Archceacon Wills 1637 Braddan

Presentment of Deemster Robert Quayle & Mary Corkill als Vinch:

"1637, Braddan Parish: Whereas a presentment was made by the Chapter Quest concerning Mr Robert Quaile Deemster & Marie Corkill alias Vinch tending to the defamacion & blemish of the good name & honest reputacion of the said parties; Whereupon the Right ------- father the Lo: Bishop of this Isle deputed & appointed us to call the sd parties, and to proceed wth them accordinge to Lawe have solemly before us taken their corporall oaths upon the new testament that they never had carnall dealings, knowledge, or copulacion the one wth the other, whereby they have freely purged & absolutely cleared themselves from the -------- aspersion & undeserved defamation. And wee take in our constrenes[?] they have wth a good conscients satisfied the Law in that behaulf, & for taken away the offence wch anie charitable member of Christ his church might take upon the former bruit & presentmente; Therefore to suppresse & brycle[?] ye sd calumnious rumor, idle, & lewd surmyzes falsly conceived & scandalously uttered by the virulents tongues of the ill disposed whose cheeffe delight is to feed themselves on other infamies. In dei nominee amen, We desire by Ecclesiastical authoritie (accordinge to the auncient & laudable order & practice of this church) that if anie maner of person or persons whosoever liable to Eccall jurisdiction shall at anie tyme hereafter by anie way or meanes either privately or publiquly revyue, traduce, or upbraid the sd Mr Roberte Quaile Deemster, & Marie Vinch wth sd dishonest lyving & carnell companyinge together, and cannotte justly produce[?] the same; the person, or persons soe offendinge after the promulgacion hereof upon due & legall hearine & Judgement in Eccal. Court shall forfeite three poundes ad usum dimm & suffer imprisonment, the -ry--- & other shamefull punishments at ye ordinaries discrecion. And we conceure it meete & right to inflict upon due prosecucion condigne & severe punishment upon the auther of this infamous obloquie aspersed upon Mr. Robert Quaile beinge a man of so eminente a place in the temporall state of this Isle, and upon an honest matron of good & honest repute, who, wth her husband, & greate burthen of small children by this false imputacion might be brought to a miserable ruine & utterly overthrowen.

Dated the xx daie of September 1637. To the Vicar of KK Braddan, & the Reader at Douglas to be read & published in the said parish church, & in the Chapell of Douglas the next Saboth day when the people are assembled, And after the due publicacion hereof, returne this to soe to bee upon Recorde. Nicho: Thompson, Hugh Cannell. Memorandum: that upon the 24th of September beinge Sunday and in anno 1637 it was published in KK Braddan, the hearinge of the whole congregacion then assembled, and on the first of October being the Saboth after, I did likewise openly read the same in the chapel[?] of Douglas to the full audience of the within people therein. By me Jo: Cosnahan."

[There is a 1637 will for a Mary Corkill als Vinch - however she appears dead by October 1637 (Braddan burial register: Marie Vinch als Corkill bur 16 Oct 1637) ]




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