Kayll Family

They appeared on the Island c. 1755 originating from Scotland. James Kayll apparently brought across his young family pre 1758 and further children were born in Douglas including twins Mary and Charles. His children married on the Island, though sometimes into non-Manx sounding families. His son James was an early Methodist convert (Crook describes how Mr K once formed his only congregation in 1775) later was a trustee of Douglas Chapel (signing conveyance in 1786) . His son (3) John James Kayll, b.1787, was a brewer & malster Castle st , Douglas by 1811. His grandson John James(2) was Mayor of Sunderland 1866/1867 also an Alderman from 1867 to 1886. Became a partner in Wear Glass-works, one of the biggest glass-works in Europe - also sent his son John James (3) to King William's College - it was John James (3) who became a stained glass artist and ran Kayll & Co in Leeds which produced several stained glass windows for Manx Churches (His regular advertisements in Manx Church Monthly during the 1890's always mentioned that he was formerly a student at KWC).

James's widowed sister Margaret Kayll married Robert Dall, Wesleyan Travelling Preacher in 1779 at the start of his stay on the Island. Wesley visited him and his wife in 13th May 1788 writing them a letter which made later commentators describe them as among his favourites. Wesley described her as someone to whom "God has given both sense and grace" .

His fifth son Arthur Cowle Kayll became an advocate and MHK, in 1834 living at Orris Mount in Bride - he achieved 'fame' in the scurrilous song "Hunt the Keys" of 1837 - Harrison adding gloss : 'Mr. Arthur C. Kayll, advocate, who had acquired in early life the cognomen of "Sir Arthur", to which "the goose" was occasionally added.'. His son Arthur Cowle(2) was also a MHK.

IoM Charities under Bride refers to Bond and Mortgage from James Kayll on his lands called the City, to the Rector and Wardens of Bride, for £43. 17s. Manks, dated 9 Feb.,1818, interest 6 per cent. per annum. In Pigot's guide of 1823 a George Kayle is shown as residing at 'Sittin' in Bride whilst a James Kayle is shown at Greanaby (Grenaby also in Bride). Grenaby was acquired via marriage - on the death of William Cowll in 1787 it went to his son but Arthur Cowll died in 1788, aged 26. Grenaby went to his sister Catherine, but she too died and her sister Leonora inherited it. Her second marriage was to James Kayll in 1802. In Wood's Gazateer of 1864 A.C.Kayll is shown as owning 152 acres (part of Ballacamaine, 31acres and Intacks 38,41 and part of 49 - 120 acres). A M[ary] A[nn]. Kayll is shown as owing 62 acres - part of Citten , and parts of Intacks 38, 41 and 49. A.C.Kayll was shown as owning Grenaby,152 acres, in 1882 with a rateable value of £304 - the largest single holding in the parish - by 1894 it had been sold to William Burayeat.

A James Kayle is also shown as subscriber to Mill's Statutes of 1821.

In 1837 a Charles Keyll was shown as a baker in Bigwell street

In 1848 a George Kayll of Peel was a subscriber to J G Cummings Guide to the Island.

Outline Family Tree

(generations 4 and beyond incomplete) 

1. James Kayll
        sp: Jane Cochran (m.21 Apr 1744)
        2. Robert Kayll (b.3 Apr 1745-Low Church Paisley,Renfrew)
                sp: Anne Purvees (m.27 May 1765)
        2. Margaret Kayll (b.1 Sep 1747-Low Church Paisley,Renfrew d. 1828)
                sp(1): William Stevenson (m.7 Jan 1766;d.Bef 1779)
                3. Mary Stevenson (c.28 Dec 1766-Saint Mathews,Douglas)
                3. Jane Stevenson (c.9 Nov 1768-Saint Mathews,Douglas)
                3. Margaret Stevenson (c.11 Feb 1774-Saint Mathews,Douglas)
                sp(2): Robert Dall (b.1745;m.23 Jul 1779 Braddan;d.1828)
                3. Elizabeth Dall (c.27 Aug 1780-Saint Mathews,Douglas)
                3. James Dall (c.20 Jan 1782-Saint Mathews,Douglas)
                3. Jane Dall (c.18 Jan 1784-Saint Mathews,Douglas)
                3. Robert Dall (c.18 Jan 1784-Saint Mathews,Douglas)
                3. Susanna Dall (b.1 Jan 1785-Glasgow,Lanark,Scotland)
                3. John Wesley Dall (b.23 Apr 1787-Ayr,Ayr,Scotland)
                3. Joseph Dall (c.30 Jun 1790-Canongate,Edinburgh,Midlothian,Scotland)
        2. Jean Kayll (c.1 Apr 1750-Low Church,Paisley,Renfrew)
        2. James Kayll (b.16 May 1752-Low Church Paisley,Renfrew)
                sp: Mary Booth (b.Abt 1763-IoM;m.20 May 1783)
                3. George Joseph Kayll (b.Abt Mar 1784-Douglas)
                3. Margaret Kayll (c.25 Jun 1785-St George,Douglas)
                        sp: George Pye Ashley (m.25 Aug 1812)
                3. John James Kayll (b.14 Jan 1787-Douglas;d.8 May 1850-Douglas)
                        sp: Isabella McClure (b.1787;m.20 Apr 1807;d.23 Oct 1856-Douglas)
                        4. John James Kayll (2) (c.16 Oct 1821 Braddan
                                sp: Mary Welch m. 1846 London
                                5: John James Kayll (3) (b. 7 Nov 1850 Bishopwearmouth, County Durham)
                3. George Booth Kayll (b.30 Oct 1788-Douglas;d.Mar 1832-IoM)
                        sp: Charlotte Cowell (c.16 Sep 1794-Andreas;m.4 Mar 1823;b.15 Dec 1835-Andreas)
                3. Mary Kayll (c.15 Jul 1791-St Mathews,Douglas)
                3. Robert Gambel Kayll (c.4 Jan 1793-St Mathews,Douglas)
                        sp: Leonora Cowll (c.4 Dec 1765-Bride;m.7 Jan 1802;b.5 Sep 1834-Bride)
                3. Arthur Cowle Kayll (c.13 Jan 1807-St Mathews,Douglas;buried.26 May 1841-Bride)
                        sp: Mary Ann Quirk (b.Abt 1812;m.5 Apr 1834;d.Aft 1872)
                        4: Arthur Cowle Kayll (2)(c. 27 Apr 1836 Bride)
                               sp: Beata Acton (m. 1887 Gloucester)
                3. William Thomas Kayll (b.Abt 1810-Bride;d.Abt Oct 1878-Kirk Michael)
                        sp: Mary Green
                3. Cochrane Kayll (b.21 May 1812-Grenaby,Bride;d.8 Jun 1901-Sulby Cottage,Ramsey)
                        sp: Elizabeth Sayle (c.25 Jun 1814-Andreas;m.18 Dec 1834;d.18 Jan 1894-Ramsey)
                3. Leonora Kayll (b.Abt 1814;b.21 Nov 1814-Bride)
        2. Mary Kayll (c.18 Aug 1758-St Matthews,Douglas;d.21 Aug 1820-IoM)
                sp: Anthony FitzGerald (b.Abt 1754-IoM;m.29 Mar 1781;b.14 Mar 1823-Iom)
                3. Jane FitzGerald (b.Abt Sep 1783-Douglas)
                3. George FitzGerald (b.Abt Apr 1789-Kirk German)
                3. William FitzGerald (b.Abt Mar 1795-Douglas)
                3. Elizabeth FitzGerald (b.Abt Feb 1797-Douglas)
        2. Charles Kayll (c.23 Jul 1760-St Matthews;d.Aft 1803)
                sp: Elinor Fargher (b.Abt 1760;m.28 Aug 1783;d.Aft 1803)
                3. Thomas Kayll (c.18 Jul 1784-St George,Douglas)
                3. Joseph Kayll (c.7 May 1786-St George,Douglas;d.Dec 1864-Kirk Braddan)
                        sp: Jane Kelly (b.Abt 1791;m.15 Feb 1808;d.Jun 1857-Kirk Braddan)
                3. Jane Kayll (c.5 Oct 1788-St George,Douglas;b.7 Feb 1821-St George's Church,Douglas)
                 3. Isabella Kayll (c.24 Jul 1791-St George,Douglas;d.Aft 1834)
                                sp: John Garrett (m.17 Jan 1813)
                 3. Charlotte Kayll (c.15 Sep 1793-Kirk German;d.Dec 1835-Ramsey)
                                sp: Robert Johnson (m.Not Married)
                  3. Elinor Kayll (c.24 Jan 1796-Kirk German;b.20 Jun 1847-St Georges,Douglas)
                   3. James Kayll (c.1 Sep 1798-Kirk German;d.17 Oct 1873-Liverpool Workhouse)
                                sp: Mary Gittins (m.4 Apr 1837)
                    3. Margt. Kayll (c.16 Nov 1800-Kirk German)
                                sp: Matthew Horn (m.21 Oct 1833;d.Aft 1833)
                    3. William Kayll (b.Abt Mar 1803-Kirk German;d.Abt Dec 1803-Peel)
                2. Isabel Kayll (c.23 Jul 1760-St Matthews)
                        sp: John Christian (m.Bef 1791)


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