;names esther crennilt;son john,wm;husb christopher exor
1790-2 E    d    KEWN         William                  d 27 jan 1790;son charles;ann cowle als kewn m/o gson wm had marr contrat;petn by gson wm cowle now of lezayre but late bride obo son wm (sole living issue of marr) claims no marr sett; court sets gson wm jt admr
1791   A 58      CHRISTIAN    Dorothy                  made 5 feb 1791;w/o wm ballabeg;dau isabel,jane,margt (in liverpool),esther (in england);son daniel (youngest),wm(eldest);gdau ann patterson (acks with isable)
1791   A 59      TEARE        John                     d 19 Jan 1791;ch John, Wm,, Thomas (tuition to wife);wife Mary exex
1791   A 60      JOUGHEN      Bahee       vondy        dated 14 Aug 1787;names Mary Stephen,Margt(w/o Danl Christian), Ann (w/o Wm Fargher), Elinor Howland, little Thos Lace, Thos Lace(Ballakesh), Isaac Vondy + several others;bro's gdau Christian Lace exex;acks inc Jony vondy sis of poor children named
1791-1 E      w  JOUGHIN      Bahee                    [ab in defuncts]
1791-2 E      w  CASTILL      Daniel                   dated 21 sep 1791;sis Margt(eldest),ann (purchased intack from john kneale),mary(reneagen qtrlnd purchased john garret)(execx);michael curphy h/o mary
1791-2 E      d  GAWN         Philip                   d 5 apr 1791;ch mark,john + danl;
1792   A 50      LACE         Thomas                   ballagaur;son patrick,wm,ch ann,christian,judy ,jane + cath (exec)
1792   A 51      JOUGHEN      William                  dated 11 jan 1791;bro's son john joughin;gilbert fargher exor
1792-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Joney       Corkish      d 19 jan 1792;ch charles + joney admrs(by article agreement - names ch charles,danl,thos + jony + danl joughin h/o margt[?decd] + wm cowle h/o cath[?decd]
1792-2 E    w    CAistil      Thomas                   declrd 11 jun 1792;ballakernane;dau ann kneal als caistil w/o wm,dau cath quayle als caistel w/o john,christian crenilt als caistel,margt caistil exex
1792-2 E    d    GREATHEAD    John                     a stranger d 5 oct 1788 bombay without issue;widow christian greathead als cowll (many years resided nr city of london) - husb embarked to east indies on hm private ship of was prince william
1793-1 E 339  w  GARRETT      Daniel                   declrd 19 apr 1793;son danl;other married ch;dau christian(only one with me) exex
1793-1 E 341  d  KNEALE       John                     d some time ago;bach;mariner ship Elizabeth liverpool;sibs wm,christian
1794   A 66 dg   GARRET       Joney                    w/o david;dau margt;john sayle h/o margt;daniel [sic] garret h/o sd joney;
1794-2 E      d  CLEATER      Thomas                   d 16 Oct 1794;only child Mary Cleator admx -ua;wife Cath (agrees to pay 7 to child agreed to by uncle Patk Cleator)
1794-2 E      d  COWIN        Jane        KILLEY       d 28 Oct 1794;noted of Maughold;ch Philip, Alice(had marriage portion) + Cath(w/o John Tear) jt admrs
1794-2 E      d  COWLE        Ann         HAMPTON      d 14 Oct 1794;husb John;ch John, Esther + Ann - ua (fa agrees to pay 15 in lieu of goods) - gfa Robt Hampton + uncle James Hampton agree
1795   A 77      CHRISTIAN    William                  declared 1 jan 1795;ballabeg;dau jane,isabel (her dau isabel cannel),margt (w/o mark christian);son  wm(heir),daniel
1795-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 4 jul 1794;next of kin john,philip + sarah c/o bro philip + jane,margt + mary c/o bro danl;
1795-1 E      d  COWLE        Margaret    howland      d 2 jul 1795;ch robt,wm,sam,john + george;husb robt
1795-1 E      d  CRENILT      Elizabeth   KEE          d 24 feb 1794;ch wm,john + danl;
1796   A 59      COWLE        Margaret    lace         husb robt jnr;dau anne (younger),cath;bro philip lace + bro-i-law william christian exec + guardians;pledges wm lace bride,standish christian lezayre
1796   A 60      JOUGHEN      Margaret                 made 14 mar 1789;dau mary kneen als joughin w/o john ramsey;gdau margt d/o son wm;gson wm joughin;son wm exec
1796-1 E      d  Hinds        Wilfred                  perished by sea in passage from England Jan 1796;ch Wm, Wilfred, John, Joseph, Sarah + Ann - all except Wm ua (+ he off Island); wife Ann sworn guradian; claims
1797   A 79      MASON        John                     dated 1 oct 1796;son robt,john;dau jane;wife exex
1797   A 80      MOORE        Jane        christian    d 21 feb 1797;ballacowle;son wm;dau jane,elizth;husb wm exec;ch ua
1797   A 81      CHRISTIAN    Catherine                made 20 jan 1797;ballacallow;sis bahee christian,joney,mary;bro wm;niece jane christian ballabeg;4 daus (inc ann) of niece dorothy christian ballafayle;
                                                        names isabel christian ballabeg;nephew wm + danl christian ballabeg;names john christian ballafayle,lucy kneen;bro john exec
1797-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Margaret    fayle        d 17 dec 1796;only ch margt
1797-1 E    w    GARRETT      John                     dated 17 oct 1796;son john,paul,patrick (exec);son-i-law matthew christian (+his ch);dau margt w/o danl skinner;gdau margt skinner;fiend wm quark
1797-1 E    d    JOUGHIN      Joney                    d 27 feb 1797;spinster;bro wm joughin
1797-1 E    d    LACE         Daniel                   d 31 dec 1796;7 ch wm,patk,danl,jane,ann,mary + bridget;wm radcliffe h/o bridget
1797-1 E    d    SAYLE        David                    d 3 may 1796;3 ch john,cath + margt
1797-2 E      d  CASTYLL      Dorothy     christian    d 17 feb 1797;ch wm,esther,christian (w/o john kelly),mary co admrs;pledges danl joughin + john caistyl both kk bride
1798   A 73      WADE         Philip                   6 ch phil,cath,ann,jane,margt + elizth;wife sarah als welch;
1798   A 74      CALEY        William                  made 18 nov 1797;sons john,wm,patrick (croft between them - all ua);wife ann als cowle to send sons to trade
1798   A 75      CHRISTIAN    William                  declrd 13 nov 1797;reast;dau isabel,joney;son john exec
1798   A 76      COWIN        Catherine                made 21 mar 1794;dau mary,isabel,ellinr;son john,thomas exec;husb thomas
1798-1 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 made 25 apr 1798;husb thomas exec;mo alive;ch wm, cath + judy;uncle by mo side john christian guardian
1798-1 E    d    CRENILT      Christian   KELLY        d 11 apr 1798;ch patk + elizabeth;pledges wm howland + saml cowle
1798-1 E    d    CRENILT      Christopher              d 3 feb 1798;ch wm,john isable
1798-1 E    d    HOWLAND      Daniel                   d 30 mar 1798;only ch ann cowle als howland (w/o samuel);pledges wm howland + patk crinnelt both bride
1798-2 e816      caistyl      john                     d 13 mar 1798;ch thomas,john,esther ua;wife cath ;pledges richard + wm kneale;claims;inv
1798-2 e822      christian    cathrine                 dec 1 may 1798;only son john;dau-i-law ann christian;son-i-law thomas christian (3 ch wm,cath,judith);son john + dau ann execs
1798-2 e802      christian    thomas                   d 21 apr 1798;sibs wm + isabel christian als christian + ch of decd sis margt + cath;john christian h/o isabel (+ son wm);inv sale
1798-2 e808      christian    william                  ballachrink;dau cath,margt,christian;sons thomas,charles,john,wm (heir);wife alive;1800 george cowle h/o cath
1798-2 e800      clucas       william rev              vicar genl;d 6 aug 1798;ch elizth,jane,cath + ann;wife elizth admr + supv of ua;pledges rev dal mylrea curate andreas + wm christian (bro to elizth clucas snr)
1798-2 e813      curphey      mary        caistyle     sister w/o henry corkish (+her dau elizth crenilt als corkish);husb michael (croit moar)
1798-2 e810      howland      ann         moore        declrd 5 o'clock 14 may 1798;son john(+ son john;croft);dau jane,ellinor ann;husb thomas;3daus exexs
1798-2 e792      quark        william                  declamed 24 jul 1798;taylor;sisters jane christian (widow) ,elizth cormoad ;names elenorah corlett ;danl skinner exec;wm cormode + wife summoned
1798-2 e824 w    sayle        isable                   d 6 may 1798;son john;dau-i-law margt;gson john sayle;gdau margt sayle;daus cath + margt exexs
1798-2 e815      tear         margaret    howland      d 20 jun 1798;ch john,wm + thomas ;john of la admr;uncle charles howland guardian
1799-1 E    d    SAYLE        John                     d 12 apr 1799;balnelhiarghy;ch john,wm,cath all ua;wife elinor;fa wm;1811 wm acks from guardian chas tear - court proceedings 1801 agst chas tear husb of elinor als sayle re ch money incl legacy by gfa patk cormode decd;some confusing court proceedings
1799-1 E    w    KNEALE       Ann                      declrd 4 jun 1799;widow crosby;dau joney (w/o stephen kaneen),margt,cath(widow john castel + her ch);son richd exec

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