[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Radcliffe’s, Parr’s, and Quirk’s of Knockaloe


Thomas Radcliffe, living in 1651, was probably either a brother or a cousin of Samsbury Radcliffe of Gordon (see Radcliffe’s of Gordon, p 135). He had a son Silvester C.P. (born 1652, died 1731) who was buried in the chancel of St Peter’s Peel. Silvester had a son Charles, a daughter Margery (died without progeny), and probably, though much younger than the others, a son Robert. Charles C.P. 1(born 1677, died 1733) married Eleanor Christian (born 1680, died 1756) and had Silvester (born 1709, died 1724); Thomas C.P. (born 1718, died 1787) married Jane Casement but had no issue. He was the last Radcliffe to own Knockaloe; Elinor (born 1704, died 1728)2; and Margery (born 1706; died 1777) who married James Parr (born 1700, died 1780) brewer of Peel. Silvester’s 3 youngest son Robert (born 1703, died 1769)4 who was Vicar of Patrick from 1729 till his death and Vicar General, married Catherine … (born 1708,5 died 1764) and had a daughter Catharine 6 who married a Cosnahan and had two sons who died in infancy. Margery and James Parr had (1) Caesar (born 1730, died 1792) married Eliz Qualtrough (born 1737, died 1766), but had no issue. He succeeded to Knockaloe; (2) John (born 1748, died 1777); others died young. Mary (born 1731, died 1777) married Philip Quirk (born 1726, died 1807) of Ballavagher, St Johns, and had issue James (born 1760, died 1810) who succeeded Caesar Parr as owner of Knockaloe. (Philip and Christian see below). He married Susanna, eldest daughter of Vicar General Christian of Patrick, who was heiress of Scarlett, near Castletown (see Wattleworth’s of Peel, p 113). They had issue (1) James (born 1795, died 1821) married Eleanor, daughter of John Quayle of Castletown (born 1792, died 1820) and had issue James John (born 1818, died 1834), heir of Knockaloe; (2) Philip married Jane, 6 daughter of Dr. Shuttleworth of Rochdale and had Robert Charles (born 1823, died 1868), the last Quirk of Knockaloe, and two daughters. Elizabeth married Robert Christian, and Sarah married William Ellis: both have issue; (3) Christian (born 1807, died 1855) unmarried; (4) Susan (born 1803,7 died 1872); (5) Ellen (died 1872) married William Quirk of Parville and had issue William (died 1866) and a daughter, Ellen (died unmarried in 1863); (6) Anne married James Quirk of Parville, HB of Douglas in 1819. He was High Bailiff first of Peel and then of Douglas. They had issue, James Richard (Revd), Vicar of Blandford, Dorset (died circa 1880). He married Maria Store and had issue James, George, William and Charles and 2 daughters. All these are married except George. James married Dora Parson and has James, Richard, Frank, and Mona. William married Miss Cooper, and Charles Mrs Sparrus. The second son of James and Ann Quirk was George, Revd (died circa 1895), Vicar of OverKellet, then of Yarmouth, Isle Wight. To return to the second son of Mary Parr and Philip Quirk: Philip.8 He married Miss Finet, an aunt of W. E. Gladstone’s and had issue Philip. Philip married and had (1) Major Philip (died 1901) married Nellie Girkin and had Mona; (2) Col J. Owen married Eugenia O’Neil and has issue a daughter; (3) Bishop Quirk.

1 JMO: "Captn. Charles Radcliffe, of Knockaloe, buried March 30, 1733, age 56, KK Patrick. Mrs. Ellinor Radcliffe, wife of Charles Radcliffe, buried November 29th, 1759, age 76, KK Patrick. Captn. Thomas Radcliffe, son of the above, buried June 20th, age 70." –‘God’s Acre ', p 3

2 JMO: Will of ma Ellinor Radcliffe als Xtn (Archdeacon Wills 1761 #48, Patrick, of Ellinor Radcliffe, widow of Capt Charles Radcliffe of Knockaloe; made 1758) indicates dau Ellinor is alive and md to xxx Moore [Elnr R md Matthias Moore 1741, Patrick] in 1758

3 JMO: Moore probably meant Charles; Rbt b 1703 md Catharine Radcliffe 23 Nov 1732

4 JMO: Revd Rbt Radcliffe is mentioned as son in law to Ellinor Radcliffe als Christian, wife (widow) of Captain Charles Radcliffe of Knockaloe, in Ellinor’s will of 1761 (Archdeacon Wills 1761 #48, Patrick); if AWMoore is correct, then Revd Rbt md his niece Cath Radcliffe

5 JMO: Revd Rbt md Catharine Radcliffe in 1732; dau of Capt Charles & wife Elnr Xtn

6 JMO: Michael Parish Register gives her name as Eleanor, md Joseph Cosnahan 20 Jul 1760. Also, in 1769 & 1771 addenda of the 1760 joint will of Joseph Cosnahan & Mgt Caesar his wife, her name is given as Ellinor Cosnahan widow & relict of Joseph Cosnahan

7 JMO: according to parish registers, Philip was born 16 July 1799, Knockaloe, Patrick, christened 26 July 1799, to James Quirk and Susannah Christian. If he married a Jane, then it was either Jane Hamilton (11 Sep 1819, German), or Jane Gawne Caine (8 Nov 1823, Malew; with children Robert Charles Quirk christened 22 May 1824 Malew, and Elizabeth Ann Quirk born 17 May 1826 Malew. I could find no Sarah Quirk born, and no marriage to William Ellis, though there is a Sarah Quirk md William Fargher 17 Dec 1837 Braddan (unlikely to be her) and Sarah Q md William Gaurie (?Gawne) 7 Aug 1869 Braddan. Regarding Dr (Charles) Shuttleworth: He married Jane Gawne of Ballachurry, Rushen (in his will of 1791, her father Edward mentions her as Jane Shuttleworth) about 1788, with children Jane Gawne Shuttleworth christened 19 April 1789, Rushen (md William Cain 20 Sep 1810, Rushen) and Elizabeth Ann chr 26 Dec 1790 Rushen (md John Caine 8 Oct 1818 Rushen). (I could find no Sarah born, and no marriage of Sarah to William Ellis.)

8 JMO: Patrick Parish register indicates Susanna was born 3 Sep 1801.

9 JMO: Philip was christened 1 July 1754, German Parish.

  JMO note: She is Susan Quirk, b 20 Sep 1828 St Marys Castletown, per parish register & per Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001; she died 1920 in Toronto, Canada

JMO note: Patrick Parish register indicates Susanna was born 3 Sep 1801.

JMO Note: James Richard died 1876 in Attleborough, Warwickshire, England -Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

JMO Note: or Anna Maria Storr -Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

JMO Note: James Francis died 1926 -Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

JMO Note: George Ernest Champneys died 1928; he did marry to Charlotte Gilbert 28 Apr 1881, St Saviour's Church, Paddington, London. He went to Canada, probably around 1895 as he had a daughter Barbara, born in Toronto in 1896. He also had daughters Dorothy and Lilian. He died in Toronto on 23 Apr 1928 -Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

JMO Note: William Montague Harley Quirk; he married Ada Mary Cooper, 18 Oct 1886; he died in Brighton, Victoria, Australia, on 27 March 1928 -Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

JMO note: Charles Arthur Weldon Quirk -Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

JMO note: Ada Mary Cooper, married 18 Oct 1886 - Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd November 2001

JMO note: Philip was christened 1 July 1754, German Parish.

JMO note: John Owen Quirk - Major J.O. Quirk, DSO, commanded the Korosko Garrison in the Sudan. This consisted of 9th, 10th and 13th Battalions Sudanese Infantry. This was at the same time that Col H.H. Kitchener commanded the Number Two Column.-per Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

JMO note: Edward Quirk -per Helen Gulson, Northbridge NSW, Australia, letter rec'd by JMO November 2001

John Gawne-Cain on Manx Genealogy MB wrote

Gawne Cain genealogy
I think that I am able to throw light on a puzzle in the genealogy of Gawnes and Quirks that has continued since A W Moore’s Manx Families. The key is that Jane Gawne Shuttleworth who married William Cain at Rushen in 1810 was the same woman Jane Gawne Cain, now widowed, who married Phillip Quirk in 1823 giving birth to Robert Charles Quirk who was the last Quirk of Knockaloe. This Jane Gawne Cain is the daughter of the Jane Gawne who was aunt to Edward Moore Gawne and who had married Charles Shuttleworth in Liverpool in 1788 ( Doctor Charles Shuttleworth according to A W Moore).

The evidence for this is the entry in the parish register for Malew on 8th November 1823 of the marriage of Philip Quirk and Jane Gawne Cain, widow; signed “Jane Gawne Quirk late Cain”. Also the will of Jane Shuttleworth, alias Gawne (Archdeacon’s wills 1822 no. 18) and the several later documents of release appended to it. This confirms an earlier conjecture which arose from our family tradition. My grandfather Barton Gawne Cain who was born in 1873 told us that we had an ancestor Jane Gawne Quirk mother of the last Quirk of Knockaloe, but this was difficult to understand. However if Jane Gawne Cain married again it is explained. By her first marriage, to William Cain, Jane Gawne had a son William Edward Cain who became tidewaiter at Peel and in his turn had sons Edward Gawne Cain and Barton Shuttleworth Cain.

Two further factors have confused subsequent genealogists. Firstly the brothers-to-sisters marriages of Jane Gawne and Elizabeth Ann Shuttleworth to William and John Cain and secondly the long memorial inscription in the old churchyard of Kirk Rushen (reference ZH12) which is patently impossible and either incorrect or unsubstantiated in many of its elements.

The GAWNE genealogy can thus be extended:
Generation No. 3
Children of EDWARD GAWN and JANE TAUBMAN are:
ii. JANE GAWN b. Bef. 18 November 1766, Rushen, Isle of man. m. Dr. CHARLES SHUTTLEWORTH at St Nicholas Church Liverpool on 9th February 1789. She was buried at Kirk Rushen Isle of Man on 28th December 1821.
Generation No. 4
i. JANE2 GAWNE SHUTTLEWORTH baptized 19th April 1789 in Kirk Rushen. She married (1) WILLIAM CAIN of Port Erin on 20th September 1810 in Kirk Rushen. He was later a merchant in Castletown. After the death of her husband WILLIAM CAIN and his burial in Kirk Rushen on 28th July 1823 she married (2) PHILIP QUIRK of Scarlett on 8th November 1823. He was baptized 16 Jul 1799, in Malew. He inherited Knockaloe in the parish of Patrick after the death of his nephew JAMES JOHN QUIRK in 1834.
ii. ELIZABETH ANN SHUTTLEWORTH baptized 26 December 1790 in Kirk Rushen. She married JOHN CAIN , brother of WILLIAM CAIN above, on 18 October 1818 in Kirk Rushen. He was an advocate in Castletown and he was buried in Rushen on 1st November 1832. Having lived in Castletown she herself was buried in Rushen on 1st November 1869 at the age of 78.
iii. MARY SHUTTLEWORTH baptized 27th March 1792 in Kirk Rushen and buried on 3 May that same year.
Generation No. 5
i. JANE3 GAWNE CAIN baptized 28 August 1811 at Rushen, married BARTON NICHOLAS BAYLEY at Malew on 21 December 1841, he died 16 June 1866 and is buried at Marown. She may be ‘the niece reared by Capt Quilliam’
ii. WILLIAM2 EDWARD CAIN baptized at Kirk Rushen 25 February 1813. On 11th September 1836 in St Philips Liverpool he married MARY JANE HALL who was baptized 10 September 1816 at Little Hulton, Lancashire. He was a watchmaker in Castletown and later Tidewaiter in Peel. 3 November 1843)
iii. MATTHEW TAUBMAN CAIN baptized at Kirk Rushen 15 February 1815
i. ROBERT CHARLES QUIRK baptized on 22 May 1824 and who died without issue on 29 September 1868, being the last Quirk of Knockaloe.
ii. ELIZABETH ANN QUIRK born 17 May 1826 at Malew.
i. JOHN2 CAIN who died Bef. 27th August 1846 at age 28 without issue,
ii. CHARLES SHUTTLEWORTH CAIN who was baptized 12th April 1827. He married CLARISSA KELLY (aged about 21)on 6th November 1856 at Marown. He died after 1857
Generation No. 6
i. EDITH SHUTTLEWORTH BAYLEY who married THOMAS CORLETT of Ballagarraghyn.
i. WILLIAM HENRY CAIN born 16th August 1837,
ii. ESTHER CAIN baptized 10 February 1839 in St Mary’s Castletown,
iii. MARY ELIZABETH CAIN baptized February 1840 in Castletown.
iv. EDWARD GAWNE CAIN baptized 3rd November 1843 in Kirk German. He was a ship’s carpenter married MARGARET COLLISTER (baptized 22 Aug 1847 Kirk Rushen) Abt. 21 May 1872 in Kirk German. They moved to Liverpool where Edward was a shipwright
v. BARTON SHUTTLEWORTH born on 23rd December 1846


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