[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]

H Manx Language and Literature.

Order of the Manx Language Section.

1. Celtic Languages : including Manx.
2. Manx Language : descriptive.
3. The Holy Scriptures.
4. The Book of Common Prayer.
5. Religious and Temperance Tracts, etc.
6. The Carvals.
7. Hymns and Sacred Poems, etc. A. Sermons.
9. The Ballads.
10. Grammars and Dictionaries.
11. Stories, The Census and General.


(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

Archaeologia Britannica, giving some account additional to what has been hitherto publish'd, of the Languages, Histories and Customs of the Original Inhabitants of Great Britain, etc. By Edward Lhuyd, M.A., of Jesus College, Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Oxford Printed at the Theater for the author, and sold by Mr. Rateman in Pater-Noster-Row, London: and Jeremiah Pepyat, Bookseller at Dublin. Vol. I (all ever published). 1707. 290-298. 355x200. [2512, 1177]
Examples of the Manx language (' Mon. Monaviensibus, sen incolis Mone Caesaris') are dealt with in comparison with other languages. On p. 436, under the heading ' A Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts . . . in the possession of Arthur Brownlow, Esq., of Lurgan Clun Brasil, in the County of Down has the MSS. following : . . . . . A Treatise of the Isle of Man, by an Anonymous Author about eighty years ago.' The ' Jeremiah Pepyat, Bookseller at Dublin,' was probably a relative of the Henry Pepyat, a Dublin printer, who about the middle of the 18th century proposed to set up a printing press in Douglas.

Memorial respecting the diffusion of the Sacred Scriptures throughout the United Kingdom : particularly in the Celtic or Iberian Dialects. By Christopher Anderson. Edinburgh Bible Society. 1819. pp. 56. 205x130. [2856]
Contains a brief account of the translating and printing of the Scriptures in the Manx language.

A Hymn for all Nations, trans. into thirty languages (Mainx included). Music by Sebastian Wesley. Done for the Great Exhibition. London, 1851. pp. 70.

Languages in which the Printing of the Scriptures has been promoted by the Bible Society, 127 examples, the Manchu specimen being leaf from the Testament produced. by Borrow at St. Petersburg. By George Borrow. London B & F. B. Soc. 1852. pp. 137. 270x220. [3040]
Manks is shown on p. 6, reproduced from the 1819 edn. of the Bible.

Parabola de seminore ex Evangelio Matthæi, in LXXII Europas Linguas ac Dialectos versa, et Romanis characteribus expressa. London : W. H. Billing. 1857. pp. 93. 220x132. [2857]
The parable of The Sower from St. Matthew's Gospel in 72 European languages and various dialects, including Manx. 250 copies only printed in the London house of His Highness the Prince Louis -Lucien Bonaparte. Catalogue of the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society. By George Bullen of the Brit. Museum. B. & F. Bible Soc. 1857. pp. x,329. 240x152. [3039]
All the editions of the Bible and New Testament are set down.

The Bible of Every Land : A History of the Sacred Scriptures in every Language and Dialect into which Translations have been made, illustrated by specimen portions in native characters, series of alphabets, coloured ethnographical maps, tables, indexes, etc. New edition, enlarged and enriched. London : Samuel Bagster & Sons. 1860. pp. x(,475. 255x200. [3038]
Manks, pp. 166-9. There are notes on the versions of the Scriptures in the Manx language.

The Dean of Lismore's Book : a selection of Ancient Gaelic Poetry from a MS. collection made by Sir James M'Gregor, Bean of Lismore, in the beginning of the 16th century. Ed. with a translation and notes by the Rev. Thomas M'Lauchlan, and an Introd. and additional notes by William F. Skene. Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas. 1862.
Not in Library.

Lexicon Cornu - Britannicum : a Dictionary of the Ancient Celtic Language of Cornwall in which the words are elucidated by copious examples from the Cornish works now remaining, with Translations in English : the synonyms are also given in the cognate dialects of Welsh, Armoric. Irish, Gaelic and Manx, shewing at one view the connection between them. By Rev. Robert Williams, M.A. Llandovery : Roderick. 1865. pp. 400. 280x212. [2551]

Liherieu hag Avielen, or the Catholic Epistles and Gospels for the Day up to Ascension. Translated for the first time into Brehonec of Brittany. Also in three other parallel columns a New Version of the same into Breizounec (commonly called Breton and Armorican) ; a Version into Welsh, mostly- new and closely resembling the Breton; and a Version Gaelic or Manx or Cernaweg, with illustrative Articles by Christoll Terrien and Charles Waring Saxton, D.D., Oxford. The Penitential Psalms are also added. London : Trubner & Co. 1865. pp. 156. 215x276. [3041]

The Book of Deer : ed. by John Stuart, with 22 facsimiles. Roxburghe. Spalding Club, 1869.
A comparison of the handwriting used in varions early Codices of the Gospels has led Professor Westwood to conclude that the date of the Deer Gospels may be ascribed to the 9th century.
Not in Library,

Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History, with 26 pp. of facsimiles, by Prof. Eugene O'Curry. Dublin: W. A. Hinch, 1878.
Not in Library.

On the Celtic Languages in the British Isles : a Statistical Survey. By E. G. Ravenstein, F.R.G.S. In Journal of the Statistical Society, Sept. 1879. London : Edwd. Stanford. 1879. pp. 579-643. 215x135. [4141]
Contains reference to the state of the Manx language, pp. 591 -2.

Initial Mutations in the living Celtic, Basque, Sardinian, and Italian Dialects. By H.I.H. Prince Louis - Lucien Bonaparte. London : Philological Society. 1886. pp. 48. 220x135. [4598]
Has some interesting references to Prince Lucien's visit to Man about thirty years before.

Manx and Cornish: the Dying and the Dead. By Rev. W. S. Lach - Szyrma, M.A. In Jour. Brit. Archaeology Assn. vol. xliv, pp. 273-278, 1888.

On the Early Ethnology of the British Isles. By John Rhys, M.A., Professor of Celtic at Oxford Univ. Edinburgh : The Scottish Review. 1891. pp. 121. 222x140. [3869]
Contains references to Manx instances.

Zeitschrift fur Celtische Philologie herausgeben von Kuno Meyer und L. Chr. Stern. I Band. Halle a S. Max Niemeyer. 1897. pp. 503. 235x160. [2552]
' A Welsh inscription in the Isle of Man' (with plate), P. M. C. Kermode ; 'Note on Guriat,' Prof. J. Rhys ; ' A Manx Folk -Song,' J. Strachan ; 'The Four Branches of the Mabinogi,' Prof. E. Anwyl ; 'The Death of Finn Mac Cumaill,' Prof. K. Meyer.

The twenty-second annual Report of the Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language, 1899. Dublin. [4620]
Contains reference to the movements for the preservation of Manx.

A Survey of Celtic Philology: Paper read at the Dublin Pan-Celtic Congress by Professor Kuno Meyer, Ph.D. Also a reproduction of a photo-group of the Congress Delegates, including the Manx ones. In The Gael (New York), Oct. 1901.

Celtia : the organ of the Celtic Association. First issue, Jan. 1901. Monthly 6d. Founded to foster the Celtic language movement in the five Celtic countries : Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Mann, and Brittany.. Ed. by E. E. Fournier d' Albe. Dublin: Celtic Association. 1901-1905. 276x206. [302, W. C. Coll.]
Very valuable from the Manx language point of view.

The Coming of Lugh (fosterchild of Manannan). Taken from Irish MS. Stories, trans. by Whitley Stokes in Revue Celtique, vol. vii. In Celtia, Feb. 1902.

The Fountain of Knowledge. Manannan Mac Lir, in The Book of Ballymote, a 14th century NIS. in the Roy. Irish Acad., pub. in Irische Texte iii.l, 1891, as 'Cormac's Adventures in the Land of Promise.' In Celtia, March 1902.

An Ancient Celtic Sea Song: 'The Tresses of Manannan's Wife.' In Celtia, Oct. 1902, p. 145.

The Origin of Arthurian Romance: The Association of Manannan and the Theory of a Celtic origin for the story of the Ivain. By Arthur C. L. Brown. In Celtia, Nov. - Dec. 1903.

The Celtic Review, ed. by Professor Mackinnon, etc., from 1904 onwards.
Not in Library.

A Dialect of Donegal. Phonology and Texts. By E. C. Quiggin, Prof. of Celtic, Camb. Univ. 1906.
Contains a few (20) Manx Synonyms.

The Celt: Languages and Literature. In 11th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, 1910, by Edmund Crosby Quiggin, M.A., Fellow of and Lecturer in Modern History and Monro Lecturer in Celtic at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Cambridge: University Press. 1910. pp. 12. 294x220. [2571]
Professor Quiggin was born in Peel in 1875.

Historical Catalogue of the printed editions of Holy Scripture in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society, in two volumes, by T. H. Darlow and H. F. Moule. London: The Bible House. 1911. pp. 1067-1071. 250x180. [3036, 7, 8]
Contains a Bibliography of the Manx Scriptures from 1748 to 1824. Among the distinguished scholars who are thanked for their services in contributing to the Catalogue is G. W. Wood for the Manx language.

The Celtic Nations and the War. In Mannin, ii, 1914, p. 241.

The Celtic Countries: their Literary and Library Activities. By D. Rhys Phillips. Swansea: Morgan & Higgs. 1915. pp. 42. 224x145. [3858]
Isle of Man, pp. 25 - 28.

Scots Gaelic and Manx Literature. In Gaelic Literature Surveyed, by Aodh de Blacam, Dublin, 1929.

Irish Dialects Past and Present, with Chapters on Scottish and Manx. By Thomas F. O'Rahilly. Dublin: Browne & Nolan. 1932. pp. xi,279. 215x140. 5/-. [6430, H. 118]
The relationship between Scottish and Manx with each other is discussed, and also with the Irish dialects.

Celtic Congress Literature, etc.

Report of the First Pan-Celtic Congress (Dublin). In Celtia, Sept. 1901.

Report of the Pan-Celtic Congress (Edinburgh). In Celtia, Oct. 1907.

Report of the Celtic Congress, held at Birkenhead Sept. 3 - 5, 1917. Perth: Milne, Tannahill & Methuen. 1918. pp. 137. 248x175. [293]
Contains portrait of Miss S. Morrison and a paper by W. Cubbon.

Mannin as yn Cohaglym Celtagh. By Mona Douglas. In Guth na Bliadhna. Winter 1917. pp. 2.

Report of the Celtic Congress held at Neath, Aug. 2, 3, 1918. Perth: Milne, Tannahill & Methuen. 1918. pp. 116. 248x 175. [294]
Contains a portrait of Miss Mona Douglas.

Inaugural Address by the President to the Celtic Congress, Edinburgh, May 24th to 28th, 1920. By Edw. T. John. Bangor: Jarvis & Foster. 1921. pp. 25. 245x170. [295, 4072]

Transactions of the Celtic Congress held at Edinburgh, May 24-28, 1920. Perth: Milne, Tannahill & Methuen. 1921. pp. 186. 248x 175. [291]
Paper by P. W. Caine.

Celtic Congress in Edinburgh. In Mx Quar. No. 23, 1920.

Impressions of the Barry Eisteddfod. By H. Percy Kelly, B.A. In Mx Quar. No. 24, 1921.

Circular issued in advance by the Manx Society regarding the Celtic Congress, Isle of Man, 1921. 285x210. [4726]

The Celtic Congress, Isle of Man, 1921. Official advance programme. Swansea: Celtic Union. 1921. pp. 4. 335x210. [4726]

Official Programme of the Celtic Congress, Isle of Man, 1921. L. G. Meyer for The Manx Society. pp. 12. 220x140. [4726]
Cover design in two colours by A. Knox.

Transactions of the Fourth Celtic Congress held at Douglas, Isle of Man, July 1921; containing the Papers read at the Douglas Congress, with a Report of the Meetings, compiled by D. Rhys Phillips, F.L.A., F.S.A. Scot., General Secretary. Swansea: Celtic Association, Beili Glas, Chaddesley Tce. 1923. pp. 216. 248x186. [4533]
Contains among other papers : 'The Isle of Man and its Story,' by Rev. Canon Quine ; ' Characteristics of Manx Folk - Song,' by J. E. Quayle, B.Mus.; 'Welsh and Manx Folk - Songs' by Mrs. J. Herbert Lewis, M.A. ; brief addresses by H. Percy Kelly, B.A., G. Fred Clucas, S.H.K., W. Cubbon, etc.; portraits of H. Percy Kelly, B.A., G. Fred Clucas, S.H.K., W. Cubbon, Miss Mona Douglas.

The Celtic Congress, Isle of Man, by E. T. John, President. In The Welsh Outlook, Newtown, August 1921. pp. 176-178. 275x210. 6d. [4726]

Folk Song at the Celtic Congress, Isle of Man, by Rosaleen Graves. Newtown : Welsh Outlook Press. 1921. pp. 185-6. 275x210. [4726]

Advance Programme of the Celtic Congress, Dublin, 1925. Dublin. pp. 4. 210x170. [4726]

Official Programme of the Celtic Congress, Dublin, 1925. Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker. pp. 12. 215x136. [4726]

Programme of Celtic Congress held in the Univ. Coll., North Wales, Bangor, July 18 - 27, 1927. Bangor: Sackville Printing Works. pp. 8. 220x145.

Celtic Congress, London, 1930. Official handbook. Pub. by London Executive of the Celtic Congress, Univ. Coll., London. pp. 63. 200x138. [6608, H 118]
Contains a brief article by Miss Mona Douglas on 'Manx Celts Abroad.'

Celtic Congress, Mann, 1931. Programme of the Congress. L. G. M. pp. 12. 220x140. [6282, H 118]


An Essay on the Celtic Language. Dublin. 1782. 8vo. By Dr. Vallancy.

Contains the Lord's Prayer and Creed in Manx, and other references.

Feltham's Tour through the Island of Mann in 1797 and 1798.
Contains a chapter (letter 5) on Manx language and literature, giving morning and evening hymns, sentences, etc., in Manx, and a list of works. Feltham was reprinted by the Manx Society in 1861 (see pp. 53-65).

Narrative of the Origin, Progress and Completion of the Manks version of the Holy Scriptures and of other religious books. In 'The Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley' by Rev. Weedon Butler, pp. 205-260. 1799.

Introduction to Kelly's Grammar, by Rev. William Gill, editor. In Mx Soc. ii, pp. vii-xxi, 1859.

Les huit Dialectes Caledonec Vivants en 1861. Anthologie Caledonec. Etudes de linguistique Indo-Celtique comparée. By Christoll Terrien. [Includes Manx.] Shrewsbury. 1861. pp.4. 440x280.
The words in St. Luke, ch. i, v. 28 and 42, are given in Irish, Scottish and Manx Gaelic, and compared with that of Brittany, etc.

References to Manx Translators. In Keble's Life of Bishop Wilson, 1863.

On the Manx of the Isle of Man, by Richard King, M.D. In Proc. Anthrop. Soc., pp. xiii-xv, 3rd Jan., 1871,

The Manx Language. By Henry Jenner. In Philol. Soc. Trans. 1875-6.

On the Celtic Languages in the British Isles, by E. G. Ravenstein. Journ. Statist. Soc. Sept. 1879. [Includes Manx.]

Manx Gaelic : a paper read at the thirteenth annual session of the American Philological Association held in Cleveland, Ohio, July ]881. By W. S. Kerruish. pp. 16. 226x155.

Bishop Hildesley's Circular to the Clergy concerning Preaching in Manx. In Mx Note Bk iii, p. 99, 1887.

The Inhabitants of the Isle of Mann and their Language. By Rev. James Wilks. [Written in 1777.] In Mx Note Bk iii, pp. 178-180. 1887.

An Historical Sketch of the Manx Language, with some account of its Literature. By A. W. Moore, M.A., S.H.K. In The Transactions of the Celtic Society of Montreal. Montreal: W. Drysdale & Co. 1887. pp. 70-83. 218x130. [866]

Manx and Cornish: The Dying and the Dead. By W. S. Lach-Szyrma. Jour. Brit. Arch. Asso. vol. xlix, pp. 273-278, 1888.

Manx Literature. By A. W. Moore, M.A., F.R.H.S. In Y.L.M. i, pp. 110-115, 1890.
Gives a list of native pieces, exclusive of translations. An Historical Sketch of the Manx Language with an account of the sources from which a knowledge of it can be acquired. By A. W. Moore, M.A., F.R.H.S. In 1, pp. 129-134, 1891.
Gives a list of eight persons who speak nothing but Manx. Preface to Bishop Phillips' Prayer Book, by Professor John Rhys. In Mx Soc. xxxit, pp. v-vi, 1893.

The Outlines of the Phonology of Manx Gaelic. By Prof. John Rhys, M.A., LL.D. In Mx Soc. xxxiii, pp. i-xi, 1-183, 1894.
This important and erudite work is preceded by many references to the author's interesting experiences while searching for Manx speakers. He also deals with the dialect and orthography and gives some quaint reminiscences of his meetings with local scholars.

Manninagh : The Manx Language. In Barrovian, April 1898, pp. 10-13.

Foreign Elements in the Manx Language. By A. W. Moore, F.R.H.S. In Y.L.M. iii, pp. 59-64, 1896.

The Founding of the Manx Language Society. In Mx Soc. Ann. Report, 1899.

The State and Condition of the Manx Language. In Celtia, March 1901.

A Visit to the Isle of Man. By E. E. Fournier. In Celtia, Dec. 1901.

Manx Language Society. In Celtia- ii, pp. 44-45. 'Dublin, 1902.

The Revival of the Oie'l Verree. In Celtia ii, pp. 44-45, ]903.

The Manx Language in the Schools. In H.M.I. by Sneyd Kynnersley. p. 340 et seq. Macmillan. 1908.

Die Manx - Literatur. In Die Romanischen Literaturen and Sprachen mit Einschluss des Keltischen. By Ludwig Christian Stern. Berlin : B. G. Teubner. 1909. pp. 110-113. 272x189. [2580]
Deals with the early literature in the Manx language, the Bible and religious writings, ballads, and folklore. Refs.: pp. 19, 27, 40, 41, 110.

Literature in the Manx Language to the middle of the 19th century. By G. W. Wood. In The Library Assoc. Record, Oct. 1911, pp. 343-353. London, 1911.
The paper was read at the annual meeting of the Library Association held in Douglas in the summer of 1911 by W. Cubbon on behalf of the author. The paper also appeared in 'The Manx Quarterly,' No. 10, 1911.

Manx Language and Literature. In Encycl. Brit. under the word ' Celt,' by E. C. Quiggin, Professor of Celtic in the Univ. of Cambridge. 1911.

Language and Nationality in Man : an Irish Educationist's Opinion. By Seoirse MacNiocaill ('An Fiolar'). In Mx Quar. 14, 1914.

The Manx Language in the '70s. By George W. Wood. 1 n ill x Quar. 20, 1919.

Bibliographical Account of the Literature Translated into the Manx Language; compiled from the Manx Library of Mr. G. W. Wood in the Manx Museum. A paper read before the Manx Society by William Cubbon. Manx Soc. 1924. pp. 18. 216x138.
The author of the paper draws attention to a MS. work prepared at the expense of much labour by George William Wood, dealing firstly, with the Historical side ; secondly, an account of the Literature translated into Manx ; thirdly, Native or original Literature printed in Manx ; fourthly, a Bibliography of the Literature relating to the Manx language. The compiler of this Bibliography is much indebted to Wood's labours in the field of Manx Literature.

Manx Phonographic Records; by W. Cubbon. In E. F. M ag. No. 5, Jan. 1926.

Gaelic Literature Surveyed. By Aodh de Blacam. Dublin. Talbot Press. 1929. pp. xvi,391.
Has a chapter or. Scots Gaelic and Manx literature, and has the story, with portrait, of Hugh MacCawell, Archbishop of Armagh (1571-1626), who was educated in Man. See 'Manx Museum Journal,' March 1933.


Yn / Sushtal / Scruit liorish yn / Noo Mian./ [Conventional woodcut.] Prentyt ayns Lunnyng./ Liorish Ean Oliver, ayns Bartholomew Close. 1748. pp. 106. [2673, 2672, 5544]

The Gospel according to Saint Matthew. The second book having Manx-printed type, and the first of the Scriptures to be printed in the Manx language. Believed to have been translated by Vicar-General Walker during his confinement in Castle Rushen in 1722 [d. 1729] for Bishop Wilson and printed at his expense. (See Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley, p. 33.) Only a few copies printed. John Oliver, the printer, was in the employ of the S. P. C. K. The orthography differs considerably from that of later editions ; and many errors occur. A notable error is that verse 10 of ch. vii is omitted. It is well printed, with initials at the head of each chapter.

Title, verso blank ; text, pp. 3 to 106, 1 fol. blank. Signatures in fours. Short notes occur at the foot of a very few pp.

¶ [1] 180x113 mm. In original covers, qr. bound. Has the signature of 'James Allen, his hand, and pen and ink, 1753.' It has many corrections made in pencil by G. W. Wood. G.W.W. Coll. 2673.

¶ [2] 190x120 mm. In original covers, qr. bound, rough calf. The copy of William Sayle of Larivane. Sayle Coll. 5544.

¶ [3] 192 x 120 mm., extra large copy. In full leather. A presentation copy from Bishop Wilson himself, bearing the following inscription on the bookplate : 'This Book belongs to the Parochial Library of Kk German, Isle of Man, for the perpetual use of the Vicar. The. Sodor & Man.' The bookplate has the figure of St. Augustine in the attitude of confession. A perfect copy. G.W.W. Coll. 2672.

¶ [4] 190 x 121 mm. Lacking title. Has the inscriptions : 'William Qualtrough, son of John Qualtrough, and Ann Qualtrough, alias Dawson, bap. Aug. ye 15, 1753 . . . John, son of William Tate and Margt. Tate, bap. Aug. 19, 1753 . . . Elizabeth Christian, dau. of Thomas Christian & Catherine, alias Corlett, bap. Aug. 26, 1753.' Also 'Daniel Curghey, Jan. 16, 1750.' From Rev. Canon R. D. Kermode's Coll. 619.

Conaant Noa / nyn / Jiarn as Saualtagh / Yeesey Creest. / Pointit dy ve lhait ayns Kialteenyn. / [Conventional woodcut.] [The New Covenant of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Bidden to be read in the Churches.] Prentyt ayns Lunnyng, / Liorish Ean as W. Oliver, ayns Bartho lomew-close. 1763. [2676, 678A, 678B]

The Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. Translated by Rev. W. Walker, Vicar-General (d. 1729). Bishop Wilson died in 1755, and left the MS. of this translation among his papers. Mark Hildesley, the next Bishop (1755-1772) carried on his predecessor's work, and had the MS. revised by Rev. M. Curghey and Rev. J. Wilks, both Vicars-General. An edition of 1,000 copies was printed by J. & W. Oliver in London, and distributed by the S.P.C.K. under the direction of the Bishop.

Title, verso blank ; text A 2 to [M 8] a, 1 p. blank. Signatures in eights. The volume contains 152 ff. No pagination. '1 ext in double columns, with a very few footnotes. The book is well printed.

¶ [1] 202x130 mm. Presentation copy fully bound in. leather, beautifully tooled (but later work), from Dr. Thomas Wilson, eldest son of Bishop Wilson and Prebendary of Westminster, to Bishop Terrott, on his promotion to the See of London in 1764. It has this inscription : 'The 4 Gospels in ye Language now spoke ' in v_ e Isle of Man, and, I have heard, has a near affinity 'to ye Erse Language, as they can understand one another. It was translated from a MS. left by ye late Bishop of Man, father to your Lordship's most obedient servt T. Wilson. Westr Abby, May 1, 1764.' Fine copy in Cambridge calf, red edges, gilt extra. Purch. from Sotheby. G.W.W. Coil. 2676.

¶ [2] 207x132 mm. Presentation copy with inscription in Rev. Philip Moore's handwriting : 'Lord Bishop 'to Mr. William Callow, Sept. 16th, 1764, by his friend ' P. M. ' It has also the signature of 'Thos. Stowell,' Clerk of the Rolls (b. 1764, d. 1821). G.F.C. Coll. 678.

¶ [3] 207x 132 Has the signatures of John Clucas ; William Clucas, Chaplain at Bishopscourt, 1774 ; Charles Crebbin, Vicar of K. Santan ; and James Oates of Oatland.

Screeuyn / Paul / yrt Ostyl / gys ny / Romanee. / Pointit dy ve ]halt ayns Kialteenyn. / Prentyt ayns Mannyng.,/ liorish W. Sheperd./ [S.P.C.K.] 1767.

Contains the Letters of Paul the Apostle to the Romans, the Corinthians, Galatians, etc., on to the Revelation of St. fonn. Translated by Rev. James Wilks and revised by Rev. Matthias Curghey. This portion completed the version of the New Testament begun by Rev. William Walker. The edition was of 1,000 copies and was printed by Sheperd in Ramsey. It is the first book printed in Man. Sheperd belonged to Whitehaven. Bishop Hildesley supervised the preparation and free distribution of the books, and himself collected nearly £300 towards the funds necessary to this object. The book is well printed.

Title, verso blank ; text ends on Nnn 4a, verso blank. Signatures generally in tee os, which shows the press was a small one, and the quantity of type limited. The vol. contains 122 ff. No pagination.

[1] 200x122 vain. This copy was possessed by Thomas Stowell, the clever poet, and author of 'The Retrospect' (1790), etc. He was an advocate, and became schoolmaster in Peel, where he died in 1799.

¶ [2] 201 x 125 mm. Presentation copy inscribed in Rev. Philip Moore's hand : ' For Mr. Thomas Stowell, Dec. 16, 1768.' This copy has also the signature of ' Thomas Stowell, Douglas, April 17, 1769.' He was the father of Thomas Stowell, the Clerk of the Rolls, and the poet John Stowell.

Reports of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1768 et seq. They deal with the publication of the Bible, Prayer Book, and other religious works in Manks. [S.P.C.K.] London. 1768. 238x]80. [3710, G.W.W. Coll. ]

[illus missing]

THE ' HILDESLEY' MANX BIBLE 1771 edited by Rev. Philip Moore.

Yn / Vible / Casherick : / ny, / Yn Chenn Chonaant, ,! veih / Ny Chied G1,laaraghyti, / dy kiaralagh chyndait ayns / Gailck; / to shen dy ghra. / Chetigey ny Mayrey }clan Vannin / Ayns daa 1.1oar. / Lioar I / Pointit dy vc lhaiht ayns Kialteenyn. / Whitehaven : Prentit liorish Juan Ware as e Vac. 1771-1772-1773. 208x128. [2685] This is the first edition of the Old Testament in the Manx language. Tt includes two books of the Apocrypha -the Wisdom of Solomon and Ecclesiasticus. There were no less than twenty-four translators

It has generally been assumed that the first Whitehaven Bible was printed in 1772 (Book i), 1773 (}look ii), ;md 1775 (Root. iii, Conaant Noa). An edition of Book i was, however, printed in 1771, a copy of which is in the Museum. This copy has the inscription : ' For Mr. Robert Whiteside, Mercht. in Ayre. Douglas, Novr. 12, 1771. P.M.' The inscription is in the Rev. Philip Moore's well-known hand.

The two volumes of the O.T. and the companion volume of the N.T. were published at the expense of the S. P. C. K. The MS. of vol. 2 narrowly escaped destruction in a shipwreck, when it was being conveyed to Whitehaven. 'The Rev. John Kelly, who had charge 'of the precious document, saved it by holding it above the water throughout the five hours during which he ' was exposed to the fury of the elements on the rock 'where the ship had struck.'-vide Account of the Brit. & F. Bible Society, 1911.

The printers were John Ware & Son of Whitehaven. The first portion of vol. i was finished in April 1770, and a copy of the last sheet of vol. ii (dated 1773) was placed in Bishop Hildesley's hands on 28th Nov., 1772, a few days before his death.

Mr. Wood has compared the text of the vols. bearing the dates 1771 and 1772, and he finds certain important differences which warrant him in concluding there were two separate editions. For instance in the 1772 ed., judges xvt 3-5, Samson's foxes with 'firebrands' tied to their tails are translated 'sheaves of corn' (bunneeyn arroo) ; but the 1771 ed. translated the passages consistently with the Eng. version, viz., 'firebrands.'

The two editions of this O.T. may be distinguished as variety A and variety B. The following is the description of var. A (1771, 1773) :-Vol. i : title (1771), verso blank, 1 p. blank, list of books in vol. i -- 1 p.: text (Gen.-Esth.), Al to R4. Vol. ii : title (1773), verso blank, 1 p. blank, list of books in vol. ii - 1 p.; text (job.-Mal., with Wisdom and Eccles.), Al to K4. Signatures in fours ; no pagination. Vol. i contains 350 ff., and vol. ii contains 318 ff, Text in double colunn, with a very few footnotes. Large initial letters (19 mm.) commence each book.

The title-page of vol. ii bears a cut of the Episcopal arms.

¶ [1] Variety A. 208x128 inn. A presentation copy from the Rev. Philip Moore, 'for Mr. Robert Whiteside, mercht in Ayre. Douglass, Nov. 12, 1771. P.M.' G.W.W. Coll.

¶[2] Another edition. Variety B (1772-1773). The title of vol. i is dated 1772, and bears a cut of the Episcopal arms, which vol. i of variety A does not bear.

The three verses judges xv, 3-5, supply a specimen of the alterations both in type-setting and in rendering. The missing sentence in Kings xvii, 6, missing in the 1771 edn. has been supplied.

¶ [3] 206x120. Has bookplate of R. How Apsley, Beds. Purch. Sotheby's 1890. G.W.W. Coll.

Yn / Vible Casherick ; / goaill stiagh yn / Chenn Chonaant, / as yn / Conaant Noa ; / veih / Ny Chied Ghlaraghyn, / Dy Kiaralagh chyndait ayns Gailck; / Ta shen dy ghra, / Chengey ny Mayrey Ellan Vannin. / Pointit dy ve lhaiht ayns Kialteenyn. / So they read in the Book, in the Law of God, distinctly, and gave the Sense, and caused thenti to understand the Reading. Nehem. viii, 8. / [Arms of the See of Sodor and Mann.] Whitehaven / Prentit liorish Juan Ware as e Vac. 1775. 246x190. [677]

The complete Manx Bible, issued in one quarto volume for the use of the clergy, and for special presentation. Only a very small impression of about 40 copies was printed. The same setting of type, but re-arranged in three cols., was used as had been set up for the octavo editions of 1771, 1772, 1773, 1775. The portion Genesis - Esther exactly agrees with the volume dated 1771.

Title, verso blank, 1 p. blank, list of books - 1 p. Text: (1) O.T. (with Wisdom and Eccles.)., A 1 to 8B. 2b; (2) N.T. (with title, verso blank, inserted), A 1 t of ff 2 b. Signatures in twos. The volume contains 439 ff. No pagination. Text printed in triple columns, with a few footnotes. One page of text in this quarto contains as much matter as two pages in the octavo volume ; and six columns in the one are equivalent to four columns in the other.

The general title bears a text (Neh. viii, 8) in English ; and both it and the N.T. title exhibit a cut of the Episcopal arms. See Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley pp. 240-245.

¶[1] 270x208 mm. (extra large size in original leather covers, tooled. 2581 G.W.W. Coll.

¶¶ [2] 266 x 203 mm. Purchased by Mrs. Wood at Sotheby's 1895, as a gift to her husband on his birthday. This copy seems to have been subjected to fire, as the edges are scorched. It lacked the books of Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus, and these -were added from another specimen. It also lacked the title page and the last 2 pp. of the Revelation. These were suitably reprinted and attached, and the paper chemically treated so as to match the tone of the older paper. The signature of William Nelson appears on the verso of the last p. of Malachi. He was probably the owner of Ballakilley in Kirk Christ Rushen.

This copy had belonged to the Library of Prince Lucien Bonaparte, the well-known Celtic philologist, and was sold at Sotheby's in 1895. Bound by Riviere. G.W.W. Coll. 2582. Most of Prince Bonaparte's Manx books went to the Newbery Library of Chicago.

¶ [3] 247 x 196. Another copy. 667 G. F. C. Coll.

¶[4] 254x200. Another copy, a gift from J. Campbell Cain. Inscribed on title p.: 'Saint Peter's Chapel, Peeltown, 1778,' and 'St. John's Chapel.' Also a MS. note ' Thos. Archibes and Élenor his wife to be prayed for.'

Conaant Noa / nyn / Jiarn as Saualtagh / Yeesey Creest ; / veih / Ny Chied Ghlaraghyn ; / Dy Kiaralagh chyndait ayns Gailck : / Ta shen dy gra, / Chengey ny Mayrey Ellan Vannin. / Pointit dy ve lhait ayns Kialteenyn. / [Epis. arms.] [S.P.C.K.] Whitehaven. / Prentit liorish Juan Ware as e Vac. [Second ed.] 1775. 207x120. [2690]

[The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ; from the first tongues, carefully translated into the mother tongue of Ellan Vannin.] A revision prepared by Rev. M. Curghey and Rev. J. Wilks, Vicars-Gen. Au edition of 2,000 copies, uniform with the two-volume edition of the O.T. printed in 1771-3. The three vols. together form the first complete Bible in Manx, which fixed the standard of modern Manx spelling. They have been called The Whitehaven Bible.

Title, verso blank, 1 p. blank, list of books, 1 p.; text, A 1 t of ff 4 a, 1 p. blank. Signatures in fours. The vol. contains 210 ff. No pagination. The title bears a cut of the Epis. arms.

¶ [1] 207,x 121. Bound uniformly with variety B. Bible in original panelled calf. Bookplate of R. How Apsley, Beds. G.W.W. Coll. Purch. Sothebys 1890. 2690.

¶ [2] 207 x 121. In original leather covers. Contains MS. family records of the Quirk-Gale family. G.W.W. Coll. 2689.

¶[3] 205 x 120. In quarter bound modern covers. Contains family entries in MS. of the McCray family. G.F.C. Coll. 681.

¶[4] 205x120. Re-bound. G.F.C. Coll. 680.

¶ [5] 194 x 120. Guillotined copy, in full leather. Bears the inscription ' Angus Munn his book 1785,' and 'Robert J. Moore' [High-Bailiff of Peel]. R.J.M. Coll.

Translation, the, of the Scriptures into the Manx Language. See Butler's ' Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley,' 1799, for the names of the translators; pp. 252-256. Also Train's Hist, p. 386.

British and Foreign Bible Society, reports of, for 1805 et seq. They contain references to the Manx Scriptures already printed.

Conaant Noa / nyn / Jiarn as Saualtagh / Yeesey Creest;/ veih / ny chied Ghlaraghyn, / dy Kiaralagh chyndait ayns Gailck : / to shen dy ghra. / Chengey ny Mayrey Ellan Vannin. / Pointit dy ve lhait ayns Kialteenyn. / [Third ed. London : Stereotyped and printed by T. Rutt, Shacklewell ; for the British and Foreign Bible 'Society, and sold to subscribers only at the Society's Depository, No. 169 Fleet-street. 1810. pp. 348. 170x100. [685, 2703, 2704, 2705]

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ; from the first tongues carefully translated into the mother tongue of Ellan Vannin. The first book printed in Manx issued by the B,. & F. B. Soc.; 2,500 copies were printed. The work was suggested by the Rev. T. Stephen of Kirk Patrick, who had declared in 1807 there were not more than 800 Bibles and the same number of N. Testaments extant. The Rev. Hugh Stowell, the Elder, of Kirk Lonan, in 1809 in urging the Bible Society to proceed with the work, stated that ' two-thirds of the population (then 30,000) read, speak 'and understand Manks much better than English, and 'about one-third understand Manks only ... Divine ' service is performed in Manks in almost all the churches ' three Sundays in the month and occasional duties therein 'always . . . . a great majority read and understand 'Scriptures much better in Manks. . . There has been ' no impression for forty years.' As a result of these representations, it was agreed to print 2,500 copies in 12 mo., being sold at prices from 1/2 to 2/2. The text was copied from the 1775 ed., but according to G. W. Wood errors in the orthography were allowed to creep in through the carelessness of the printers. An unfortunate blunder occurs in Luke v, 29, where the word ' maroo' (with them) is misprinted ' marroo' (dead), making the passage read : 'And there was a great company of publicans and of others that sat down dead.'

Fine copy in full Morocco gilt edges.

Title ; on verso list of books ; text, pp. 3 to 348. Printed in double columns, with a very few footnotes.

¶[1] 170x100. G. F. C. Coll. 685.

¶ [2] 173 x 100. Has inscription, 'For Hugh Stowell, April 2nd, 1819, from his afft. sister Nessy Stowell.'

¶ [3] Another copy. 172x102. Has corrections made throughout by G. W. Wood. G.W.W. Coll. 2704.

¶ [4] Another copy. 171 x 100. G.W.W. Coll. 2705.

Conaant Noa ......... etc. [Second impression of the Third ed. 1810.] London: Stereotyped and printed by T. Rutt, etc. Brit. & F. B. Soc. 1815. pp. 348. 172x100. [2708]

This is a reprint from the stereotype plates of the 1810 edition. G.W.W. Coll. 2708.

Conaant Noa ......... etc. [Third impression of the Third ed. of 1810.] London: Printed by J. S. Hughes, 66 Paternoster-row, for the Brit. & F. Bible Society. 1824. pp. 348. 170x102. [686, 2720]

This is a further reprint from the stereotype plates of the 1810 (third) edition. G.F.C. Coll. 686.

Another small impression from the same plates was printed in 1825, of which there is no copy in the Museum.

The total number of copies of the N.T. issued by the B. & F.B.S. amounted to about 2,250. This was the last time when any portion of the Scriptures was printed for the use of the Manx-speaking people.

Yn / Vible Casherick, / ny / Yn Chenn Chonaant, / as yn / Conaant Noa : / veih / Ny Chied Ghlaraghyn ; ,/ dy Kiaralagh Chyndait ayns Gailck : / ta shen dy ghra, / Chengey ny Mayrey Ellan Vannin. / Pointit dy ve lhaiht ayns Kialteenyn. / London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan ...... for the Brit. & Foreign Bible Soc. 1819. 212x138. [416, 2711, 2712, 2714]

The Holy Bible ; the Old Testament and the New Testament, from the first tongues carefully translated into the mother tongue of Ellan Vannin. Bidden to be read in the churches. Five thousand copies were issued at 5/of this beautiful and accurate ed. The Rev. Hugh Stowell the Elder undertook to correct for the press : his place was taken later by James Kewley of Ballanard, Kirk Braddan.

The need for this edition was brought before the Society in 1817, by the Rev. Hugh Stowell the Elder, the Rev. Robert Brown (the father of T. E. Brown), and Rev. Samuel Haining the first Independent minister of Douglas. It was stated that of the 1810 edition of the N.T. (2,250 copies) only 160 were available, and that of the 21,000 adult population not more than 7,000 understood English better than Manks ; and that the remaining 14,000 were little acquainted with English.

The text followed was that of the editions of 1771-73, 1772-73, and 1775 ; but the two books of the Apochrypha are omitted. No pagination. Text, A 1 to 3 N 2a. The footnotes are omitted.

¶ [1] 212 x 138. Fully bound in leather with long leather band, home made. G.F.C. Coll. 416.

¶[2] 215 x 136. Fine copy bound in purple morocco, extra blind tooled, gilt edges, from the Duke of Susseo: Coll. with his bookplate. Purch. Sothebys. G.W.W. Coll, 2711.

[¶ [3] 210 x 130. Fine copy in purple calf with device in gold on cover. Bookplates of Rev. D. R. Currer and Edward Hailstone. Purch. at the Hailstone sale at Sothebys in 1891. G.W.W. Coll. 2712.

¶ [4] 216 x 138. Original calf, with impressed design of the B. & F. Bible Soc. Perfect copy. G.W.W. Coll. 2714.

Account of the Fund for the printing of the Holy Scriptures, etc., in Manks. In The Isle of Man Charities, by J. McHutchin & G. Quirk. 1831.

The Manx Scriptures, by C. S. Baker. In Canadian Antiq. & Nuniis. Tourn. vol. 8, pp. 164-7. Montreal. 1880. 185x123. [3912]

Origin of the Manks Version of the Scriptures, by Rev. Theophilus Talbot. In Mx Sun, Dec. 14, 1885. [3757, F 64]

The Translation of the Bible and Prayer Book into Manx. By A. W. Moore. In Mx Ch. Mag. July 1894.

An Account of the Translation and Editions of the Holy Scriptures in the Manx Language. By George William Wood. In Mx Ch. Mag., Sept. Oct. Nov. 1896; Jan. 1897.

List of Clergymen who translated the Scriptures into Manx. In Mx Ch. Mag., Sept. 1897.

The Psalms, comparing Bishop Phillips' version of 1610 with that of the Manx Clergy in 1765. Ed. by A. W. Moore, M.A., assisted by John Rhys, M.A. In Mx Soc. vol. xxxiii, pp. 467-666, 1893.

See under Book of Common Prayer, p. 775.

Centenary of the Manx (1819) Bible. By George William Wood. In Mx Quar. No. 21, 1920.

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