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4 New premises of Isle of Man Bank Ltd. at Port Erin opened.
6 Isle of Manx Breweries concern taken over by " Boddington s (I.O.M.) Ltd."
7 Union Mills Memorial Hall opened.
8 Death of the famous Manx artist, Richard Wane, at Egremont.
15 Deputation from Douglas Branch of Manx Reform League, waited on Douglas members of House of Keys re improvements to landing accommodation at Douglas.


1 At the close of the 77th half-yearly meeting of the I. O. M. Banking Co., an extraordinary general meeting was held, at which effect was given to decision to only hold annual meetings in future.
2 At monthly meeting of Douglas School Board it was decided to reduce Education rate by d in the . Extension of the Town Boundaries enabled the reduction to be made.
6 Outbreak of Russio-Japanese War.
15 Death of Mr. John Kerruish, Coroner of Middle Sheading.
23 Annual meeting of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.: a successful year's operations reported Dividend 5 per cent.
25 Presentation to Rev. D. Inglis on completing 25 years as pastor of the Douglas Congregational Church.
27 Annual meeting of the Isle of Man Railway Co. Purchase of Manx Northern and Foxdale lines approved.


1 House of Keys: a Reform resolution agreed to.
6 Celebrations of Centenary of British and Foreign Bible Society.
14 -15 -16 -Guild Music Competitions took place in Douglas.
15 Legislative Council: Bill to allow Motor trials to he held in the Isle of Man introduced.
15 Motor Trials Bill passed all its stages by the House of Keys.
27 Funeral of David Kewley ( "Dawsey,") the saviour of thirty people from drowning.
-Death of Dr. Hughes-Games, Vicar of Hull, formerly Archdeacon of Man.


28 Tynwald Court: Education vote providing 15,100 for public education for year ending 31st March, 1905, passed. Manx Tobacco duties brought up to English level.


5 Special ceremony at Tynwald Hill to enable Motor Trials to be held in the Isle of Man. Acts promulgated: Licensing Act, 1904, Highways (Light Locomotives) Act 1904, Ramsey Parochial District Act.
5 House of Keys pass the Statute of Limitations Amendment Bill, extending the time in which debts may be sued for to 6 years.
10 Motor Festival began. The Speed Tests. Course:-Douglas to Castletown, thence to Foxdale, Kirk Michael, Jurby, and Ramsey, the new Mountain Road, Willaston, and Bray Hill Five rounds. Motor Hill Climbing Tests at Ramsey.
12 Motor Speed Tests on Douglas Promenade. Alarming accident to Earp and two associates, who recovered after a few days' Hospital treatment.
12 Masonic Reception to the Provincial Grand Master, the Hon. Arthur Stanley.
17 House of Keys: Colonel Moore's motion for nationalizing the. Liquor traffic discussed and withdrawn.
18 First annual meeting of Great Laxey, Ltd.
20 Resignation of Major Spittall its chairman of Great Laxey, Ltd.
21 Inauguration of Douglas Thrift Society.
23 Death of Surgeon-General Sanderson, H.K.
24 Return of S. K. Broadbent from Australia,, 28 weeks absence.
30 First Heysham steamer Antrim visited Ramsey and Douglas.


1 Induction of Rev. George E. Craven, A.K.C., as Vicar of St. Barnabas Church, Douglas.
2 Amalgamation of the Mercantile Bank of Lancashire, Ltd. with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Ltd.
7 Unopposed return to the House of Keys of Mr. J. J. Goldsmith to fill the vacancy caused by the death of General Saunderson.


1 Death of Mr. Frank Greensill.
5 Tynwald Ceremony at St. Johns. Acts promulgated--The Advertising Rate Act, 1904. The Licensing Amendntent Act,1904. The Summary Jurisdiction Amendment Act, 1904. The Fisheries Authorities Amalgamation Act, 1904. The Parochial District of South Ramsey Church Act, 1904 The Statute of Limitations Amendment Act, 1904. The Trustees Act 1903 Amendment Act, 1904. The Poor Relief Amendment Act, 1904. The Local Government Amendment Act, 1904. The Local Government (Registration of Voters and Election by Ballot) Act, 1904.
13 Death of Mr. John Caine, father of Mr. Hall Caine, at Greeba.
14 Death of Paul Kruger, ex-President of South African Republic, at Clarens, Lake Geneva.
13 Formation of a Manx Music Scholarship under the name of " The Baume (Manx) Music Scholarship."


13 The Londonderry (new turbine steaner from Heysham) arrived in Douglas.
-It is feared that the steamer Juverna. with a crew of ten men including three Port St. Mary men, and which left Gournock on Saturday, 13th, has foundered.


6 Douglas School Board decided to accept design of Messrs Bottomley, Son, and Wellburn, of Middlesborough, for new school Building in Demesne Road (top end).
8 At the National Eisteddfod held at, Rhyl, Miss Cannell's Choir of Ladies was bracketed equal for 1st place, and the male choir under Miss Cannell's conductorship was placed 3rd.
11-12 Great storm shipping interfered with.
14 Death of Right Rev. John Wareing Bardsley, M.A.D.D., Bishop of Carlisle (formerly Bishop of Sodor and M).
15 Arrival of Sir. West Ridgeway and Lady Ridgeway, who made a prolonged stay in the Isle of Man.
19 Death of Mr. John Herbert Cowell (advocate), only son of Mr. J. T. Cowell, of ..Rose Lodge, Douglas.
26 The annual meeting of the Liverpool Manx society was held. Mr. John Costain elected president.
27 A special Tynwald Court was held at St. John's when the Employers Liability Act, 1904, and The Isle of Man Railways Act, 1904, were promulgated.
29 At a specially convened vestry-meeting held at Rushen, the representation of the Lieutentant-Governor to close the old Burial ground was considered, and it was decided that the.meeting approve or the order, subject to all widows or husbands of persons already buried there having the right to be buried in the same or adjacent graves.


1. Death of Sir William Harcourt, ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer.
5 Death of the Mayor of Douglas (Mr Councillor Robert Henry Cubbon, J.P.)
10 Funeral of Mayor Cubbon : Striking demonstration of respect.
17 - 19 Meetings held at Castletown, Ramsey and Douglas to advocate the Nationalisation of the Drink Traffic; addresses by Colonel Moore, H.K., and Mr Chas. Douglas, M.P.


2 General Election for the Douglas Town Council, consequent upon the extension of the Borough boundaries. Contests in five out of the six wards.
11 Six Aldermen appointed from the newly-elected Councillors. -Mr Alderman Joseph Kaye elected Mayor of Douglas (see p. 15.)
12 Installation of Hon. Arthur Stanley, M.P. as Master of St. Trinian's Masonic Lodge (2050).
22 Sitting of the Tynwald Court Committee to report on Harbour Accommodation at Douglas.
23 Special Meeting of Isle of Man Railway Co. at which the final arrangements in connection with the purchase of the Manx Northern and Foxdale Companies were transacted.
24 Douglas Town Council Bye-Elections. Contests in four wards.
27 Mayoral Sunday.-Mr. Alderman Kaye, Mayor of Douglas, attended Rose Mount Wesleyan Church in state. Service conducted by Rev. Sydney Pitt (Mayor's Chaplain), sermon by Rev. Arthur Whetnall.


1 Annual Dinner of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce. Guest of the evening, Mr. Hall Caine, H.K.
6 Foundering of the vessel Wild Rose, at Liverpool Capt. Carine and his son Tom of Ballafesson, drowned.
10 Disaster at Great Laxey Mine: Four miners drowned owing to collapse of a platform.


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