Episcopal Wills 1756 Maughold #1, of Thomas Kneale

(from MM GL 710 / LDS 0106382 )

Ramsey Feb 16 1756
Thomas Kneale son of Danl Kneale of the parish
of Kk Andrews perished by sea on the coast of
Scotland on or about the 13th of Sept last - and whereas
it is alledged that the sd decd made his will in
favour of his mother Joney Kneale & thereby
appointed her Execrx, and that she the sd Joney by
& with the consent & approbation of her husband
Daniel Kneale have by an agreement herunto
annexed surrended & resigned their right to the
sd decdts assets on certain conditions in sd
agreement mentioned unto the sd decadts
brothers namely Patr: Kneale, John Kneale and Edmd Kewn - they the sd brothers are hereby
decreed joint admrs of all the goods & chattells
whatsover of the sd deceadt and are accordingly
sworn for payment of debts according to law
as also to be just to one another in the division
of the goods - & have given pledges in form of law
namely Wm Lace (vitchell) & Wm Kneale, both
of Lezayre
decretum est Ro Radcliffe, Matths Curghey
solvit 3d
Whereas Thos Kneale son of Danl Kneale & Joney Kneale
als Cowll of Reggaby and parish of Kk Andreas lately perished
at sea on the coast of Scotland and some time before his death
made a will before several witnesses and the most of the witnesses
are dead since the making of the sd will, in which sd will all his
worldly effects was left to his honred mother, Joney Kneale
aforesd and for the good will and affection the sd mpother doth
bear to her own dear children vizt her son and heyrs John
Kneale, Patt Kneale and Eliz Kewn als Kneale her daughter and
to avoid  all strife difference and law suit that might arise
between the sd parties before the sd will would be perfected
they have come to this following agreement as is now at
large set down and expressed
Be it known by these presents that we the abovesd Danl Kneale and
Jonney Kneale als Cowll divers good reasons us thereunto
moving but more especially for the reason abovesd and for
the consideration of the full and just sum of sixteen pounds
currency of this Isle to be fully paid and satisfied at and
from the hands of the above named children vizt Jon Kneale
Patt: Kneale Edmd Kewn and Eliz Kewn als Kneale his 
wife vizt John Kneale to pay four pounds Edmd Kewn
and Elizh Kewn his wife to pay five pounds ten shillings
& Patt: Kneale six pounds ten shillings wch compleats
the sum of sixteen pounds unto us the foresd Danl Kneale  and
Jonney Kneale at or upon May day next ensuing the date
hereof for consideration of the sd sum and conditions within
specified the foresd Danl Kneale and foresd wife do hereby
surrender up all what right title and interest that we now
have or in any wise may or ought to have unto the aforsd
Thos Kneale our sons effects by virtue of the above
mentioned will unto them theyr heyres excrs administrators
and asignes for ever and our foresd children John Kneale
Patt Kneale Edmd Kewn and Eliz Kewn als Kneale his wife
to be sworn administrators of their foresd brother at or upon
the first chapter court held at Lezayre and for true and
faithfull performance of all and singular the promises and
all claws and sentances herein specified all parties
concerned do bind and oblidge themsdelves their heyrs exrs and
assigns either to the other in and under the penalty of two
hundred pounds fine to be paid and levied in  nature of all
other fines within this Isle in witness hereof they have
caused their names and usual marks to be set this 12th December 1755
signed and delivered in presence of the subscribing witnesses
Dan lace, Wm Kneale

At a court of correction holden at Lezayre Feb 16 1756
All the parties to the within agreement acknoledged
the same to be their voluntary act & deed
before me
July 13 1757
Joney Kneale in her own right & Patr Kneale as execr of Dan
Kneale her husband acknowledge to have recd from their brother
John Kneale the sum of four pounds equally betwixt them being
in persuance & in full of the within agreemt & they hereby severally
acquit & discharge the sd John Kneale & all others for the same witness
their marks to their names
Joney Kneal X, Patr Kneal X
Eod Die
Joney Kneale aforesd also acknowledges to have recd from her son
Patr Kneale the sum of Three pounds five shills in full for her
share of the consideration mentnd in the within agreemt & acquit
her son Patr & all others for ever for the same witness her mark
to her name Dat ut supra
Joney Kneale X
all this before me 
Ja Wilks Ep Regr

Septr 22d 1756 Robt Cubon claims agt the admrs of Thos Kneale for £1:1:3

one of 9 mariners whose deaths are given as 18 Sept 1756;

The family were from Regaby (?Veg North) - father Daniel Kneale bur Andreas 15 Feb 1757, mother Joney Cowle from Leodest, m. Andreas 11 Aug 1716
following children found (all bapt Andreas) - see transcribed registers upto 1731, the IGI gives death of John I in 1721, which would fit as Patrick is named as executor of his father, Andreas Confirmations indicate a John, son of Daniel confirmed in 1736 which would correspond to a birth c. 1723:

Elizabeth (Betty) 29 Jun 1717
John I 26 May 1719 (? d 29 Oct 1721 )
Patrick - 27 Aug 1721
Thomas I 3 Jun 1724 (d 14 Aug 1725) (twin with Robert)
Robert 3 Jun 1724 (? bur 22 Jul 1724)
Thomas II 30 May 1727
Elinor 17 Mar 1729 (? bur 28 May 1746)

Joney indicated as widow in 1757 census - the family consisted of 1 adult male, 2 adult females, 2 boys & 1 girl - would correspond to Joney + married son John
There is however a query as he would appear to have married Joney (Judith) Lace in 1748, children include Thomas 1754 but Feltham reports his age at death as 65 which would however correspond to John I..

In 1757 a Patrick Kneale and wife Margery were at Regaby Veg - marriage 9 Dec 1749 indicated Patrick from Regaby Veg; and Margery Kneale from Ballaleany

The entry in Andreas by Sally McCambridge, priv pub 2005 would appear to be confused as it gives Daniel's death as 1771 - links Joney with Regaby Veg.



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