[pp 1120-1132 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939]


Hall Caine's ancestors on his father's side appear to have been crofters, near the Curragh in the north of the Island. His grandfather was a small farmer in Ballaugh parish. He was born in 1853 and spent his early life in the Isle of Man and partly in Liverpool, making frequent visits to Cumberland. His earliest London posts were on the staffs of the 'Academy' and Athenĉum.'

Mr. G. Fred. Clucas, who in 1912-13 proposed, and had made considerable headway in compiling a catalogue of works relating to the Isle of Man, wrote to Mr. Hall Caine in reference to his project. The following letter was received in reply :

62 Avenue Road,
Regent's Park, N.W.
27th Oct. 1913.

Dear Mr. Clucas,

I am afraid I cannot be of much use to you in the matter of the bibliography of my own works. I have never kept track of the subject except so far as concerns the titles of my own books. I do not even know how many editions of them have been published. I can only say, generally, that there have been very many - probably not fewer than 200 editions or impressions - and that the notable items of the bibliography in the form of essays, poems, articles, and criticism are probably four or five times as many as that. Hence my guess would be that there would be at least 1,000 items in England, America and various Continental countries. Under these circumstances I much doubt whether it is worth your while to follow up my bibliography. The only thing I can suggest at the moment is that you should look at the fly leaves of " The Woman Thou Gavest Me," where the foreign translations are given without regard to editions and impressions in England and America.

I cannot help you to the American editions or even to the English editions, and I have only the vaguest general sense either of my own contributions to periodical literature or of the critiques by other authors that have been published in outstanding places.

I am very sorry to send you this rather indefinite reply, but I feel quite sure that not in a month - perhaps not m three months - could I make you a better answer.

With kindest greetings and best wishes. Yours very truly, HALL CAINE.

G. Fred Clucas, Esq.,

Lecture on Rosetti. Not in Library. (A newspaper record only.)

Richard III and Macbeth, a dramatic study. 1877. pp. 48. 1/-. Not in Library.

The Restoration of Ancient Buildings. Papers by William Morris, Samuel Huggins, J. J. Stevenson, etc., edited by T. H. Hall Caine. Royal Institution, Liverpool. 1877. Crown 8vo. 50 pp. Not in Library.

Politics and Art; a lecture delivered at the Royal Institution, Liverpool. Notes and Queries Soc., Royal Inst., Liverpool. 1880. pp. 41. 161x]00. [3081, G.W.W. Coll.]

The Supernatural Element in Poetry. Notes and Queries Soc., Roy. Inst., Liverpool. 1880. Transactions, pp. 827- 844. 245x150. [37531 G.W.W. Coll.
Has the inscription : 'To Edward Dowden, with kindest regards. T. H. Hall Caine.'

Sonnets of Three Centuries; an anthology. [First edn.] London : Elliot Stock. 1881. pp. 332. 222x175. [2990]
50 copies on handmade paper were published in 1882, the Museum copy being No. 42.

An old Manx Bard. In Liverpool Weekly Mercury. 1882. Not in Library.

Recollections of D. G. Rossetti. [First edn.] 1882.
A lecture had been given on Rosetti at an earlier date, a copy of which is not in the Museum.

Cobwebs of Criticism: a Review of the First Reviewers of the 'Lake,' ' Satanic,' and ' Cockney' Schools; by T. Hall Caine. [First edn.] London: Elliot Stock. 1883. pp. xxiv,266. [2991, G.W.W. Coll.]

The Shadow of a Crime. [First edn.] London : Chatto & Windus. 1885.
This is the author's first novel. Not in Library.

She's All the World to Me: a Manx Novel, by T. Hall Caine. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1885. Pp. 136. 170x115. 25 cents. [4367, J. Frowde's Coll.]
This was only published in America, in paper covers, in Harper's Handy Series, No. 13. Many of the scenes are similar to those in The Deemster.

A Son of Hagar. [First edn. ] London : Chatto & Windus. 1886. pp. 303. 190x122. [3001]

Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. [First edn.] London: Walter Scott. 1887. pp. 154,xxi. [2995, G.W.W. Coll.]

The Deemster : a romance. In 3 vols. [First edn.] London: Chatto & Windus. 1887. pp. vi,304x333x346. 182x117. [4401, G.W.W. Coll.]
The 4th edition was in one vol. Up to 1921 there were 52 editions in English ; trans. also into French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, and Bohemian.
This story was the first to give the author a place among British novelists. The author in a prefatory note offers his thanks to T. E. Brown, A. W. Moore, and Sir James Gell, 'for much valuable information.'

Fact in Fiction: a letter in Athenaeum, 5th Feb. 1887. Not in Library.

Some old Manx Customs. In Liverpool Mercury. 1888. [5656] Deals with the Oie'l Voirrey, Hunting the Wren, etc.

Ben-my-Chree : a drama (with Wilson Barrett). [First edn. ] 1888. Not in Library.

The Bondman : a New Saga. In 3 vols. [First edn.] London : Heinemann. 1890. pp. xi,254 x 318 x 275. 85x120. [2997, G.W.W. Col.]
Trans. into eleven languages. A new preface is included in the edition of 1903.
The Bondman made its first appearance in the " I.M. Times." It was published in instalments between June and November, 1889.

Tynwald Day. In Daily Graphic, July 8th, 1890. Not in Library.

The Prophet. 1890. Not in Library.

The New Watchwords of Fiction, In The Contemporary. April, 1890. Not in Library.

The Little Manx Nation. [First edn.] London: Heinemann. 1891. pp. 159. 192x120. [4380, 3000]
Three lectures delivered at the Royal Institution on Jan. 22, 29, and Feb. 5, 1891.

The Scapegoat: a Romance. [First edn. ] London Heinemann. 1891. pp. x,318. 190x122. [3002, G.W.W. Coll.]
Trans. into seven continental languages. This book is frequently said to be the author's masterpiece.

Mary Magdalene, the new Apocrypha. 1891. Not in Library.

The Fate of Fenella. 3 viols. illustrated. 1892. Not in Library.

The Jew in Literature. In The Author. June, 1892. Not in Library.

My First Book. In The Idler. Oct. 1892. Not in Library.

Introduction to Maurice Maeterlink's ' The Princess Maleine.' 1892. Not in Library.

Introduction to ' Charles Whitehead, an appreciation,' by H. T. M. Bell. 1892. Not in Library.

Cap'n Davy's Honeymoon; The Last Confession; The Blind Mother. [First edn.] London: Heinemann. 1893. pp. vii,273. 190x120. [3003]

Russian Jewry. In Pall Mall Mag. Sept.-Oct. 1893. Not in Library.

The Mahdi : or Love and Race. A Drama in Story. [First edn. ] London: James Clarke & Co. 1894. [3005, G.W.W. copy, No. 32; 1100, G.F.C. copy, No. 84]
Reprinted from the Christmas Number of 'The Christian World' for private circulation. In wrapper. 100 copies printed.

The Little Man Island; Scenes and specimen days in the Isle of Man. I.M.S.P. Co. Douglas. 1894. pp. 50. Illus. 180x115. [4391]

The Manxman. [First edn.] London: Heinemann. 1894. pp. v1,439. 190x120. [4392]
A portion of the author's original MS. is pasted in at p. 197.
This is the novel most generally associated with the author's name : the scene throughout is the Isle of Man. Nearly half a million copies in English editions have been sold.
Trans. into twelve languages. It first appeared serially in 'The Queen.' Also published in New York by D. Appleton & Co. in 1894.

Quamdiu, Domine ! In Reid's Vox Clamantium. 1894. Not in Library.

The Tree of Knowledge. In New Review. June, 1894. Not in Library.

The Novelist in Shakespeare. In New Review, Aug.; In Eclectic Review, Sept. 1894. Not in Library.

On Criticism. In Idler. Sept. 1894. Not in Library.

Dante Gabriel Rosetti. In New Review. Sept. 1894. Not in Library.

Graile my Chree, a poem. In Lyra Celtica, ed. by E. A. Sharp and J. Matthay. pp. 309-314. [4192, J 8]

Graih my Chree (a Manx Ballad). In London Home Monthly, March 1895. London : Horace Cox. 1895. pp. 33-48. 250x155. [3476]

The Diamond King. In London Home Monthly. 1895.

On the Canadian Copyright Act. In Contemporary. April 1895. Not in Library.

Success in Literature. In Critic. May, 1895. Not in Library.

Trumpets and Shahms. Unto the Third and Fourth Generation. In Munsey. JuneAug. 1895. Not in Library.

Jan the Icelander. In Home Sweet Home. (100 copies only.) 1896. Not in Library.

The Christian. First appeared in Windsor Mag. as a serial commencing in Dec. 1896. Illus. by J. Barnard Davis. 1896, pp. 15-44; 1897, 165-191, 287-306, 411-434, 535-555, 657-682, 34-58, 125-151, 247-271, 369-393, 491-521, 613-641, 236x155. [4307]

The Manxman. In 2 vols. Leipzig: Bernard Tauchnitz. 1897. pp. 352x350. 152x108. [1098, G.F.C. Coll.] 'The Bondrnan' was also issued by Tauchnitz in two vols.
A letter to P. Keary, Wimbledon Park, dated July 24th, 1903, is pasted in vol. i.

The Christian. A story. London : Heinemann. 1897. pp. iv,453. 190x120. [4404]
Was first published in 'The Windsor' and in ' Munsey's Mag.' Jan,-June 1896 and 1897. Trans. into twelve languages.

T. E. Brown : in Memoriam. In I.M.T. 1897.

The Christian: a drama. London: Horace Cox. 1898. pp. 106. 225x145. [3011]
Printed for private circulation and the use of the actors only. This copy has : 'To G. W. Wood, Esq., with the author's kind regards. 30 Aug. 1902.'

Printed Menu for the Banquet to Mr. Hall Caine (with portrait). Douglas : B. & S. 1899. pp. 4. 230x178. [4178]

Newspaper Report of the Banquet given to Hall Caine, in Douglas, in 1899. In I.M.T. Feb. 7. [4178]

Jan, the Icelander. In Godlen Penny, from Oct. 20 to Nov. 24, 1900. [3022]

The Old and New Century. In New Century. Dec. 1900. Not in Library.

The Eternal City. In The Lady's Mag. [First printing.] London: Heinemann. 1901. pp. vi,606. 188x125. [3009, G.W.W. Coll ]
H.M. Theatre edition was published in 1902. This is the author's most popular work, one million copies having been sold before 1921. Trans. into thirteen languages.

Den Eviga Staden of Hall Caine. Auktorisead Ofvers~ttning. _ (In 8 parts, paper covers.) Stockholm Aktieholaget Htertas Bokf6rlag. 1901. pp. 798. 210x130. [5738, G.W.W. Coll.]

The Great Story of Alien Immigration : a protest and a plea. In Household Words, 1901. [4332]

The Great Hypnotist : Drink, Hypnotism, and Free Will. In Household Words, 1901, pp. 73-75. [4332]

Unto the Third and Fourth Generation. In Windsor Mag. [First printing.] 1901-2. [4331]

Ten Minutes in the Condemned Cell. In. Household Words, pp. 212-214. 1902. [4332]

The Reign of Woman: the position of Woman in the Eyes of the Law. In Household Words pp. 379-381. 1902. [4332]

The Strange Story of Eugene Aram's Lantern: a study in circumstantial evidence. In Household Words pp. 247-250. 1902. [4332]

After Sunset. In The Author, June 1902. -Not in Library.

At Last. In Critic. Oct. 1902. Not in Library.

Letters and Speeches on Manx Politics. Douglas : SXB, 1903. pp. 72. Portrait and illustrations. 182x125. [3012]
' The speeches, letters, and articles which make. up the pamphlet were gathered together for publication immediately after the date of Mr. Hall Caine's election to the House of Keys as representative for Ramsey , Thomas Cowley, April 10, 1903.'

Introduction to W. F. Tirebuck's "Twixt God and Mammon.' 1903. Not in Library.

Reply to the Critics of ' The Prodigal Son.' In Daily Mail. 1904. Not in Library.

The Gods of Rule and Sect. In The Queen. 1904. Not in Library.

The Prodigal Son. [First edn.] London: Heinemann. 1904. pp. viii,426. 182x115. [3013]
Half a million copies of English editions have been sold. Trans. into thirteen languages.

The Prodigal Son. A drama in four acts, by Hall Caine. [First edn. ] Heineinann. 1905. pp. viii,252. 172x122. [3014, G.W.W. Coll.]
Printed for private circulation and the use of the actors only. This play was performed for copyright purposes at the Grand Theatre, Douglas, on Nov. 2, 1904. North Lancashire Field Club. June, 1905.
Not in Library.

The Prodigal Son: a novelised version of Mr. Hall Caine's Play; by S. R. Squires. Derby: Bacon & Hudson. c. 1905. pp. 16. 215x130. [4307]

Drink : a love story on a great question. Illus. by Cyrus Cuneo. London: George Newnes. 1906. pp. v,118. 215x145. [3015]

The Bondman Play. The Daily Mail. 1906. pp. xvi,240. llus. 185x120. [3016]

The Christian: a Drama. (Second version.) London ollier & Co. 1907. pp. xvi,178. 185x118. [3017] Also in 'Play Pictorial,' an illus. edition.

_ etc: a Drama in four acts. By Hall Caine and Louis N. arker. Dramatised from Mr. Hall Caine's novel 'The Manxman.' London : Collier & Co. 1908. pp. iv,164. 6d. 180x120. [3019]

My Story. In English Writers of To-day series. No. 4. In I.A.P. April 18th to Sept. 19th, 1908. [First print ing.] London : Heinemann. 1908. pp. xiii,406. Portrait by Elliot & Fry. 180x120. [3018]

The White Prophet: illustrated by R. Caton Woodville. In 2 vols. [First edn.] Heinemann. 1909. pp. vi,381x383. 170x110. [3020]
Trans. into seven languages.

Why I wrote the White Prophet. Privately printed for the Author. Collier & Co. 1910. pp. vi,58. 185x118. [3023, G.W.W. Coll.]
A lecture delivered to the Jewish Literary Society of Liverpool.

The Bishop's Son. A new Drama in four acts. Printed for private circulation. London. 1910. pp. viii,88. 212:136. [3022 (copy No. 203) G.W.W. Coll.]

The Drama of Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days : scenes in the Great War. Heinemann. 1915. pp. 127. 215x130, [3024] Reprinted, with additions, from 'The Daily Telegraph.'

The Master of Man; the story of a sin. [First edn.] London : Heinemann. 1921. pp. viii,432. 188x124. [3025]
Published simultaneously in fifteen countries. The scene is laid in the Isle of Man, and the period the present.

The Woman Thou Gavest Me. 1921.
475,000 copies sold in year of issue. Trans. into nine continental languages. Not in Library.

The Woman of Knockaloe. A parable. London: Cassell Co. 1923. pp. xvi,208. 185x118. [5373]

Grain my Chree. In Lyra Celtica, 2nd edn. 1924, p. 309, with biog. note 1). 442.
Not in Library.

Irving and Hall Caine. [I-VIII. pp. 115-130. x.n.
This 16 pp. article appeared in one of the London reviews which has not been identified. [It is probably 'The World.] It deals with the early relations between Irving and Caine.

Biographical and Critical.

Hall Caine at Aberleigh Lodge, by an anonymous writer. No. DLXIl, ' Celebrities at Home,' in The World, 20th June, 1888. [5767]

Noble, Jas. Ashcroft. Authors' Counties. Cumberland and the Isle of Man. In Atalanta Magazine, 1893. [743L, h 15]

' The Manxman' - Manx Life and Manxland. By. the Rev. Thomas Edward Brown. In Contemporary Review, Nov. 1894. pp. 642-653. [4307]

The Novels of Mr. Hall Caine, by George Saintsbury. In Fortnightly Rev. Feb. 1895. [4307]

Hall Caine : a biographical study, by Robert Harborough Sherard. In Windsor May. Nov. 1895. pp. 562-577. Illus. [4307]

Thomas Henry Hall Caine at Greeba Castle. In The World, Aug. 11, 1897.

Hall Caine's ' Christian.' ln The World, Aug. 25, 1897.

Hall Caine (with portraits by G. H. Cowen). In The Tourist, No. 2, 1897.

Mr. Hall Caine at Home, by Frederick Dolman. In Cassell's Family May. Nov. 1897. pp. 632-636. Portrait by Russell. [4307]

Thomas Henry Hall Caine at Greeba Castle, by an anon. writer. No. M, ' Celebrities at Home,' in The World, 11th Aug. 1897. [5767]

Hall Caine's' Christian,' by an anon. writer. In The World, 25th Aug. 1897. [5767]

Cartoon by Dudley Hardy. ln The Manxman. [Hartley], 7th May, 1898.

Hall Caine and Anglican Motherhood, by Rev. E. C. Paton. In Ramsey Ch. May. Aug. 1898.

The Manx Sheep Stealing Fiasco. Mr. Hall Caine's Apology and Plea. By James Cowin. reprinted from 20th Aug. 1898. pp. 8. 200x125. [3588]

Ode to Hall Caine, by W.C.K. In The Manxman [Hartley], 28th Jan. 1899.

Hall Caine, the Man and the Novelist. by C. Fred Kenyon. London : Greening & Co. Ltd. 1901. pp. xii,224. Portrait. 180x119. [8,0]

Hall Caine. In Manx Portrait Gallery,' I.M.T., 7th Sept. 1901, [5790]

Vom englischen Roman. A sketch of Thomas Henry Hall Caine and his novels. In Reclam's Universum, a weekly periodical pub. in Leipzig, 25th Oct. 1902. With portrait. 'My Story,' by :Hall Caine. London: William Heinemann. 1908. pp. xii,406. 181x120. [849]

Pete : a drama of sentiment. With 21 illustrations in the play of ' Pete,' including Matheson Lang as Pete and Miss 1-[utin Britton as Kate Cregeen. By B. W. Findon. In The Play Pictorial, vol. xii. Stage Pictorial Publishing Co. 1908. pp. 130-156. [3027]

Story of His Early Years in the Isle of Man. In Mx Quar. No. 27, 1921.

Portrait of Sir Hall Caine by Bernard Partridge. In Punch, 27th Oct. 1926. [5504]

Uphill to Fame. ln Sunday Chronicle, June 1928. [5794]

Some 'Jackets' of Hall Caine's Novels.[5762, J. Frowde Coll.]

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