Episcopal Wills 1728-1 Arbory, of Charles Wattleworth

(from MM EW33 / LDS 0106371)

[the writing is faint and one edge of page decayed]

Kk Arbory May 21st [? last digit blotted] 1728
In the name of God, Amen, I Cha: Wattleworth
Vicar of Kk Arbory being sick & weak in body & calling
to mind the uncertainty of life and being desireous &
willing to settle my affairs & concerns in this transient
world and to prevent trouble & law suits after my decease
have thought fit to make my will & testament in manner
and form following
Firstly I do recommend my soul to God hoping through the
merits of my blessed saviour Jesus Christ to receive the
remission of all my sins & transgressions, and as for
my body I desire it may be interred in my father's
grave late Archdeacn of the Isle of Mann in the Cathdral
of Peel Castle
2nd As for my temporal goods chattles & effects I dispose
of these thus. To the poor of Kk Patrick & German I leave
ten shilings. To the poor of Kk Arbory five shilling
To my godson Cha Wattleworth of Knock Rushen all my
books & papers. Itm to my sister Esther Thompson a gold []
To my sister Margt Garrett 5s besides wt the (?she) owe me (?). To my niece
Mary Corrin's eldest son three pounds to buy him 2 heifers Itm to my []
Henry Watleworth fifty ? pounds. To my nephew Richd Wattleworth
five pounds and lastly I constitute & apoint my loving my loving B[ro]
Jno Wattleworth sole & whole exr of all the rest of []
goods moveable & immovable. And to [] this []
my last will & testament I have hereunto subscribed my
name the day & year written []
Chas Wattleworth
John Clague
Richard Cubbon - jurati
The exec is sworn in court in
form of law & gave pledges
Wm Cubon & Wm Harrison
to pay all debts & secure ye office
Probatum est & solvit nihil


claims + record of dispute with Henry tba

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so not sure of burial date



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