[From 1917 Examiner Annual]

Included a Roll of Honour split into three sections, 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year - also included photographs of many

Second Year of the War. [1915-1916]


ASPELL, Private Stanley G., King's Liverpool Rifles.—In France, on May 23rd.—36 Bucks Road, Douglas.
AUSTIN, Private H. G., Manchester Regiment.—At the Dardanelles, June 4th. -Nephew of Mr C. M. Austin, Castletown.
BARRON, Private R. B., Northumberland Fusiliers,-In France, September 6th. -Hostel Lodge, Bishopscourt, Kirk Michael.
BARRETT, Captain Gerald H. J., Burma infantry.—In Mesopotamia in January, 1916.—Son of Mr and Mrs E. C. Barrett, formerly of the Promenade, Castletown.
BEGKLNSALE. Private T. H., Worcestershire Yeomanry.—In Egypt on April 23rd.—The Level. Colby.
BRERETON, Second-Lieut. Charles M., Cameron Highlanders.—In France on September 25th-26th.—Son of Major-General Brereton, Riverside, Ramsey
BRIERLEY, Major C. L., Lancashire Fusiliers.—Died from shrapnel wounds received at the Dardanelles on August 22nd.—Barrule Cottage, Port Lewaigue.
BURNETT, Private Norman, Lancashire Fusiliers.—In France, May; 1916.—Swan Hotel, Ramsey.
BUTLER, Corporal H., Royal Scots.—In France on June 30th.—14 Richmond Grove, Douglas.
CARTWRIGHT, Captain Crellin, Warwickshire Regiment.—In France, September 25th-26th.—Grandson of the late Mr John Crellin, Brack-a-Broom.
CAIN, Sapper T., Royal Engineers.—In France on February 22nd,-Nephew of Police Sergt. W. C. Cain, Kingswood Grove Douglas.
CAIN, Private G. F., Manchester Regiment-At the Dardanelles about June 7th.—Eastfield, Douglas.
CALEY, Private E., Lancashire Fusilier. -In France on January 26th.—Son of the late Police Constable Caley, of Ramsey-
CANNELL, Corporal Charles A., Lancashire Fusiliers.—At the Dardanelles, August 21st.—Ballacrye Crossing, Ballaugh.
CHRISTIAN, Private Herbert, Lancashire Regiment.—In France on July 19th.—Ballaslig, Andreas.
CHRISTIAN, Private Frank Glover, Black Watch.—In France on Aperil 29th.—Victoria Road, Foxdale.
CLAGUE, Private Douglas, Royal Scots. -In France, May 5th.—20 Circular Road, Douglas.
CLAGUE, Private C. H., Cheshire Regiment (formerly in the Isle of Man Volunteers).—In France on April 29th. --Church Road, Onchan.
CLUCAS, Sergt W. A., Royal Lancaster Regiment.—During the retreat from. Moos.—-46 Princes Street, Douglas.
COLVIN, Lieut. Henry, Manchester Regiment. -In France on duly 1st.—Son of Mr Henry Colvin, Derby Sq., Douglas.
COLQUITT, Private H., South Africans. -In France on July 9th,-Sydney Street, Douglas.
COMAISH, Private W., King's Liverpool Regiment.—In France on January 7th. Ballajora, Maughold.
COOPER, L.—Corporal W., Royal Munster Fusiliers.—At the Dardanelles, Sept. ,-Formerly of Port Erin.
CORLETT. Driver George,, Army Service Corps.—Died in hospital in France of Nephristis.—-Cregneish, Port St Mary.
CORLETT, Srgt J., Queen's Westminsters. .At Ypres on Dec. 19th.—Nephew of Mr A. B. Cuthbertson (Deputy Town Clerk), Douglas.
CORLETT, Private Ernest, Royal Scots In France on June 13th. - Son of Mr J. Corlett, Ballaugh.
CORLETT, Seaman John J., Hong Kong Special Reserve.—Killed in action on H.M.S. Lama, on October 16th.—New York House, Victoria Road; Ramsey.
COWLE, Sergt T. H., Lancashire Fusiliers.—In France during May.—Son of Mr and Mrs T. W. K. Cowle, Ramsey.
COWLEY, Private William Royal Irish Regiment.—Died in Netley Hospital on February 23rd, from wounds received in France.—Market Street Peel.
COWLEY, Private 7. J., King's Liverpool Regiment.—In Battle of the Somme.—Barrack Street, Douglas.
CREER, Private Charles; King's Liverpool Regiment.—Died in Paris from wounds received in action.—Home address Laxey.
CREGEEN, Private Fred; Royal Army Medical Carps,-April 22nd.—Formerly of Bridge Street, Castletown.
CRETNEY, Corporal James. Canadian Engineers.—In France on April 10th.—4 Murray's Road, Douglas.
CROWE, Gunner J. T.; Royal Field Artillery.—In France on July 10th.—Waterloo Road, Ramsey.
CUPHEY, Private George D., Canadians. -In France on June 27th.—Son of the late Mr Geo. Curphey (Douglas).
DOD, Private Alfred; Royal Scots.—In France on May 11th.—2 Clifton Terrace, Onchan.
DOUGHERTY, L.—Corporal J., Welsh Regiment.—In France on October 2nd.—Maugold Street. Ramsey.
DOWNE, Private A. M., Lancashire Fusiliers.—At the Dardanelles, September 6th-8th.—Formerly of Port Erin.
DYSON Sergt. Edward Edgar. Rifle Brigade. Formerly in the Isle of Man Volunteers.—Died from wounds.
EDGAR, Private James T.; Australian Brigade.—At the Dardanelles on Segt, 6th.—3 Cronkbourne Road, Douglas.
EVANS, Private Oswald: Liverpool Scottish.—At Hooge, June 16th.—Grand-son of Mrs Quayle, 44 Malaw Street, Castletown.
FARAGHER, Sergt W., Manchester Regiment.—In France on July 6th.—Ballakilpheric, Rushen.
GARRETT, Private Daniel, Australians - From wounds received at the Dardanelles on August 8th.—Glashoe, Bride.
GATFIELD. Sergt A., Manchester Regt.—In France on duly 6th- 98 Malew Street. Castletown,
GELL. Private John Tears, Royal Scots. Died of gunshot wounds in head. Son of Mr J. J. Gell. formerly of Victoria Street. Douglas.—32 Hildesley Road, Douglas.
GILL, Private T. G., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. In action in East Africa.—Athol Street Douglas.
GRAY. Private Fref, Bordar Regiment.—At the Dardanelles on August 21st.—32 Melbourne Street. Douglas.
GUEST, Major T. H., York and Lancaster Regiment.—At Battle of the Somme. -Gorse Crag. Port Erin.
HARVEY. Second-Lieut. James, Seaforth Highlanders.—At the Battle of the Somme. on July 1st.—Palatine Road, Douglas.
HERDMAN; Second-Lieut. G. A., King's Liverpool Regiment.—At the Battle of the Somme.—Son of Professor W. A. Herdman. of Liverpool and Port Erin.
HOLMES, Private Albion, Coldstream Gds. -In France. June 28th, from wounds. -Queen's Promenade, Douglas
HUNTER Private A. W., King's Liver-pool Regiment.—In France on September 13th.—3 Sydney Terrace D'glas.
JOHNSON, Private J. D. L., Lancashire Fusiliers.—In France on 16th March. -Son of Mr S. Lockwood Johnson', formerly of Douglas.
KAY, Second-Lieut. G. A., Notts and Derby Regiment. In France.—Son of Mr George Kay, Hilary Park, D'glas,
KELLY, Bomb-Thrower Frederick A., Nelson Battalion, Royal Naval Division,-in the Mediterranean on December 18. -Circular Road;, Douglas.
KENNAUGH, Private A., North Lancashire Regiment.—In France on 25th September.—Home address : Laxey.
KENNAUGH, Farrier Sergt-Major Frank Stanley 1st Welsh Horse,-At Gallipoli on November 30th.—Son of the late Mr J. Kennaugh; Ballabenna House, Lower Foxdale.
KENNEDY, Private Wm, Cheshire Regt.— At the Dardanelles.—19 Hutchinson Square Douglas.
KERRUISH, Private G., Middlesex Regiment. In France on May 26th.—Albert Street, Ramsey.
KEWLEY, Sergt Charles W., Australian Engineers.—Wounded at the Dardanelles and died on way home to Sydney on September 1st.—Son of Mr. and Mrs T. W. Kewley— Strand St., D'glas.
LAME. Private James, Black Watch.—At Mesopotamia on April 22nd —Station Hotel. Port Erin.
MAUDSLEY, Private H., Canadians.—In France on June 2nd.—Grandson of Mrs Quayle, 44 Malew Street, Castletown.
MAITLAND. Lieut d. D., Duke of Wellington's Regiment.—In France on 21st February.—-Son of Mr D. Maitland, Speaker of the House of Keys, Union Mills.
McCARTIN. Private James, Cheshire Regt.—In France on September 20th.—7 Frederick Street, Douglas.
McFARLAN, Second-Lieut A. Keith, Lancashire Fusiliers.—In France on May 15th.—-College Green, Castletown.
McGAIN. Second-Lieut Ashley W., Suffolk Regiment.—At the Battle of the Somme, duly let.—Glen View, Port Erin.
McHARRIE. Private Wm., South African Infantry.—Died in East Africa on 1st April. 71 Malew Street, Castletown.
McKIBBIN Private R, H., Cheshire Regt.—In France on July 18th,—14 Allan Street Douglas.
MIDWOOD, Private T. G., Manchester Regiment.—Died from wounds received at Gallipoli, on August 22nd,—6 Mona Street. Ramsey
MILLAR, Private Edward, Canadians.—At Battle of Somme.—Formerly of Victoria Avenue,, Douglas.
MILLER. Corporal G., Royal Irish Regt. -In France on duly 5th.—Cousin of Mr T. A. Miller; Port St Mary.
MITCHELL, Private George L. Coldstream Guards,.— In France on July 8th-Rose Mount, Douglas.
MOORE. Corporal Thomas H., Royal Engineers.— In France on 26th Sept, Athol Street, Port St Mary,
MOORE Private Wm— Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.—At Suvla, Gallipoli, in July, 1915.—Bank House. Port Erin.
MURRANT, Private R.; Cheshire Regt. .— In France on July 13th.—Nephew of Mrs G. Quine, Malew Street, Castletown,
MORRIS. Private W. d., Northumberland Fusiliers.—At Battle of the Somme.—1 Drury Lanes, Douglas.
MOUGHTIN, Private R. Barton, Canadians, .— In France on May 28th,--Castle Street. Peel.
MULLEN Corporal J. H., Border Regt. .— In France on September 25th.—23 Barrack Street, Douglas.
NASH: Captain J. F. P., D.S.O.. Canadian Infantry.—In France during April. -Son-in-law of Mrs Wilson; Derbyhaven.
PARRY, Private T., Royal Fusiliers.— On 5th September.—1 Withington Road, Douglas,
PEERS, Private Henry, East Lancashire Regiment.—In France.—Son-in-law of Mrs Wooton;, 15 Drinkwater Steet Douglas.
PUNCH, Private W. L, Black Watch.—At Hulluch (France), on 29th Sept.—The Pavilion, Castletown.
QUILLIAM, Lance-Cpl. George D., King's Liverpool Regt.—In France on Sept. 25th.—11 Hatfield Grove, Douglas,
ROLPH, Private J. C., Canadians.—In France during June -Royal Avenue. Onchan.
RUSSELL, Private Harold; Cheshire Regiment.—In France on May 2nd.—-son of Mrs Russell, Union Mills,
SCHOFIELD, Lance-Cpl. Eric, Royal Fusiliers,-In France on October 2nd.—-4 Bowling Green Road, Castletown,
SKELLY, Private G., Canadian Infantry -In France on February' 29th.—Lower Market Street Peel.
STOUT, Lance-Cpl. Harry, Australia.—In Gallipoli, 21st August.—Nephew of Miss A. Williamson, Bay View, Laxey.
TAGGART, Corporal Joseph R,Loyal N. Lancashire Regiment.—At Gallipoli on August 10th.—Brother of Mr J. H. Taggart, Albion Terrace, Douglas,
TOSH, Major E., Black Watch.—In action in France, September 26th,-Son-in-law of Mr G. H. Wood, Oakley house, Derby Road, Douglas,
TUTHILL, Driver T. H., Royal Field Artillery.—In France on duly 16th.—Gladstone Terrace. Ramsey.
WHITE, Private William E., King's Liverpool Regiment.—In France on August 12th.—Nephew of Mrs Duggen, 14 Peel Road Douglas.
WILSON, Private Frank, Black Watch.—In France during May.—Port-e-Vulen, Ramsey.


BRIDSON, Seaman Edward M.—Died on 9th Sept.—93 Circular Road, Douglas.
CALLOW, Corporal W. E., Cheshire Refit. -Died at Selenka on 18th June.— Son of Mr Fred Callow, York Road, Douglas.
CORKISH. Seaman Jacob, H.M.S. Goliath. -Invalided home early in 1915 ; died on 9th March. 1916.—Princes Street. Douglas.
CORKILL, Lance-Cpl. d. E.— Mechanical Transport ,(A.S.C.)-Accidentally killed at Clacton-on-Sea. 16th August:. - 6 Primrose Avenue, Douglas
CRAINE, Private T., Royal Army Medical Corps.—died on hospital ship in the Mediterranean. an August 16th.—Ballavoddan, Andreas.
CREBBIN, Seaman Richard, H.M.S. Ben-my-Chree.—Died at the Dardanelles. 3 Beach Street, Peel.
FARAGHER, Driver Edward, Australian A.S.C.—Died at Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt, on 26th April.—-West Street Ramssy.
FLEMING- Seaman Thomas, R.N.R.—Died in Haslar Naval Hospital.—Son of Mr J. Flemng, chief officer Mona's Isle.
GARRETT- Gunner R. C., Royal Field Artillery. -Died in France on duns 24, from injuries accidentally received -7 Orry Street. Douglas.
GOLDIE-TAUBMAN.. Captain Gerald, Royal Garrison Artillery.—Died in hospital in London.. 15th September, from fever contracted at Malta.—Brother of Mr Leigh Goldie-Taubman. The Nunnery,
QUAYLE. Sergt J. T , Cheshire Regt - Died from wounds accidentally received at Bidston Camp. Birkenhead, on July 6th,-Athol Street. Douglas.
QUAYLE. Seaman William H.—Accidentally drowned on January 14th.—21 Market Street Peel.
QUILLIAM Driver F., Royal Field Artillery.—Died at Woolwich from injuries received in a fall from a horse-3 South Quay. Douglas.
QUINE, ;Sergt T. E., Indian Expeditionary force.—Accidentally killed in East Africa in October.—Nephew of Capt Quine, of Douglas.
SUTCLIFFE, Trooper Reuben, Duke of Lancaster's Yeomanry.—Died in France on 14th February. from accidental injuries.—-Rose Dene, Port-e-Vullin.
TAGGART, Driver J. J., Army Auxiliary Horse Company.—Died on March 8th. whilst in training: 2 South Quay. Douglas.
THOMPSON., Sapper . R., Canadian Enginesrs.—Died whilst in training at Ottawa in May.—Son of Mr Richard Thompson, Kingswood Grove, Douglas.


Sunk in action with German Auxiliary Cruiser Meteor, in North Sea, August 8th, 1915.

BREW, Edward.: Victoria Place, Douglas.
CANNAN, A. A., South Quay, Douglas.
CLAGUE, T., Tynwald Terrace,, Douglas.
CONDRE. C. A., Cronkbourne Village.
COWIN, William, Laxey.
CRAMPTON, A., Grosvenor Road, D'glas.
CROSBIE, T., Frederick Street, D'glas.
HIGGINS. W.., Castle Mona Av., Douglas.
KEARNEY, P., Chester Street, Douglas.
KELLY, G., Ballabeg, Lonan.
KELLY, W, Marine Mount,, Laxey.
KELLY. T., Wellington Square D'glas.
LORD, W., Mona Street. Ramsey.
PARRY, G. E., Bigwell Street, Douglas.
POWER, W, E., Duke's Roads Douglas.
QUIRK, W., Victoria Avenue,, Douglas.
SHIMMIN, F. E,, St German's Place; Peed.
SKILLICORN, T., Barrack Street, D'glas.
TELFORD, W., Hope Street Douglas. [according to family Sister was Agnes Gibson Telfer but he used name Telford]
WOAN, H., Duke's Road, Douglas.
WOODS. J. H., Palatine Road, Douglas.


CAINE, Engineer-Lieut Earnest W., H.M.S. Black Prince.—Brunswick Road, D'glas.
BING, Seaman Robert, H.M.S. Indefatigable.—Auburn Terrace. Royal Avenues Onchan,
LOCKERBY, Stoker Walter, H.M.S. Queen Mary.—Union Mills.


ARCHER, Sergt John, Royal Engineers.—Mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig's despatch on 17th June.—Queen's Terrace. Douglas.
COOKE. Private A. Awarded the D.C.M. for attending the wounded under fire during the landing at Cape Helles. Gallipoli.—Formerly of Peel
CURPHEY, Private Alfred Machine Gun Corps.—Awarded the D.C.M, in June ; wounded on 11th July.—Falcon Cliff Terrace, Douglas.
FARAGHER, Warrant-Officer R. Walter; H.M.S. Jupiter.—Decorated with the Russian Order of St Anne, for meritorious services'.—7 Leigh Terrace. Douglas.
GARRETT. Petty-Officer Daniel, attached Naval Battery, in Flanders. -Awarded the D.S.M., and also French Croix do Guerre,-formerly of Bigwell Street, Douglas.
CELL, Lieut H. V.., 69th Punjabs.—Mentioned in General Munro's despatch concerning Gallipoli operation.—Grand-son of the late Sir James Gell
GROVES, Commander R. M.—Awarded the D.S.O. in recognition of his service in command of a wing of the Royal Naval Air Service.—Son of Mrs Groves, Port.e-Vullen, Maughold.
HANDLEY. Lieut Laurence, East African Army.—Twice mentioned in despatches, and twice in orders of the day. for patrol work ; also promoted Captain.— Son of Mr and Mrs T. H. Handley, Douglas.
HARRIS, Captain F. C., Royal Monmouth Engineers.—Mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig's despatch on 30th April.—Grand-son of the late High-Bailiff Harris,
JOUGHIN. Privatø C., King's Liverpool Regiment.—Awarded the D.C.M for services as a sailor in the operations off the Belgian coast during autumn, 1915.—Formerly of Hope St., Douglas,
KERMEEN. Trimmer John J.—Mentioned in despatches for good service rendered in the Gallipoli operations.—, Formerly of North Shore Road Ramsey,
KINRADE, Seaman M'm.—Awarded the D.C.M. for gallantry at the Dardanelles.—Formerly of Derby Rd.; Peel.
KINRED, Captain Hugh C., Gloucester Regiment.—Awarded the Military Cross for flinging himself upon a bomb thrown from an enemy trench, which exploded,-Derby Square, Douglas.
KNIVETON. Lieut Clifford, Royal Garri-son Artillery.—Awarded the Military Cross for devotion to duty.—Kerrewdhoo, Onchan.
MORRISON. Major Kneale, King's Liverpool Regt.—Mentioned in despatches on 16th June.
OKELL, Lieut Cyril, Royal Army Medical Corps.—Awarded Military Cross for extreme bravery while attending :the wounded.—Nephew of Mr W. H. Okell Douglas.
ROBERTS. Sapper John, Royal Engineers. Awarded Russian Medal of St George. -Son of Mrs F. W. Creer, Athol Street, Pord St Mary.
SHIMMIN, Driver Donald, Royal Field Artillery.—-Awarded D.C.M :for bringing m wounded under heavy fire.—Formerly of Castletown.
STEPHENSON, Sergt-Major, Canadians - Awarded D.C.M. and the French Medal Militaire. Since promoted Lieutenant. -Formerly of Douglas.
THOMPSON. Petty-Officer T. H.—Awarded D.S.M. for gallant conduct during the Tigris fighting. !in which he was wounded. Arm since amputated.—Home addresss : Ramsey.
VICK, Sapper Ennest, Royal Engineers - Awarded D.C.T. for gallant conduct at the Dardanelles. Wounded during same operations. Since discharged.—17 Berkeley Street, Douglas.


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