Archdeacon Wills 1772, #62, Arbory, of Matthew Taubman of BallaNorris, Arbory


"I Matthew Taubman of BallaNorris in the Parish of KK Arbory being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory do make my last will and testament in manner following.
First, I commend my soul to God in steadfast hope of a joyful resurrection and remission of all my sins through the merits of a crucified Saviour, and my body to Christian burial at the discretion of my executor hereafter named. And as for worldly goods and effects, I dispose of them as follows, viz: I leave unto the poor of Castletown five pounds and I order and direct that a brewing-pan be bought for the use of the poor of KK Arbory to contain a bowl[?] and that the issues and profits thereof be distributed among them as the Vicar and Wardens shall think fit by appropriating to them an house[?] apiece which said sums are to arise out of the money … for the rebuilding of KK Arbory Church, and also a bowl of barley to the poor of Castletown and of KK Arbory to be distributed by the Vicar and Wardens of each parish respectively.
Item, I leave unto my granddaughters, viz Catharine Moore and Margaret Moore, daughters of the Revd. John Moore, and Elizabeth Christian daughter of the Revd. John Christian forty pounds apiece, which said sums, making in all one hundred and twenty pounds, I order and direct my son John Taubman to pay unto my said granddaughters at their respective marriages, or when they respectively arrive at the age of twentyone years, and in lieu thereof, it is my will and pleasure that my said son John is to have the Estate of BallaStole with all its appurtenances, and I further order that my son Thomas Taubman is to have the interest of said assigned[?] and twenty pounds until my granddaughters respective marriages or they arrive to age as above said, and the said interest to cease … portion to their respective marriages, or their above said age. I also leave and bequeath unto my son Thomas my part of the interest in and upon my Northside mortgages viz Corlet & … together with whatever ermainder may appear due from the mortgage or mortgages upon land now in the hands, with the papers relative thereunto Captn. Thomas Moore, as also full power of …ling said mortgages and giving the necessary …ges for the same.
Item, I leave and bequeath unto my daughter Margaret three hundred pounds, not doubting her dali… demeanor to her mother.
Item, I leave unto my son Henry my house and garden in Castletown, commonly called Laurence’s House, with all its appurtenances, in case my said son Henry recovers from his present disorder and is capable of enjoying it, otherwise I leave and bequeath my said House and garden and its appurtenances as before mentioned unto my daughter Catherine Moore, and I order and direct that all my said son Henry’s …, bonds and … lying in my hands be surrendered and delivered up unto him my said son Henry and in this it shall please God to restore him to his former health, that he shall make some compensation, and he shall think proper, in lieu of the same unto my granddaughter Margaret Moore above mentioned.
I leave unto my son and heir John Taubman all my purchase and intack in Scard, he giving his mother an acquittance for all dues and demands between them and I further order the … to be left in the Marown house for the use of him my said son Henry and the best silver cup to be left in like manner as an heirloom.
I leave unto my daughter Jane the silver pint can after my wife’s decease.
I leave unto my daughter Catharine the second choice silver cup after my wife’s decease.
I release and acquit the following persons of whatever they may stand indebted unto me, viz, John Preston of the White Stone, Hugh Quork of Peeltown, and Hugh Callow, for what may be due after a settlement.
Lastly, I nominate constitute and appoint my loving wife whole and sole executrix of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever, cutting off all other claims by affinity with sixpence legacy apiece. And it is my request that my son John and my son in law John Moore be aiding and assisting to my said executrix in all matters and things relating her affairs. And I leave a guinea a piece unto my four eldest grandsons, they my said grandsons taking my … from the door. Hereby revoking and disannulling all former wills and ratifying and establishing this alone to be my last will and testament. Published and declared by the testator as his last will and testament 29 day of October 1771. [signed] Matt. Taubman. Witnesses: Robt Christian, John Moore.

At Chapter Court holden at Castletown may 2x, 1772, Robert Christian and John Moore subscribing witnesses of the last will and testament of Matth. Taubman have deposed that the testator being of sound and disposing mind and memory signed published and declared the before going writing as his last will and testament in their presence. And whereas Elizabeth Taubman relict of and executrix named in the said will of said will of Matth. Taubman, apprehends that the said testator has devised and bequeated more goods and chattels than he had a right to by law, and … it would be unsafe and improper for her to undertake the burden of said will, and thereupon has by her son and heir John Taubman, in open court relinquished the executorship and all benefit resulting from said will. The court has therefore decreed Margret Taubman daughter of the testator and his only child unprovided for and unproved sole administrator of all the goods, chattels and credits of the deceased with the will annexed, and she the said Margaret is sworn to exhibit to the Registry a true and perfect inventory . . ."




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