Archdeaconal Will 1637 # 31 Braddan of Mary Corkill als Vinch,

made 23 July 1637, husband William Corkill:

"Braddan 7ber[?] 12th: In nominee Dei: anno a------ the 23th of July 1637: Mary Vinch sicke of body but whole of mind & perfect memory make this my last will & testament ut sequ---.
Imprimis, she committed her soule to God, her to body Xtian burial.
Itm, to the poor at discretion.
Itm, to her eldest sonne Willm Corkill 5 pounds.
Itm, to her secnd daughter Jony Corkill 6 pounds.
Itm, to her mother Alice Joyner 20s.
Itm, to Elizabeth Cleras[?] 20s.
Itm, Margrett Calcot 10s.
Itm, shee constituted & ordained her 6 children viz Willm Ed:, Marie, Jony, Katheren & Margret her tru & lawfull execr of all the rest of her goods moveable & immoveable whatsoever. The children at years Supervisors of them under yeares.

[Testes:] Robert Quaile, Willm Corkill, jurati. Probatum est et Solvit 12d. Tyme given for the p-------tinge of the Invent till the next Chapter Court.

Wm Stevenson ye 5th of March 1637 entereth his claime against the executrs of Mary Vinch for two pptts[?] of butter[?] or there price &
craveth for the same a tryall of law.

A TRUE INVENTORIE of the goods of Mairie Vinch alas Corkill, priced the 11th of December in anno 1637, by Thomas Fairebrother, Nicholas Walker, Thomas Wilson als Lewransonn[?], & Clarke Quaill.
Imprimis: 2 dozen & a half mucie[?] boardes 13s 9d;
five dozen waxforde[?] boardes 10s;
Half hundred of barrel boardes 2s 6d;
12 barrels of white felt 3 pounds;
one barrel of stip[?] felt, & one of --ench 13s;
som hoagheads 20s;
foare[?] barrels 4s 6d;
2 comes, & a half[?] 4s xxd;
1 pound & a half of pitch 12s;
8 pound & a half of washed woole 3s xxd;
20 quartes of thony[?] 20s;
five poundes of bee wax 4s 2d;
2 pounds lynnen yarn 20d;
6 pounds of sope[?] 2s;
five oars & a half 5s 6d;
3 ieasts[?] & a half 7s;
2 bottels 12d;
1 fishing lane 3d;
10tie bathods of netts 20s;
tenn pounds of rough flaxe 12d;
1 white 32d;
1 boule of oates 3s;
fishing spinlers 18d;
[subtotal of page] 13 pounds 12s 3d;
1 pound felting[?] the half 3d;
1 firlet 10d;
half a brewing pann 30s;
Itm 19 pound pewter 13s 4d;
Itm 27 pond pottbrasse 19s;
Itm, 14 new wooden dishes 14d;
Itm 5 pound & half pound pann brass 3s 8d;
Itm, the halfe of two iron potts 3s;
Itm, the half of two iron gratts wth half a spit & half a paire tongs 2s 6d;
Itm, two pewter flagins 5s;
Itm, half a flagin & halfe 3 saltcellers 14d;
Itm, half a mortar & a brasse candlesticke 2s;
Itm, halfe a still 7s;
Itm, 5 silver spoones & a halfe 22s;
Itm, 9 pewter spoones & half spoone 9d;
Itm, 2 bedstockes 6s, Itm, halfe of 3 bedstockes 2s;
Itm, 1 stone 1s;
Itm, halfe a skinner half ladle half potthouks & halfe a earthen trenchers 6d;
Itm, dozen & halfe trenchers 6d;
Itm, 1 earthen chamber pott 2d;
Itm, the childrens part of old wooden vessels 9d;
Itm, half woden plater 2d;
Itm, half planke 4d;
Itm, half churne 5d;
Itm, half spead 4d;
Itm, 2 peates[?] 12d;
[subtotal for page] 6 pounds 8s.
Itm halfe 3 tables &
frames &
formes 7s 6d;
Itm, half of 4 cheefs[?] 6s 6d;
Itm 1 cubbord 13s 4d;
Itm half prest 1s 8d;
Itm, Half grater 2d;
Itm half bruch 3d;
Itm, half smoothing iron 8d;
Itm 2 chears & half cheare 14d;
Itm, halfe of 3 fether beds &
halfe of 5 boulsters & half an old flookebed[?hookebed] 11s;
Itm 1 fether bed & 2 boulsters & a halfe & 2 pillows & half a pillow 38s;
Itm, 4 rushings 1s 6d;
Itm, a paire curtaines & valens 2s;
Itm, 1 carpet & a halfe 4s;
Itm, 7 blankets 22s;
Itm, 4 cadowes & a halfe 22s;
Itm, 2 yeards broad cloth 4s;
Itm, 7 yeards & half yeard of woolen cloth made green 22s 6d;
Itm 15 yeards of scotch linen cloth 15s;
Itm, 20 yeards course linen 13s 4d;
Itm, 3 paire of course sheetes 17s;
Itm, 8 paire of fine sheets 5 pound 8s;
Itm 14teen napkins 4s 8s;
Itm, 2 board clothes 3s 8d;
Itm, 2 towells & halfe 4s;
Itm, 3 pillow / beeres 3s 3d;
Itm, half frying pan 2s 6d;
Itm, 2 kyne & half a cow 3 pounds;
Itm, half a horse 7s;
Itm, ye childers part of 6 houses & gardens rent 2s 10s price 12 pounds;
Itm, sheep & hogs 20 priced to 25s;
Itm half hasake 2d;
Itm, the whole Invent in goods 57 pounds, Itm, in money 54 pounds 9d.

So ye whole som of this Inventorie out of wch testatrix debts & legacies xxxx be deducted as follow [2 ½] lines are scribbled out and not readable]. Wm Corkill & Mary Corkill are at lawfull yeares & have bound ymselves for there part to secure the office. The debts and leagcies to bee deducted out of the childrens part as followes: first in legassies
To Alice Joyner 20s;
To Margrett Calcott 10s;
To Issable Mcboy 20s;
To Jony Corkill 6pounds;
To Willm Corkill 5 pounds. Secondly in Debts: To Tho: Bankes 2 pounds 16s;
For tythes to Mr Quayle 15s;
To Mr Stward for tythes 37s 6d;
For custome of wyne payed 11s 6d;
more for wyne custome 8s payed;
To Danold Cormod 7s;
To Jony Kermot 3s;
To Tho: Brydson 3s;
To Jony Vinch 2s;
To Jo: Quayle &Robt Clucas 3s;
Jo: Christian 18d;
For burenge wthin 12d;
For a cors present 4s;
For Clearke Silver 12d;
To the Clarke 17d;
For funeral chardges 10d. In ye whole debts & legacies 31 pounds 10s, to be deducted out of the Invent. So whether to be several upon ech childs part 13 pounds 18s 4d. The two elder childer beinge at lawfull yeares have taken chardge of ther owne parts & portions and have bound themselves in paine of duble valew to keep the office harmless viz: Willm &Marie Corkill. For the other 4 childers part &cportions beinge 4 pound 7s 2d, Willm Corkill the father hath putt in Harbett[or Karbett] Anderson & Tho: Fearbrother pledges for the forthcoming of the goods of the children & to keep the office harmless subpoena duble value. Memorandum: Debts due, as they can bee gott, & reconered[?]; to be added to this Inventorie.

CURIA HABITA APUD DUGLAS 24th February 1646: Jony Corkill one of the Executrs of Mary Vinch late deceased confessed &c acknowledged herselfe to have beene truly payd &c satisfied for all manner of porcions or childs parte of goods that might any way fall due unto her by the death of her deceased mother &c doth by these presents exonerate dischardge and acquite the pledges that was bound for the forthcoming therof, there heires executors &c assignes from all claymes, siates[?] or troubles that might any way happen, or arise touchinge the abovesd childs part of goods by any manner of person or persons whatsoever as witness my hand the day &c year above written, Jony Corkill her mark XX. Note also yt Thomas Joyner Junior, & Paule Bridson both of them Inhabitants of the towne of Duglas have freely & voluntarily entered themselves bound for pledges & security to keepe Thomas Farebrother harmlesse, for the forthcoming of the childrens goods that was due unto them of the goods of there mother Mary Vinch et secure the office.

[There is a presentment also dated 1637]




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