[From 1904 Examiner Annual]




5 - Douglas School Board revert to system of holding Meetings of the Management Committee in private.
6 - Reconstruction of Great Laxey Mines. Startling allegations by Mr. Clucas, H.K., and Mr. E. Rydings. Mr. Clucas loses his seat on the directorate.
12 - The Dalby Outrages. Government Inquiry.
13 - The Reform Bill introduced.
20 - The Legislative Council decide that School Boards provide a Centre for Voluntary School Pupil Teachers. Reform Bill read a first time.
20 - House of Keys Election Bill passed by the Keys.
21 - Conference of Local Governing Bodies. A Municipal Association to be formed.
24 - The Kentraugh Rent Audit. Mr. E. B. Gawne expresses his intention to stand for the Keys.
26 - Meeting of the King's Visit Memorial Committee. Recreation Grounds proposed.
30 - Death of Mr. William Poulsom, J.P., Liverpool.


3 - The Reform Bill passed by the Legislative Council. - Douglas School Board levy the rate of 1s. 1d. in the pound. - The Speaker of the House of Keys unveils memorial bust of the late Sir John Goldie-Taubman.
9 - The High-Bailiff of Douglas presents, on behalf of the Royal Humane Society, vellum testimonials to Wm. Crellin (Douglas), W. H. Weston (Liverpool), and W. J. H. Hall (Leicester), for gallant attempts to rescue a drowning man at Douglas.
12 - Concert in Douglas, by the Mayoress, in aid of the Royal Memorial Fund : 36 13s. 11d. netted for that purpose.
14 - Release of Messrs. C. B. Nelson (director) and John Shimmon (secretary) who had been sentenced to three years' penal servitude for publishing false balance-sheets in connection with Dumbell's Bank.
20 - Douglas Boundaries Extension. The Tynwald Court, Committee decide against the inclusion of Onchan Village.
27 - Great storm. Damage to All Saints' Church, St.George's Church (Douglas), St. German's (Peel) unroofed (see pp. 42 :3), &c.;


2 - Royal Memorial Scheme. Meeting of Ratepayers. The Belle Vue offer withdrawn and a new committee formed.
3 - Legislative Council. The disqualification of Licensing Court members. Summary rejection of the Tied House hill.
10 - Legislative Council. Reconsideration of the Licensing disqualification clause refused.
14 - Resignation of Messrs. G. Drinkwater, D. Maitland, J. J. Goldsmith, and W. A. Hutchinson, members of the Douglas Licensing Court, in consequence of passing of Licensing Bill.
16 - Douglas Town Council levy general rate of 2s. 9d. in the pound.
17 - Death of Major Robert Swan Stephen, late member of the House of Keys for South Douglas.
18 - Death of Mr. W. S. Caine, M.P.
21 - Visit of Warships to Ramsey and Douglas.
23 - The Legislative Council throw out the Pedlars' Bill.
27 - The House of Keys suspend Standing Orders and again pass the Pedlars' Bill.
30 - Public Meeting in Douglas on the Pedlars' Bill.
31 - The Legislative Council receive petition from public meeting on the Pedlars' Bill, and adjourn the second reading.


1 - Tenders received and opened for the properties of the Isle of Man Breweries Company, Ltd., (in liquidation).
7 - Douglas School Board consider offer of land for new school at Falcon Cliff Terrace and Castle Hill Brewery.
14 - Douglas Board of Guardians increase the Poor Rate from 6½d. to 9d. in the pound.
18 - Parish Commissioners meet in Conference, and vote in favour of all elections being by ballot.


2 - Mr. Samuel Harris resigns the office of Vicar-General.
- Death of Mr. H. B. Noble, J.P., of Villa Marina, Douglas. Large bequests to the Church, charities, &c.
8 - Licensing Appeal Court grant license to Railway Inn, Castletown.
16 - The Castletown Licensing Court re - hear the case for the granting ' of a license to the Level Inn, and offer a Short Term license.
23 - Death of Mr. Edward Stowell, Chairman of the Castletown Town Commissioners.
29 - The Deputy-Governor makes his Financial Statement to the Tynwald Court, and proposes to increase the duty on sugar. Motion carried in the Keys by eleven votes to eight, but the necessary thirteen signatures not obtained. The Court adjourns to the following day when 13 signatures are secured.
29 - The Committee appointed to inquire into the Dalby outrages submit their report to the Tynwald Court, being unable to throw any new light on the matter despite a thorough investigation.
30 - At a meeting of the House of Keys Mr. J. D. Clucas moves "'that in the opinion of this House the Vicar - General and Archdeacon should not be members of the Council." Motion carried by 12 votes to five.


5 - Death of Mr. Alderman Webb, J.P., who had thrice filled with singular ability the office of Mayor of Douglas.
- Arrival of Lord and Lady Raglan after an absence from the Island of seven months.
10 - Probate of the Will of the late Henry Bloom Noble. Personalty 180,000.
20 - Presentation to Col. Anderson, retiring Chairman of the Highway Board, by the parochial surveyors.
22 - Mr. Edmund Chadwick elected Alderman by the Douglas Town Council in the place of the late Mr. Samuel Webb.
25 - Laying of Foundation Stones of New Wesleyan Sunday School at Crosby
25 - Opening of New Primitive Methodist Church at Port Erin.


7 - At the Tynwald Court the Lieut. - Governor announces that Royal Assent had been refused to the Licensing Act.
- Public Indignation Meeting at Castletown as to alleged illegal imprisonment of Mr. Thomas Lilley.
15 - The Tynwald Court accept the report of the Committee appointed to consider the extension of the boundaries of Douglas. The report favourable to a modified scheme.
15 - A Committee of the Tynwald Court recommend the purchase of Government House and Lands adjoining for the sum of 12,000.
21 - At a meeting of the House of Keys, the Speaker reads a letter from the Secretary of State declining to take any action as to the position of the Vicar-General and Archdeacon as members of the Council.
21 - Debate on the Licensing Bill: new clause substituted in place of one refused the Royal Assent.
22 - Final Winding - up Meeting of the Great Laxey Mining Company at Manchester. The Liquidator shows that from the date of liquidation (October 22nd, 1902) up to the present the Company had made a profit of 1,325 5s. 114.
27 - Terrible Railway Accident at St. Enoch's Station, Glasgow, on a crowded train of visitors returning from the Island: 16 killed and about 50 injured.


5 - Opening of Port St. Mary Primitive Methodist New Church.
7 - Special Meeting of the Legislative Council to consider the disqualification clause in the Licensing Bill, as submitted from the Keys. The clause rejected.
19 - Wireless Telegraph Installation on the steamer Empress Queen.
22 - Death of Lord Salisbury.


5 - Death of Canon Clarke, Vicar of Marown.
12 - Death of Mrs. Poulsom, wife of the late William Poulsom, J.P., of Bootle.
25 - The Douglas Town Council decide to apply to the Tynwald Court for leave to borrow 20,000 in connection with the New Sewerage Scheme, and for Road Formation and Drainage in the extended area of the Borough.
29 - The Tynwald Court decide that a sum of 12,000 be applied out of the General Funds for the purchase of Government House, Lands adjoining, &c. Also, 2,433 for alterations, and that 750 be given to the tenant of the farm to surrender his lease.
29 - The Douglas School Board recommend a site in the neighbourhood of Tynwald-street Schools for new school building.


1 - Presentation to Messrs. D. Boreland and John Cowley, by his Excellency the Lieut.-Governor, of the Royal Humane Society's bronze medals and certificates, for saving a young lady from drowning at Laxey.
2 - Mr. Councillor Robert H. Cubbon selected for the office of Mayor of Douglas.
6 - The Legislative Council pass the disqualification clause in the Licensing Bill after amending same. The House of Keys also agree to the clause as amended by the Council.
13 - Tynwald Court grants powers to the Douglas Town Council to borrow 20,000.
16 - Mr. Hall Caine addresses a public meeting at Ramsey. Scheme for the reform of the Manx Constitution submitted.
21 - An enthusiastic meeting held in Douglas for the purpose of forming a Manx National Reform League.
- Death of Mr. James Cowin (late of the Belvedere, Douglas), at Freshfield, near Liverpool, in his 80th year.
- The Hon. Arthur Stanley, M.P., visits Douglas, and is installed Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man District of Freemasons.
30 - The Lieut.-Governor issues proclamation dissolving the House of Keys. This House had existed for a longer period (nearly seven years) than any House since the passing of the House of Keys Election Act.


4 - Douglas Municipal Election: Mr. Herbert Hambleton, the retiring Councillor in No. 1 Ward, re - elected. Result of the poll - Hambleton, 211; Mullin, 111.
5 - Reception by the Mayor (Alderman Proctor) and Mayoress of Douglas.
10 - Mr. S. K. Broadbent, Manager and Editor of the Isle of Man Examiner, leaves for a tour in the Australian Colonies.
11 to 20 - General Election of the House of Keys. The following were returned unopposed : - Glenfaba Sheading : Messrs. W. Quayle, P Cadruan, W. H. Kitto. Michael Sheading : Messrs. J C. Crellin and W. T. Crenuell Garff Sheading: Messrs. J. R Kerruish and J olio Killip Middle Sheading : Messrs. A. W. Moore, D. Maitland and W. A. Hutchinson. North Douglas: Messrs J. T Cowell, W J. Kermode, and W. Goldsmith. All the foregoing, with the exception of Mr. Killip, sat in the immediately previous House. Mr. Killip replaced Mr Thomas Corlett (who did not seek re - election) in Garff The contested elections resulted as follows : - Ayre Sheading (3 members) : Mr. R. Cowley, 477 votes; Mr R S. Corlett, 3 votes; Mr. W. J. Radcliffe, 419 votes; Mr. T. Allen, 397 votes. Messrs Cowley, Corlett, and Radcliffe elected. Rushen Sheading (3 members) : Mr E. B. Gawne, 663 votes; Mr. W. Quine; 598 votes; Mr J. Qualtrough, 578 votes; Mr J. D. Clucas, 561 votes. Messrs. Gawne, Quine and Qualtrough elected. Peel (1 member) : Mr T H. Cormode; 311 votes; Mr. A N. Laughton 287 votes. Mr. Cormode elected. Ramsey (1 member) : Mr Hall Caine, 503 votes; Mr. P. M. C. Kermode, 291 votes. Mr Hall Caine elected. South Douglas (2 members): Surgeon - General Alfred Sanderson, 572 votes; Mr Robert Clucas, 552 votes; Mr. J. J. Goldsmith, 496 votes; Mr. W. M. Kerrulsh, 437 votes Surgeon - General Sanderson and Mr. R. Clucas elected. Castletown (1 member) : Colonel George Moore, 257 votes' Mr D. D. Rees, 135 votes. Colonel Moore elected Of the members elected as the result of contests Messrs. R. Cowley, R. S. Corlett, W Quine, J Qualtrough, Hall Caine, and R. Clucas were members of the immediately
previous House Mr. Radcliffe replaced Mr. Allen ; Mr. Gawne replaced Mr. J. D. Clucas ; Mr. Cormode replaced Mr. Laughton ; Surgeon-General Sanderson replaced Mr. J. J. GoIdsmith ; and Colonel Moore replaced Mr. James Mylchreest, who did not seek re-election.
9 - Mr. Councillor Cubbon formally elected Mayor of Douglas, Appointment of Mr. Alderman Chadwick as Deputy-Mayor.
6 - R.M S Douglas (Isle of Man Steam Packet Co ) collides in Mersey with s s City of Lisbon. Latter steamer sinks.
10 - Deemster Moore gives judgment in the case of The Crown v. Highway Board. Effect of the judgment is that the Crown is entitled to charge royalty upon all stone procured in the Island by the Highway Board and other public bodies for use as road metal.
15 - Mayor of Douglas attends Victoria Street Wesleyan Church in state Service conducted by Rev. S. Pitt, Mayor's Chaplain; sermon by Rev. W. H Heap
25 - Douglas Boot and Clothing Fund annual meeting: Interesting statement by the Attorney - General.
26 - Cases against Manx farmers for alleged adulteration of butter dismissed by High - Bailiffof Douglas. Public Analyst of Isle of Man certified samples were adulterated with foreign fat. Dr. Muter (London) and Somerset House analysts certified such samples were genuine butter.
26 - Successful show of Douglas and Isle of Man Chrysanthemum Society.


1 to3 - Thirteenth Exhibition nromoted by Isle of Man Fine Arts and Industrial Guild in the Palace.
2 - First meetng of newly- elected House of Keys: Mr. A. W. Moore, C. V. O., appointed Speaker. Mr. R D Gelling and Rev. R. B. Baron respectively appointed Secretary and Chaplain.
- Tynwald Court: Vacancies in Committees filled up.
12 - Issue of Examiner Annual.



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