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South Side Sale, Oct 1757 #72 Malew

John Kissage & Wife to Christo Kinley

Know all men by these presents that I John 
Kissage of the town of  Douglass with the full and
Joint consent of Elizabeth Kissage als Corrin 
my Wife Divers good causes and Several Valu:
-able consideratios un hereunto moveing But
more Especially, for the consideration Sum of one
and Thirty pounds currency of this Isle to be ^unto^ us
freely paid at, or before the Worshipfull Deemster's
attestation of these presents, at, by or from the hands 
of Christopher Kinley now of Strand Hall within the
parish of KK Christ Rushen, Have Given granted
bargained, demised, alienated, and sold.  And by
these presents do give, grant, bargain, demise, 
alienate, and for ever obsolutely Sell our whole
right, Tytle, claims, and demand; that we now have
or hereafter may have of, in, or unto our House, 
Stable, and garden Scituate in Castletown Commonly
known by the Lower house of Queen hive, the same
adjoining the common Street on the northwest and nort[h]
an East to the rent of Henry Clague, on the South to
the common Strand, and on the West to the rent of
Knock Rushen as we Imagine in our best apprehension
With all Ways, Waters, Watercourses, Easments, liberties
profits, and benefits unto the premises belonging or
in any wise appertaining, with all the appurtenances
thereunto, belonging unto him the sd Christopher
Kinley his heirs, Executors administrators and assigns
for Ever to be by him or them peaceably Enjoyed Com=
-mencing from the first day of May next Ensuing;  The
paying the annual Lord’s rent of three pence, or 
such rent as is already Settled on the premises with
all other Boons, dues and Duties Yearly incumbent
on the premises at the accustomed times of payment
within this Isle and We the sd John Kissage & Elin:

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my foresd Wife do hereby bind ourselves and assigns
to awarrant and maintain the beforesd bargained premises
Whole and intire unto him the sd Christopher Kinley
against the pretended Claims of any person or persons
whatsoever for the future.  And to the true and
faithfull performance hereof, We firmly bind ourselves
heirs, and assigns, in, and under the penalty of Seventy
pounds Sterling to be paid & Levy’d according to law
and practices within this Isle  Witness our Subscrip=
=tion, names, or marks this Seventeenth Day of January
one Thousand, Seven hundred, fifty, and Seven

Signed and delivered    )
in presence of us       )    John Kissage
    Nichs Cannell his X )    Elizabeth Kissage my X
    Thomas Clark        )

                    11th June 1757
                    John Kissage and Eliz: Kissage
                    Acknowledged the within and
                    above Bill of Sale to be their
                    Voluntary Act and Deed and
                    also to be paid and Satisfied
                    the full Consideration Money
                    therein Mentioned Before
                        Jon Taubman

        At a Sheading Court holden at Castle Rushen the 19th Octr 1757

The beforegoing Bill of Sale being acknowledged before the Deemster and now
openly published in Court and no Objection offered agt it is therefore allowed
of and Confirmed according to Law
                           Danl Cochrane
        Jon Taubman        Dan Mylrea
        Dan Lace           John Quayle
                           John Frissell

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