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South Side Sale, October 1763 #61 Arbory

Ann Kinley to Hugh Callow - Settlement

Know off men by these Presents that I Ann Kinley alis
Kneal of the Parish of KK Arbory With the Consent of my Daughter
Ellinor Clauge out of the good Will Love and Affection that Wee  
have for and Do bear unto our Loving Friends Hugh Callow and his
Wife Elizabeth Callow Wee have Given Granted Passedover and
forever Absolutely transferred and by these Presents Do Give Grant
Passover Unto and forever Absolutely Transfer Upon them the
said Hugh Callow and Elizabeth his Wife all our Right Title and
Interest in and Unto Certain Houses and Gardens in the sd  
Parish of KK Arbory With all and Every the Appurtenances there
to belonging being of the Yearly Lords ^Rent^ of two pence or there
abouts be the same More or Less and being Now in the Possession
of Me the sd Ann Kinley together WithWith all the Rest of our
Effects Moveable and immoveable Whatsoever they the sd Hugh
Callow and Elizabeth his Wife to Keep me the sd Ann Kinley in
Meat Drink Washing and Lodging During my natural
Life together With paying Yearly and Every year the Usal
and Accostomed Lords Rent With all Dues Duties and Services
incumbent thereon and Wee the sd Ann Kinley and Ellinor 
Clauge having thus Absolutely and forever Passedover and
Transferred the Whole Houses and Gardens With All and Every
the Appurtenances also all our Goods and Effects of What kind
or nature soever to our sd Friends Hugh Callow and Elizabeth
his Wife hereby Devesting our selves or any other Person
or Persons by for or Under us to Claim any Right ot
Title to the aforesaid Premisses and Effects Upon any Cause
or Pretence Whatsoever and Do Likewise Passover Give
Grant and Transferre Upon the sd Hugh Callow and Elizth
his Wife Whatsoever Goods Money or Debts that are now Due
to us or that Shall become Due to us hereafter in this Isle
or Else where and Do hereby Give the sd Hugh Callow and
Elizabeth his Wife our free Consent and Authority to ???

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for and Recover the same  And for the True and  
Faithfull Performance of all and singular of this Deed
of Gift and for the Quiet and Peaceable possession of
the sd Hugh Callow and Elizabeth his Wife in the Premis[page curl]
Wee Bind and Oblige our selves or any Person or Person[page curl]
that hereafter Claim any Right for or Under us agai[page curl]
the True and Lawfull Right of the sd Hugh Callow and
Elizabeth his Wife Now by this Deed on them Conferred
in the Penalty and forfiture of forty Pounds to be Leived
to Law  In Wittness Whereof Wee have Hereunto  
Affixed our Marks this 26th Day of March 1763

Signed and Delivered in Presence of        Ann Kinley my Mrk  X
   Thos Tyldesley                Ellinor Clauge my mrk  X
   William Moore my mrk  X

        22nd July 1763
Mr Thos Tyldsley and Wm Moore the Subscribing witnesses
made oath that Ann Kinley and Elinor Clague executed
the Beforegoing deed of gift & settlement in their
presence as their voluntary act and deed  and the
said witnesses further declare that Elinor Clague was
to be maintained & supported by Hugh Callow & wife
if not able to provide for herself  which the said 
Callow also acknowledged  this before me
                John Taubman

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                At a Sheading Court Holden at Castle
                Rushen the 12th Octr 1763
The beforegoing Deed of Gift & Settlement being proved & acknowledged
before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no
objection ofered agt them the Same are there fore allowed of and
Confirmed according to Law
                           Dan Mylrea
            Dan Lace       John Quayle
            John Taubman   Jon Quillin

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