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South Side Sale, Old Deed (bundle 1) #55 Malew (Nov 1712)

Tho Mcylrea & Joney Kinley Articles of Marriage

Artickels of Marriage consented ^to^ concluded and
agreed upon by and betwint Tho Kinley and
Ellin his Wife in behalf of their Daughter Jon[obscured by page roll]
Kinley on ye one part and John Mcylrea & Issable
his Wife in behalf of their Son Tho Mcylrea
on the Other part the 10 Novr 1712

First	  it is consented to concluded and agreed upon
	that ye Young cuppel Shall be joynd together in the
	Holy ?????? of Matrimony [obscured by fold] of
	Decr next God and Holy Church permitting the same

Secondly  it is consented unto agreed & concluded upon that
	Tho. Kinley & his Wife doth give in Portion to ye
	Young Cuppel immediately into possession all their
	Interest and right to a certain Mortgage of
	Nine pounds wch they have on a certain parcel
	of Abby Land of John Mcyreas being halfe the
	feild called ye Cronk & half ye Gary joining to

Thirdly   It is concluded and agreed upon that John Mcylrea 
	and his Wife Shall within a year after the Young ^Cuppel^
	Marriage pay and give in portion to ye sd Young 
	Cuppel the Sum of three pounds Sterling
	and alsoe halfe of all their lands ^and Houses^ [strike out below insert]
	during their Natural life wth halfe ye [strike out]
	Plowing beast & halfe ye plow & husbandry Gears for

Fourthly  It is concluded & agreed upon that in consider
	=acion that ye young Cupple are to enjoy halfe the
	Lands and Houses during ye lives of John Mcylrea & his Wife.  it is agreed ?? that ye ^sd^ John Mcyrea & his
	Wife Shall Enjoy halfe ye benefit of the Mort=
	gaged lands before mentioned during their life
	if it be not redeem’d.	

Fifthly   It is concluded and agreed upon that John
	Mcyrea Shall Sowe the land this year and
	that the young Cupple are to live with him
	and that all ye profits and all ye charges
	of the sd land Shall be Equally Enjoyd & Equally
	paid by both parties Vizt Rents Customes & dutes.

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Lastly For performance of all and Singular the
within Menconed Articles all parties bind them=
selves Heirs Exers Admrs and assigns in ye penalty
of fourty pounds in ye nature of all Fines.
					Tho Kinley his Mrk  X
Witnesses present			Ellin Kinley als Corrin her Mrk  X
[obscured by fold] his Mrk  X		Joney Kinley her Mrk  X
    Tho Caine his Mrk  X		Jon Mcylrea his Mrk  X
    Jon Taylor his Mrk  X		Issable Mcylrea als Shimin Mrk  X
					Tho Mcylrea his Mrk  X

	21 November 1712
All the parties to the within Articles of Marriage (except
Tho Kinley who is now Sick and not able to travell) have
acknowledged the Same to be their Voluntary Act and Deed
and Tho:Caine and Jon Taylor two of the witnesses have
deposed that the Said Tho Kinley did Sign the Said
Contract in their presence wth the other parties
And all before me
			Jon Parr

		At an Abby ^Court^ holden at Ballasalley
		the 15th Octobr 1713

The within Articles of marriage being acknowledged & proved before ?? Deemster Parr in his life tyme & was published in open Court & no objection agt them
the same are allowed of & confirmed according to Law.
				C L Stanley
			Dan Mylrea   J Rowe
				     Wm Sedden

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