Arbory - South Side Sales

Following the Act of Settlement , which came into force 1704, all sales, mortgages etc involving property had to be recorded - these were indexed in two groups - North and South Side Sales.

The Reference is the form needed to request the deed - North or South Side, Month (usually May or October) , Year and deed reference within that court.

Deeds (contracts etc) recorded pre 1723 are numbered in a different sequence - as Old Deeds, the sequence number does not reflect the date.A handlist of references to earlier deeds etc. is found before the index to Old Deeds.

Contract = Marriage Contract, Gift is usually a parent giving the land to a child, a settlement is usually an elderly parent passing the land onto the heir.

Note these are transcribed from a copy of a negative photocopy (white on black) in Manx Museum - the copy is not always easy to read and there will be several errors still to be corrected - the full index will be on CD_Rom - items in bold are on CD_Rom.


  Reference           Vendor                         Vendee                         Notes                     Summary
old *** **** 01    Wm kinvigg                        kath castean                   contract                    damaged;john k + wife alice obo son wm;wm + mariod costean obo dau;dated 3 nov 1711 courtmay 1712
Old Arb **** 40    Phill Cottier                     Jane Crellin
Old Arb **** 45    Rich Moore                        Kath Keig
Old Arb **** 46    Mich Curlett                      Jane Costean
old *** **** 49    Wm moore                          Tho costean

sss May 1723 37    Wm Cubon                          Elizth clark                   contract
sss Oct 1723 30    Mary holding                      Wm cubon
sss May 1724 45    Hen Duke                          Margt keig                     contract
sss May 1724 46    Rich Scarff                       kath clague                    contract
sss May 1724 47    Math Taubman                      eliz norris                    contract
sss Oct 1724 38    Tho Cannell                       mary leece                     contract
sss Oct 1724 39    Jo Bridson                        jo bridson
sss May 1725 40    john kieg                         bahy kennaugh                  contract
sss Oct 1725 19    wm sedden                         tho kewn
sss Oct 1725 20    wm sedden                         wm cubon
sss Oct 1727 48    hen maddrell                      ellinr harrison                ?contract
SSS Oct 1738 45    Rich Kinley & wife                Tho & John Cubbon 
SSS May 1752 81    John Kinley & Thos Kinley         Wm Kneale                      sale
SSS May 1763 111   Ro Cubon & Tho Kinley             William Cubbon                 sale
SSS Oct 1763 61    Ann Kinley                        Hugh Callow                    settlement 
SSS May 1767 71    Thos Kinley                       Richd Cubbon                   sale

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