[From 1917 Examiner Annual]

Included a Roll of Honour split into three sections, 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year - also included photographs of many

First Year of the War. [1914-1915]


ALBERT, Private A., King's Liverpool Regiment.—March 10th.—24 New Bond Street, Douglas.
ALLEN, Trooper R. Elliot 9th Lancers. -At Ypres, May 24th.—Son of Mr T. Allen, J.P., C.P., Belle Vue. Maughold.
ATCHESON, James H., 2nd Steward on H.M.S. Bayano.—Maughold St., Ramsey
ATKINSON, Private J.. Border Regiment. May 4th.—Callow Place, Douglas.
BAILEY, Private A. Wallace, King's Own Loyal Lancaster Regiment.— February 25th.—11 Patrick Street; Peel.
BELL, Corporal H.. Shropshire Light Infantry.— June 24th.— 5 Peveril Street, Douglas.
CANNELL, Private Herbert R., Cheshire Regiment.— May 28th.— White House Cottages, Kirk Michael.
CANNELL, Lance-Cpl. Robert G., London Rifle Brigade,-At Ypres, May 13th.— Beach Villa, Port St Mary.
CANNON, Private J., Scots Guards.—November 11th.—11 Market Street Douglas.
CHILDS, Private Victor, King's Liverpool Regiment.—At Givenchy, March 10:th..—8 Victoria Avenue, Douglas
CLARKE, Private Alfred.. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.— 5 Laureston Terrace, Douglas.
CONNOCK, L.-Corporal John, Manchester Regiment.— At Festubert, on November 12th.— Son of Col.-Sergt. G. Connock, Castletown.
CORBETT, Seaman S. P.—Lost on H.M.S. Good Hope.—5 Albany Street, Douglas.
CORRIN. Private Isaac, King's Own Loyal Lancaster Regt.— May 8th.—7 James Street, Douglas.
CORKILL, L-Corporal Richard D., East Lancashire Regiment.— May 13th.—-Ballajora, Maughold,
COWIN, Private Joe, King's Liverpool Regiment.— Frederick Street, Douglas,
CRAINE, Private J. J,. Northumberland Fusiliers.— June 16th.—15 Tynwald Terrace, Douglas.
CREER. Seaman R. E.; Howe Battalion, R.N.V.R -At Gallipoli, May 1915.— 31 Hildesley Road, Douglas.
CRELLIN, Private W., Scots Guards.—November 12th,-Derbyhaven.
DAWSON. Private :John J., Loyal Lancaster Regiment.—In action on May 8th. — 2 Senna Road; Douglas.
DUFF, Private Robert, King's Liverpool Regiment-At Givenchy on March 10. — 22 Demesne Road. Douglas.
GALE. Petty-Officer William H., R.N.R.—Lost on H.M.S. Bayano.—Bridge St., Peel.
GARRETT. Private John A., King's Liverpool Regiment.—-At Givenchy on 10th March.—18 Bridge Road, Douglas.
LITTLE. Private J., Scots Guards.—In France on November 11th.—Dalby.
HANLON, Seaman William, H.M.S. Good Hope.—St George's Walk, Douglas.
HANSON, Private Chris., Royal Warwickshire Regiment.—July 7th.—14 Shaw's Brow, Douglas.
HOWLAND Corporal William, Royal Lancashire Regiment.—On or about May 8th.—Andreas.
JOUGHIN, Private Arthur,,, King's Liverpool Regiment.—At the Aisne, on 12th November.—7 Bark Lane, Ramsey.
KAVE. Private W. J., North Lancashire Regiment.—6 Albany Street, Douglas.
KELLY, Private Albert, North Lancashire Regiment.—Victoria. Road, Foxdale.
KELLY, Seaman Thomas, H.M.S. Good Hope.—Laxey.
KEWLEY, Private Alfred, 11th Australians.—At the Dardanelles, May 14th. Ballamenagh, Sulby.
KILEY, Private Joseph, Lancashire Fusiliers.—July 8th.—Tower Rd., Ramsey.
KNEALE, Rifleman William C., Queen Victoria Rifle Corps.—January 5th.—Parliament Street, Ramsey.
LITTLE, Private J., Scots Guards.—11th November.—Dalby.
LOWEY, Private John; Highland Light Infantry.—From wounds received at Mons.—Patrick.
LOWEY, Private William, Highland Light Infantry.—October 14th.—Brother of the above.
MALEY, Private Robert, London Regiment.—May 25th-26:th.—Greeba House, Demesne Road, Douglas.
McKIBBIN, Private Arthur, Northumberland Fusiliers.— 3 Peel Road, Douglas.
MANN, Corporal Derwas, Canadian Division.—At Ypres, in May.—-The Druinn. Lezayre.
MORRISON, Petty-Officer Albert Edward, Lost on H.M.S. Formidable.—6 Taubman Street, Ramsey.
QUAYLE, Corporal W. R., Royal Engineers.—Near Ypres, June 5th.—Derbyhaven. ,
QUINE, Private Edward, Queen Mary's Hussar.;.—At Ypres, May 13th.—Lake View, Ramsey.
RADCLIFFE, Private John, Coldstream Guards.—At Givenchy, January 25th. -Roslyn House, South Prom., Ramsey.
SAYLE, Sergeant William Edward, Scots Guards.—At Gheluvelt (Belgium), 4th-11th Nov.—51 Derby Road, Douglas.
SHIMMIN, Stoker Walter J., Hood Bat-talion R.N. Brigade.—At the Dardanelles, June 4th.—The Cronk, Bradda, Port Erin.
SHLMMIN, Private William;, Scots Guards. -May 25th.—Avonmore, Port Sa! Mary.
TAUBMAN, Private George, Royal Dublin Fusiliers,-At the Dardanelles, June 26th.—12 Nelson Street, Douglas.
TAYLOR, Private James', King's Liverpool Regiment.—October 28th.—22 Castletown Road, Douglas.


Sunk at the Dardanelles, May 12, 1915.

CLAGUE, Joseph.—-Chapel Lane D'glas.
CONNOR, Alfred,-Athol Street, D'glas.
CORKISH, J. T.—Ramsey.
CUBBON, E.—German.
GAWNE, A. E.—Park Road, Douglas
GELL, J.—German.
GREGG, Wm.—Hanover Place Douglas.
GRAHAM, D. S.—Ramsey.
KINRADE, D.—Ramsey.
McCORMICK, J. J.—Ramsey.
QUAYLE, J.—The Quay, Ramsey.
SIMPSON, E.—18 Tynwald Street, D'glas-
TODD, C-27 Tynwald Street, Douglas.


BOYDE, Private Robert, Army Service Corps.— Died at Aldershot.—Ballaugh.
CASEMENT, Gunner Johns Royal Field Artillery.—1 Athol Square, Douglas.
CHRISTIAN, Pte. C.; I.o.M. Volunteers, -At Douglas on Easter Sunday, 1915. -18 Nursery Avenue, Onchan,
CLEATOR, J. Morrison, formerly British Consul at Mannheim (Germany).—Died while prisoner of war.—Son of Mr J. S. W. Cleator, Peel.
CORLETT, Private Alfred Royal Field Artillery.—Died at the Curragh Camp Hospital [Ireland], on September 13th.—Templar Terrace, Ramsey.
FARAGHER, Pte. H., I.o.M. Volunteers. - March 4th.—Harbour Road, Santon.
JACKSON, Private Matthew F., King's Liverpool Regiment.—January 23rd.—Ballakaneen, Andreas-
WATTERSON, Private Fletcher.—Son of Mr W. E. Watterson, Billown, Malen.
WATTERSON, Able-Seaman Peter, H.M.S. Goliath.—November 19th.—The Howe, Port St Mary.


BURNS-LAIDLOW, Major I. W., South Irish Horse. Awarded Distinguished Service Order.—Nephew of the late Mr G. H. Quayle, Bridge House, Castletown.
COWELL, Corporal J. D., Canadians.—Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal. -Son of Mr J. R. Cowell, formerly M.H.K. for Ramsey.
CRIPPIN, Lieut H. W., Royal Field Artillery. mentionod in Sir J. French's third despatch ; afterwards awarded the Military Cross.—Son of Mr and Mrs H. H. Crippin, The Red Cottage Ramsey.
GILL, Lieut (Temp. Captain) F. Agnew, Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars - Mentioned in Sir John French's third despatch.—Son of the late Deemster Gill.
HARRIS, Private Harry; Civil Service Rifles. Wounded on May 25th. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal and Promoted Lieut.—Summer Hill, D'glas.
MAIN, 1st Class Staff Sergt.-Major J. T., attached Sir John French's Headquarters Staff. Awarded the Military Cross and prompted Lieut.—Son of Captain Main (Douglas),
MITCHELL, L-Corporal H., Coldstream Guards.—Mentioned in despatches afterwards killed.—Rose Mount, D'glas
QUIGGIN, Corporal P., South Lancashire Regiment. Mentioned in despatches ; since wounded and taken prisoner.
TINKER, Private T.; Lancashire Fusiliers. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal - Brother of Mr W. Tinker (Douglas).


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