[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Mylrea's of Dollough


This family, formerly one of the most influential in the Island, have now no male representatives. The name occurs in the Ballaugh Register in 1598, the first year in which names were recorded in any Parish Register in the Island. At this period also they are found entered for various properties in the above parish, of which the double quarterland of the Dollough, where they lived, was the most important. The first conspicuous member of the family was Daniel, born in 1655, who married Margaret, daughter of Robert Parr, Rector of Ballaugh (see Parr's). In 1696, September 11, he was made Deemster. Daniel, son of the above, born in 1684 was Attorney General in 1720. In 1722 the father and son were associated in 'the cruel and vexatious proceedings' with Governor Horne against Bishop Wilson. On the death of Nicholas Christian in 1734, he succeeded him as Deemster, which office he held till his death in 1757. At 1735, he was appointed jointly with Charles Moore, Deputy …. During the whole of his life he was an opponent of Bishop Wilson's, who regarded him with considerable distrust, as will be seen from the following entry in his diary: 'September 25, 1728, I sent by Dr. Walker £10 to Mr. Dan McYlrea, which he demanded (though how righteously, God Knows) for his services at Douglas during the chapel was in building.' He married Lucy Parry and had several children, of whom we can only trace Daniel, the eldest, and William, the second son. Daniel received the appointments of Receiver General and Water Bailiff in 1758 as well as that of Deemster 12 Dec 1768, to which he succeeded soon after his father's death. He seems to have resided at Castletown. He died at Peel in 1775 and was buried in Ballaugh old churchyard. It does not appear that he was ever married. William, born 1712, died 1787, the second son, was in Holy orders. In 1754, he became Rector of Bride and in 1760, Rector of Andreas and Archdeacon. His father before his death had used his influence with the Duke of Athol to give his son this post on the death of John Kippax. He in concert with Rev. Robert Radcliffe translated Genesis into Manx. He died September 14, 1787, aged 65, and was buried at Andreas. He married Elinor Gell, who died on the 6th of February 1795, aged 66, buried at Andreas, and had issue among others Daniel (born 1757). Daniel was Chaplain of Ramsey in 1783, Vicar of Michael in 1796, Rector of Ballaugh 1802, and in 1814, Rector of Andreas and Archdeacon. This last appointment he held till his death in 1832, in the 75th year of his age. According to the inscription on his tombstone, 'He was a tender husband, an affectionate Father, kind to the poor and given to hospitality.' He married Susanna 1 daughter of John Curphy of Ballakillingan (see Curphey's) but had no issue. All William Mylrea's sons died without issue, and of his daughters, Catherine married Robert Quayle (see Addendum), Susan married Dr. Lyons and died without issue about 1850, and Lucy married John Quayle of Castletown & had issue. It should have been stated about that William Mylrea sold the Dollough property in 1777. None of the Mylrea family in the direct line are now known, but there is a Mr. Mylrea living in London who claims to belong to it. [ ] H.K.J.P. is descended from a collateral branch.

1 She died on the 24th of February 1839, and was buried with her husband


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