Archidiaconal Wills 1659 Maughold #65, of Elizabeth Black

(from MM / LDS )

"KK Maghold 1658: The last Will & Testament of ELIZA: BLACK WIFE OF JO: BLACKE of Ramsey merchant who departed this life ye 4th day of December in ye yeare abovesaid.
Itt, She bequeathed to her SIX CHILDREN twenty pounds apiece; & her HUSBAND abovesd executor of all ye rest of her goods.
Testes: Robt Allen, Robt Christian, jurat.

2 Febr 1658: The exec sworne. Probat et Solvit 1s. per me, Thom Norris, Registrie.

THE EXEC BEINGE AT AGE hath given securitye Sir Ed: Crowe minister of KK Christ Leare, & Hen: Caltroppe not onely to pay & satisfy the CHILDRENs procions mencioned & expressed xxxx to pay & satisfy all debts lawfully paid but also to secure & keepe harmless the xxxx[hidden in fold] from all further suites and incumbrances that may arise. Subpoena 200 pounds to the Lords use xxx further to Testifye the same they have subscribed their names this 2 of Febr 1658. Ed: Crowe, Henry Calthorp.

Look more of this business in the last leafe fore more of debts.

DEBTS DUE UPON ye deseaseds part: Mr. Henry Qualthorpe 11 pounds : 5 shillings : 6 pence;
Robt Cowle dyer 4:13:0;
from Thomas Casement 3:14:0;
John Wattleforth 1:5:0;
from Sr Edward Crow 2:8:6;
from Jo: Crow Gladoofe 0:19:0;
from Robt Christin Baltrim 1:3:0; from Edward Kissage of Kerrow more 0:10:6; from Phillip Cowle of Ramsey 0:8:6; George Ewart of Cumberland 3:0:0; due from several persons in KK Christ Leyair as appears by the booke of particules 12:0:0; Due in the same manner in ye parish of KK Andreas 6:0:0; Due in like manner out of KK Bride 2:10:0; Due also in like manner in KK Maughall 4:00:0; Out of Ballaugh & Jourby 1:0:0; out of KK Michael 1:0:0. More to be added 20 pounds, due from Hen: Qualtrough of KK Christ Ley Ayre and acknowledged by himself the day of payment 5 of March wch is designed[?] for the use of her SON HUGH BLACK.

Looke back to the next side of the leafe.

Mr. Thomas Noras I desire you to xxxxx xxxx upon the last of Janauarie in your xxxx your pro------s 1659: Henry Carbooy[?] 12 pounds : 0 shillings : xx pence; John Watilford 1:0:0: Ewan Blackbird 3:4:0; Robart Christin baltrim xxxxxx 1:6:0; Edmond & John Caret of KK Christ 1:8:0; John Caisment of par-hban[?] 0:1:0; Captan Christine 0:10:0; Robart Christine of Lang[?] 1:0:0; Robart Crow of Glanduf 0:5:0; xxxx More 0:5:0; Captan Curghie 0:15:0; Willm Carat shoe maker 0:10:0; Patrick Knaile KK Andras 0:5:0; Donel Macgorlay[?] 0:4:0; xx John Hoddelson 1:6:0; James Kinry 0:3:6; Duncan Fail of the foutlh[?] KK Andras 0:15:0; Willm Crow of the Gilghah 0:11:0; Michel Coure[?] of KK Andreas 0:4:0; Richard[?] Sansboray[?] 0:7:0; Captan John Christin 0:10:0; Robart[?] Corled roes 0:4:0; Willm Kenley[?, Kewley] 0:2:0; Edmon Crow of glantraman 0:4:0; Thomas Quaile 1:0:0. I desire you to enter these names xxxxxxx the last of Janauarie and I shall pay you at thenext meiting.

Xx Febr 1659: The exec of ELIZ BLACKE doth enter his claim agst all ye affornamed persons for ye several sums & xxx xxx, and craveth the benefit of ye Law.

ULTIMO DIE 9BRIS 1659: Michell Xpin Sumner hath made his affidavid yt he charged WM MOORE to appeare before Capt Stevenson at ye suite of ye exec of ELIZ: BLACKE and hath disobeyed therefore in fine 6d.

ULTIMO DIE 9BRIS 1659: Wm Curleod Sumner hath made his affidavid yt he charged these persons followeinge to appeare before Capt Stevenson at ye suite of ye exec of ELIZ BLACKE and have disobeyed therefore in fine: James Xpan 12d, Wm Carrett 12d in ye Kelly Shelder, Tho: Callister 12d, Wm Standish, Jo: Carrett 12d; Patr Kneale 12d, Jony Xpn 12d, Jo: Carrett of ye Arye 12d, Duncan Faile 12d his sone ye cobler.

ULTIMO DIE 9BRIS 1659: PATR COWLE sumner hath made his affidavid that he charged Tho Bodagh 12d, Robt Calow 12d, Richd Cottingham 12d & Hen: Xtin 12d, to appeare before Capt Stevenson at ye suite of ye exec of ELIZ: BLACKE & have disobeyed, Therefore in fine.[the 12d by each name is the fine imposed on each person] SIR EDW: CROW: YOU ARE HEERBY AUTHORIZED & likewise desired to take the oath of Sr Robt Allen concerneing the probacion of this will and It is order that all parties wm it concerns shall have a chardge to bee present Date ye 12th Febr 1660. Hugh Cannell, Jam:Moore

TO MR HUGH CANNELL, AND MR JAMES MOORE, THESE PRESENTS: Reverend Brethren, my best wishes and respects ever tendered, etc. I have accordinge unto your Authority, and commands layd upon me (beene this 14th of Feabr 1660 with Mr. Robt Allen who nowe lyeth waiting upon his bed of sickeness, till the ch----- hand of the Almighty be stretched out to haloe him, and after a litill conference with him, I shewed[?] him your authority and commands layed upon me in which place and tyme Jo: Blacke and the party concerned were then present when I desired the sd Mr. Allen to sweere to the will of ELIZA BLACKE WIFE OF JO: BLACKE his answer unto mee was that what he had done before was suffitiont for he did order us to sweare by any will nor never would hee be witness to any will hearaftr if God would lend him life but as for that will of ELIZABETH BLACKE he said that he layde upon his sicke bed before Almighty God and that the sd ELIZABTH spake noe insensible words but that the will xxxx instant was ye very words spoken by hirselfe, and in perfect memorie to the best of his knowledge soe he xxxx noe more to saye at the present, I commit xxx to Gods holy protection and rest, your ever loving Brother Ed: Crowe, This 14th of Feab 1660. I doe atest & wittnes wt Sir Ed. Crow hath prove[?] xxxxxxx xxxxx: ye same being uttered by me Robt xxxxx. MR. ALLEN BENYE[BEING] NOT ABLE TO COME to the Courte his oath is referred to be taken by me who hath deposed the will above xxxx to be true in every particular and that he cold not perceive by any of her expressions but that she was in perfect memory when she mayd the said Will. July 16th 1662, Rob: Allen. October the 19th 1662. John Harrison.

Copier xxx exam, per me xxxxx Crowe, Regr Episcop."

bur Maughold 5 Dec 1658



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