Episcopal Wills 1756 Maughold #1, of William Crow

(from MM GL 710 / LDS 0106382 )

Ramsey Feb 16 1756
William Crow perished by sea on the coast of 
Scotland on or about the 23d Octbr last intestate. The 
court having intelligence thereof decrees his 
two children namely William & John Crow
joint Adminrs of all his goods & chattells
moveable & imoveable whatsoever, who being
both underage their uncles & aunt namely
Charles, James, Edmund & Margt Crow are
sworn supervisors by whose consent the Dead's
part of the children & their goods are comitted
to the tuition of their mother - the sd supervisors
have also agreed to pay unto the sd mother towards
the maintenance of the orphans the sum of
ten shills @ quarter equally between them, until
sd orphans come to age & Chas & Edmd have engaged
for the punctual paymt of sd sum in behalf
of themselves & the other two - whereupon the
widow is sworn for paymt of Debts, as also to bring
to the registry a perfect inventory, & hath given
pledges in form of law namely Wm Kegg of Ballaugh
& John Caine sumnr of Kk Michl
Decretum est Ro Radcliffe, Matths Curghey

There would appear to have been 12 mariners lost at sea that night, all involved with the running trade (the burial register has "perished at sea on the coast of Scotland in a storm Oct 23rd the vicar adding "En quo negotium illicutum mineros perduxit cives")-
William CAIN (a)
Thomas CLARK
Martin CORKIL (a)
John COWLE (a) - administration states perished 18 Oct
Thomas COWLE (a)
William CROW (a)
John GELL (a)
Daniel KNEEN
David LAWSON (a)
William MARTIN (a)
John WOODS (a)

Another 9 were lost a month earlier on the 18th Sept - the dates in the administrations differ somewhat - the burial register states "perished at sea on the coast of England about the 18th Sept"
Philip CAIN (a)
William CALLOW
Charles COWLE (a)
John COWLEY (a)
William CROW (a)
James GILL (a) - otherwise James Killey
James KNEAL (a)
Thomas KNEAL (a)
James SAYLE (a)


Those marked (a) have administrations



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