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Radcliffe’s of Gordon (Patrick)


It is said that the Radcliffe’s of the Knockaloe and Gordon were brothers and that they married heiresses of these places.

The first Radcliffe of Gordon was Samsbury who was conspicuous in the Rebellion of 1651. He was Captain of the Militia of the Mark and besieged Peel Castle. He was an M.H.K and was living in 1662. His grandson married Ellen Mylchreest of Ballagaraghyn (German) (born 1704, died 1751) and had issue Thomas (born 1737, died 1804). Thomas had a son Samuel (born 1768, died 1837) who married Hannah daughter of P. Christian of Leodest and they had two sons, both of whom died young, thus ending the Radcliffe’s in the male line. From a sister of Thomas’s, Ann Radcliffe, are descended the Morrison’s, still living at Mount Morrison, Peel, and an aunt of hers, also Ann (born 1708, died 1770) married Patrick Carran of Creglea, Dally (born 1705, died 1781) and his grandson Thomas MHK, JP (born 1775, died 1850) was a brewer and of his issue John a grandson (born 1833, died 1895) married Margaret Wattleworth and has issue living. An uncle of the first mentioned Ann and a brother of the 2nd, Henry Radcliff (born 1700, died 1787) had two daughters, Ann and Judith. Ann (born 1744, died 1794) married John Quane of Ballaquane Dalby and had issue, one of whom, Judith (born 1770, died 1849) married Henry Graves of Peel. Judith, Ann’s sister, married Cornelius Quayle of Glenmare, among whose issue is William Quayle of Ballaspit at present (1902) MHK.


Thomas Carran’s brother, Patrick was customs collector at Peel; his eldest son Thomas a chemist in Peel (died circa 1873) married Miss Threfall and has issue.

See Manx Society Vol XXVI pp 11-12

2 JMO: Henry md Ellen Mylchreest, 1725, German Parish. MI, KK Patrick: "Henry Radcliffe, buried 28th March 1787, age 87." Memorials of God’s Acre,’ John Feltham & Edward Wright, 1797, p 1: see footnote on next page

3 JMO: MI, KK Patrick: "Ellinor Radcliffe alias Mylchreest, died 22nd Feby. 1759, age 54. Ann R. her daughter, wife of Charles Shimmin, Ballaboey, buried September 18th 1780, age 30." –Memorials of God’s Acre,’ John Feltham & Edward Wright, 1797, p 2

4 JMO: Thomas Radcliffe son of Henry Radcliffe christened 9 Dec 1737, Patrick Parish

5 JMO: Samuel Radcliffe md Hannah Christian 20 Oct 1813, Andreas Parish

6 JMO: Ann chr 6 Dec 1750, Patrick, to Henry Radcliffe; she married Charles Shimmin of Ballaboey, 5 Aug 1773, Patrick

7 JMO: Ann md 12 Sep 1731, KK Patrick, to Patrick Carran; she died 4 Sep 1770, Patrick. Patrick Carran (died Jan 1781) remd Ellinor Quayle 1771, had children Ellinor 1773, Thomas 1775, Patrick 1777, Mgt 1780, Elizth 1780. MI, Patrick Old Yard: (Flat part underneath of Tomb): Here lieth the remains of Anne Carran alias Radcliff who departed this life September the 4th, 1770, aged 62 years. Here lie the remains of Patrick Carran of the Creglhea who departed this life the 25th January 1781, aged 76 years. Also the remains of Eleanor Carran alias Quayle widow of the above Patrick Carran who departed this life 14th March 1823, aged 78 years. (Top of Tomb): In memory of Thomas Carran Esq, son of Thomas and Esther Carran, born August 25th, 1805, died July 11th, 1847. And of Mary Carran otherwise Kaighin, wife of the above, born January 6th, 1808, died February 18xx. Also of William Carran son of the above Thomas and Mary Carran born November 24th, 1820, died September 22nd, 1833. Also Phillip Carran died August 15th, 1868, aged xxx years. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Carran Esq of Creglhea, magistrate and Member of the House of Keys who was born 17 of April 1xxx, and died in residence in Patrick 11 of March 1850. Also in memory of Margaret Carran otherwise Kelly wife of the above born 11 March 17xx and died January 1802. And of xxx Carran otherwise xxx wife of the above born October xxxx and died July xx, xxxx. Also Margaret daughter of Thomas and Margaret Carran who died October 9th, 1802, aged 2 years.

8 JMO: Archdeacon Wills 1787 #47, Patrick, of Henry Radcliffe of Gordon, Patrick, made 1784: "In the name of God, Amen. I Henry Radcliffe of Gordon in the parish of Kirk Patrick, calling to mind the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound perfect and disposing mind and memory thanks be to God Almighty for the same and being desirous to settle and dispose of my worldly effects and concerns and to prevent lawsuits after my decease respecting the same do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following: First, I commend my soul to Almighty God in hopes of a blessed resurrection through the merits of my blessed Saviour and my body to a decent Christian burial at the direction of my executor hereafter named. Secondly, I leave and bequeath to my daughter Margery wife of John Quirk of Trelgey in the said parish the sum of one pound four shillings and six pence as legacy. Thirdly, I leave and bequeath unto my granddaughter Ann Shimmin daughter of Charles Shimmin of Ballabooy in the parish of Kirk German the sum of five shillings as a legacy. Fourthly, I leave and bequeath unto my daughter Margret wife of Thomas Quine of Kynnaa in the parish of Kirk German the sum one pound four shillings and six pence. Fifthly, I leave and bequeath unto my son Charles Radcliffe the sum of five shillings as a legacy if he or any other person under him shall come to the Isle to demand the same or any right of my effects and to entirely exclude him from any further pretensions to my said effects. Sixthly, I leave and bequeath unto my grandson Samuel Radcliffe son of Thomas Radcliffe of Gordon the sum of one pound four shillings and sixpence legacy. Seventhly, I leave and bequeath unto my granddaughter Isabel daughter of my said son Thomas the sum of one pound four shillings and six pence as legacy. Eighthly and lastly, I nominate constitute and appoint my son Thomas Radcliffe of Gordon aforesaid whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament, he paying the aforesaid legacies together with all my just debts without trouble or lawsuits ... the same and hereby revoking any and every other will or wills by me at any time heretofore made and excluding every person or persons who may claim any right to my effects with sixpence legacy do make this only my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have caused my name and mark to be subscribed hereunto this 5th of March 1784. [signed, his mark] Henry Radcliffe. Witnesses: William Quirk, Richard Quirk. At a Chapter Court holden at the House of Thomas Quine in KK Patrick June 14th, 1787, the executor is sworn in Court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Richard Quirk one of the witnesses and Philip Clucas, both of KK Patrick."

9 JMO: Patrick Parish Register gives her name as Joney or Jane, chr 6 Jun 1747, & md Cornelius Quayle 4 Feb 1769.

The 1610 composition book has a lease to Henry Radcliffe Constable of the Peele One Quarter of grounde called Gourdon (in Patrick) - Lease of xix [19] yeares to be made, as before -thus indicating that he(or antecedent) had leased Gordon since the 1570's.


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