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South Side Sale, May 1776 #66 Malew

Wm Arthur to Isable Kinley

Articles of Marriage Covenanted concluded and agreed upon
by and between Wm Arthur Snr of the Parish of KK Malew
with the Joynt consent of Alice his Wife in behalf of their
Son Wm Arthur, on the one part And Wm Kinley of the
parish of KK Santan With the consent of Elinor his Wife
in behalf of there Daughter Isabel Kinley On the Other part
as follows

First	It is agreed upon the young Couple shall Enter into
the Holy Estate of Matrimony within fourteen Days of this
Date hereof God and Holy Church permitting the same

??dy	The sd Wm Arthur and Alice his Wife doth hereby Settle
and Estate upon their sd Son and his Intended Wife all their
Purchassed Lands in the parish of KK Malew known by the Name of Ballacubbon to be
by them possessed after the Decease of the longer lover of him
the sd Wm Arthur and Alice his Wife but if in case the sd Wm
Arthur and Alice his or either of them shall stand in need and
[?erased] that then and in that case it shall be in sd Wm
Arthur and Alice his Wifes power to take the Sum of fourty
pounds in Mortgage in sd Lands.  And likewise Doth bind
and Oblige themselves to pay to sd Young Couple when Married
the Sum of fifteen pounds wch sd Sum of fifteen pounds is to
Return to sd Wm Arthur & Wife Exctrs when their sd Son & Wife
???????????? the premises.

Thirdly	The sd Wm Kinley & Elinor his Wife doth hereby bind and
Oblige themselves to give by way of Dowry with their sd Daughter
Isabele and her Intended husband the Sum of Thirty pounds
Man?? Currency together with a Cow and a Feather Bed & Bed Clothes.
Sd Sum of Thirty pounds to be paid a Year and a Day after
sd Young Couple are Married.

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Lastly	For the tru and faithful Performance hereof and of
every Article and Clause herein contained all parties
concerned do bind and Oblige themselves either to the
other and on the penalty and Forfeiture of one Hundred 
pounds Sterl to be paid in the Nature of all Fines
within this Isle In Witness hereof they have set
their Marks to their Names the Second Day of June
                            Wm Arthur his X
Signed and Delivered        Alice Arthur her X
in presence of Us           Wm Kinley his X
John Quirk                  Elinor Kinley  X
Jno Clucas Junr             William Arthur
                            Isabel Kinley her X

                    9th Feby 1776
                    The said Alice Arthur acknowledged these
                    Articles of Marriage to be her proper 
                    Act & Deed and John Clucas one of the
                    Subscribing Witnesses deposed.  That William
                    Arthur Senr duly Executed the same in the
                    presence of the Desponent
                          Before me
                          Tho: Moore

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	At a Baron or Abbey Court holden at the House
       of  Michl Dowd in Castletown the 31st May
The before going Articles of Marriage being acknowledged & proved before the Deemster
& now openly published in Court & no Objection Offered agn -  them  The same are therefore 
allowed of and confirmed according to Law
        John Quayle
        William Callow

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