Episcopal Will 1683 Malew #2, of Edward Redfern:

(from MM EW22 / LDS 0991644 )

Kk Malew octr 23th 1683
Edward Redfern departed this life about the 7th October last intestate
whereof the church haveing intelligence hath decreed his
3 children vizt Jon Thomas and George Redfern sole and joint
admrs of all his goods moveable and unmoveable. The children
att age supervisor of the child under age. And a legacy
to ye wife upon sight of the Inventory
Solve tamen xxcing
Decrutum est ob solvit 5s 6d
Jon & Tho Redfern are sworn and to be true to ye child
under age and hand their own goods in their hands and are
are become bound jointly and severally for ye other child's goods
& to secure that office sub pona &tc

The inventory precedes the will on the page -

The inventarie of the goods of Edward Redfern [] and prised by
sworn men to witt Jo Ross hatter, John Boardman John Quirk and John
Quilliam as followeth
Imprimis half of all the corne and hay 8 10 0
Item half of 3 oxen 3 cowes and heffer 2 calves 4 0 0



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