[written by John Corlet La Mothe in 1895 - my copy was kindly given by a descendant]

THE family of La Mothe, as now represented by John Corlet La Mothe, of Ramsey, High-Bailiff, on the paternal side came from Bayonne, in the Basses Pyrenees, France, where we find, in the registry, at Bayonne, at the latter end of the 17th century, that Sieur Jean La Mothe, master surgeon, lived in the Square Notre Dame, and had several children. His son Sieur Arnaud La Mothe, master surgeon, being born in 1706, also became a master surgeon, and married Demoiselle Marguerite Perez, who lived with her mother in the Street Port de Vergesy, on the 5th day of January, 1729. They had issue Dominique La Mothe, who afterwards lived and died in Castletown, Isle of Man, and was great grandfather of John Corlet La Mothe. Dominique La Mothe was born at Bayonne on the 4th day August, 1731, in the Rue, des Carmes; his sister, Catherine de La Mothe, on the 8th October, 1733; his brother, Jean Baptiste La Mothe, on the 6th February, 1736 (born in the Rue Port de Castels); and Marie La Mothe, on the 9th February, 1737. Arnaud La Mothe died on the 24th May, 1760, aged 53 years, and was buried in the Carmes Convent, Bayonne. His son, Dominique La Mothe, received a commission, dated the 27th May, 1755, from the Duke de Penthievre, Peer and Admiral of France, to act as surgeon on board a ship of war, which commission is as follows, translated into English :-

Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, Duke of Penthièvre, Peer and Admiral of France, hereby give notice that, on the petition presented by Dominique La Mothe, born in the Parish of Monségu, in Bearn, stating that since his early youth he has diligently applied himself to the study of the art of surgery in such a manner that he has made himself fit and able to practise the said profession of a marine surgeon on the ships sailing across the high seas, requesting to this end the junction of the King's Attorney to be received as such, and after it has appeared to us, from the certificate of Messrs. Ballay and Delort, Naval Surgeon-Majors in this town, whereby the skill of said La Mothe appears evident to us from the consent of the King's Attorney, have received, and do receive, the said Dominique La Mothe, marine surgeon, so that he may in such capacity sail on board such ships as he may find and during the course of his voyages to use good medicines, and to keep a register, duly signed by us, in which shall be entered the names and surnames, his patients, their illnesses and their duration, which be has promised to do, and has accordingly taken oath in the case required.

Written at the Office of the Admirality of Guienne, marble table of the Palace, at Bordeaux, in the presence of us, Jean Navatte, Honorary King's Counsellor in the Parliament, and Lieutenant-General at the aforesaid Court, this twenty-seventh day of May, one thousand seven hundred and fifty-five.

Signed on the register, Dominique La Mothe, Navarre, Pynell, and the undersigned clerk, Barrere, clerk of the Court.

Examined by us, sworn (?) Surgeon to H.S. Highness, the Duke of Penthièvre, Admiral(?) this 30th of July, 1760. Hairague. Pierre Fairrtyie (?)

Dominique La Mothe left Bordeaux, on the 2nd June, 1755, and the ship was taken by the English on the 13th August, 1755, and he must have been released, as we have no account of this vessel nor how he was made prisoner, except in his diary, where he says :-" Mémoire du jour que nous, sommes sortis de Bourdeaux, Le 2 " de Juien, 1755 "; also, " Mémoire du jour que nous avoiis été pris, par Les Anglais, " 13 August, 1755 "; and on the 30th June, 1760, he went as Surgeon on board the privateer brig St. Lawrence, of Bayonne, of 10 guns and 98 men, S. Martin Le Vernonea, captain.

The St. Lawrence had taken six English vessels, and kept the captains and men of four of them on board as prisoners. These latter rose upon the captain and men of the French ships on the 31st October, 1760, latitude 45' 58", longitude from London 25 degree, when the second French Captain was killed, and Captain LeVernonea having surrendered, the English crews took possession of the St. Lawrence, and brought her into Douglas, Isle of Man, on Sunday, the 9th November, 1760, at 11 o'clock, forenoon.

The officers and men of the St. Lawrence were lodged in Castle Rushen as prisoners of war.

Captain Paul Bridson, of Douglas, in a letter to Basil Cochrane, Esquire, Governor of the Island, on the 9th day of November, 1760, writes:-" Honoured Sir," A French privateer in the Channel took an English merchant-man; as providence would have it, kept a good many of the Englishmen on board the Frenchman, who rose upon the French and took them all prisoners, and brought her into our harbour about eleven o'clock. Pray what shall be done with them. I am, honoured Sir, your obedient and dutiful servant,-PAUL BRIDSON."

A document in confirmation of this is added, with a list of the English ships taken.

There is a letter from the Governor of the Island to Hugh Hamersly, of London, agent for the Duke of Athol, in London, dated the 19th December, 1760, wherein the Governor asks for directions as to what is to be done with the prisoners, 26 in number, as they are a great inconvenience and expense to His Grace the Duke of Athol, Lord of the Island. To this Hugh Hamersly writes from Sergeants Inn, London, 8th January, 1761, saying he had applied to the Treasury and Admiralty Board to send a ship to take away the prisoners, and that all charges and expenses would be paid. It appears that on the 14th day of November, 1760, the French officers of the privateer St. Lawrence applied to the Governor of the Island for their liberty, and joined themselves in a bond to Messrs. Ross, Black, and Christian, of Douglas, merchants, and they were thereupon liberated from jaol on parole. In this document Dominique La Mothe is described as Pierre La Mothe, surgeon, and the other signatures are St. Martin Veronea, Grezel, A. Lessenne, Berroy, and Messrs. Ross, Black, and Christian, and the bond was taken in the Rolls Office, by the Clerk of the Rolls, John Quayle, Esq. The Lords ot the Admiralty by an order dated 12th January, 1761, addressed to the commander of any of His Majesty's ships at Dublin, direct him to proceed to the Isle of Man and take off the prisoners of war, and a ship called the " Delight," Lieutenant John Archer, commander, arrived off Douglas on the 24th January, 1761, and the commander applied to the Governor to have the prisoners handed over to him in terms of the orders of the Lords of the Admiralty. The " Delight " anchored off Douglas at a great distance, but did not enter the harbour, and the prisoners were all delivered up, except Amable Lessenne, Lieutenant, and Pierre La Mothe, surgeon, who were not to be found when the ship " Delight " arrived at Douglas, having gone on an exploring expedition into the Island. The Lieutenant, however, turned up on the evening of the 25th, and was sent on board the tender. Captain Archer promised to wait for the missing Surgeon for a day or two, but the wind coming fair for Kinsale, and blowing hard, forced him off this Isle. The same night the Surgeon turned up, but, the tender having gone, he was returned to Castle Rushen on the 25th January, 1761, to remain until directions be signified about him by the Commissioners for sick and wounded and exchange of prisoners, as set forth in a letter, dated the 29th January, 1761 , from the Governor of the Island to the Commissioners. All the correspondence and papers are recorded in the Rolls Office, from whence the same were extracted and taken by the writer. We, therefore, find Pierre La Mothe, or Dominique, as he is described in an amended list of the prisoners, and as he afterwards always described himself, a prisoner of war in Castle Rushen, Castletown, Isle of Man. He was then about 29 years of age, and, after being in jaol for apparently a very short time, he was liberated. But no account is given how this was effected. The tradition in the family is, that he attended the Governor's wife as her medical man, and acted with great skill, and was thereupon released, and he practised in Castletown as a doctor for 47 years, and is buried in Malew Churchyard, near the Belfry Tower or chief entrance to the church. He married Susanna Corrin, daughter of Henry Corrin, of Castletown, at St. George's Church, Liverpool, on the 6th of April, 1763, whose sister was married to Deemster Lace; and he had eleven children by his wife, namely :-William, born 23rd November, 1763 ; John, born 3rd November, 1764 ; Jane, born 8th December, 1766; Sophia, born 2nd January, 1769 ; Elizabeth, born 30th January, 1771; Frederick, born 13th March, 1773; Dominique, born 31st March, 1775; Susannah, born 5th July, 1777; Henry, born 5th March, 1780; James Thomas, born 13th November, 1781; Rose Theresa, born 18th February, 1784. Doctor Dominique La Mothe died at Castletown, 8th January, 1807, aged 74 years, and his wife died 9th November, 1803, aged 62 years, and is buried with her husband as aforesaid. The children, William, Jane, and James Thomas, died young, leaving no issue, and Henry died at Chatham, leaving no issue. John La Mothe, eldest surviving son, was a doctor in the Manx Fencibles, and went to Ireland at the time of the Rebellion, and married Sally Cummins in Londonderry, on the 15th June, 1797. He died at Paramaribo, in Surinam, coast of South America, 8th February, 1808, leaving an only daughter, Rebecea Elizabeth, born in Londonderry, 19th March, 1802, who married twice, namely, the Reverend Louis Reihart, a clergyman of the Church of England in India, who lived only eleven months, and Captain Harry Carew, of 13th Prince Albert's Light Infantry, by neither of whom had she any children, and died on the 23rd June, 1891, at Douglas, in the 90th year of her age, and is buried in St. George's Churchyard, Douglas, south side.

Sophia La Mothe, the second daughter, was married to the Rev. James Gelling, of Castletown, and afterwards Vicar of German, on the 21st day of February, 1794, and had issue three sons and three daughters, namely, Frederick La Mothe Gelling, late of Castletown, advocate (who is now represented by Henry Evans Gelling, of Castletown, advocate, and the Reverend William Gelling, who is married, and lives in Canada). His only daughter, Annie, married the Reverend H. C. Davidson, of Castletown, and left issue one son, Hugh Coleman Davidson, and one daughter, Annie Davidson, who married Capt. Butler, V. C. Rose Gelling, Samuel Gelling, Sophia Susanna (wife of the Rev. John Cannell, Chaplain St. Matthew's, Douglas), James Gelling, Amelia Gelling, John Dominique Gelling (of Castletown, advocate), and Catherine Susanna, all of whom died without issue. Elizabeth La Mothe, third daughter, married the Reverend Jas. Stowell, Master of the Peel Grammar School, on the 28th March (Easter Monday) 1796, and left issue three sons and two daughters, namely, Joseph, who died a bachelor; Dr. Thos. Stowell (late of Ramsey), surgeon, and the Reverend John La Mothe Stowell, Vicar of German; Elizabeth, the wife of the Reverend Edward Qualtrough, master of the Peel Grammar School and supernumerary; and Ann, wife of the late Thomas Kewley, of Castletown. Both of the sons left large families, Dr. Stowell being now represented by his son Hugh Stowell, of Baldrine, Lonan, and the children of his eldest son, Joseph Stowell, and his daughters Mary Ann and Elizabeth, living in Ramsey; and the five children of a deceased daughter Amelia, who married the Reverend Thomas E. Brown, late of Clifton, and formerly Vice-Principal of King William's College, and also a Master of Clifton College, now living in Ramsey, and one of our most honoured Manxmen.

Frederick La Mothe, the third son of Dominique, was born on the 13th March, 1773, and baptized in Malew Church, on the 28th March, 1773. He was married to Margaret Corlet, of Glentrammon, in Lezayre, a daughter of John Corlet, Esquire, of Glentrammon, a member of the House of Keys, and representative of one of the oldest families in the Island (the Corlet's, of Glentrammon, appearing so far back as the fifteenth century to reside at Glentrammon), on the 5th day of August, 1804, at Marown Parish Church, by the Reverend John Bridson, Vicar, and practised in Ramsey as a medical man for 35 years, was a M.R.C.S.E., and left issue two sons and three daughters, and died 3rd April, 1838, and is buried in the La Mothe family vault, at Lezayre Churchyard. Their children were Frederick John Dominique La Mothe, late of Ramsey, advocate, member of the House of Keys and Captain of the Parish of Bride, who was born the 20th November,1805, and married Ann Cowle, only daughter of Thomas Cowle, of Ballavair, in the Parish of Bride (an old family, living at Ballavair, in Kirk Bride, in 1688, as appears by the parish registry), on the 20th day of April, 1830. He practised in Ramsey as an advocate for upwards of 35 years, and was a prominent member of the Bar and of the Insular Legislature. Ann, his wife, died 31st July, 1846. He died 18th March, 1864, at Castletown, whilst attending a Session of the House of Keys, and had issue seven sons and four daughters, namely, first, John Henry, who died in infancy; second, Frederick Cowle La Mothe, who was born 27th November, 1832, and died 7th October, 1842 ; third, Anne Isabella, born 7th June, 1835, who was married to the Reverend Hugh Ashworth Stowell, Rector of Breadsall, in Derbyshire, and eldest son of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Canon of Chester, and had issue three sons, namely, the Reverend Hugh F. La Mothe Stowell, M.A., now Rector of Ovington, Hants, who is married, and has issue two sons and one daughter, namely, Hugh Oswald Douglas, Frederick Bromfield La Mothe, and Annie Isabelle; also, Ernest Alfred Crewe Stowell, B.A., Queen's College, Oxford, Classical Master at Carlisle Grammar School, who married his cousin, Eleanor Edith La Mothe, hereinafter mentioned; also, Vere Arthur Stowell, at present an undergraduate at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. The fourth child of the above named Frederick John Dominique La Mothe was Henry Thomas La Mothe, late of Ramsey, advocate, born 23rd July, 1836, and died 22nd January, 1868, leaving no issue. The fifth is John Corlet. La Mothe, the writer hereof, born 15th September, 1838, who married Sarah Banks, eldest daughter of Thomas Banks, of Liverpool, merchant, on the 10th of September, 1863, and has issue eleven children, namely, five sons and six daughters-the eldest, Frederick Malcolm, was born 22nd November, 1864, and is now an advocate, practising in Ramsey ; he was married to Edith Rose Crompton, second daughter of Capt. Crompton, of Liverpool, on the 12th December, 1894, at St. Olave's Church, Ramsey, by the Rev. Wm. Morris; Henry Hesketh, born 19th February, 1866, died 22nd July, 1890, having taken his degree at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, in 1889-he was of great promise for God's work in the Church, but God took him to himself; Eleanor Edith, born 22nd April, 1867, married to her cousin Ernest Alfred Crew Stowell, before named, on the 2nd November, 1891, at St. Olave's Church, Ramsey, by the Reverend William Morris, and has issue two sons, Edgar La Mothe, born 25th July, 1893, and Hugh Arnold La Mothe, born 24th June,. 1895 ; John Dominique, born 8th June, 1868, now living at Hamilton, Virginia, America, and ordained in the Episcopal Church of America, on the 29th June, 1894, was married to Margaret Walker, daughter of Professor Walker, D. D., on the 30th of August, 1894, and has issue, one son John Dominique, born 12th June, 1895; Gertrude Spencer, born 30th June, 1870, and married to Josiah Kendal Rigby, of Liverpool, chartered accountant, on 21st September, 1893, at St. Olave's Church, Ramsey, and has issue one daughter Kathleen La Mothe, born 4th July, 1894 ; Bertha Marguerite, born 9th May, 1872 ; Sarah Marianne, born 22nd December, 1873 ; Claude Fenelon, born 19th April, 1875 ; Hugh Stowell, born 29th March, 1876 ; Alice Maude, born 25th May, 1877 ; and Annie Irene, born 10th August, 1878. Sarah La Mothe, formerly Banks, the mother of these children, was born at Liverpool, on the 21st of August, 1835, and was baptized in the Roman. Catholic Church of St. Mary's, Edmund-street, on the 1st of September, her mother having been a Roman Catholic, but died a Protestant, in Ramsey, on the 29th day of June, 1862, and is buried at the Old Chapel, Ballure, Ramsey. Her husband, Thomas Banks, having died on the 19th March, 1853, and buried in St. James' Cemetery, Liverpool.

The branch of the La Mothe family, as represented by John Corlet La Mothe and his heirs, is the direct line from Doctor Jean La Mothe, of Bayonne, and from Doctor Dominique La Mothe, of Castletown, who was a member of his learned profession of great skill, taking his degree in midwifery at Dublin, on the 17th day of September, 1771. The next son of Frederick John Dominique La Mothe was Claude Haskins. born 27th November, 1839, died at. Bexley, in Kent, on the 28th day of November, 1888. He married Jecholiah Elkington in the year 1882, and left issue one son, Claude Douglas, now living with his mother at Eastbourne. Claude Haskins took his degree at St. John's College, Cambridge, in moral science honours, in the year 1864. He rowed in the University boat race on the Thames, in the spring of 1863, and was ordained in 1864, and held several cuacies and livings. He went to Galatz, on the Danube, as Chaplain there to the English Residents, 1868, and remained there three years. He visited the Crimea during his stay at Galatz, and on his journey home in December, 1871, he came by Bayonne, and there obtained the certificates of births and deaths of the members of the La Mothe family prior to the time of Dominique La Mothe. Claude afterwards changed his name to " de la Mothe," and obtained authority for so doing, and his widow and son are now known as de la Mothe. "

The next child of Frederick John Dominique La Mothe was Margaret Corlet, born on the 21st October, 1840. She married the Reverend Edward Parke, Rector of St. Andrew's Rectory, Blackley, near Manchester, where they resided, and have four sons and four daughters, all living, the eldest boy, Harold, being now near Winipeg, in Canada, whither his mother and three of her children went after the death of Mr. Parke, in 1892. Catherine Rose La Mothe was next after Mrs Parke She was born on the 8th of December, 1841, and married William Johnson, of London, wine merchant, by whom there is issue three sons and five daughters, all of whom, with their parents, now live at Bywell Farm, Stratford, Taranaki, near New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Frederick La Mothe, sixth son, was born 14th January, 1843, educated at King William's College, became a scholar of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, in 1865, took his B.A. degree in Classical Honours Tripos in the University of Cambridge, in March, 1868, and M.A. in 1872; he held several curacies, and was tutor to Sir John Crewe's 2nd son, Hugo Harpur Crewe, of Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, and for eleven years afterwards was Curate of Andreas ; he is now Vicar designate of Christ Church, Heaton, near Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, and was married to Mabel Clare Joughin on the 14th of April, 1887, at Andreas, Isle of Man, by the Rev. E. B. Savage, M.A., Vicar of St. Thomas', Douglas, and has issue three children, namely, Margaret Clare Elise, born 21nd August, 1888 ; Hugo Dominique, born 5th May, 1890; and Frederic Hilary, born 22nd June, 1892. Albert Edward La Mothe, of Peel, advocate, is the youngest son of Frederick John Dominique La Mothe, and was born on the 20th February, 1844, and is still unmarried. Mona La Mothe, youngest daughter, was born on the 30th July, 1845, and died on the 14th March, 1872. This exhausts the issue of Frederick John Dominique La Mothe, eldest son of Frederick La Mothe and Margaret his wife. The next child of Frederick La Mothe was Anne Susanna, born 3rd May, 1808, and married to Lieutenant Pilcher Ralfe, R.N., on the 18th June, 1830; he died on the 20th March, 1841, leaving issue three sons, namely, Pilcher Frederick, Frederick Whitfield, and John Henry, and one daughter, Catherine Hester, one of whom, namely, Pilcher Frederick and the daughter are still living in New Zealand, Frederick Whitfield and John Henry having died leaving families. The next was Margaret Eliza La Mothe, born on the 8th March, 1810. She is still alive and well, in the 86th year of her age, living in Bowring-road, Ramsey, with the grandchildren of her deceased sister, Catherine Rose, who was born on the 11th April, 1812, and married John Henry Frederick Spencer, M. D., of Douglas, . and had issue surviving her only one son, William Carpenter Spencer, who was born 16th January, 1848, and married Caroline Gilling, of Liverpool, daughter of William Gilling, of Liverpool, publisher, and died on the 16th day of January, 1891, leaving three sons and one daughter, Louisa Margaret, now living with her great aunt, Margaret Eliza La Mothe, before mentioned. The eldest son, Henry Haskins, is at Cooper's Hill College, near London

The second, Gibson, is at business in Manchester ; and the third, Gordon, is at sea.

The last child of Dr. Frederick La Mothe and Margaret, his wife, was John Henry La Mothe, born on the 23rd day of July, 1817. He married Sabrina [sic Eliza] McHutchin daughter of John McHutchin, Clerk of the Rolls, Isle of Man and had issue one daughter only, and died the 6th June, 1845. His wife died in 1846, and his daughter also ; and are all interred in Lezayre Churchyard, of which Parish he was Vicar at the time of his death. He built the present.Vicarage House, and took his degree at Dublin, in the year 1836. and was Private Chaplain to Sir Charles [sic John] Mordaunt [and Rector of Walton (Winwick nr Warrington)] for some years prior to becoming Vicar of Lezayre. This exhausts the direct line from Dominique La Mothe. The next, child was Dominique La Mothe, born 21st March, 1777. After him came Susannah , born 5th July, 1778. She married John Bridson, of Ballavarkish, Arbory, near Castletown, on the 26th day of October, 1804, and left issue two daughters, who left the Island many years ago, and nothing further is known of them. Next came Henry La Mothe, son of Dr. Dominique La Mothe, born on the 5th day of March, 1780, who died without issue, at Chatham. Next was James Thomas, who died in infancy as before stated ; and last of all was Rose Theresa, born on the 18th February, 1784. She married William Chauncy, on the 5th May, 1804, and left issue William La Mothe Snell Chauncy, District Surveyor, Ballarat, Australia, who died in the year 1888, leaving no issue by his first wife, but seven children by a second marriage. His mother, Rose Theresa, died on the 13th day of March, 1818.

The Court of Arms of the family, as obtained from the Heraldry Office, in London, is described in the plate shewn herein, and is three Cypress Trees, eradicated proper under the title "La Mothe, of Bearn." The Coat of Arms is described Argent three Cypress Trees, eradicated proper, Crest out of a tower Sable a demi, Lion gules holding in dexter paw a sword in bend sinister of the last."

Motto-Providentia Dei Conservet.

Brown & Son,. Printers, 'Times 'Buildings, Athol-street, Douglas.

Additional Information added by later descendant


1. John Dominique LAMOTHE Dr. of Div. ,was born on 8 Jun 1868 in Ramsey, Isle of Man. Died on 25 Oct 1928 in Church Home, Baltimore.. Buried in Vir.. Seminary, Ivy Hill Cem. Alexandria, Va. Educated King William's College, Castletown.. Was not robust so father sent him to USA at age 17 where he lived with Charles Carter of Shirley, Va for three years.When Charles' brother Robert died at Shirley plantation, John was asked to help on the farm. He stayed one year, went to Wyoming ranching, later returned to Va, and under the direction of Bishop John Poyntz Tyler entered Virginia Seminary in 1869. He was married in 1894 after graduation,. He married the daughter of the Dean. After several notable assignments, was named Bishop of Honolulu in 1921. He led the. funeral of Prince, Jonah Kuhio Kalanianiole, last heir apparent of Hawaiian monarchy. He died while attending the General Convention of Episcopal Church in the 25th of Oct. 1928 at Episcopal Church Home in Baltimore.

He married Margaret Meade WALKER on 30 Aug 1894. Margaret Meade WALKER was born in 186A. Died in Aug 1930. Buried in Ivy Hill. Daughter of Dean, Virginia Seminary. The "Meade" comes from Bishop Meade, -a founder of Virginia Seminary and author of several books, including one geneological reference book on early ministries and families of Virginia.

They had the following children:

i John LAMOTHE was born in 1895 died in infancy.
ii Margaret Corlet LAMOTHE
iii Jeanette Montgomery LAMOTHE was born in Jan 1900 in Hamilton , Va. Died 1 Dec 1921 in Honolulu Ha. Buried in Manoa Cem., Honolulu. Spinster.
    [A local reseracher states that Jeannette Montgomery LaMothe is buried in Oahu Cemetery in Honolulu directly opposite the burial site of Hawaii's Third Episcopal Bishop, Henry Bond Restarick.]
iv. John LAMOTHE, was born in 1906 in Washington, D.C.


3. Margarat Corlet LAMOTHE was born on 26 jan 1897 in Maywood Theo. Sem., Alexandria Va. John Lamothe states Hamilton Va., as birthplace. Died in Feb 1985 in Honolulu, Ha. Buried in Punchbowl Nat. Cem.

She married Thomas Roswell AARON Col., USA, Ret. on 5 jul 1922 in St. Andrews Cath., Honolulu, Ha. Witnesses: Henry Caldwell and Mrs. Robert White. Thomas Roswell AARON Col., USA, Ret. was born on 7 Dec 1895 in Richmond, Va. Died on 11 Jul 1964 in Diocesan House, Honolulu, Ha. Buried in the National Cemetery of the Pacific, Punchbowl Crater, Honolulu. Section V, Grave 40-J. Margaret LaMothe buried at same site. West Point graduate class of 1920 (graduated early in 1918.) Assigned to 27th infantry Regiment and went to Siberia in 1919 with US Siberian Expeditionary Force. Served later in the Phillipines and China and various other posts until WW2 and saw overseas service. After retirement taught mathematics at Kamehameha school in Honolulu and was responsible for several selections for various military academies. Was Base Commander at Eniwetok during atomic testing in1949/1950 Retired from US Army in 1951.Died at Diosesan House, Honolulu in 1964.


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