Archdeacon Will 1716 #15, Malew of John Bridson of Oristal:

"Malew 1716: In the name of God, amen. I John Bridson of Oristal in the parish of KK Malew, being weak in body, but of perfect and sound memory, bearing to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life, do make my last will and testament in manner following.
First, I commit my soul and unto God, and my body unto Christian burial.
Item, I leave and bequeath unto the poor of the parish and of the Town a bowl of barley to be distributed among them.
Item, I leave unto the Reverend Mr. Woods my pastor a choice mutton and a furlet of malt in expectation he’d preach my funeral sermon.
Item, I leave and bequeath unto William Bridson and Jane his wife xxx of Oristal half the crop, half the team and half husbandry gears, they paying unto my grandchild Ann Bridson, sister unto the said heiress four xxxx. I also bequeath unto the said William Bridson and Jane his wife half the bedsteads, and half of all the tables, and of the forms and chairs, xxx also half of all the hoped vessels and small vessels in the house, and also it is my will, that the whole stock of sheep upon the Estate of Oristal, that lives next Lady Day in March, be equally betwixt the said Bridson and my Executrix which I shall hereafter nominate, he the said Bridson paying my Executrix two shillings and six pence apiece for the xxx excepting for those that are but a year old next May, for which he is to pay sixteen pence apiece. And I also leave the said William Bridson and his wife Jane all the loose dails [= deals or lengths of timber] in the house, to floor what is not already floored of the dwelling house, they finding me a coffin.
Item, I leave unto my son William Bridson Vicar of KK Marown two shillings legacy.
Item, I leave unto my son Thomas Bridson twenty shillings in money, and a rug, a blanket and a pair of sheets.
Item, unto my son Christopher Bridson twenty shillings.
Item, I leave unto my son Paul Bridson a cow called Blaggeo and a horse called the Collxxxx.
Item, I leave unto my daughter Katherine Bridson eight pounds of xxx and a furnished feather bed.
Item, I leave unto my granddaughter xxx[?Ellinor] Harrison two sheep and two lambs and to my above said granddaughter Ann Bridson one lamb and sheep.
And lastly I constitute and appoint my loving wife Ann Bridson whole Executrix of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable.
In witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name this 13th day of November 1716. [signed] John Bridson.
It is further agreed upon betwixt the above said Testator John Bridson and the said Executrix Ann his wife that she the said Executrix (in case she should die first) constitutes her said husband whole Executor after the same manner he constituted her, he paying the afore said legacies in every respect as above mentioned; in xxxx whereof she hereunto sets her mark the day and year above mentioned. [signed her mark] Ann Bridson. Witnesses: John Harrison, Edward Quay, Christopher Bridson.

The Executrix sworn in form of Law. Pledges, the Revd. Mr. William Bridson, & Mr. John Harrison. I acknowledge to have received from the hands of Ann Bridson my mother the sum of eight pounds being a legacy left me by my father as appeared by his will, and this I give as a full discharge of the same, as witness my name and mark this 6th of December 1716. [signed her mark] Catherine Bridson. Witnesses: Paul Bridson, William Bridson.

In acknowledge to have received from the hands of Ann Bridson my mother the sum of twenty shillings being a legacy left me by my father as appears by his will, and have also received twenty shillings left by him to my brother Thomas Bridson and twenty shillings left by him to my brother Christopher Bridson for which I am accountable to them whenever they please to demand the same, and this I give my mother as a full discharge for the afore said legacies as witness my name this 6th of December 1716. [signed] William Bridson. Witnesses: Paul Bridson, William Bridson.

6th December 1716: The within mentioned Legacies in sum were paid, and received, as within specified before me, Dan Mylrea."

 fpc: Widow Ann died 1721/2


Judging from the cash legacies to Thomas and Christopher and the fact that William signed for them, it is likely that both were off the Island. A Christopher Bridson is noted as master of the Oak trading to the Maderas in 1721 but no clear link can be made. John's widow also gave them cash legacies in 1721 and appointed Paul and Catherine executors.

The exact relationship between John and the William Bridson who inherits the farm goods etc is not immediately obvious - William's wife Jane is referred to as sister to grandchild Anne Bridson. Several have linked the John Bridson, Vicar of Braddan1691-2 with this family but there is no obvious link - buried (Braddan burial register) 12 Jul 1692 - it looks as if Braddan was without a minister untill Fletcher in 1696.

John the willer's son John was dead by the time of this will - an earlier settlement of 1699 [Old Marown Deed #32]

Jon Bridson's Settlement on his son 1699

Jn Bridson of (lx) Orrastall Deed of Settlement Recorded

At a court holden at Peel Town the 8th of October 1717 for the Barony of St Trinians

The within settlement as far as concerns the Lands for us the Barrony of St Trinians is allowed of and confirmed to Law by us. Dan Mclrea


Att a Shedding Court held on 4th S castle Rushen, the 11th Oct 1717


The Within Settlement being acknowledged before us Deemster Mcylrea & now published in open Court & noe objection agr at these is allowed of & confirmed according to Law as far as concerns Lords Lands.

Alex Horne


Be it known unto all men by these presents that I Jon Bridson of Orestle within the parish of Kk: Malew, with the full assent and consent of Ann: my wife, in consideration of the natural love & affection we doe beare unto our son John: Bridson, and foir his better preferment, I have given, granted and esceat, and doe by these presents give, grant & estate to & upon our said son a piece of land purchased by us belonging to the Barrony of St Trinions in K: Marown of the yearly rent of five shillings & nine pence or there abouts with the customs belong to the same and a parcell of Intack there unto appertaining of sixpence halfe penny yearly rent or there abouts. To run and continue as inheritances to him & his heyres with the farme or Orestle for ever by these prsents ....

promise to deliver unto our said son .. at the end and expiration of eight years commencing at Michealmas ...

The missing John is almost certainly John Bridson, Attorney General, who died young in 1703/4 (will EW27 570) which as Michael Bridson points out took considerable time to prove as well as containing curious comments re money due to several persons.

The birthdates of granddaughter Ann is not known - however it seems that she was married early (aged 16 or younger) to her cousin presumably to keep Oristal within the family - however she produced no male heirs and Oristal passed out of the family.


M Bridson A 1705 Inventory IoMFam Hist Soc vol XXII #3 pp 96/97 Aug 2000



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