Episcopal Wills 1790 Malew #2, of Thomas Redfern

(from MM GL725 / LDS 0106402 )

At a Consistory court holden in the Parish of Kirk Patrick on Thursday the ninth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety [1790]

 Malew  Insula Monae
Thomas Redferne of Castletown (Bachelor)
having departed this Island in or about the year of our Lord
one thousand seven hundred and eighty and having as by advices received departed this
life intestate in the Island of Martinique in the
West Indies in or about the year of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and eighty two [1782] And the court having received
intelligence thereof have upon the humble petition of 
Thomas Cannell his brother in law and Leonora Cannell als
Redfern his wife and sister of the said intestate and in virtue
and xarsuing ? of certain articles of agreement and deed of
resignation and assignment of the right of administration
 of the goods and effects of the said Thomas Redfern entered into betwixt
 Thomas Redfern his father and the said Thomas Cannell and Leonora
 his wife dated 8th day of December instant and properly
 and legally attested and hereunto annexed Decree him
 the said Thomas Cannell sole administrator of all the goods
 rights credits chattels and effects moveable and imoveable whatever
 of the said Thomas Redfern junior that are within this Diocese
 and he is therefore sworn well and truly to administer
 the same to return a perfect inventory thereof to the
 Registry of the court when thereunto required and to
 pay all the just debts of the said intestate so far
 forth as his goods and effects will extend and the
 law bind him and to these ends hath given
 pledges in form of law namely Thomas Quine
 of the Parish of Kk Patrick & John Gell
 of the parish of Kirk German yeoman
 Discretum est
 Joh Moore
 Ev Christian
 23 Oct 1793
 John Taubman Esq claims from estate of Thomas Redfern Brit 13 0 0
 John Christian claims 0 10 0 Brit
 June 29 1794
 Tho Quilliam claims 10 0 0

In the petition which accompanies this will Thomas is described as sailmaker; his father Thomas (of Castletown) had deeded any rights to Thomas for six shillings (deed dated 8 Dec 1790 witnesses Richard Quirk & James Kelly)



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