Malew - South Side Sales

Following the Act of Settlement , which came into force 1704, all sales, mortgages etc involving property had to be recorded - these were indexed in two groups - North and South Side Sales.

The Reference is the form needed to request the deed - North or South Side, Month (usually May or October) , Year and deed reference within that court.

Deeds (contracts etc) recorded pre 1723 are numbered in a different sequence - as Old Deeds, the sequence number does not reflect the date. For Malew there are three bundles of such old deeds (283 in total) - there are a further 2,000 deeds up to 1810 of which 152 are marriage contracts. The full index may be found on the CD_RoM)

Contract = Marriage Contract, Gift is usually a parent giving the land to a child, a settlement is usually an elderly parent passing the land onto the heir.

Note these are transcribed from a copy of a negative photocopy (white on black) in Manx Museum - the copy is not always easy to read and there will be several errors still to be corrected

A handlist of references to earlier deeds etc. is found before the index to Old deeds.


  Reference           Vendor                         Vendee                         Notes
Old Mal Bun1  1    Dav Cubon                         Wm Quayle & Wm Bridson
Old Mal Bun1 17    Ewn Looney                        Edw Shimin
Old Mal Bun1 55    Thos Mcylrea                      Joney Kinley                   contract   
Old Mal Bun1 95    John Knickell                     Jane Lewne                     contract
Old Mal Bun2  1    Turner Calcott                    Tho Taubman
Old Mal Bun2 114   Tho Corrin                        Dan Quackin
Old Mal Bun3  1    John Preston                      Cha Moore
Old Mal Bun3 70    John Gick                         Eliz Gick                      agreement

SSS May 1723 38    Ann Cotteen                       Jane Cotteen                   G
SSS May 1723 39    Jo Quiggin                        Alice Quiggin (his wife)       G
SSS May 1723 40    Alice Quiggin                     her husband                    G
SSS May 1723 41    John Quayle                       John Cain + Wm Harrison        agreement & settlement
SSS May 1723 42    Issa Woods                        John Wilks?
SSS May 1723 43    Kath Saint                        Tho Saint
SSS May 1723 44    Jo Rothmell                       Jo Hamilton
SSS May 1723 45    John Kewley                       Alice Kelly                    contract
SSS May 1723 46    Hen Corrin                        Ro Quay
SSS Oct 1723 31    Wm Keyes                          John Kissage
SSS Oct 1723 32    Tho Harley                        Jo Gell
SSS Oct 1723 33    Wm Kinley                         Joney Quaile                   Contract
SSS Oct 1723 34    Cha Moore                         Jane Christian                 contract
SSS Oct 1723 35    John Wilks                        John Steven
SSS Oct 1723 36    Robt Quay                         Kath Ratcliff                  contract
SSS Oct 1723 37    Jo Mylrea                         Tho + Ann Mylrea
SSS Oct 1723 38    Margt Cubban                      Eliz Cubban
SSS Oct 1723 39    John Taubman                      John Corrin                    agreement 
SSS May 1725 43    Joney Kinley                      Robt Quaile
SSS Oct 1725 23    Rose [Kelly als] Kinley           William Kinley                 Sale            
SSS May 1727 71    Joney Kinley als Arthur           Robert Quaile
SSS May 1729 77    William Kinley & Wife             Robert Quaile
SSS May 1746 73    Wm Gellin & wife                  John Kinley                    Sale [Gick's Land in BallaGlionneh]
SSS May 1746 78    Rich Hingley                      Ann Bridson                    Contract
SSS Oct 1747 30    John Kinley                       John Bridson
SSS OCT 1747 31    Sarah Mercer                      Rhoda Makon                    Sale
SSS May 1748 90    John Bell                         John Kinley                    Sale
SSS Oct 1749 76    John Bell                         John Kinley                    Sale
SSS May 1750 89    Ro Fargher sergt                  John Kinley                    Sale
SSS Oct 1754 60    Ellinr Hingley                    Richd Hingley                  Gift
SSS Oct 1757 71    William Kinley                    Robert Quaile
SSS Oct 1757 72    John Kissage & Wife               Christo Kinley
SSS Oct 1761 58    Thomas Kinley                     Robt Shimin                    Sale
SSS May 1762 91    John Kinley                       Thomas Kinley (his son)        Settlement
SSS May 1770 64    Wm Kinley                         Thos Corlet                    Sale
SSS May 1770 65    Thos Harrison(Coronr[John Kewn])  William Kinley                 [foreclosure]
SSS May 1770 71    Wm Hingley                        Ann Looney                     Contract
SSS Oct 1772 85    Thomas Kinley                     John Quayle                    Sale (Abbey)
SSS May 1773 98    Robert Bridson                    Thomas Kinley                  Sale (Abbey)
SSS May 1773 101   Thomas Kinley                     Robt Shimin                    Sale
SSS Oct 1773 57    Duke of Atholl                    William Hinley                 Sale
SSS May 1775 86    Thomas Kinley                     Thomas Quaggin                 Sale
SSS May 1776 66    Wm Arthur                         Isable Kinley                  Contract
SSS Oct 1776 47    Thomas Kinley & wife              Thomas Harrison                Sale
SSS May 1778 75    William Hinley                    Richd Hinley
SSS May 1787 94    John Quayle                       Joseph Qualtrough & Thomas Kinley
SSS May 1793 84    Thos Kinley                       Henry Waterson                 Sale
SSS Oct 1796 60    Robt Kinley (Conr)                Sam Quayle
SSS May 1798 55    Robt Kinley                       Sam Ratcliffe                  Sale
SSS Oct 1798 36    Robt Kinley (Conr)                John Quayle
SSS May 1799 41    John Gell                         Ann Kinley                     Contract
SSS May 1799 47    Robert Kinley (cor)               Thomas Kinley

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