[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Note about William Watson Christian & the ‘Garey’ Christian’s



W.W. Christian’s grandmother was Charlotte Watson, of Cockfield Hall, Durham. She and her aunt Sarah, a widow of Col. Huddlestone, were crossing from England to Ireland when a storm came on and their vessel came into Peel. They stayed there and the aunt married Major-General Christian, who commanded Peel Castle and its garrison till 1765. After this date, the soldiers were removed and General Christian went and lived at the ‘Garey’ in Lezayre which belonged to him. His wife had no children, but her niece, who was a widow (her married name being Trevick) married Thomas Christian of Ballaghenny in Bride. They had two children Thomas, WW Christian’s father, and Charlotte Elizabeth Eunice, who married Deemster Crellin (see Crellin’s). W.W. Christian had two brothers: Thomas died without progeny in 1818, and John Murray died in 1871, leaving issue John Murray, William Watson, Frederick, Nathan, and two daughters.



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