[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Moore's of Pulrose

Arms: Three ha.. hounds, courant, in a pale argent

Crest: a moor-fowl ppr, gutteé de polx, argent

Motto: Dieu est mon Fort

This family is a branch of the well known More's of More Hall in Lancashire, who purchased the Estate of Bootle near Liverpool circa 1280, and built there the residence of that name. They had another mansion called Bank Hall at Kirkdale near the sea. Sir William de la More, grandson of the founder, distinguished himself at the Battle of Poictiers in 1350, after which he was knighted. He distinguished himself in letters as well as war, being the author of Lives of Edward I, and Edward II. Fuller called him 'a man whose fame extended far for arts in Peace and feats in War.' His grandson John was M.P. for Cumberland in 1405, as was John's son Edward in 1421, 1430, and 1454. William More, who came to the Isle of Man in the train of Thomas, the second Earl of Derby, is said to have been descended from this Edward, but it is not known exactly how. In 1525, he purchased the estates of Poleroish in Braddan, which consists of one tenement, 2 quarterlands and a fresh water mill, from Robert Standish. He was a member of a grand jury appointed in 1532. On his death in 1539, he was succeeded by his son Robert, as per record, and Robert by his son John in 1562. John (obit 1581) had issue Robert, and John, who died without progeny and was buried at Kirk Braddan in 1627. Robert (obit 1625, buried at Kirk Braddan) married Ellin (obit 1635, buried at Kirk Braddan) and had issue Robert & John. The Robert who died in 1625, was the first to change his name from More to Moore. He was a member of the Grand Jury. John married in 1627 Margaret Huddlestone of Ballahot, Malew (obit 1669, buried at Kirk Braddan). (Her brother William Huddlestone married Margery Radcliffe of Knockaloe, who was a daughter of Margery Christian of Milntown, Iliam Dhoan's sister). John and Margaret had issue Henry (born 1630, obit sans progeny 1684, buried at Braddan). Robert (obit 1650, buried at Braddan) married Margaret's sister Katherine in 1625 (she died in 1669 and was buried at Braddan) and had issue three sons and five daughters. Of these, Ann married Patricius Christian, a son of Iliam Dhoan's, who lived in Ballaquayle, and had issue (see descendants of William Christian). Robert, the eldest son only lived 4 days, so John1 (born 1630, obit 1681, buried at Braddan) succeeded to the Estate. John married Catherine Morrey and had issue Robert and Jane. Robert (born 1668, obit 1733,2 buried at Braddan) married 1695 Katherine Kelly 3 (born 1664) and had issue 6 sons and 2 daughters. Three of the sons and one of the daughters died young. For Edward the Eldest (see below). Philip (born 1705, obit 1783, buried at Braddan) married in 1736 Margaret Tiffin alias Birkett (died 1768),4 but had no issue. He was one of the most distinguished Manx clergy of his day and devoted friend of Bishop Wilson's (see Manx Worthies), John (born 1703, obit 1779, buried at Braddan) purchased Pulrose from his eldest brother Edward and this property continued in the younger branch of the family. John was an M.H.K. In 1727 he married Isabella, daughter of William Gell, Vicar of Conchan, and had issue 4 sons and 2 daughters. Of these, Margaret (born 1736, obit 1828) married John Gelling of Douglas and had issue; Isabella (born 1746, obit 1813) married Edward Gelling of Castletown, John's brother, and had issue; Peter (born 1740, obit 1819, buried at Braddan) married 1769 Ann Oates of Ballaoates (born 1749, obit 1829), and had issue 2 daughters, Ann married Major Caesar Tobin of Middle and had issue (one of their daughters married Patrick Scott, surgeon, nephew of Sir Walter Scott)5, and Isabella died unmarried in 1851. She was the authoress of an interesting diary, a copy of which is in the writer's[A.W.Moore] possession; Robert married Eleanor Gelling, sister of John and Edward, in 1775 (born 1746, obit 1814) and had issue Catherine (born 1776, obit 1816), who married Edward Gawne of Mount Gawne (see Gawne's) and had issue, and John (born 1778) married E.C.T. Oates 6 of the Hills, heiress, in 1808 (see Moore's of the Hills). Robert (born 1742, obit 1788) was a merchant in Peel; Philip (of Pulrose) (born 1738, obit 1806, buried at Braddan) married in 1766 Katherine Killey (born 1746, obit 1815, buried at Braddan), heiress of Coloonys in Braddan, and had issue 3 sons and 3 daughters. Of these, Isabella (born 1767, obit 1809) married Thomas Moore, Captain of the ship Fame, and had issue.7 Margaret (born 1769, obit 1804, buried at Conchan) married the Rev. John Cannell, Vicar of Conchan and had issue, Robert (born 1774, obit 1822), who was a merchant in Peel, married Elizabeth Clark, daughter of the High Bailiff of that town and had issue one son and one daughter, the son, Robert John (born 1816, obit 1884) was for many years High Bailiff of Peel. He was distinguished for his antiquarian knowledge and his amiability. He was also an M.H.K. and Secretary to that body. In 1856, he married Louisa Sage, daughter of Captain John Anderson of Cooley Lodge (father of the present Receiver General, 1888) and had issue 3 sons and one daughter. His eldest son Robert James Anderson is a doctor (born 1858); Philip (born 1778, obit 1849) married Ann Dorothy, an Irish lady. They had issue Philip (obit 1848) who married Isabella Kerruish and had no issue; John Peter of Pulrose (born 1771, obit 1823, buried at Braddan) married in 1816 Mary Maria Forbes (sister of the banker and aunt of the celebrated naturalist of that name: (see Manx Worthies) and had issue 3 sons and 4 daughters. Of these, Maria married Graham Williams (uncle of B.G.W.) and died without progeny, Emma married John Edward Forbes of Manchester, her cousin, John of Pulrose (born 1818, died 1865, buried at Braddan) married Margaret Daughter of Captain Thomas Craine, R.N. in 1846, and had issue John (obit young), Effie (died young), and Marion, the heiress, married in 1869 Bell Graham Williams. Thus the property of Pulrose, after being in the Moore family for 344 years, passed away from them.

To return to the elder branch: Edward the eldest son of Robert of Poleroish (it should be noted that John, Robert's son, changed the name to the modern form Pulrose) was born in 1696, died 1751, buried at Malew. He was Archdeacon's Registrar and became Curate of Andreas in 1726, where he remained till 1735, when he was appointed Vicar of Michael. He was made Vicar General in 1740. He was justly esteemed as an excellent clergyman and a thorough man of business. He married in 1730 8 Mary Gill (buried at Kirk Michael in 1749) and had issue two sons and two daughters, of those Edward (born 1734, died 1810, buried at Andreas) married Elizabeth Fine of Ballahot, Malew (born 1726)9 in 1757, and had issue 2 sons and one daughter,10 of these James (born 1772, died 1846, buried at Braddan), a manufacturer, bought the Estate of Cronkbourne in Braddan, married Elizabeth Jeal of Kent (born 1775, died 1851, buried at Braddan) in 1801; she was the daughter of Dorothy Wattleworth (see the Wattleworth's), and had issue 7 sons, of these (1) Joseph Christian (born 1802, died 1886, buried at Andreas) was for 42 years Archdeacon of the Isle of Man. He was not married (see Manx Worthies). (2) James (born 1804, died 1887) was a merchant in Liverpool. He married in 1840 Mary Statter (born 1819, died 1859) and had issue 3 sons and 4 daughters, of these Robert (born 1843) married in 1881 Mary Reid but has no issue, Harry (born 1850) married in 1877 Harriet Smith and has issue Mary Gertrude. Harry is broker at Charlestown, USA, Harold is in the army, Elizabeth (born 1841) married (1) Henry Stockley and had issue, (2) Robert Hinshaw, Emily (born 1845) married in 1865 her cousin Henry Christian, Admiral. (see Christian's of Milntown). Henry Noarse, the third son of James and Eliz. Jeale (born 1805, died 1837, buried at Braddan) married Christian Lucas (see Wattleworth's) in 1834 and had issue two sons James and John. James (born 1835, died 1879) M.A. Oxford and Rector of All Saints, Liverpool, married Edel Philips in 1870, and had issue a son, Cuthbert (born 1871) and 3 daughters. John (born 1837, died 1869), a merchant in India married in 1863 Mary Ellen Alexander (born 1846) and had issue a son Alexander Ewan Goodericke (born 1867) and three daughters. The eldest of these, Ethel Christian (born 1864) took a First Class in the Historical Tripos at Cambridge and is now (1888) a Professor in the Lady's College in America. Thomas Durie, the 5th son (born 1812, died 1851, a merchant in Liverpool, married in 1840 Mary Alcock and had issue William Fernehough (born 1841) marred (1) Elizabeth Caroline Willett (died 1875) in 1866 and had issue 4 sons and 1 daughter, Edward William, Charles Newton[?], Alfred Christian, Arthur Nevil, & Lilian Mary. William married (2) in 1883 Ada Jane Smithers and had issue James Cecil. William Fine, the 7th son, assisted his father in the manufacturing and merchants business (born 7 July 1814; died 29 May 1895, buried in Braddan Cemetery) and on his mother's death, he purchased the Estate of Cronkbourne from his eldest brother Joseph, the Archdeacon. William Fine was for many years an M.H.K (1858 to 1875), both in the non elective and elective House. In the latter, he represented Douglas. He is also a Justice of the Peace. He was born in 1814 and in 1852 he married his cousin, Hannah Christian, and had issue 5 sons and 5 daughters. Of these, Alice Dorothy married Bassett T. Seckham[?], of Thorpelands, Northampton, in 1885; Godfrey Willson (born 1868) was educated at Harrow and an engineer (he married Edith Manlove and has issue); the eldest son Arthur William of Cronkbourne (born 1853) was educated at Rugby and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took a First class in the Historical Tripos of 1875. In 1877, he was made a Justice of the Peace, in 1885 he was elected an M.H.K for the Constituency of Middle, in the same year he was appointed to the Captaincy of the Parish of Conchan, and in 1888, he was elected a member of the Board of Education for the Isle of Man, and on the 9th Dec 1898, Speaker of the House of Keys.11 In 1887, he married Louisa Elizabeth Wynn Hughes Games, 2nd daughter of the Rev. Joshua Hughes-Games, D.C.L., Archdeacon of the Isle of Man, and has issue Helena Christian (born 1888), Margery Christian (born 1889), William Arnold Christian (born October 1893, died January 2nd, 1894, removed (from grave in Braddan cemetery with his aunt Florence) to our grave in Braddan Cemetery in 1909) and Arthur Hughes Games Christian (born Sept 19, 1895).

To return to the elder branch: The eldest son of Edward and Elizabeth Fine was Edward (born 1762, died 1835,12 buried at Braddan). He was a banker in Douglas and made a large fortune, all of which, however, he contrived to spend before his death, chiefly in hospitality. In 1794, he married Elizabeth Beck of Whitehaven (born 1762, died 1834, buried at Braddan) and had issue 5 sons and 1 daughter, of these, Edward James (born 1800, died 1865, buried at Braddan), who was for many years Secretary of the Isle of Man Steam packet Co. and greatly esteemed, married (1) Elizabeth Greaves of Bakewell in 1826 (died January 1833, buried at Braddan, sans progeny) and (2) in 1834 Susannah Lucas of Knockrushen (see Wattleworth's) (born 1809, died 1844, buried at Braddan) and had issue 2 sons and 2 daughters. Of these, Ann Elizabeth (born 1841, died 1878, married in 1868 James Maurice Wilson, MA, Senior Wrangler, who was at that time a Master at Rugby and is at present (1888) Head Master at Clifton college and had issue, Lucas Edward (born 1842), a merchant in New Orleans married in 1881 Mamie Bright of that City (born 1857) and has issue Edward Clement (born 1882) and Lucas.

The two eldest sons of Edward and Elizabeth Back died in infancy, the third son John (born 1798, died 1873, buried at Braddan Cemetery), was a merchant in Douglas. He married (1) Catherine Lucas of Dronfield (born 1802, died 1848) in 1824 and had issue 3 sons and 1 daughter, of these, Philip Callow (born 1831, died 1879) married in New Zealand in 1873, but had no issue. John married (2) in 1852 Mary Kermode, sister of the present Rector of Ballaugh and had issue 1 son and 1 daughter. The son John Edward (born 1855), the present eldest representative of the Moore Family is a merchant in London. He married in 1882 Jessie Isabel Aubrey & has issue.

1 He was an M.H.K.

2 JMO: Nigel Crowe in Isle of Man Family History Society Journal, vol7 no.3, 1985, indicates Robert died 1724 intestate, and wife Katherine died soon after with a will mentioning children: Wm, Ed, Phil, Mgt. Son Wm died 1731 or 1732, & his Episcopal Will 1731/2 mentions 2 brothers Ed & Phil, & sister Mgt Whiteside, also his uncles Charles Moore & Henry Moore. Further: Robert was son of Edward Moore & Ellinor Oates, nephew of Wm & Henry, father of Wm & Ed (Vicar General) & Mgt (md xxx Whiteside), & was born 3 Aug 1666, baptized 5 Aug 1666, Braddan

3 JMO: Robt of Poleroish did not md Cath Kelly, for her husband was dead by the time she died in 1724/5 see : Archdeacon Will 1724/5 #86, - also see marriage contract of dau Cath - her mother (his first wife) was probably Ann Moore als Quirk d 1702 - his wife in 1718/9 was Elizabeth xxx though Crowe gives Isabel Cannell

4 JMO: Archdeacon Wills 1768 #49, Braddan, gives her name as Mary Moore wife of Revd Philip Moore, Rector of Ballaugh

5 and had a son Walter buried at Conchan in 1809.

6 [Eunice Catharine Teresa Moore of the Hills, widow of James Oates of Oatland]

7 The last surviving daughter, Catherine, died in 1880, aged 77.

8 JMO: Michael Parish records indicate marriage was 29 July 1724

9 JMO: Malew Parish records list christening date: 24 Feb 1736

10 St Matthews Douglas Parish records list the following children: Mary b 1759, Catharine b 1760, Edward b 1762*, Elizabeth b 1765*, Philip b 1769. * indicates children mentioned in the wills of their parents (Edw & Elizth) and of aunts. James T, another son, is also mentioned in the wills of the parents & of aunts.

11 Appointed Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, 1902. Entertained King Edward VII, Queen Alexandra and Princes Victoria at Cronkbourne on the 26th of August 1902.

12 JMO: MI, Braddan: 'Sacred to the memory of Edward MOORE of Douglas who departed this life the 6th day of September 1820, aetat 58 years, greatly respected and much regretted. Requiscat in pace. Also interred the remains of Elizabeth MOORE alias BECK, relict of the above and daughter to the adjacent Elizabeth BECK who departed this life the 11th day of June 1833, in the 72nd year of her age. Also Philip MOORE son of the above, obit 17th November 1811, etat 39 years. Also of Cai--- [remainder of stone eroded]' –Monumental Inscriptions: Kirk Braddan, Old Yard, South, published by Isle of Man Family History Society 1990

Nigel Crowe has done much work on the Pulrose Moores - A W Moore seems to be very confused in several respects having mixed up two Moore families - Cath Kelly (mother of Rev Philip Moore married Robert Moore merchant of Douglas, son of Lieut Edward Moore + Elinor Oates - Edward was son of Edward Moore glover of Douglas who came from the Moore family of Ballakilley, Marown.

The following tree is mostly derived from his tree published in Proc IoMNHASoc

                                1                  2 bef.1578  
                      John More = Margaret Clague  = Thomas Pearson
                     of Pulrose;|   v. 1580             Customs Officer at Douglas
   took lease for 3 lives. 1564 |
                    d. c.1570   |
     |                 |            |                                |             |                             |
Robert More           Ann        Nicholas More    =  ?????       William More    Ellin = Sir John Christian   Henry More
b. bef. 1564         v 1580  of Pulrose & Douglas |             d.s.p. c. 1579           Vicar of Maughold    Abroad 1583
Ent. as heir 1570/1              M.H.K. 1593-1617 |                                          v. 1607
said to be "of Bristol"         d. 1618 Acquired  | 
in 1613.                Pulrose & Ballakennish    |    
                                                  |    bef 1609
                                             Robert Moore  =  Elinor
                               of Pulrose - only son       |   d. 1635
                                           d.1625          |
                              Sold Ballakennish 1609       |
     |              |                    |                                 |     bef. 1650
 Isabella        Dorothy =  - Hall   Robert Moore Jnr = Jane Romer    Silvester Moore =  Catherine Corkill
v. 1653       of Douglas             of Pulrose       |                  d.1663?      |     d. 1673 
              d. 1697 s.p.            d.c. 1653       |                 Douglas       +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+
                                                      |                                                                                                             |  
     +--------------+-------------------------+-------+----------------------+--------------------------+----------+---------+----------+--------+-------+          +------------+--------+--------+---------+
     |              |                   1     |        2                     |                          |          |         |          |        |       |          |            |        |        |         |
   Ellin         Thomas      Katherine  =  John Moore  =  Katherine    Henry Moore  =  Katherine    Silvester    Robert    Philip    Kathren    Ann    Jane       Robert       Averick    Ann    William    Silvester
v. 1684         (Heir)      Huddlestone |     Pulrose  |    Cottier    of Douglas   |    Bridson       Moore      Moore    Moore     v. 1684                      bap 1650                                of Douglas d.1713
                 d.s.p.      d.1669     |   1643-1681  |    d.1716      d.1684      |    v.1715       bap.1648             bap.1652 
                                        |              |                            |
     +--------------+-------------------+              |                        +---+---+--------+----------+
     |         1    |          2                       |    1706                |       |        |          |
   Jane    Ann =  Robert Moore =  Isabel             Margaret = Thomas        Henry    Jane    Robert    Catherine    
1666-1676 Quirk|   Pulrose     |  Moore als Cannell           | Huddleston  bp.1671   bp.1676 
         d.1702|  1668-1733    |                              v
               |               +-----------------------------------------------------+
               |                                                                     |
         +-----+--------+-------------------+-----------+------------+               +--------------------------+--------------+---------------------+
         |              |                   |           |            | 1719          |                          |              | c.1733              |
     Elizabeth     Catherine = Thos      Robert       Charles       Ann = Wm        John = Elizth Moore   Peter = Esther   Patience = Robt        Margaret
                             | Bridson    d.s.p.       d.1725.          | Corran   (heir)|               d.1741 | Killey            | Kermod
                             v                       app as glover      |        Balnahow|             Whitehoe |                   |
                                                                        v                v                      v                   v
The tree which A W Moore confused is that of Edward Moore, glover of Douglas, shown below (again based on Crowe's published tree) - most suprising that Moore confused it as James Moore + Elizabeth Jeale were his grandparents - however suggested by some that Moore wished to attach himself to the putative Bank Hall tree.
                                           1                  2     
                      Katherine Christian  =  Edward Moore    =  Katherine Joyner
                     Daughter of Edmund    | "of Marown" 1636.|   d. 1648
                    Christian, merchant of |  Glover Douglas  |
                             Douglas       |   d.1667         |
     +--------------------------+----------+--------------+   +-------------+
     |                          |                         |                 |
 =  William              Lt Edward   =  Elinor Oates    Isabel           Philip Moore
 |  v.1667,1691.       1636(?)-1717  |    d.1718         bp. 1638        Off the Island 1667
 |  of Douglas?    Glover of Douglas |                   d. young
 |                                   |
 |                 +-----------------+--------+-------------------------+---------------------------+-----------------------+
 |                 |                          |                         |                           |   1716                |  1718
Robert          Robert =  Katherine Kelly    Jane  = Hugh Black       Edward    =  Catherine    Charles  =  Catherine    Henry  =  Barbara Wattleworth
b. bef 1667   1666-1724|   m. 1695,        d.1759  | of Ramsey   1668/9-1716/7  |   Gell        d. 1753  |    Clucas     d. 1729|    d. 1772 
              Merchant |  d. 1724/5                v                  (Peel)    |   d.1729      Soldier  |  bur. 1758    Douglas|    
               Douglas |                                                        +-------+       Douglas  |                      +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
                       |                                                                |                +-----------------------+                                                                      |
     +-----------------+----------+----------------------+--------------------+         +--------------------+--------+          +--------------------+-----------+---------+--------+-------+          +--------------------+---------+
  Rev|                 |       Rev|                      |                    |         |                    |        |          |                    |           |         |        |       |          |     1734           |         |            
   Edward = Mary    William    Philip   = Margaret    Margaret = Anthony    Others    Edward = Elizabeth    Jane    Robert    Edward  = Catherine    Elinor    Christian Catherine  Margt  Others     Elinor    =  Ewan      Robert    Others
1696-1751 | Gill   1701-1731   1705-1783  Birkett    bp. 1706/7  Whiteside   d.young  bp. 1708             bp.1712            d.1757  | Cain        bp.1716    bp. 1718    bp. 1721 d.1762  d.young    1719-1772|  Corlett   bp.1721   d.young
V.Genl    |d.1749  Merchant,              d.1768                                      Watchmaker            v.1734            d.s.v.p |             m            d.1755   m. - Merriman                         v            d.s.p.            
          |        Douglas                                                            of London                                Douglas|             1. Curwen  
          |                                                                                                                           |      .      2.1757 Chas Cannell.   
     +----+-----+----------------------+----------+--------+---------+                                                                +---------+          
     |          |                      |          |        |         | 1749                                                            |         |
  Margaret    Edward = Elizabeth    Catherine    John    Others    Mary =  Thomas                                                  Charles     Jane
   b.1730   1734-1810| Fiennes       bp. 1736   b.1737   d. young          Taubman                                                 bp. 1754    bp.1755
    d.1808  Merchant |                         Ayr Scotland                                                                      d. young    d. young
            Douglas  |
     bef.1788  |         1794              |  1801               |            |
Elizabeth = Edward_James  = Elizabeth    James = Elizabeth    Elizabeth    Others
Workington|  1762-1820    | Beck      1772-1846|  Jeale      1765-1827    d. young
 d.1790   |   Whitehaven  |  d.1851    Linen   |
          |   + Douglas   |      manufacturer  |
          v               v           Tromode  v


see N.G. Crowe The Moores of Ballakilley, Marown Proc IoMNatHist&ASoc vol X #2 pp17/40 1994



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