Episcopal Wills 1722-1 Arbory, of Ellinor Corrin

(from MM EW31 / LDS 0106369)

1722 Kk Arbory
The testatrix was buried the 3d of May 1722 [sic ? date at end of will]
The last will & testament of Ellinr Corrin who
being weak in body but of good & perfect
memory, first committed her soul to God and
her body to Xtian burial. Itm she left her
nephew Rich Corrin her part of Colby Miln
and her proportion of the bees, a pewter dish,
a brass candlestick, a pott, a coarse sive and
a hodge [? overwritten]. Itm she left and bequeathed unto her
said nephew's son viz Wm Corrin, a feathr bed
Itm she bequeathed unto her sister in law Jane Corrin, a large chest and a petwer dish while
she liv'd and afterwards to be left into the house.
She her sister a red petticoat.
Itm she left her brothr Rich: Corrin five
shillings & 6d legacy and to his youngest
son Rich 5s : to his daughter Jane a handkerchief,
to his daughtrs Ann & Elizabeth
a yard a piece of a linnen cloath. Itm she
bequeathed unto her brothrs Wm & John
five shillings & 6d a piece.
Itm she bequeathed unto her brothr John's son
a blankett and a piece of coarse linned cloth
Itm she left unto her neece Jane Clark a
blanket and a sheet. Itm she left to her neece Ellnr
Corrin twenty shillings if she wd come for it, and
if not. she left the sd sum to her excr : Itm to
Ann Crellin 3 yards of coarse linnen cloath :
Itm to Ellnr Moar a coarse sheet, & to her
daughter Anne Bridson 3 yards of linnen cloath
Itm to Jane Quill her bed cloaths. Itm to
Rich Clague a shilling and lastly she 
nominated and appointed her nephew Richard
Corrin & her neece Catherine Duckan
executors of all the rest of her goods
moveable & immoveable whatsover
Dat May 21st 1722
Thos Moor his X
Robt Crellin his X
Ther exrs sworn in court in form of law,
& gave pledges Wm Sherlock & the sumnr vizt Wm Clague

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so burial date not certain.



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